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8:00 PM
Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: Asynchronous iterator for AngularJS
Well, you gave him the privilege and he's gone.
I did nothing so are his privs
@Mat'sMug He actually has an account here.
Apologies if my last comment on his thread was harsh but I got angry with him.
I know. That comment was a subliminal message =)
8:02 PM
First time I've ever told someone to kindly exit, essentially.
@Legato woah, I missed something there. what's up?
@Mat'sMug Nothing I think you need to worry about it.
Perhaps that'd suit more for Code ReviewForceBru 32 secs ago
@Mat'sMug One of the comments on the question. It ain't that bad.
It's honest.
Take a look at the rubberduck tag. 64 questions asked across a whole year; 2 projects, 20 contributors, 4 CR regulars, over 150K lines of code. Reviewing entire projects is entirely possible, but not in one single question. If you can't break it down reasonably into <60K character posts, then that's already a code smell - your code should be modular enough to allow such splitting-up. Nobody will want to sift through an entire project and spend 20 hours of their lives going through everything... for free. Before you post your question, read it and put yourself in the reviewers' shoes. — Mat's Mug ♦ 6 secs ago
8:15 PM
Q: Given an array with 1,000,000 integers between 1 and 1,000,000, one integer is in the array twice. Find the duplicate

somnia06I recently had an interview and got to phase 2 which is a coding assessment. One of the questions was "Given an array with 1,000,000 integers between 1 and 1,000,000, one integer is in the array twice. Find the duplicate." I failed the interview and was wondering what improvements do i need? Tha...

Q: Making a relatively complex datetime function more pythonic

meeplI'm working on a function that returns a specific set of times for a given timezone and a given frequency; day, week, month. For any given timezone and a frequncy the function will return the unixtime hour start and unixtime hour end of the last full frequency given. For example, the last full ...

Q: AppWidget displays nothing after device startup

Christopher RucinskiI recently developed my first appwidget for Android, and it works really nice. I basically created a collection widget and use a Loader to retrieve the data from a database, and when a user clicks on the list item, that items details will be saved into a bundle in an intent, and the main activity...

hi @throck95, try reloading the page if it still says you can't talk - there could be a little annoying caching issue
I see the rubberduck tag. Unfortunately the problem I have is this project is in the beginning phases and the code can be a little messy. The application works, that being said, part of the code review I'm wanting is a cleanliness and implementation project.
The problem that I'm having with the "feud" that happened in comments is that I searched code review to get someone to take a look at this project that I've spent the last month on, this site came up. And I found no "rules" saying what I can or cannot post.
'implementation' is outside of the scope of this site, code review only pertains to code that is already present.
Then I
I'm getting like 3 people saying to change and modify as you don't know what your talking about.
@Legato hold
8:19 PM
It's not so much implementation as I've got it working but I want someone to go over it and critic areas that it can improve in efficiency and security.
@throck95 you're absolutely in the right place - the best I know actually, but we do have rules
As was said in the final part of my paragraph
I know there are rules, I see them now
The problem is they aren't made clear or available easily
From Google, I was one button from posting with no link to rules in sight or link made clear in sight
I know. That's an entire different issue... the system defaults you to the "tour" page, which is entirely irrelevant IMO
The closest I got to anything saying make sure to read this before you post was, we recommend you read this article
then after i posted i have 3 people saying wrong wrong wrong offtopic etc
8:22 PM
anyway, glad you found our rulebook. it's simple: we require that your code is ready to be peer reviewed - i.e. it works as intended and you're not asking for help finishing it, that would be SO territory
then we ask that your code is embedded in the question
it's completely fine to include a link to your GitHub repo (ideally to a specific commit as of the revision that's being reviewed)
And it is working and ready to be peer reviewed. The embedding part is tricky because splitting it up at this point just doesn't work
but that link is additional context and that code wouldn't be in-scope for answers
If I had been peer reviewing from the beginning it could have worked
but now that I've got a month of revisions, embedding it takes on a whole new level
don't you have modules or something? classes? split responsibilites?
using laravel to execute and design, it's all centralized in one class
with method calls broken out to increase readability
and reusability
8:24 PM
oh god
a god class
ive got separate classes for individual products, such as users etc
but this project is centralized on a controller to execute
and there's no way to separate that out
@throck95 I personally doubt that
there's always a way :)
try us :)
8:26 PM
kinda already did with my post codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/133504/… :P
got yelled at and pulled into the principals office ^
No one yelled at you or pulled you in here :)
you get the analogy tho
yeah.. I'm going to have to nuke that comment thread
could that "god class that knows everything and does it all" fit a CR question?
8:27 PM
right... let's leave this to the Mug, won't we @DanPantry :)
like, by itself?
yes, but it comes down to the key thing i was thinking about when i just gave a git link
it would be so long that it itself would dissuade versus here's this link go look
@Mat'sMug we're right here if you need us :)
it has to get done at some point, but breaking it up and discussing it is a feat in and of itself
ok, so edit your post and include the giant class. describe what it does, split the mega-code block with narrative if you have to, walk readers through your code, make it interesting
8:30 PM
possible answer invalidation by janos on question by BlackM: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/133486/revisions
then link to your github repo too - e.g. 'the rest of the code can be found [here]'
@Duga yeah, right
let's just do this. delete my post and when i get an opportunity tonight to work on this i will
@throck95 don't worry about context being hard to follow without the context code embedded - questions with too much code tend to generate very superficial reviews anyway, people can easily spend 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes on a single review, but if they're overwhelmed just by skimming the question, they'll just look for something else
@throck95 actually it's best that you edit and improve the existing one
it's not gonna be an easy break up
Low hanging fruits if you will
8:33 PM
hold on, got a meta link to fetch
Q: How to get the best value out of Code Review - Asking Questions

rolfl I have a project I am working on, and I would like some, or all of it reviewed, how can I ask for this review on Code Review in a way that produces the best possible value? This is not about a question being on-topic, or off topic. Rather, this is about making on-topic questions great qu...

that's one
A: Checklist for how to write a good Code Review question

Mat's MugHow to NOT write a zombie. A zombie is a question that remains unanswered. As a question asker, your goal is to avoid writing one. Beyond meeting the on-topic requirements, I think "good CR questions" can be broken down into several question types. This answer is longer than I would have liked...

A: Checklist for how to write a good Code Review question

Simon ForsbergSimon's Guide for posting a good question There are a lot of questions that appear on Code Review, and all questions are fighting for reviewer attention. This is a non-exhaustive list of items that I am looking for in a Code Review question when determining whether or not I should review it and ...

and three
ill be able to come back in to this late right? ive got about an hour's drive home from the office b4 ill be able to back on to start working again
of course
Q: Python - Creates a Kinesis Stream, Firehose, and Lambda Event Source from config file

BlexyI'm in the process of writing a python script for automating a data ingestion pipeline using Amazon Web Service's Kinesis Stream, Firehose and Lambda. This is my first stab at writing python, but I do have some experience with Javascript and Node.js. Scripts are organized as follows: build_pip...

and when you edit the post, it will automatically enter the "reopen" review queue
and I'll leave your explicit grant to this room
see you soon i guess :P
8:35 PM
so you can come here and ping someone to have a look at the revised post
I wouldn't be surprised if all these downvotes get reversed after you edit it :)
Mug, you're pretty great.
i cant tell you how many times ive explained this project in the last few weeks. everytime i talk about ppl think its amazing but when i get into designing it and trying to discuss reviews people start having headaches
if it's really that bad, and it's edited into a great post that's still unanswered in two days, then I'll spend a good chunk of rep on a bounty, and then you can buckle up and enjoy the ride - CR reviewers will shred that code to pieces
@CaptainObvious You want to do what? With what?
8:39 PM
oh one last thing: try to come up with a punny title, it tends to generate more eyeballs :)
wow, I know someone had a good time. Clippy is in the starboard ;-;
@Quill I'm tempted to pin clippy on the starboard :)
The pun is strong with this one.
thanks @all
quick mods are away post pictures of rubber ducks
8:44 PM
Ride the duck!
user image
it's friday here :)
Q: Project Euler Problem 21 - Amicable Numbers - JAVA

dmurrHelp Debugging please. Program won't stop. package euler21; public class amicableNumbers { public static final int top = 10000; public static void main(String[] args) { long startTime = System.currentTimeMillis(); int sum = 0; for (int i = 220; i <= top; i++)...

Friday duck.
Monking @EthanBierlein
8:47 PM
@Quill will be friday here in 13
@Mast my favorite Metalliduck album! For Whom The Duck Quacks is awesome!
@Hosch250 I'm honestly not sure
Me either.
@Mat'sMug Master of Ducks
9:02 PM
Is it friday?
points at starwall
Any love for figures created in latex?
Q: I need a TeX-donkey

Ulrike FischerIn my town there will be next weekend an exhibition with 7000 donkey images. It is related to a sculpture group with 7 donkeys called "donkey's way" which will be installed in the summer. I would like to add one (or perhaps more) TeX-donkey images. If you would like to participate and create on...

@JKo_FinanceUse if you now have working code, I'd suggest you put it up on Code Review to make it fail-safe and easier to maintain. Cheers! — Mat's Mug 29 secs ago
What just happened, ducks?
What the duck just happened here?
@skiwi quack quack mother ducker
9:20 PM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it contains a working solution. Consider posting on code review to review working code. — Servy 45 secs ago
Q: Python Decimal to Binary converter

ConfettimakerThere is no input validation for this, but that aside, I would appreciate it if anyone could help me improve the logic of this script. import math #Input num = input("Enter a whole number: ") #Floors input in case of a non whole number decimal = math.floor(float(num)) #Variables exp = 0 divTwo...

@Duga That is harsh
@N3buchadnezzar should be
@N3buchadnezzar Quack you.
Quacking hell
9:25 PM
@Mast Cringe?
@skiwi time to go on facebook forever?
@N3buchadnezzar Time To Go OFF
@Servy Heck no, this is example code. Would be closed. Please take a look at the help centre. — Mast 57 secs ago
Go Polandball!
3 minutes to go
@ScottHoltzman True, but exactly the kind of non-intuitive not-explicitly-documented behaviour that should be avoided in any and all code. Also not true for the other application settings, so a good habit to get into. — Zak 4 mins ago
Thou shall properly document thou code.
9:32 PM
@Mast s/shall/shalt
for some reason, sounds more authoritative that way
thou shalt say "shalt" in thy heretic commandments
insert obligatory sudo comment
9:47 PM
@N3buchadnezzar Thou shalt sudo
10:15 PM
s/thou code/thine code/
Anyone here? Need to get somebody to review the hold on my post. codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/133504/…
@throck95 Voted to re-open, now that you added the code
I'm sure others will follow suit shortly
10:30 PM
@Quill monking
10:43 PM
Q: Non-repeatability (plagiarism and time travel)

Jan KuikenI heard/read that writers of texts can be recognized by counting their used words and compare these to previous works. As a code kata I experimented with this a bit and found some disturbing facts. 'Romeo and Juliet' was written by one of the Bronte sisters. Shakespeare plagiarized it from the...

10:53 PM
Q: FCC Profile Lookup

user110301i have trouble with that code. function lookUpProfile(firstName, prop){ // Only change code below this line for(var i=0; i<=contacts.length; i++){ if(firstName==contacts[i].firstName){ if(contacts.hasOwnProperty(prop)){ return contacts[i][prop]; } else{ return "No such ...

you might try code review on stack exchange — joel goldstick 26 secs ago
11:16 PM
Anyone here? Need to get my post's hold reviewed. codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/133504/…
This question should be posted in Code Review. — Ishan M 36 secs ago
Told by Mat'sMug a few hours ago to just pop in here and ask when I finished :)
where's that thread at?
@throck95 you're kinda repeating yourself :)
@throck95 Hi. Your thread is 4/5 votes from being reopened.
yea sorry @Vogel612 I'm just so used to most forum chats where the chat only tracks based since when you had it opne
based on what you've seen since you connected. much better english :P
11:22 PM
I was there before too, just not saying anything. I'd been one of the downvoters, but I retracted it after I saw you were going to revise it, and just upvoted you.
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs on Code Review, not SO. — Prune 52 secs ago
@throck95 Voted to re-open and upvoted :)
11:44 PM
Sometimes I think "making a game would be fun" and then I read @EthanBierlein's tweets and game dev posts and then I'm like "never mind, I don't understand half these words"
Q: 4 versions of the same C function to compare error handling

Julien__Comparison of different ways to handle errors in the same C function. Which one should I use and why ? The function, called db_create, creates a new ImageDatabase instance. Table Of Content Snippet 1 uses nested if Snippet 2 uses nested else Snippet 3 uses goto Snippet 4 improves on snippet 3...

lol, it's not too difficult.
The terminology does unfortunately tend to be wordy though.

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