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Celebrating here on CodeReview because, well.... On StackExcahnge no-one cares:
member for 1 year, 8 months
visited 439 days, 100 consecutive
seen 11 secs ago
@Everyone - RELOAD!!! It's dangerous out there.... be safe!
12:32 AM
@SimonAndréForsberg Headshot!!
Anyone has a better answer for this one?
Q: Unit of work, Ninject, Repository and WebAPI implementation

Daniel Dawesso, after recently getting a bulk of work done on my WebAPI service layer, I thought I'd post some of my working on here for you guys to tear apart, generally, most of it 'feels' mostly ok, but I know there are areas for improvement. Hopefully no screaming issues with it: 1) Someone is going to ...

And this one:
Q: Is this the correct way to expose a setting for a vb.net class library?

DabblernlI define in the Settings Tab of a VB.Net class library some user scoped settings. I want to expose these settings to other projects that reference the class library. I chose to do this using a public Module. This works, but it requires exposing each and every setting manually. Is there a better w...

12:49 AM
@retailcoder < ...... chirp ..................... chirp >
@rolfl yeah I know!
Well, my skills in .net style programming are well documented ...
Why you ask when only I'm on is odd.
The room status does show @Malachi as still here...
I am here kind of
but I have to tuck kids into bed.
@retailcoder, if it is completely public wouldn't it just be a variable?
@Malachi woah, what's that about?
12:52 AM
or something like the VB equivalent of get;set;
@retailcoder this link
Lucky .... I had to meet my daughter in hospital today .... and my son has put himself to bed and gone to sleep (at 18:15 ... suddenly the house was quiet and I'm like ... WTF).
is your daughter ok?
Now he'll be up at 4am
She's 'constipated'. ..... (but, like seriously bunged up.... 'ballooned instestines'.
12:54 AM
that doesn't sound very fun at all
i will be right back.
They sent her home so that we get to deal with all her shit.
Well if you were in Quebec you'd still be waiting at the freakin' hospital!
Meh, my wife took her in at 11-am... I spelled her off at 3pm ... so yeah (but, in that time they did blood, urine, XRay and ultrasound).
(they were worried it could be a tumor on her spine, so, in reality, this is good....)
12:56 AM
@Malachi if the Settings are public then it becomes an object that's usable by other assemblies that reference the project. Like using settings = MyOtherApp.Properties.Settings;
@retailcoder, so is there something like get;set;
@Malachi the settings designer is just a designer - under the hood it's internal sealed partial class Settings : global::System.Configuration.ApplicationSettingsBase, so making it public is just making the static class, well, public. Then each setting is a public property (with getters and setters) of that class.
I think these are different from the simple properties that I am thinking of.
I am thinking public properties private variables. all I can remember about the whole deal @retailcoder
It's essentially a singleton, you access the settings via the Default instance which exposes a property for each setting :)
private static Settings defaultInstance = ((Settings)(global::System.Configuration.ApplicationSettingsBase.Synchronized(ne‌​w Settings())));
public static Settings Default { get { return defaultInstance; } }
oh. @retailcoder have you seen what I changed on this answer? I am going to change my other remaining answer in a little while
A: Most efficient way to validate multiple textboxes against a tolerance value

Malachiyou should be able to shorten this: Dim m1 As TolerenceHelper Dim flag As Boolean = True m1 = New TolerenceHelper If m1.IsInTolerence(Integer.Parse(txtT1.Text), Integer.Parse(txtA1.Text), Integer.Parse(txtTolerance.Text)) = False Then flag = False End If If flag = False Then lblTest.T...

@retailcoder I think you might have lost me.
I am going to go read about a gingerbread baby. I will be back
1:06 AM
actually, lol^2
@rolfl I hope your daughter gets better. And congratulations on your fanatic badge. In six days I will get one too. (Although when someone close to you gets sick it makes you wonder what difference a badge does anyway, huh?)
@retailcoder Thanks for the headshot. If you look at some other of my zero-score answers (or at some questions in the Java / Android tags), I can bet that you will find some more answers to target.
@retailcoder I was a little surprised that you actually had ammo though, that's not like you...
@SimonAndréForsberg thanks ... my kids both do karate, hospitals are nothing special any more....
@rolfl Yeah, I can imagine. My oldest brother has six kids. Rarely a month goes by without at least one of them visiting a doctor or two.
@SimonAndréForsberg dang I already voted 26 times... gotta watch that smokin' gun!
Sorry, I quit at 2 kids..... 6 is only for the 'gods' of fathers..... The uber-guru's
Tell him he has my deepest admiration, and, I'll up-votehim if he ever comes on CR.
1:21 AM
@rolfl He doesn't do coding at all, if he would be anywhere on SE it would probably be at Parenting
@rolfl not sure I'm going to quit at 2.. I got twins, it's like, not fair :)
hopefully I don't jump from 2 to 4 next time..
@rolfl @retailcoder I myself have zero kids so far (not even a wife!). I guess my brother has enough for the both of us.
@SimonAndréForsberg you mean declared ones right?
@retailcoder Declared what? Kids, wives, or brothers? Not sure what you mean here.
kids. but nevermind, not as funny without a beer or two :)
1:25 AM
@SimonAndréForsberg That hangman Q irritated me.... can't put my finger on it.
@rolfl I haven't read it fully but I can guess why in a way. He doesn't really specify what "effeciency" means for him. He also posts a lot of code without explaining much around the code.
I really gotta go to bed now, before 3 a.m. for once. Night folks
And welcome, @JamesKhoury
@SimonAndréForsberg Hi!
Thought I'd spend my lunch break answering some js questions. How is the zombie population going?
1:34 AM
Hi @JamesKhoury! Hey this is cool, this chatroom is starting to get busy! :)
Shh.... Grace is listening .... can't make it sound like it's always quiet... ;p
1:52 AM
@rolfl [crickets chirping]
(busy writing an answer!)
Q: Java reflection: Inject data generically and safely

Mr. PolywhirlI have become interested in reflection and I wrote a class to wrap an Object so that I can access its private instance fields. The code works great. I do not need to wory about the exceptions in the get() and set() methods because I cast the values appropriately through my wrappers accessor/mutat...

Another one bites the dust!
That was a dissertation you reviewed!
Just a small part of it!
Hey a zombie is a zombie - no discrimination!
Flash news: shooting zombies can wake up the dead, I just had a 5-month cold zombie reward me with a green tick! Keep reviewin' people!
@retailcoder Does that make it un-dead?
2:06 AM
Q: Implementing F1 score

user1893354I am trying to implement the F1 score shown here in Python. the inputs of my function are a list of predictions and a list of actual correct values. I thought the most efficient way of calculating the number of true positive and false negatives and false positives would be two convert the two l...

@JamesKhoury maybe... or un-undead? lol a closed case, certainly!
Ohhh... just failed an audit on SO.... my first.... now I know what happens when you fail ;-) (often wondered)
@rolfl lol! have they come up with new ones? I stopped reviewing on SO because all I got was review audits all the time - they get easy to spot!
Apparently..... stackoverflow.com/review/reopen/3440628 (was closed primarily opinion based)
(it's a 14-hour old question)
Aw, haven't got to 3K on SO, never had a reopen queue audit...
2:20 AM
Completely off topic, but makes me proud: huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/22/…
groenland sharks that eat moose makes you proud? :)
"a few yanks [on the moose] and it came right out" - lol
Nope, what makes me proud is: Only in canada would they worry about the shark.... and then, only in canada is it the big news (because nothing else 'bad' happened).
Wait a couple days, the weather is going to get lots more mediatic attention soon.
Anyone with knowledge and understanding of ConcurrentQueue<T> care to comment on that post?
A: Generic Task Blocking Queue

retailcoder About TaskQueue.cs I'm not a big multithreading guru (actually not a guru at anythine), so maybe it's playing a part here, but I don't get why this class has to be static, along with all of its members. I think I would have tackled this class as a non-static class derived from ConcurrentQue...

@Malachi how's the gingerbread baby?
Should this be closed for "Unclear what you're asking"?
Q: C# WinForms - Custom Application.Run Bootstrap Routine

bbergerI've got to maintain a legacy application (actually a number of applications) and currently most of the startup-settings (like upgrading App.config when the version has changed, check Database against Datasets, etc.) happens in the MainForm or in a Singleton object called "ApplicationController" ...

I read it like 5 times and still not sure what to answer. Or is it just me?
2:45 AM
@retailcoder I think the question is a little vague. But it seems answerable. My first instinct is that this is an XY problem.
@James It's bothering me, it's the only unanswered question!
@retailcoder - edit the question and remove the tag.
@rolfl lol!
(still laughing)
Happy to be of assistance.
Q: Better way to code this game?

Tj FerrySo I'm making this little game for programming class. I do not know a very lot about python, so please don't be harsh, but I can take constructive criticism. import console import canvas console.set_color(0.00, 0.00, 0.00) console.set_font('Avenir', 18) s = "Welcome to the Adventure." width =...

2:52 AM
You have 1 vote left for today - how does that happen?! ...I'll save it for tomorrow, just in case.
review audit?
@retailcoder what was the question where I did that error handling thing? was that your question?
I think so
I am rewriting the code for the answer that nobody liked all my answers on.
it's going to be good!
creating a small function just to parse the integers.
should I even need error handling in htere?
3:00 AM
I think I should get that dice game finished.. and then posted over here :)
in C# I would just do a Convert.ToInt32()
From what?
and call it good.
I will post it when I am done, and you tell me what I did wrong
If it's from a string it's probably better to use Int32.Parse()
I think
that is what they are doing, only it is written Integer.Parse(text)
3:02 AM
A: Whats the main difference between int.Parse() and Convert.ToInt32

Dave MarkleIf you've got a string, and you expect it to always be an integer (say, if some web service is handing you an integer in string format), you'd use Int32.Parse(). If you're collecting input from a user, you'd generally user Int32.TryParse(), since it allows you more fine-grained control over the ...

I am going to consider this machine sent code and not worry about the error handling. the OP can figure that out, "they know what they are doing, right?"
@retailcoder, scratch that, it turns out it would be about the same length anyway.
ok peoples
A: Most efficient way to validate multiple textboxes against a tolerance value

MalachiI would write it like this Dim m1 As TolerenceHelper Dim flag As Boolean = True m1 = New TolerenceHelper flag = m1.IsInTolerence(Integer.Parse(txtT1.Text), Integer.Parse(txtA1.Text), Integer.Parse(txtTolerance.Text)) If flag = False Then lblTest.Text = "Out of tolerance" Else lblTest....

Well done!
Should we tell Daniel?
TieBreaker Zombie
Q: Performance/Optimization of Knapsack(ish) algorithm for move generation for a game

thermiteI'm writing an AI for an italian Card game scopa http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scopa And as part of it i need to generate all moves available to the user. A move consists of finding cards in the centerboard that sum to a card in the players hand. For example if I have a 5 in my hand and the cen...

(it's still warm)
I'd upvote both answers, but I can't just vote on 1, so I'm spending my last vote on the question.
Answer 1: @rolfl 1,320 rep; Answer 2: @SimonAndréForsberg 1,313 rep - both have 24 bronze badges, both have joined CR in the last 30 days. This is too much, I can't decide.
@retailcoder ... but I am on the chat!
(and my answer had many more issues pointed out).
@rolfl yeah but when I looked at it you were at 1,310 - hence "tiebreaker" :)
(rather .... my answer is 'the better' answer - leading the OP to have a better solution).
Ahh, I understand.
3:16 AM
Ah WTH - you earned it!
Damnit, I want someone to up-vote my answer ..... that would make my day.
lol I just ran out of ammo already - and that last vote did take a question off the "questions with no upvoted answers" pile
(besides I'm racing @SimonAndréForsberg to 2K, I know he's going to win, he didn't need my vote there)
Q: JavaScript form validation: improve on 'good, but not good enough'

acowleyI recently received a 'good, but not good enough' rating on a coding exercise I was asked to perform. It was to validate that if "Product complaint" option was selected that Product name, Product size, Use-by date and Batch code fields all needed to have values. What can I do to improve the JS to...

@Jamal, some people don't like your edits, what is wrong with those people?
@Malachi where do you see that?
3:22 AM
I keep seeing people changing their posts back to what they had before Jamal's edits
like this one @retailcoder
Q: Better way to code this game?

Tj FerryI'm making this little game for programming class. I do not know a lot about Python, so please don't be harsh, but I can take constructive criticism. import console import canvas console.set_color(0.00, 0.00, 0.00) console.set_font('Avenir', 18) s = "Welcome to the Adventure." width = 160 s =...

Perhaps the OP can be told (in a non-harsh constructive way I guess) that when a moderator edits your post with more tags, it increases the question's visibility?
I think I might vote to close anyway. I can't get the code to run on compileonline.com/execute_python3_online.php
Zombie shot:
Q: Help Debug Merge Sort and validate comparison counters

wfsteadmanAll at the suggestion of templatetypedef (Thanks for your tips by the way), I am posting the code for my Merge Sort to see if I can get folks offer suggestions as to where to make comparisons or if I am making the correctly already. I will post my Heap Sort and Quick Sorts in other posts so th...

981 questions with no upvoted answers / 896 questions with no answers - is it me or these numbers are slowly melting? How long should it take to get through the whole pile?
@rolfl that's "head shot" :)
I aim lower.....
much lower
3:28 AM
right. that's low. you're not even out of ammo. not a headshot per formal definition: meta.codereview.stackexchange.com/a/1029/23788
A: Is this CPUID parser ideal for any usage?

William MorrisHere are some comments on your code. I think your types cpufeature_t and cpuextfeature_t are probably unnecessary as they are just uint32_t. They might be better expressed as enums. Functions that are purely for local use (ie. not part of the public interface) should be static. This prevents ...

Meh ..... notshot
You mean nutshot - lol
A: Help Debug Merge Sort and validate comparison counters

rolflHere's some suggestions on what you can do differently to get a better result (both performance counters and code style). The MergeSortRun class breaks many rules for naming conventions in Java.... well, actually the class name is OK (MergeSortRun), but the method (also called MergeSortRun) is v...

(nice answer btw)
Well, thank you!
3:43 AM
anyone know of another place where I can run Python Code on the internet quick?
[criquets chirping...]
I found ideone.com
@Jamal nice job on meta!
@Malachi: Yeah, I don't understand that, either. As I'm a mod, they can just flag me if they don't like my edits. But, it does say on Meta that sometimes you just have to let the OP have it their way. If visibility is reduced from that edit, so be it.
@retailcoder: Thanks. I'm surprised faq wasn't used yet.
what are you guys talking about now about the faq and meta
3:48 AM
Not sure about the Comminuty Bulletin question being FAQ though
I don't think that code runs.
@Malachi check out meta.cr
I can't get that python code to run anywhere I go. I am on my third online compiler
@Malachi I'd call that non-working code at that point
@Jamal speaking of CB, is there an end date for the CoD post or it's showing up only because of its tag?
@retailcoder: Yes, because of the tag.
3:52 AM
I do know some python but not much.
I mean everyone knows a little python
I know no python. I know it's a snake.
I should load a compiler on my ubuntu machine and learn it, so I can do some anti-hacking/hacking with it
@Malachi wait didn't I read you didn't know enough to be dangerous recently? has that changed? :)
one of my goals in life is to create an anti-virus that sends the virus or bad software back where it came from, to infect the user that created it and mess up their computer after it is changed
that was Java wasn't it @retailcoder
I know no java. I know it's a bean.
3:56 AM
Do you also know no C, except that it's a capital letter? :P
I know no C. I know it's ascorbic acid.. a vitamin.
All I know.. is that I know so freakin' little about almost nothing at all!
I think it's time for me to get some sleep ^^
I only know C++, some C, and a little assembly. No wonder my rep is kinda low.
Yeah and what, half of it was just edits? :p
Probably about a quarter or so.
4:01 AM
I know some VB6, some C#, some SQL, some HTML, some XML, ...a little bit of this, a little bit of that... I wish I knew something inside-out!
all right, I'm off - enough whining already!
4:19 AM
Q: Simple prefix tree

Dark_DaiverI've written a simple function for building a prefix tree: import qualified Data.List as L import qualified Data.Map as M data Tree a = Empty | Node a [Tree a] deriving (Show, Eq) partitionBy f = map snd . M.toList . M.fromListWith (++) . map (\x -> (f x, [x])) buildTree value dt = Node value ...

4:53 AM
Q: {Improved} Guess a random number between a selected interval

user32583I have finished this game where a user sets boundaries between 1-20 and 250-350. The computer generates a random number between those 2 boundaries and asks the user to guess (within 10 guesses) the number it is "thinking of." After the 2nd or 3rd time it ends the program with a blank. I know it i...

@Jamal should I vote to reopen this question?
Q: Pausing and Manipulating Data in a Process using multiprocessing.Pipe with a GUI

chaseI need help with the design of my code, and I believe it is the reason why I cannot acheive what I am trying to do. I have been trying for quite some time to figure out why this script will not work. What I am Trying to do: I am trying to get a GUI to not lock while allocating processes to a b...

The last comment states that it's still not working, so I'd leave it closed.
Oh, and the question above that one ("guess a random number") may need some work on the indentation.
5:09 AM
@Jamal you weren't ********** joking were you. holy crap
@Malachi: No I wasn't.
Hence why I only made the simple retagging.
I should have went with two spaces and not 4
By the looks of it, that question will be closed (but not by me). So, I wouldn't bother fixing the indentation. Notwithstanding the criteria, that doesn't look like good code.
5:33 AM
Q: Hash table with different probes

user32605I am currently working on a hash table. I am doing linear, double and chain. I first started by making these structs: typedef struct list_tag { struct list_tag *next; int K; int I; } list_t; typedef struct table_tag { list_t **table; int size; int probing_type; int k...

I think it is repeated......
I am already all in, I am doing the whole thing @Jamal
Q: Downsampling n-dimensional data from bins in one dimension

user32395So I'm writing some code to perform a quite specific task given a large numpy array with N rows and 3 columns representing points in 3D. The 3D points are to be binned along one of the dimensions between specified bin edges. For each of these bins, there is a set fraction by which I must reduce t...

5:49 AM
it was deleted
that was the worst code ever
Indeed. Luckily, the first one cannot be deleted since it has upvoted answers.
wait what?
@Malachi: An OP cannot delete their question if it contains upvoted answers. A moderator can still delete such a question, though.
but what question are you talking about??
Q: Guess a random number between a selected interval

anonMy project for my class is to create a Java-based game where the user must enter a number between 1-20 and a number between 250 and 300. The computer randomly chooses a number between those 2 numbers. Then the user has 10 guesses to correctly guess what number the computer is "thinking of." Ther...

And I've already cleaned up the comments.
6:00 AM
Q: Make my inclusion of PubNub in a Drupal Module more Drupal friendly/compliant.

DutGRIFFI have created a Drupal 6 Module that sends messages through PubNub when the user updates information about a Node. I have a separate app that, when launched, calls my Drupal site and receives a JSON array containing a lot of information about some nodes. I then update the info in my other app by...

lol I will fix that tomorrow, I am going to bed. have a good night man!
You, too!
4 hours later…
9:40 AM
Q: Find missing numbers in a range, when a sorted array with two elements with range repeat once

JavaDeveloperSuggestions for cleanup and optimization request. final class Variables { private final int x; private final int y; Variables(int x2, int y2) { this.x = x2; this.y = y2; } public int getX() { return x; } public int getY() { return y;...

10:01 AM
Q: Feedback on logic implementation and testing

Sàn LuthraThis is my forked branch on which I have made a slideshow with keyboard controls[left to go backward and Right key to go forward and spacebar to toggle pause] only. File 1. utils.py import os import sys def isExtensionSupported(filename): """ Supported extensions viewable in SlideShow ...

Q: Singleton holding and notifying registered listeners

curtisLoewSuppose I am listening for network changes with the following listener: interface NetListener { void onNetworkAvailable(boolean isWifi); void onNetworkUnavailable(); } I want to have an object, accessible from anywhere within the app, holding the registered NetListeners, that can tri...

10:47 AM
Q: Reading call log as soon as user ends a conversation

PraveenI am trying to store all incoming and outgoing call details in a file with number dialed or received,call duration and time. I tried android call log API's to read call log but that happens only when my app is running and in foreground. I want to read the call log as soon as user ends a convers...

11:07 AM
Q: Rethrowing exception just as an information

guitar_freakI have something like that: 1) My custom exception class public class SolvableException extends RuntimeException { protected boolean solved = false; public SolvableException(String message) { super(message); } public void setSolved() { this.solved = true; ...

11:26 AM
@rolfl But both of our answers are helpful :)
But I was here ;-)
@retailcoder I have more or less given up on the 2k race. I think you're gonna beat me. You had too much of a head-start.
@rolfl Well some of us need to sleep every know and then :P
Yeah, your loss ;-) .... what's sleep?
Q: Automated tools to downgrade php 5.5 code to php 5.3 code?

David JordanI have a large number of source files where I have made use of various newer PHP features - in particular binary numbers, short array syntax, function array dereferencing, and finally blocks. With the exception of the latter it seems to me that these would be fairly trivial to write a tool to a...

11:48 AM
@rolfl how do I star a message from a smartphone? Seriously, ...no sleep?
+10 overnight. ...I like the smell of napalm in the morning.
@sim we'll see that :)
@retailcoder I really gotta try to code more and review less.
@sim and then post some of that code to get reviewed!
Mission status update tonight - let's give make those numbers pretty :)
Aaaah stupid phone!!!
That was give it all we've got in the process of being deleted.
12:05 PM
@retailcoder Yeah I have a few classes already that I am considering to put up here for review. It's about 400 lines of code though, and I should also add some description of what the code actually does and why I have written it the way that I have, you think that's too long?
12:23 PM
Depends how you put it
@retailcoder Yeah, I guess so. I'll have to try to make it as readable as possible.
@retailcoder - would appreciate your input on whether my comments on the following C# question is right (came up in the review-close queue):
I am not convinced that this code works as designed: what is the initialized 16K buffer for, why test mask != null when it always is not null. What is the purpose of first... it's dead code. I vote to close because the code is broken.... — rolfl 2 mins ago
12:43 PM
@rolfl I think your comment might actually answer his question, since he is wondering if the implementation is correct or not.
OK, I'm OK with that, I just don't want to have a stupid C# issue/problem (my first comment on C# code...).
Q: Bash to find all placeholder variables in a file and replace will real variables

James WillsonI am looking to make a generic config file using variables such as: $PLACEHOLDER_USER Then after moving the file into the correct position I want to replace every instance of $PLACEHOLDER_VARIABLE into the value of $VARIABLE from my settings.sh file. In the example below $PLACEHOLDER_USER in log...

12:57 PM
hello all
is this a sign that CodeReview is taking off, if people are talking?
It could be one, but the better sign is main-site activity. That's what will keep us online.
@DarkHorse Hello
This is probably the most harsh review I have ever written: (and hopefully, will ever write)
Q: Typesafe Java properties with events and runtime reflection

RuudjahGoal: typesafe PropertyChanged events, minimum effort implementation for PropertyChanged events, runtime reflection of properties. Am I reinventing the wheel or have I created something worthwile? Would you use it in your next project? public interface StaticProperty { public boolean canGet()...

@retailcoder Zombie down! (See link above)
1:10 PM
@Jamal What, you don't think "StackExchange" simply wants us to be "ChatExchange"?
Well, chat is only secondary, and we cannot cram everyone into here (I think). :P
what's that?
@DarkHorse According to google translate: "Security type attribute mapping and real-time events"
It sounds like the link that SimonAndréForsberg linked? A link to a question here.
@DarkHorse Are you reading questions in Chinese suddenly?
1:25 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg - actually, I'm impressed with your review there. I had looked at that one and decided there was too much crud in the code, and not worth reviewing.... tl;dr sort of thing. In effect it was more hassle than it was worth, which is exactly what you say, except you do it more politely.
@rolfl Thanks. I also thought it was TL;DR at first but once I actually started reading I noticed that that was precisely the problem.
@SimonAndréForsberg now I am unimpressed ..... you criticising my 'final' comments with reflection .... showing me up, are you?
Q: How to optimize the following code in order to decrease the execution time?

PHPGeekI'm dealing with huge amount of data. I've written following code into a function to find out similar questions. It's working perfectly but it is taking too much time in execution. Can anyone help me to optimize the function code so that the execution time will be less? <?php /** * This fu...

@SimonAndréForsberg yeah, I can't translate it into mandarian correctly
@rolfl Just wanted to add that final fields also can be modfied. (The comment was more to the OP than to you though)
1:28 PM
@rolfl sorry just got back here, I'll check this out.
who is Stack Exchange?
@SimonAndréForsberg Of course you are right .... and I'm just embarassed
@DarkHorse robot - it pops a note in here when there's a new question
@rolfl you have a link for that C# code?
@rolfl I was thinking about the Jackson library, which I often use for JSON (or XML) serialization, and I knew that Jackson was able to modify final fields somehow, so I had to find out how.
@DarkHorse I like you, there's the same sort of disconnect between your name and your avatar.... just like me ... ;-)
1:30 PM
@rolfl oh, cool
@DarkHorse it's the @StackExchange feeds this room is registered with - I can remove them if they get annoying / if it gets crowded in here :)
@rolfl lol so many people had said that like yours
@DarkHorse people say my avatar is 'flattering'....
Something else we may have in common.
And if I type another line my avatar gets bigger
@rolfl indeed, that condition is always true
@rolfl people like monkey or dog?
1:33 PM
@rolfl: Is that what you look like in real life? XD
Nah... people like the monkey (baboon actually).
Something about the warm brown eyes.
@retailcoder So now that you're the owner of the chatroom, we have to behave for both you and @Jamal ?
@Jamal did you miss it the other day, when @rolfl said he wouldn't bring people from work over here so they saw how busy he was here.. and I said "well just change your avatar so they don't recognize you" :)
@SimonAndréForsberg you bet! :p
@retailcoder: If he changes his (awesome) avatar anyway, I will be disappoint.
Yeah me too
1:37 PM
(and I can always change it back if I feel like it)
@Jamal what? you mean you can even mess up people's avatars?! ...well that makes sense, if I changed mine for some playmate I guess a moderator should step in and do something right?
@retailcoder: Yes, and I can also change usernames (which should only be done if the user uses an inappropriate name).
@Jamal looks like you've explored your new powers :)
@retailcoder: I don't want to reveal too much anyway. I have also agreed to not share any user's personal data outside the bounds of moderation, and I will adhere to that.
Well you better do that! I hope you end up with that [badge:constable], so do what's right! @Jamal
1:44 PM
@retailcoder: Well, if we'll really stay in Eternal Beta, then I can still get it for staying here for another year. And that will come after my first Yearling badge, of course.
(and yes, I plan on throwing a party for my profile)
when is that? I can plan events for the chatroom...
Unfortunately there will be no cake, because the cake is a lie.
Sometime in March, I think.
@Paul I see you're a veteran, what do you think of recent CR activity?
(hi btw!)
@retailcoder hi, yeah, maybe there will be an early-adopter badge. I think its getting better and better. Its great that people got above 90% answered recently. That is a great effort considering some of the questions which you have to bash your head against the wall before you answer them.
@Paul it's a collective effort :) have you smashed any zombies lately?
2:01 PM
Yay, I got my 5th "Revival"-badge
@rolfl I saw your recent answer on the bash question. Its very good, I don't find perl to be easier/better than bash though.
@retailcoder I might just go smash a few now.
@SimonAndréForsberg Nice!
I got 7 of those :) I think [badge:revival] could well be the most common recently awarded badge, with all that zombie-shooting!
Hopefully some of those will turn into [badge:necromancer]!
2:16 PM
@retailcoder I think you should chime in on this question now.
Q: Most efficient way to validate multiple textboxes against a tolerance value

JimsanI have a series of text boxes in a table to gather input as below: The user will input a target and actual value for each measurement point they require. I would then like to validate the actual values against the target values based upon the tolerance inputted in the tolerance textbox. The to...

@retailcoder Yeah, I still haven't got a single silver badge :(
the OP added some code
@Malachi nice, did you add up Daniel's votes? He beats you by 1 :)
@SimonAndréForsberg they're harder to get than bronze ones, by definition!
@SimonAndréForsberg [badge:civic-duty] is easy to get though
goodnight all
@Paul come back anytime!
2:21 PM
@Paul Good afternoon!
Thanks, I'll be back.
@K.C. and @LatexPerson - welcome! have you been briefed?
@SimonAndréForsberg you don't have [badge:convention] yet?
@retailcoder Has it ever been this crowded in here?
@SimonAndréForsberg not that I know of!
@retailcoder Nope, only have 8 posts on meta so far.
@retailcoder Only four more votes until I get [badge:civic-duty] !!
2:25 PM
@retailcoder This is a bit scary: Civic Duty, Voted 300 or more times, **27 awarded**(!!!)
@retailcoder nope, new to this site, reading that post
@K.C. take a look at this one too :)
Q: Report all long common subseqence(LCS) and its responsive location in the two strings

Wei-Yen Bruce LinI just finished a program which enable to report all possible LCS and the location of the two strings respectively. However, the output of the test case isn't totally correct. For example, if the two strings are "" and "DCACDCBBDBAD", the correct result should report 8 cases. My output just re...

2:28 PM
he beats me using my vote @retailcoder
@Malachi what? You're taking a beating?
@StackExchange That question is off topic. Please close it.
close vote in
Q: "Edit distance" UVA programming challenge

ukiI'm trying to solve a programming challenge for fun. The programming challenge is here(http://uva.onlinejudge.org/external/100/10029.html) and my solution for the same can be found here). My solution can be found below: currently it causes a time limit exceeded. #include <iostream> #include <st...

@SimonAndréForsberg this might explain some things...
2:34 PM
@retailcoder he is only ahead of me because of my own vote on one of his questions.
Hi @K.C. and @LatexPerson, Welcome to the coolest Chat Room on the Stack Exchange
@retailcoder I am still 8 rep ahead of you
@Malachi well then it's eye for an eye - you beat me only because of that bounty :p
@retailcoder I am 53 votes away from electorate badge
@Malachi you mean 53 question votes
I'm 1 answer vote away from 1,600 :)
@retailcoder is responsible of 37.8% of all the votes on Code Review so far this week.
@SimonAndréForsberg that's what happens when you run out of ammo every single day!
@Malachi is responsible of 57.4% of all the stars in this chatroom (jk)
2:41 PM
@retailcoder I hear that. would be more!!!
Q =552 A = 447
47 question votes away
I need like 96!
That's like 2.5 days of voting only on questions!
try down voting some bad questions.
like ones that can be cleaned up so we can figure out what they are talking about a lot easier
Yeah, I need to cast more downvotes. I managed to bring it up near 2% yesterday, still too low I find.
3:05 PM
retailcoder has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
retailcoder has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
Just added the CoD post as a feed here, I want to test if it's going to post it when it gets edited again.
Q: PHP Cron wrapper

FoobarI attempt to create a reusable and scalable Cron Wrapper in PHP. I'm at the begining of the project and I wanted have some tips/ critics / improvments to make before going too far. The final objective is to have a complete cron wrapper which allows to lauch : 'one-shot' task (like huge DB exp...

3:41 PM
A new meta question by me:
Q: How to deal with Follow-up questions

Simon André ForsbergSometimes I stumble upon follow-up questions, where code is being posted again after having gone through a review (or two). I think that such question should clearly state that they are follow-up question to a previously asked question. A good follow-up question should include, in my opinion: ...

@SimonAndréForsberg good call
@retailcoder Only need one more post on meta with a score of 2 or more to get a shiny new badge!
well then post an answer on that!
perhaps it could be splitted up in one question + one answer, but naaah
Spot the difference:
Q: Find two missing elements from a sorted array in given range

JavaDeveloperLooking for reviewers to suggest optimization and improvements, and to evaluate coding practices. final class Variables { private final int x; private final int y; Variables(int x2, int y2) { this.x = x2; this.y = y2; } public int getX() { return x; ...

Q: Find missing numbers in a range, when a sorted array with two elements with range repeat once

JavaDeveloperSuggestions for cleanup and optimization request. final class Variables { private final int x; private final int y; Variables(int x2, int y2) { this.x = x2; this.y = y2; } public int getX() { return x; } public int getY() { return y;...

3:48 PM
@rolfl the 2nd knows it's a kind of ?
There was a fair amount of bck-and-forth on the first wuestion which I guess the asker did not appreciate, so he posted a new question (after editing the first one to the point where I grudgingly voted to re-open.
@rolfl I think it qualifies as a duplicate. He didn't even upvote/accept your answer!
Yup, I would've closed it as a dupe.
I have to remain objective, so I am staying clear.
@Jamal flagged as such
3:55 PM
Q: How to deal with Follow-up questions

Simon André ForsbergSometimes I stumble upon follow-up questions, where code is being posted again after having gone through a review (or two). I think that such question should clearly state that they are follow-up question to a previously asked question. A good follow-up question should include, in my opinion: ...

@StackExchange Ha! Way ahead of you there, StackExchange bot!
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