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12:00 AM
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You don't want all palindromes.
You only want the largest.
Being a product of 2 3-digit numbers.
You could speed it up drastically with a little guesswork, but that would ruin the challenge I think.
@Mast Maybe, I need to solve it completely first, and then once I know it gives the correct answers, make it better
At least, that's how I usually write code. Math people probably do that differently
I'm not math people :P
i.e. solve it with an algorithm/formula first, then just code that
I solve them the most straight-forward way I can think of.
12:03 AM
Unlike the Rosalind challenges, I try to put some charm into those.
Try writing software for that, 352 wheels, adjustable per 4.
88 axles.
12:23 AM
You should post this to Code Review when you fixed the error, your code is nightmare material — Kametrixom 26 secs ago
testing OP code
Hopefully my pc does not run out of memory AGAIN
97046.9630755 ms
@Mast Ugh need to do an average of 3 runs to get it semi-accurate
             OP:  97046.9630755 ms
       Improved: 102422.017227 ms
I     mproved 2:  59848.1377405 ms
     Improved 3: 17276.0329956 ms
        My code: 0.743039272248 ms
Built in libary: 0.262319591133 ms
@N3buchadnezzar I usually run 100 or 1000, but I can imagine that's not an option in this case.
-yeah I did a average of 1000 on my code..
Might have to let it run over night
12:39 AM
YES solved it
You solved the meaning of life?
No, only PE4
runs in 251ms, not bad I suppose
Need to clean it up a bit, then maybe post for review
@Phrancis 843648_d6WsbCk5KC5U2GamhumDInDAe75vINuw
Friend code :p
You have a tab named "Friends".
12:44 AM
Oh, never seen that
@N3buchadnezzar added you
Assuming you are Lektoren :)
@Phrancis Yeah ;) codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/129132/… I asked about PE4 here =)
@Phrancis 979521_0NAAZ9QtISs0iSVqd4ObYWNTXjud2u5Q
18 minutes in. OPs code still not done
@Mast added
My ProjectEuler friend code is 671977_rs89UV5LAzg8QRnUOwdi0ZXdFZUghBMg if anyone is interested
@N3buchadnezzar Damn you're just burning through these PE problems, aren't you?
Heh :p Been working on them for a while. Atm I am going through the first 100 really squeezing the running time.
12:56 AM
I'm trying to solve them in multiple languages.
Here is what I came up with, it's probably horrible, I'll post for review
117328.280353 ms
113052.676545 ms
58009.5848003 ms
Getting there ^^
I want to solve them all in Python and have 20 languages in total with 4 challenges per language.
Heh, nice
@Phrancis scratches head
So you are using the factors to check of they are equal ?
@N3buchadnezzar I'm not sure I understand the question
1:01 AM
just trying to understand your algorithm
Probably Bash, Pascal, ASM, C, C++, C#, COBOL, Brainfuck, JavaScript, VBA and Basic, I'm not sure yet about the other languages.
@N3buchadnezzar Maybe keeping a int[] array of possible factors is wasteful
Perhaps VHDL. Perhaps Arnoldc. Perhaps TIS-100...
@Phrancis 104 lines? Darn.
 for i from 999 to 1
      for j from 999 to 1
          if is_palindrome( i*j )
            best = max(old, best)
Q: Cleanest way to implement a Thread Producer-Consumer Pattern

SabaMy requirement is this : I have Producer Threads A, B and C producing 3 different types of events Event A, B and C respectively. The Consumer thread can only process only one Event B at a time, where as it can process any number of Events A & C at a point of time. Below is my take on the implem...

1:02 AM
Did you overengineer it by chance?
It's useful to the extent I can get the lowest and highest number, but otherwise I don't actually use it for anything
Is the standard approach.
@N3buchadnezzar Looks like the short version of what I did here.
Maybe I can just make variables instead for the lowest and highest and call it a day
@Mast Well it is psudocode :p
1:04 AM
I don't say it's a bad thing to over-engineer. Not at all. But if you aim to solve a lot of those PE challenges, that will get old very fast.
I can see that
Whenever I write something useful/utilitarian, I extract it to a namespace for utilities so hopefully that will save time on later challenges
@Mast How long do your code to find the product of two 5 digit numbers?
Here is my naive implementation. However I do have a faster version :p
@N3buchadnezzar What problem number is that?
For some reason my attempt at PE 6 keeps giving -14. That can't be good...
@Mast It is the same as PE4 just with the product of two 4 digit numbers instead of 3 digit numbers
Or 5 if you want to be fancy
Whoa, I refactored some code, hit Run, and it just worked. Wow.
1:18 AM
wow :p
@N3buchadnezzar Oh crap, that takes a long time.
--- 37.9160001278 seconds ---
import time
def get_biggest_palindrome():
    biggest_palindrome = 0

    for i in xrange(100, 10000):
        for j in xrange(100, 10000):
            product = i * j
            product_string = str(product)
            if product_string == product_string[::-1]:
                if product >= biggest_palindrome:
                    biggest_palindrome = product
    return biggest_palindrome

def main():
    print get_biggest_palindrome()

if __name__ == "__main__":
    start_time = time.time()
@Mast Lol, should work on that algorithm of yours then :p
The original question only takes a third of a second though.
--- 0.303999900818 seconds ---
OMG the 4-digit query of PE4 is sloooowwwwwwww with my code, 27 seconds
1:22 AM
Returned 99000099
@Phrancis That's still faster than mine...
Either my code is faster (not likely) or C# is faster
@Mast About 275 times slower than mine though :p
If I'm not mistaken, don't C# and Python both compile to C++ thing?
Whatever the intermediate language for C++ is
C++ has no intermediate language. Unless you count op-codes.
Python goes to C, but only if you put it in a library IIRC.
1:26 AM
Ah, ok
I'm a noob when it comes to compilers
Same here, but I've heard a thing here and there over the years.
I improved the algorithm a bit, see this
I think I'm ready to post it, don't see what else I could improve ATM
It doesn't look very C#-ish I think.
I don't know a thing about C# though, so don't mind me.
I've written it, but I don't have to GUI often :-)
Yeah, that's probably the case, I'm still in Java-mode just basically translating to C#
Q: Project Euler 4: Largest palindrome product

PhrancisThis solves Project Euler 4: Largest palindrome product using C# (specifically, using LINQPad). Any and all suggestions for improvements to either the C# code or the math/algorithm are very welcome. A palindromic number reads the same both ways. The largest palindrome made from the product...

1:44 AM
A: Prime number checker python3

N3buchadnezzar0. Overview Your code is well written and it is clear what it does. However I will argue that if you want a drastic increase in performance you need to switch your algorithm. Testing primality can be done in polynomial time, but is generally a problem which requires sophisticated maths. One of t...

That took a long time to write.
@N3buchadnezzar I was gonna say, damn you put some time into that
One small point, there's not a "2" item, goes from 0, to 1, to 1.1, to 3
Yeah, probably many spelling mistakes as well.
Will take a short 5 min break and fix all the errors. The speed comparison at the bottom is really interesting though
I'm doing something stupid wrong on 6.
def sums_and_squares():
    sum_of_squares, sums = 0, 0
    for i in xrange(1, 101):
        sum_of_squares += i^2
        sums += i
    return sums^2 - sum_of_squares

print sums_and_squares()
@N3buchadnezzar I scrubbed it pretty good, there weren't that many mistakes (see my edit)
Wooo thanks! Being a non-native speaker can be hard sometimes.
@Mast What does it return?
1:57 AM
@N3buchadnezzar I still didn't know where to put the 2. bullet point though, may want to edit that into it
I'm a non-native speaker myself (native language is French) I know the feeling
@N3buchadnezzar -14
One, it should be positive.
Two, it should be higher.
@Phrancis Hon Hon Hon, Le Baguette, Omelette Oui oui
@N3buchadnezzar Please don't ;P
I'm not from France, rather from (French) Canada
Well I just displayed all the french I know. Welp
Mmmmmm, omelettes *mimics Homer Simpson voice*
2:01 AM
@Mast You know python dislikes ^ right? ^ in python means bitwise XOR
You probably wanted to use **
I think ^ is XOR in Java as well
@N3buchadnezzar facepalm
@Mast Also n*(n-1)*(3*n+2)*(n+1)/12 is faster :p
This is not Code Golf
2:02 AM
@N3buchadnezzar Yea, well, screw that.
I want my code to be readable.
It actually says so in my README.
def sum_square_difference(n):
    '''The sum of the first natural numbers are
       S[1](n) = 1 + 2 + 3 ... n = n*(n+1)/2
       The sum of the first square numbers are
       S[2](n) = 1^2 + 2^3 + ... n^2 = n*(n+1)*(2*n+1)/6
       By computing the difference of these two numbers one gets
       S[1](n)^2 - S[2](n) = n*(n-1)*(3*n+2)*(n+1)/12'''
    return n*(n-1)*(3*n+2)*(n+1)/12
I fixed that with heavy commenting :p
Honestly if I saw a line like that in prod code, I would probably walk over to the dev's desk/office and ask them to comment it
And it's finally registering my commits from my Win side as well.
Well, they registered, but not in the shiny coloured activity chart thingy.
@Mast Looks fine to me
I could say the Ruby code looks like crap, but that'd be like me saying that water feels wet...
@Phrancis It does look like crap, yea :P
2:10 AM
@Mast To be fair, as far as I can tell, all Ruby code looks like crap
It's amazing stuff at times, but it looks like crap.
It's like reverse JavaScript.
JavaScript looks good and is crap. Ruby looks like crap but works wonderfully.
Looking through your Python PE solutions, my approach is to try and come up with a general solution, rather than one specific to the metrics of that challenge
Yeah same
I always make it possible to increase the numbers and whatnot
If you like generic things, you're looking at the wrong repo. I got Rosalind for that.
Oh, nice
2:13 AM
Libraries, tests, applications, benchmarks, the whole shebang.
Those files names in Rosalind/Ruby are pretty bad, did you have a choice in them?
At least, when I've refactored the bunch. Some of the reviewers couldn't appreciate it so far IIUC.
@Phrancis Those in app/ are the problem names.
So the solution to DNA is called DNA.rb.
I couldn't make it more straightforward than that.
Fair enough, #NamingThings is hard
Getting a bit late
It's only 4 AM here.
A little after 22:00 here
2:20 AM
Welcome to Stack Overflow. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the Stack Overflow help file, which will help you understand what kinds of questions are appropriate for this site. This site is intended to help you obtain answers to specific programming questions, as opposed to providing tutorial, design or code review assistance. — MarsAtomic 54 secs ago
I think I just wrote the most inefficient implementation for PE 7.
It's horrifying to think some idiot would actually put this in production.
Must be O(n^HUGE).
@Mast 5 here
or 0430
@Mast You know it is not all about getting the right answer right? :p
The code should be scalable, readable, and fast like the cookie monster looking for cookies.
2:40 AM
Perhaps I'll just revert to Rosalind, Euler is giving me bad habits.
I need to start commenting my code
def ith_fast(n):
    stop = int(n*(log(n) + log(log(n) - 1 + 1.8*log(log(n))/float(log(n)))))
    sieve = primesbelow(stop)
    return sieve[n-len(sieve)-1]
Not quite sure how that one works, but it does give the ith prime. Scratches head
3:02 AM
How can anyone prefer
if num <= 1: return 1 - num == 0
if num == 1: return False
elif num == 0: return True
Scratches head
3:27 AM
Your data structure would have tough time passing a code review. — Merlin 57 secs ago
Q: C to X86 assembly code conversion

JaeJae55This is x86 version of a C file assignment(I have included both). We were to convert the C code to assembly, I am rather new at assembly and would really appreciate suggestions and help for optimization and functionality. This is a C implementation of Dijkstra's recursive algorithm for computin...

3:42 AM
@N3buchadnezzar Some people prefer less LoC over readability.
4:38 AM
Q: A generic AVL tree with SequenceType, CollectionType and ArrayLiteralConvertible extensions

Reza ShirazianI'm learning Swift and trying get a good understanding of some of its many features. The following is an AVL tree implementation with extensions that conform to SequenceType, CollectionType and ArrayLiteralConvertible Everything seems to work correctly. I wish to get some feedback on my overall ...

4:53 AM
Q: Finding the Least Common Ancestor of a Binary Tree

Neelesh Salian Input a binary tree (the root node) and 2 other nodes that need to be assessed for finding the least common ancestor (LCA) Code: a. Finding the nodes first with either breadthFirstSearch or depthFirstSearch b. If they both exist, find the LCA. What searching mechanism would be best here? Using ...

5:11 AM
Increasingly convinced we shouldn't give developers access to servers or keyboards.
codereview.stackexchange.com would be better suited for this question — Papa 52 secs ago
5:57 AM
Q: How can Increase the efficiency of this code? Reddit Bot

user502301import praw import time import database # Create a user agent and log into Reddit UA = 'OZBOZZ v0.1' r = praw.Reddit(UA) # Log UA into reddit with my personal user name and password r.login('', '', disable_warning='True') subreddit = r.get_subreddit('listentothis') current_time = int(time.time(...

Q: Finding the frequency of an element in a sorted list of integers

Neelesh Salian1> Input: Array of sorted integers and an element to check the frequency for. 2> Output: Frequency of the element public class FrequencyElement { public static void main(String args[]){ //System.out.println("Enter Input string"); int input_array []= {2,3,4,25,99,99,19000}; int eleme...

6:24 AM
Q: Tight coupling in using call back method

Abdul WaheedI am using below code and for result i am using interface for call back purposes. @Override public void onResult(String result) { if (this.mClient != null) { this.mClient.cancel(); mProcessing = false; } try { JSONObject j = new JSONObject(result); J...

Q: VBA_How to compare two lists

HiddenllyyGood morning, I'm working on a report of quality control. I have a list L, which contains the names of files that I should open and import the data into EXCEL, then fill my quality control table by these data. And at the end, I want to know which file in the list has not been opened, that means...

I doubt that you find someone here on SO willing to rewrite your code. How about posting to Code Review instead? — Uwe Keim 57 secs ago
6:59 AM
@Duga I don't know if I like how that's phrased. It implies we are a code rewrite service.
We are not a CRaaS, that would just be crass.
If you're asking how to improve working code I would suggest asking the question on the Code Review exchange site. — ChiefTwoPencils 11 secs ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because the question is asking for a code review. Have a look at codereview.stackexchange.com instead, but be sure to read their help center on how to ask a good question first thing. — Erwin Bolwidt 41 secs ago
> [6/29/16, 03:02:26] @Phrancis: What's the criteria?
[6/29/16, 03:02:31] @EBrown: Vanilla, any map.
[6/29/16, 03:02:43] Phrancis: I mean, how do we win?
[6/29/16, 03:02:47] EBrown: No idea.
[6/29/16, 03:02:52] Phrancis: LOL
Hi there. If the code works but you think it could be improved, try codereview. If you have a question concerning excel or excel-vba, post it as a new question with the correct tag. — arcadeprecinct 52 secs ago
7:15 AM
good morning!
Q: How could this function be shorter?

xaccrocheurI can't wrap my head around that. There seem to be a lot of redundancy, and even if it is not called called more than ten times in the main loop, I still find it hard to swallow that it loops through the whole list at each invocation. def get_file_info(f, stream, field): discoverer = GstPbu...

7:29 AM
@CaptainObvious look, it's a vba question
@Quill i'm convinced more and more that this would be a great idea
do it
possible answer invalidation by Pimgd on question by Abdul Waheed: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/133353/revisions
Q: Polymorphic pointers-to-functions whose parameters are void pointers as arguments in C

Neil EdelmanMy question is about this sort of table that's simplified here. Often, I find myself putting this element, (int (*)(const void *, const void *))&strcmp for bsearch. I go between prototyping with void pointers, creating dummy functions, and casting, but none is really a satisfactory, especially wh...

@Duga pssh
7:38 AM
@Duga to the star wall with you
Duga bug @SimonForsberg
The edit was before the answer was posted
ooooo, weird, i didn't realise Duga was "that" slow (no offense Simon)
wow it got accepted so fast
that's nice
thank you for you time and important suggestions — Abdul Waheed 25 secs ago
not for the user though, he should leave his question open
1 hour is not a long time for reviews
it probably isn't
Q: What do you do when code review is just too hard?

Brad ThomasOK so a lot of code review is fairly routine. But occasionally there are changes that broadly impact existing complex, fragile code. In this situation, the amount of time it would take to verify the safety of the changes, absence of regression, etc. is excessive. Perhaps even exceeding the time i...

7:43 AM
I feel like writing a babel plugin to detect basic sql injection vulnerabilities
Shouldn't be too hard, right? Check for string literals, parse the string literal to see if it has SQL statements in
Q: Edits must be at least 6 characters long

jacgI proposed an edit to this answer to one of my questions. The edit consisted of replacing two single quotes with two double quotes.The sample code in the original answer failed to compile; the edited version compiled and ran as advertised. The 6-character-minimum-edit rule forced me to add irre...

then check to see if there's any concatenation going on or if it's an interpolated string
this would be the sort of thing I would probably be writing for Riot anyway
smells like possible false hit bait but yeah
7:45 AM
yeah, i mean, you should be able to disable it with a comment line or something, similar to any linter
// disable-sql-checking or something like that immediately preceding the node
also LINQ but I have no idea whether that's similar enough
brb meeting
describe('sql injection checker', function () {
  it('should correctly detect a sql injection vulnerability through concatenation', function () {
    const sampleScript = `
      function getFoos(bar) {
        const script = 'SELECT * FROM sometable WHERE foo=' + bar
        return db.execute(script)

    const result = check(babylon.parse(sampleScript))

I'd expect it'd work something like above
Q: Peer review rejects bugfix edit on ground of it being aimed at author

jacgI proposed an edit to this answer to one of my questions. The edit consisted of replacing two single quotes with two double quotes. The sample code in the original answer failed to compile; the edited version compiled and ran as advertised. (Sorry, it's not obvious to me how to find the edit aga...

Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: Making a news widget webpage
8:05 AM
What is your question exactly? Are you looking for a code review? — Jeroen 51 secs ago
Monking @all
I'm fluent in Matlab, but have some basic knowledge in other languages. Is it OK to review code in languages where I have limited experience, or is this frowned upon? The reason I'm asking is because it _might_ be that there are better ways to do it than what I propose. See for instance [this one](http://codereview.stackexchange.com/q/133360/109032).
@StewieGriffin Many programming skills/concepts are universal (see: naming). If you think your answer can improve, in any way, on the OP's code, go for it.
CR answers don't have to be the best, just better than what the OP currently has.
@Zak =)
@StewieGriffin I was reviewing VBA code long before I was any good at it ^^
8:15 AM
@Zak Problems can arise once I/others suggest things that are against common practice. For instance, if someone started to advise people to use eval in Matlab I would call that a bad review (in 99% of the cases), even if it solves a problem seemingly more elegantly than what OP had. (I just proposed using eval in Python).
But I haven't found any sources that advise against it, yet... =)
@Zak and I started answering Matlab questions on SO before I was any good at it :)
@StewieGriffin If the community feels your answer is bad, they'll downvote and/or comment on it.
@StewieGriffin reviewing languages that you are familiar with, but don't know very well, is a great way to learn them
it's not frowned upon, and yes, as @Zak said, if you do give out some misinformation the community will correct it
just be sure to take any criticism in stride
Like I said, so long as your answer is better than the OP's (even if that means it's merely less-terrible) it's worth doing.
Q: How can I reduce time complexity from O(N^2) here?

Kaushal28Problem from Hacker Earth: Inverted GCD: Given an array a of N numbers , you have to find the number of pair of indices i and j that satisfy the following relation: i < j ai > aj gcd( ai , aj )=1 Input: The first line of the input contains a single integer N - d...

chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/30695292#30695292 Can anyone tell me why my link didn't work as it should? Isn't [this](link) the correct syntax? And why didn't might result in an italic word?
8:22 AM
@StewieGriffin Multi-line breaks markdown.
Ok, this time it did, but not in the other comment.
your syntax there is correct, but multi line and markdown = dead markdown
@StewieGriffin nope.. multiline kills markdown. always
@Vogel612 hmm, why have they chosen to do it this way? Do you know if there's a reason?
no clue. you could try scouring MSE or ask a question there.
Hiya @Gemtastic
8:29 AM
@StewieGriffin SO chat only supports a very limited set of markdown, it's possible it is just a bug
just not a show stopper
8:45 AM
@Mat'sMug Is this real code? I get the very strong impression that it's either example, hypothetical, or stub.
'Sup @Vogel612
Theoretical CS homework
Turing Machines, right now
9:03 AM
Q: Is this the correct approach to implement Producer-Consumer issue in multi-threaded Java environment?

AftabThe scenario which I'm trying to implement. This class tests the Worker class. It invokes the run() method of a Worker instance. The Worker class holds an instance of a queue of Order objects. The max size of this queue is 5. Ten Orders are generated Asynchronously and placed in the queue. Those...

9:43 AM
@Vogel did you get my ping from MSE Tavern?
@DanPantry nice
You could try submitting your code to codereview.stackexchange.com now that your issue is solved. — Jamie Bicknell 51 secs ago
@Phrancis Subscribed! \o/
I want to showcase weekly "dare to answer?" questions from the newsletter. Is the 2nd monitor a suitable place to?
that's pretty nice
@zʏᴀʙiɴ101 sure, sounds okay :)
@Quill nope... at least not yet
9:51 AM
Q: Animation with JavaScript and Sass : Neon light banner

mizechAfter reading a bit about CSS3-text-shadows and seeing a few advanced examples I had the idea for a "neon light"-banner. Next idea was to animate it. Finally it has become a mixture between a Sass-mixins and a bit of JavaScript. One more thing I should mention: It's a fun-thing. I'm not intend...

I did already see that one :)
@DanPantry I keep writing nice modules that I wouldn't mind putting on npm, but someone's always already done it ;-;
10:04 AM

JavaScript support engineer (flexible hours; full/part…


Apply your experience in web dev, helping amCharts users solve their problems. Condensed no-BS version If you're a…

Posted on Stack Overflow Careers on June 28, 2016

> Completely flexible work hours. If you want to put in 3 hours or a full day, work nights, days or anything in-between - that's totally fine with us.
I might have to get a job like that if the startup I'm working for goes bellyup
@Quill What's the likelihood of that so far?
I don't know, we're majorly behind release schedules and the product is a pretty shitty angular app. The startup is a inhouse project of another (established) company with an even worse codebase.
never hurts to have a polished resume
@Quill Sounds like a cool on-the-side opportunity
Hmmm, I don't have a beach house though...
@Quill why does no java company have openings like that?
10:13 AM
@Vogel612 how many java libraries do you know hold most of their Q/A through SO?
itextpdf for one
and that's huge.
lots of Apache POI runs on SO, too
Broken Code, but could be salvaged if OP agrees to limit their question to the version of the code which actually works:
Q: Paste one array (single dimension) with >100K item into a excel range

FabrizioI posted the same question on StackOverflow thread but I think here is the correct place to ask (if is not right, admin please to remove it).Every day I need to format date imported from AS400 (data, time,..). Usualy (for some thousands of record) I use this code. Public Sub Cfn_FormatDate(contr...

Q: Paste one array (single dimension) with >100K item into a excel range

FabrizioI posted the same question on StackOverflow thread but I think here is the correct place to ask (if is not right, admin please to remove it).Every day I need to format date imported from AS400 (data, time,..). Usualy (for some thousands of record) I use this code. Public Sub Cfn_FormatDate(contr...

code is broken, because excel 2013 does not implement 64 bit worksheetfunction.Transpose Code would work for 65000 rows of data
poor guy . you going to kick him back to SO then
so where are those rules again
@Zak it wouldn't matter if c were long. It's the worksheetfunction.Transpose that doesn't work. Microsoft didn't bother to reimplement in excel 2013
ah, but you saw that.
10:32 AM
Q: A small generic array in C

netcatThe generic arrays in C I found on the net used either of these methods: the preprocesser with #define and #include (a lot of repitition and different names, but type-safe) void *-pointers (no type safety) void *-pointers and callbacks that fetch specific datatypes from the pointers (troublesom...

10:57 AM
@skiwi Npoljoh
11:12 AM
@CaptainObvious needs CV for broken.
Seems like there's no escape from the horror of creating GUIs
I already forgot why I am using WPF with C# over JavaFX 8, but can't hurt to know more technologies
Also when designing new applications: Why to do with all the free space?
Q: Runtime error while reading from file and initializing global variables

cagiriciI have a simple code that reads from input files and stores the data in a struct. I use global variables to store input data (I know it is bad practice but suppose that I must do it in this way). I have 42 input files and read them using a loop. When I do so, the program crashes. However, if I ...

Wow. I treated 0 as a prime in my answer. That is a new low
crawls into the extra large cup of shame
Monking btw!
@CaptainObvious Broken code.
@N3buchadnezzar Npoljoh
11:31 AM
monking !
npoljoh !
I need a coffee IV
I need a life
Hello guys :)
Hello guy ;)
11:35 AM
Sat up all night writing an answer, gah
@JHache sounds like me this morning
@N3buchadnezzar middle class rut?
hey @DanPantry, you know about Express views, right?
@Quill sort of
I'm using an es2016 codebase that I convert to normal js before running, but it can't find my views because of pathing reasons. how do fix
11:39 AM
@Vogel612 ?
@Quill path.resolve(__dirname, '../relative/path/to/views')
Q: PHP & MySql: Get all members from each group

AdamI have a table of groups, and a table of members. Each member belongs to one group. This is how it looks (more groups then 2 are possible): groups id | name | year | ------------------ 1 | Nice | 1966 | 2 | Hard | 2012 | member id | name | idGroup | ---------------------- 1 | Bernd | 1 ...

@N3buchadnezzar Ahh, I think Twitch memes are disallowed in this room.
11:42 AM
@DanPantry but the jsx view won't exist after the webpack build
@Quill oh, i misunderstood the problem. not sure, then, do you have a gh repo?
I do, but it's private <_< you'll have to be hush hush about it
@Quill your secret is safe with me :) we can continue this converastion on an issue on there or something
@zʏᴀʙiɴ101 not really. they just don't necessarily land that well
@zʏᴀʙiɴ101 I actually have no idea what it means.
11:45 AM
@N3buchadnezzar "Kappa" is a twitch meme.
Many people in this room are not necessarily Twitch users
I stream on Twitch, but I'm not all that much a fan of Twitch memes either... they don't add to the conversation
this is CR.SE, not arqade.SE or /r/gaming
Oh, I meant I have no idea what Kappa means. I fully understood @zʏᴀʙiɴ101 comment.
> Kappa is a Meme to denote sarcasm or lighthearted trolling on the Justin.tv and later Twitch.tv video streaming website.
Q: What do you do when code review is just too hard?

Brad ThomasOK so a lot of code review is fairly routine. But occasionally there are changes that broadly impact existing complex, fragile code. In this situation, the amount of time it would take to verify the safety of the changes, absence of regression, etc. is excessive. Perhaps even exceeding the time i...


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