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2:03 PM
Greetings, Programs.
Q: French animal generator

dogspeedI'm learning Python. I'm making a random animal generator, from 5 txt files. Each file is a list of words for respectively the specie of the animal, an adjective, an origin, and a bodypart with a color. Not all may appear in the description. I also wanted it to be arithmogrammatic. Here is my cod...

@Mat'sMug You use CI, if I remember correctly, right?
yeah, sort of
AppVeyor CI
At what stage does peer code review come in when you use CI?
before you merge to master? before you push upstream? after you push upstream? before commits? etc
2:06 PM
@Mat'sMug that's good :-)
it's amazing how impactful stupid stuff like that really is
@enderland IKR :)
@DanPantry merge to master would be way too late. I review PR's and there's a comment-feedback loop there; contributor can sync their PR with changes
@Mat'sMug FML
basically CI has nothing to do with it
I definitely benefit from it, well I think
I'm trying to sort out workflows w/ git and CI
someone is linking a Martin Fowler article to justify PRs being bad (because PRs = feature branches = bad according to MF)
2:08 PM
...the ONLY way ANYTHING can get into our [next] branch is via a PR
perhaps our workflow is F'd up though
That's what I'm trying to work out, right now anything I work with only gets into master is through PR
only? dem fighting words!
Because PRs facilitate Code Reviews
And give more visibility to code and changes
My colleague's argument (which is fair) is that feature branches (and ergo PRs) prevent discovering integration issues and that you should always commit direct to master (ie., The SVN Way)
My perspective is that really... CI should discover integration issues using PRs
2:11 PM
even with SVN I'll give you $#!t for committing directly to the trunk
But that's cmoing from an OSS perspective rather than "work on this for hours a day as a job" perspective
So I'm interested in other perspectives, if anyone has any..
really you should be making commits into master and then rebasing all of master into a single commit
@enderland Ewwwwwwww
this way you have total obfuscation of everything!
Oh, thank god that was a joke
from what I've heard today it's hard to tell who is/isn't being serious
2:12 PM
you can't always tell, but the smiley has a wink on sometimes
My POV is use PRs, test integration on CI and rebase your work on origin/master if you have a long lived branch
if your code works, forget SO, I suggest you post it at: codereview.stackexchange.comJordi Castilla 45 secs ago
Feature branches do not have to last weeks, they only have to last one. any more than that and you haven't broken down your task very well or you have an epic, in which case merging is probably gonna be painful anyway
and to prove this, I'm going to merge my branch now (which would have been a PR) into master and push it to remote and see if they think it's a good idea to not have gating on changes
@Mat'sMug not sure what you mean.
@DanPantry who says you commit to trunk in SVN?
@Gareth that seems to be the way he says they approached it in his old place
2:17 PM
@DanPantry when there's an important PR on something that can break the way things integrate, then I pull that PR into an "integration/review" branch, build it, and then F5-run-the-damn-thing-and-see-how-it-integrates-with-my-own-eyes. if I have comments I'll make them on the PR, and then the feedback loop loops. if all is good then I merge my review branch (and that merges the PR when I push), or discard my branch and merge the PR. systematically doing that would be insane.
@Mat'sMug I don't mean to imply that the CI would be the only test, but that CI would be a decent smoke test
CI passing doesn't mean it's good, but CR not passing means something is definitely up
@Gareth I mean the way our "next" is really a "master" and then our "master" is really just a tag
@Mat'sMug yes, but you documented that. I checked when I joined.
@DanPantry source control strategies are varied. You can basically do what you like, as long as you document it.
where I work for instance, we all work in trunk. Commit to trunk whenever we like, and CI out of trunk, and deploy from trunk.
Don't ask where I work! and it's only the one small group
And... when does CR come in there?
That's the main question, I'm not asking about A vs B, I'm just wondering how do you find time to do CR when you're always commiting direct to master
@Gareth damn, so you took my place after I left that crap VB6 job???
2:20 PM
And then there's CR and PR and PP... Yes, these are concepts.
from my POV even if you're always committing to trunk, with Git you could still do a PR from master to master and CR then
I suggest you migrate your question to codereview as @JordiCastilla said :) — niceman 48 secs ago
@Mat'sMug I actually did a really great VB6 project at another bank. awesome stuff. Converted VBA to VB6 to C++ so we could move a spreadsheet serverside system to c++ serverside. It was a lot of work
so basically CR from your POV comes in the PR stage, which I agree with @Mat'sMug... where did it (if at all) happen with you, @Gareth?
2:22 PM
It doesn't matter what you do so long as you document how you do it. You can tag any revision at any time, so you could PR against any revision!
Yeah, I mean, that works, but my main concern is that the CI approach seems to suggest doing a CR after something is in master
If you'd like your code reviewed, I suggest you post it on codereview.stackexchange.commartineau 11 secs ago
Which... basically defeats the purpose
If only there were some place you could store non-peer-reviewed work. Maybe Il'l call it a leaf.. no... a branch?
I see two screens of CI / PR discussion.
so outside of my current environment. PR happens BEFORE committing to Master, but CI is just a function of URL. So you could do CI anywhere
2:23 PM
@Vogel612 Nothing else going on
and it seems like there's a lot to talk about. may I suggest you grab a room?
I'm off!
The main question isn't about CI or PR, but when do you review code when you are using CI?
which is still not related to the site :)
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because probably best suited for Code Review. — MethodMan 57 secs ago
2:25 PM
> when do you review code when you are using CI
> review code
> code review
@Duga Exactly
@DanPantry you do CR when you're ready to PR - well just before making your PR. Put your code up on CR, then PR. That's how life should be.
I agree. I'll end the discussion about that here though because it's basically an echo chamber @Mat'sMug. programmers.SE seems to also agree - use a tool like Gerrit before comitting to mainline
@Gareth VBA... I'm glad to not have to do either VBA OR C++ anymore
@enderland ME too. Though the VBA is a business enabler, so it's one of those T skills that are useful to have.
2:28 PM
Depends on where you work, my previous job absolutely it was but now on linux/osx? not as much :-)
Q: Calculate the crc32 of the contents of a file using boost

cloakedlearningI'm trying to compute the crc32 of a given file using boost: uint32_t crc32(const std::string &fp){ boost::crc_32_type result; std::ifstream is{fp, std::ios::in | std::ios::binary}; size_t file_size = is.tellg(); is.seekg(0, std::ios::beg); std::vector<char> buf(file_size); ...

@enderland on you sitting on my floor perhaps? stands up and looks around
I'm pretty easy to see, not very many of us with huge yellow smiling faces around
2:46 PM
No work and just play makes enderland a smiley boy
3:06 PM
Q: Poisonous Plants

BlackMI have solved the following problem. My code works but Hackerrank says that I can do faster: There are plants in a garden. Each of these plants has been added with some amount of pesticide. After each day, if any plant has more pesticide than the plant at its left, being weaker than the ...

^ That one seems popular on HackerRank heh
3:20 PM
@Mat'sMug Funny story. My antivirus identified the RubberDuck installer (2 alpha H1) as adware.
tell your AV that they're drunk.
@Zak Get off 2 alpha.
@Hosch250 Funny story, I'd already uninstalled it.
I'd give more details but IT support is 1 1/2 hours into trying to make my computer run faster, without any luck so far.
On the plus side, this is going to make a great anecdote when I have to justify getting new Hardware.
3:38 PM
@DanPantry What is this asterisk thing in function*?
@Phrancis generator
@Mat'sMug Isn't that the same when you have "develop" and "master" set up? With the Gitflow Workflow
Probably. IDK. Makes my head spin. Whatever works.
Q: Looking for suggestions on how I can make improvements to my C++ Blackjack game

Christopher Roy JonesI made this small Blackjack game in the past as a way to practice C++ basics and have fun at the same time. I stopped working on the game during the last two years of my computer science degree program and now in my free time I want to improve it. I'm looking for suggestions on how I can improve ...

@CaptainObvious needs moar tags
3:41 PM
@Phrancis JavaScript didn't have enough identifiers yet, so they added another one
how do you guys normally do stuff here when it's clear you could improve the logic of how an OP is doing something but they don't provide enough context on those pieces?
ask them or review it anyways
or both
@enderland Can you be a bit less vague? I don't think there is really a rule set for things like that
codereview.stackexchange.com/q/133482/20932 this guy is doing some random stuff but it's not really clear how to make it better
only that it could be better
3:49 PM
Very French
@enderland At that point it's probably best to suggest a complete redesign
Stack overflow isn't a code review site — redFIVE 17 secs ago
Q: Optimize while loop in R for solving a seeed value

Hack-RI'm trying to reproduce a gbm model which was estimated without a set.seed value. To do so I need to determine what seed was used, which I can figure out based on one of the summary metrics from the estimated model (as shown below). require(MatchIt) require(gbm) data("lalonde") i <- 1 while(!(tm...

Seed or Seeed?
4:04 PM
Is there a better and more elegant way to make this? sounds a lot like a code review to me — redFIVE 11 secs ago
Q: Google Sheets IF statement logic

CassiusI have a problem that i'm trying to figure out at work and i have a soft deadline but its beginning to stress me out so maybe i'm just not thinking clearly. I also don't have much experience in these things so forgive me. I'm trying to write a formula for a column of cells that checks if the val...

Thanks for the comment. The culprit here is the loop over the cells -- executed in Python, it takes a while to complete. I had hoped to get some hints on a better design, particularly since this doesn't seem to be an uncommon problem. Perhaps it is better to put it on code review after all. — Nico Schlömer 39 secs ago
4:20 PM
Q: Hosting company advised us to avoid PHP for security reasons. Are they right?

YumecosmosI'm doing a redesign for a client who's understandably concerned about security after having been hacked in the past. I had initially suggested using a simple PHP include for header and footer templates and a contact form they wanted. They are reluctant because they were advised by their hosting ...

Mooonking all
4:40 PM
Well, *something* is messing with my PC.
@Zak You? :P
@Mast I don't *think* so.
@Zak something that starts with a Z and ends with a K
gah, I've been Mast'ed
@Mat'sMug Has a good answer.
@Mat'sMug Better than getting Mugged.
mwahaha IKR
4:46 PM
Q: How can i divide my program in 3 classes?

Tudor VelcescuI'm fairly new to java. I want to divide my code into 3 classes. First class to contain my GUI, second to compute the algorithm and third class to write results in my file. I have the code working but i can't get to divide it in 3 separate classes. All i want to know is by example, how can i make...

@CaptainObvious Try 'using Class'
@CaptainObvious add two classes, cut a chunk from the original, paste it in the first; cut another chunk, paste it in the second.
damn we're cynical
My mobile doesnt have the right key for code snippets. I'll have to watch out for that with my next.
We're never cynical about good posts. So can we be blamed?
Oh, the edit fixed it. Good guy OP.
4:55 PM
> They are reluctant because they were advised by their hosting company that using PHP is a security concern which might allow someone to break into cPanel and gain control of the site.
Wait... How does using PHP affect the cPanel the hosting provider offers?
@Zak they're drunk, I said
@skiwi I think it has to do with elevation of privileges and improper scoping.
@Mat'sMug Well, drunk or not, they *think* you're malware.
for all I know they are the malware
Probably worth trying to figure out why
4:57 PM
cPanel is what the cheap webhosts used 5 years ago.
@Zak does it flag 2.0.3b as such?
I don't think I submitted the alpha releases to MS Security Center upload-your-installer-and-we'll-confirm-it's-not-adware thing
@Mat'sMug I'll let you know.
thanks :)
don't get me wrong, we do take these false positives seriously
home o/
5:02 PM
@Mat'sMug What you mean to say is that when someone submits an issue on Rubberduck concerning false positives then someone on the team will take it seriously, right? ;)
yeah that
@DanPantry @DanPantry << /home
Q: PHP Phishing Awareness Application

throck95I've been working on a project that tests awareness of phishing scams. It generates emails based on templates and sends them out to a database of emails if they haven't received a "project" of that nature recently. I've ultimately designed a very in-depth GUI that allows users to create new temp...

Q: Error-checking macro to jump to specified label given a failing statement

Julien__I'm starting a new C projet and I want to have the cleanest and shortest error checking code possible. To that aim, I often use two things : functions return 0, false or NULL on error I try to use small functions with one cleanup label "fail" or "error" So I thought about using a macro to ...

@CaptainObvious I don't , but this feels very very wrong
@Mat'sMug 2.0.3b passed
5:08 PM
in the release notes, you can add "removed adware" ;)
@Mat'sMug I'm not saying it's bad, but just no
A: C try/catch macros

William MorrisOne problem with this is resource leaks. It is not that your macros leak, but that when you use them, you'll leak. For example, suppose you call your utlTry in function a() that then calls function b() that allocates a resource (opens a file for example) and then calls function c() that does so...

I think that's a valid review point for it
    malloc foo;
    try (doSomething(), handleError);
    free foo;

    handleError: // you just leaked foo
Looks like it yep
5:29 PM
My computer is fast again ^^
Weekly "dare to answer?" questions: Three of them.
Q: A small generic array in C

netcatThe generic arrays in C I found on the net used either of these methods: The preprocesser with #define and #include (a lot of repetition and different names when declaring multiple types, but type-safe). void *-pointers (no type safety). void *-pointers and callbacks that fetch specific datatyp...

Will one box them if people consent.
Retrospective question:
Q: Converting seconds to hours, minutes and seconds

Oompa LoompaThe following question was taken from Absolute Java 5th ed. by Walter Savitch: Write a program that outputs the number of hours, minutes, and seconds that corresponds to 50,391 total seconds. The output should be 13 hours, 59 minutes, and 51 seconds. Test your program with a different number...

A total of four questions were featured in the new weekly "dare to answer these?" column for today.
@zʏᴀʙiɴ101 such a one-liner in C# lol
Java doesn't have something like a TimeSpan?
@Mat'sMug Java 8 has Duration I believe
Or maybe not
That's Java.
5:56 PM
Q: Implementing joinWithSeparator on a Character array

JALI recently answered a Stack Overflow question about transforming an array of Characters into a String in Swift. Looking at the question and the Swift standard lib, it appears that there is a method joinWithSeparator, but the current implementation only supports SequenceType instances where the E...

Sigh... WPF and MVVM tutorials
> Okay guys, we have 99 tutorials out there on the internet that all do it wrong for reason X, Y and Z, therefore I am going to show you another tutorial that also does it all wrong.
> There are dozens of other articles about data binding out there, so I won't cover it here. I hope the example is so trivial that you can see what is going on.
No, I'm reading your damn tutorial to figure out how I should do it, don't throw me out into the wild again!
lol, this is why you shouldn't bother trying to implement the "perfect" design pattern, ...try UnitOfWork+Repository if you want even more madness
stick to basics: the VM is decoupled from the V but knows about M, and the V knows about both VM and M; M stands alone.
I have no clue what I"m doing
6:12 PM
@Mat'sMug You are right that Visual Studio is very aggressive on fixing the parentheses, I guess I'll put up with it
@Phrancis That denotes a generator function
Basically it allows the use of yield and yield* within the function and indicates that that function will return an Iterable<T> and not just T.
It looks like your code works, you just want someone to review it and improve it. I recommend CodeReview.StackExchange.com for this. — user1717828 20 secs ago
I'm tempted to say that C# has more boiler-plate than Java and not less
Could you give some less abstract examples? Alternatively, once it's working, head to Code Review. — jonrsharpe 8 secs ago
6:27 PM
@Quill you around?
@skiwi The only boilerplate I think C# has is the whole sln/proj thing
@skiwi sounds like you need a code review lol
maybe it's just WPF getting to my head
> no boilerplate
pick one
As mentioned earlier, UI work sucks in nearly every language except JavaScript
pastebin.com/MWVAn5mL - is there really no better way?
I don't think you need those backing fields for that property
6:30 PM
I'm tempted to sidetrack this project to create a project that creates an UI, and then the project that creates the UI could create the UI for the project that creates the UI
Isn't there an attribute that does the implementation of RaisePropertyChanged, @Mat'sMug? I remember seeing somewhere there was one..
also, why does pastebin have so much line spacing??
@DanPantry possibly in C# 6... not sure
@DanPantry The bigger issue is my code having so many lines :p
I just make a ViewModelBase abstract class and put the INotifyPropertyChanged implementation there. And then I just call OnPropertyChanged() in the VM setters. hmm wait that does involve some attribute magic
@skiwi the VM would have properties for the view to bind to, and commands... which can be implemented in their own class.
@DanPantry Did you mean GUI work?
6:39 PM
@DanPantry IDK.. I get it for free with R# annotations
ahhhhh crap. my lip piercing ball fell off earlier and now the gap is "stuck" in my lip
okay.. sorted.. ouch
@Mast Yes, that
JavaFX & Android don't 'suck' but I don't know what you're comparing them against
Welcome in my world of GUI programming where everything sucks and nothing works
6:46 PM
Q: Memoizing decorator with retries, part 2

DannnnoA while ago I asked this question Memoizing decorator that can retry and then promptly forgot about it. I more recently saw Python decorator for retrying w/exponential backoff and wanted to add backoff, but figured I should improve what I already have first. I have taken some of the suggestions o...

@skiwi I read that like the slogan of Who's line is it anyway. Fits.
@Mast Context?
welcome to whose line is it anyway: where the questions are made up and the points don't matter
Never heard about that :P
Hmm, my ViewModel doesn't model the view correctly, I think I've got an issue there
Sounds like you are trying to write WPF. Need help?
6:51 PM
I could use all the help in the world :P
user image
set public to everything
^always works when writing wpf
I wonder if maybe another room is appropriate for WPF help, not sure which one
@Hosch250 clippy is not help
clippy is never help
6:52 PM
@arda No, just the stuff you want the view to see.
@Mat'sMug LOL.

 WPF Helpline

The room where everything sucks and nothing works
Not sure if the description is appropriate :P
> The room where everything sucks and nothing works
Did you mean: Stackoverflow chat rooms?
Q: Failed Interview Coding Assessment Improvements

somnia06I recently had an interview and got to phase 2 which is a coding assessment. It had 3 questions and was instructed to provide negative and positive test cases. 1.) Given an array with 1,000,000 integers between 1 and 1,000,000, one integer is in the array twice. Find the duplicate. 2.) Find the...

This should probably be on CodeReview (just saying). "Is there a better/faster way" can generate too many answers for SO — Assimilater 37 secs ago
6:58 PM
A: C++ Blackjack game

J HacheBlackjack is a pretty hard one to code in my experience. I couldn't finish it in the two weeks we had gotten in class (this was in Java) The first thing I noticed was the use of srand so I'll focus on that since the first answer seems to cover a lot. srand is considered harmful, this is an int...

I'd be interested to see how I did on my first answer.
@JHache I'm not good with C++ but the info you've provided seems good
@skiwi "WPF Helpline: when 'WPF' reads 'WTF'"
@arda C++ is the language we did the most in college. 2 year course about 540 hours of CPP
have a little soft spot for it
WPF is a cool concept and a cool system, but compared to Windows Forms, it is pretty incomplete.
I'd like to do half the stuff I'm doing on WPF without importing external DLLs or using Windows.Forms.
WinForms is a dinosaur. It renders its stuff with User32.dll, which was inherited from User.dll, which was responsible for drawing controls in.... Windows 3.11
WPF wraps DirectX for the rendering, which enables things WinForms can't even dream of, like a circular window =)
7:09 PM
@Mat'sMug Agreed, that is the cool concept and cool system parts
what makes it "incomplete" then? the lack of a MsgBox?
WinForms has incomplete layout capabilities
@skiwi It's the series the Lama's are based on.
@Mast Ah ok, I never watch that so that's why I don't know
@Quill example with redux
ooh I totally stole a checkmark on SO lol
> SO: +94 | CR: 0
I should do something about that
but then...
> work done today: 0
7:24 PM
@Quill even better example.. gist.github.com/danpantry/81c6886d021009fd5a491c71f59d1d7b - sorry for spamming you, just remembering you asked yesterday and I managed to bash together a sample :)
FML. All the gist links are the same.
Q: C++ Prime Number Library

InversePalindromeThis prime number library is one of my first programming projects I've done in c++. My goal is to create useful functions that deal with prime numbers in an efficient way.Note: (Most of the functions used are powered by the sieve of Atkin) I'd like to know any sort of optimization or better code...

Q: Database connection in MVC model

MaxI followed the tutorial Build a PHP MVC Application and have implemented a database connection. I made a seperate database connection class and I call it in the controller. It works, but now I have to inject it whenever I call a method from the user model. Is this considered good (dependency inj...

I can't find the meta question where we talk about reviewing entire project... I was sure we had a faq meta question about it
Q: Having an entire project reviewed

TumsI have a small project I'm working on in an area I'm not comfortable with (web development). I would like someone to review my code. I can try to split it up, but I would prefer if someone looked at the project as a whole. It doesn't look like this is the right place. Can someone refer me to wher...

the zombie rating answer touches it too
Q: Is reviewing project structure on topic?

ChrisWueThis is mostly related to the following two questions: Web application structure review I'd like to have suggestions about the structure of my web application. What the app does: My app receives files from about 800 scanners around my country and the users see the scanned pages i...

7:34 PM
I'll use this I think
Q: Can I put my code on a third party site and link to the site in my question?

Simon ForsbergIs it OK if I write a question and include a link to GitHub/Pastebin/other similar site instead of putting the code here on Code Review?

Oh, that. As long as the code is included. Just a link is never enough.
Yeah I just don't want to start to argue here : codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/133504/…
If your code is too long, consider breaking it up into smaller chunks for review instead. It is the rules of the site to have all the code included in the question, and if there is too much code to be contained within the question, it's unlikely you're going to get a review of that same code on Github anyway. — Dan Pantry 8 secs ago
Q: Exponential backoff generator

DannnnoExponential backoff in the context of various networking protocols looks something like this: When a collision first occurs, send a “Jamming signal” to prevent further data being sent. Resend a frame after either 0 seconds or 51.2μs, chosen at random. If that fails, resend the frame ...

In other words, I can't ask a Code Review website to review my code because it's too much? That's moronic. Delete my post if you want, but I'm leaving it up here for if any ambitious individual that is interested in helping a fellow programmer out. — throck95 42 secs ago
Just nuke it.
7:39 PM
oh boy.
If you don't want to play by the rules, go away.
If you want someone to review a large volume of code, you can always pay a programmer to do it :) otherwise, you can adhere to our rules which are for the benefit of both the poster and the reviewers (who do their work for free). It's not moronic: large volumes of code will dissuade reviewers from, well, reviewing and it's unlikely you will take in all of the advice they could give anyway. — Dan Pantry 44 secs ago
Any way I close voted, I've tried to help and he doesn't want none of it. I'm out, I don't have time for him anymore. Thanks guys.
tldr: if you want to play by your rules, fine, I'll happily do it if you pay me. otherwise, abide by ours.
np @Marc-Andre
I went through some of his SO comments. Not a happy camper.
7:41 PM
and lol, this is on the top list of the HNQ next to the comment box.
how relevant
I don't see anything that worrying in the comment on his q/a, but his comments indicate he is still in uni, so maybe that's why his expectations are a bit higher than they should be.
Something worth thinking about for the Stack Exchange moderators, fix the SEO. I Googled, "code review" and your site came up first saying come here to review your code. I'm all reviewing code and assisting other developers but that means you have to make it known that the site is for methodological code review, not Code Review as it's typical implied. — throck95 1 min ago
^^ or use common sense
Guys we've beeng doing it all wrong all this time !
It's quite clear what the rules of this site are, due to our help center. If you googled "help me fix my code problem", SO might come up, but you wouldn't literally type that in the question box, would you? The rules are clear, take it or leave it. There's no other constructive discussion to be had here. If you'd like to discuss our rules or why we have them you're welcome to discuss with the regulars in the 2nd monitor, as we've been discussing this question. — Dan Pantry 41 secs ago
If he does come here, don't brow-beat him too hard.. :-)
Just don't let it turn into a comment war.
Actually, he won't be able to talk unless a RO gives him permission.
7:46 PM
Everything that has to be said has been said.
Nah it's ok. I can understand that someone would want to have a simple review of an entire project.
Yeah, that's why I invited him to chat in case he had further discussion - to prevent that. Chat is for chat.
Hello @throck95, you need 20 rep to talk here.
Welcome, @throck95. I don't think you have the rep to speak yet.. paging @Mat'sMug.
So you invited someone who can't talk?
7:47 PM
It just does not fit our current Q&A style
Yeah, I just realised my mistake. :(
@Marc-Andre Current or future. We simply can't do it on CR.
It would open the door for a giant mess.
Either way, I'm sure @throck95 can scroll up to read the transcript and see our discussion on the chat so far.
RIP @Mast
@Mast Well, I would not rule out the future. Maybe some integration with popular provider could be done, and everything. But would we want to go there mostly not.
I don't think that will ever happen unless there is fully fledged integration (think Github PR-style)
7:49 PM
Any way got to go! I hope he could provide small block to review !
Weird things happening today...
who wakes a mug from its slumber
kidding. @throck95 you have been granted explicit write access to this chatroom, feel free to say "Hi!" ...or "Monking!"
how can we help you today?
@ScottHoltzman I think Code Review has forever tinted the way I'm answering on SE =) — Mat's Mug 46 secs ago
7:59 PM
CRitters. Raising the bar on SO since 2012

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