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2:00 PM
@Quill welcome to my world
Woooo, just fixed this mess I've been involved with past few days. :)
I need a minute to digest this sentence:
> Analogous to the incremental delta rule, the weights are changed proportional to the negative gradient of the quadratic error function summed over the output neurons
@Zak Housing in general is kinda screwed at this point though. London's just an especially bad example.
Aren't Chinese investors buying all houses?
@SuperBiasedMan On an objective basis, the housing market anywhere that's not in London's commuter belt is pretty reasonable.
That commuter belt covers pretty much the entire southeast though
@skiwi High-end London property is a sink hole for the super-rich from anywhere in the world.
Chinese, Russian, Indian, Middle East, South American etc.
2:10 PM
@Quill app stores are not where the money is at for devs.
huh. I totally thought it was
@skiwi my landlord doesn't even speak english
The housing discussion is a bit far off-topic, if you wish to continue it please utilize The Nth Monitor :)
that ^^
That was a productive lunch break
A: ExcelVBA loop exports data from spreadsheet to table within Excel

ZakI'm having difficulty in visualising your data here, a screenshot would be really useful. In the meantime: Option Explicit This should be at the top of every code module you ever create in VBA. Go to Tools --> Options --> Require Variable Declaration and it will automatically insert it for y...

2:16 PM
@Quill Making a ton of money on the app store requires a good idea, not good code.
ideally you'd want both
@nhgrif Needs luck more than anything.
Good idea and luck.
Good code doesn't sell
Code quality isn't even part of the picture.
2:17 PM
Source: The code my corporation is built on
If you saw some of the data flows that go on in this corp (or some of the code), you would cry
But this company is moderately successful
If you want to make money as a developer, write code for ideas that someone else is gambling their money on (but paying you a guaranteed pay check).
The end user doesn't care about what design patterns you use, or how much you've reviewed your code (unless it's a security company); they care about results
@nhgrif And/or get a big brand-named company on your resume first.
@DanPantry I concur
Is SiriusXM big?
2:19 PM
I hear apple is trying to entice Tesla Engineers these days with 60% salary bumps and £250k signing bonuses.
@nhgrif They're quite big yes
@Zak I need to get me some of that signing bonus
I always imagine the signing bonus being that when you sign a contract money just falls from the ceiling onto you.
@Zak Damn. That'd be called high class here.. lol
2:28 PM
@HassanAlthaf That'd be called high class everywhere
A £250k signing bonus is nuts
Like I said to @Zak in Nth (where we should continue this conversation), I'd earn that in 10 years.
250k bonus?
@HassanAlthaf To be fair, it's more like "(up to) £250k"
I think I should stay in Sri Lanka then, lol.
@DanPantry Rolls of cash rather than sausages tho
I can never make loads in London I guess.
2:30 PM
BTW, your while is completely nonsensical. There are tons of better options to do whatever you're trying to do, but without knowing what the goal is exactly it's hard to recommend anything specific. Once you have working code, post it to codereview.stackexchange.com for help. — deceze 48 secs ago
@Zak What's that?
@Zak your Temperature Converter question, its a good question, but the title bugs me having the word python in there, it looks like @200_success edited the question recently and reopened the question so I haven't edited it out because I am sure there is a reason for it
@Malachi you know thats another Zak user ;-)
lol, it is huh?
I will edit the tag out I guess.
anyone else with Delete privs available?
2:42 PM
what do you want to delete ?
Q: Count number of words in a text file

Deepak SinghIs this a good approach or is there some other solution that I am not aware of? //C++ program to count number of words in text file #include<fstream> #include<iostream> #include<string> using namespace std; int main() { ifstream inFile; //Declares a file stream object string fileName; ...

it is -6 already
^ there's an abusive answer on it
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 2 mins ago, by SmokeDetector
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: Count number of words in a text file by anonymus on codereview.stackexchange.com (@Quill)
I flagged it lol
honestly, ... what actually comes from making a post like that
Just flag as abusive and it ought to be gotten.
2:43 PM
me too
Corbin, Kansas City
9.8k 2 19 48
Very close to 10K
hey @Phrancis are you on Skype? I need some info from you
@Heslacher Where's this Imposter
aren't you close to 10k @Phrancis?
@Phrancis Hah, only 1 question.
2:45 PM
Whats an Imposter ??
@Malachi I'm at work right now, can you mail it?
@Heslacher someone who pretends to be another person
@Phrancis it's asking for a last name and Email on that application. I don't know your email and wanted to double check the last name
@Malachi I just sent you a message on LinkedIn with this info
2:49 PM
@Phrancis awesome. thank you!
If your code works and you are looking for ways to improve it - you should ask on codereview.stackexchange.comIdos 49 secs ago
@Mat'sMug Monking!
I would recommend you "rephrase your question" and post a code reviewFelipe Lema 42 secs ago
2:59 PM
@Duga pictures fingers mimicking the quotes - "rephrase your question"
I love my CR Friends!
They love you too ;p
@Malachi thanks for protecting that question earlier
you bet
3:00 PM
@Mat'sMug wink wink, nudge nudge
I think we may want to leave that one protected indefinitely
@Quill Yeah I'm about 300 rep short, so I should be getting 10K pretty soon too :)
protecting is a "temp fix", right
I haven't posted in a while though
@Phrancis awesome!
3:01 PM
@Phrancis That's two good questions, you can do that.
@Phrancis that's a [badge:nice-answer] on a bountied question :)
speaking of:
Q: Badge oneboxer for chat

QuillThis script makes it possible for badges to onebox in Chat. Things that I'm working on: Tag badges Custom badges, currently working, but displays a black colour Making them actual buttons Install: Requires Tamper/GreaseMonkey. Click here to install. GitHub: It's on GitHub too! ...

@Mat'sMug I don't know a thing about Powershell :\
@Mat'sMug yeah, but there was a similar post when the question was first posted, I am wondering if it may be the same person. I didn't actually read the other post yet though
I have done a thing or two with Powershell, but never in a neat way.
Always very hacky, just to get the job done.
3:03 PM
fingers mimicking the quotes on "temp fix"
Q: Is it effective to review code in language I don't know?

Heather SmithI'm an experienced developer, but have not done a lot of code reviews. I'm being asked to review code written in python but I do not know python. Does it make any sense at all to review code in a language I don't know?

> you could be an especially valuable reviewer because you are a Python virgin who has not been tainted by the Curse of Knowledge.
interesting to note I just got downvotes on my answer to that question in the last thirty seconds, as well as the CR linked badge oneboxer
made me laugh ;-)
@Quill Might I suggest to add example mark-up syntax to the post on Stackapps?
3:06 PM
that other post was a spam post. so maybe after a couple of days we can un-protect it @Mat'sMug, or someone can.
@Quill awesome!!
joined StackApps just to upvote your post :)
Thanks :-)
Ditto :)
I submitted that application @Phrancis, thanks for pointing me in that direction. let me know if they ask you about me! you don't have to tell me what you said, I just want to know if my application goes anywhere, you know what I mean?
Q: Bash : Optimizing this script.

We are BorgI have written a simple script for managing our Tomcat and Apache instances for deployment. What this script basically does is, when called, it copies the ROOT.war from its pwd and pushes them to two tomcat instances, before that it removes the old ROOT.war file and ROOT folder, restarts them, cl...

3:08 PM
@Malachi For sure man
and you can even make your own [badge:badges]
like who'd want [badge:php], right? lol
@Quill What does that look like?
Welcome to Code Review! As it stands your title basically says [tag] please review this - please edit your title to roughly summarize what task your script accomplishes. — Mat's Mug ♦ 7 secs ago
wait wait, [badge:phpoop] is a thing!
3:10 PM
hey, that didn't work
oh now it did
yeah, um, it has issues. worse than a tantruming child
they don't link to the badges page....
[badge:c#] should
the badge ID's aren't consistent across sites
@Mat'sMug oh goodness, I totally stripped out non-ascii characters
3:11 PM
@Quill I thought you had come up with an alternative syntax like [badge-bronze:phpoop]
@Phrancis I did, but vogel pointed out the design flaw. and that's the next stage
Ah ok
can you invert your JSON? so that you have an object that holds all the Bronze, and one that holds all the silver and one that holds all the gold?
I don't play with JSON much but that JSON looks a little annoying
well, I could and probably should, but it would add more complexity to the js
@Quill there's a new issue on your github repo :)
3:14 PM
I'd rather eat through the bigger stuff first
it should make the JS cleaner, I haven't looked at that yet though. you know you can have an object of objects too, right?
sorry to ask this, but I don't know and don't want to look like an idiot, how much Javascript do you know? probably more than me I am sure
yeah, I know
@Malachi Quite a bit, I'd say. My JavaScript has come a very long way
I've totally screwed my MutationObservers though
@Malachi You're right on the json structure, I literally just used a quick line in console to pull all the badges off the badges page instead of writing them out
@Quill how do you feel about adding indentation to remove an if statement?
@Quill Thought of just getting them from SEDE? ;p
3:22 PM
@Quill I should be doing more Open Source stuff like this, to keep my skills up or learn some new things
You can export a CSV from there, then from Excel it's easy to wrap JSON quotes around them
23 hours ago, by Phrancis
Speaking of queries, I was hoping SEDE had the badge ID integers used on the main site, but apparently it doesn't... that table really should be called UserBadges instead of Badges http://data.stackexchange.com/codereview/query/422988
@Quill SEDE is on GitHub, make an issue on the repo!
Phrancis' words, he can make the issue ;-)
3:24 PM
"It would be really nice to break every single existing SEDE query that's using the 'Badges' table by renaming it to 'UserBadges'"
I would much rather they added a SiteBadgeId column to that table
So it wouldn't break queries while making that additional data available
Consolidating badge IDs across sites would be a huge hassle as badges get added at different times. If we added a new badge to all sites today, it would have a different ID on every single site because every site is at a different increment in the database. Making them all match simply isn't worth the effort. — animuson ♦ 8 hours ago
^ related
hot off the press
> Attribution will be required when you use code found at Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange
This is a good change, IMO.
3:28 PM
Jan 9 at 10:25, by Zak
Please go here and help choose Code Review's tagline by voting on everything you like. Ends Jan 14th.
Last day for this^^
8 hours ago, by Zak
PSA: Only one day left to vote on our tagline
poor zak tried earlier
I liked this, but it sounded a little familiar... turns out it's the slogan for Lowe's, the home improvement chain. — Pops ♦ Jan 7 at 17:42
@Quill lol
"Your response to the proposal was positive". Given the highest-scoring answers on that proposal I'm simply baffled the team arrived at this conclusion. — Mast 10 secs ago
possible answer invalidation by We are Borg on question by We are Borg: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/116784/revisions
3:40 PM
not gonna report me @duga ;p fine
He has actually done it twice in a row, I think @Duga has only picked it up once.
You missed one @DanPantry
Only noticed after the first rollabck he had done it wice.
I can't find the "common messages" thing, either...
I got it, don't worry
3:42 PM
A: Frequently Posted Comments

Mat's MugOP has edited their question to include feedback received in answers, effectively invalidating existing answers. Adapted from the famous meta post, "For an iterative review, is it okay to edit my own question to include revised code?": I have rolled back the last edit. Please see *[What to d...

WTB sleep
@DanPantry Sleep is for the weak.
@Mast Sleep is for the work-week
@Quill I don't use any user scripts :(
3:43 PM
why not? userscripts are love, userscripts are life
Work PC
@Quill @200_success What is your take on the changes made in the Code License proposal?
@Mast It's the same as the previous license, but requires attribution, so I can't imagine @200_success will be happy about it.
@Quill Userscripts increase the buggyness of an already bugged Firefox. It's very crashy the last couple of months.
Then again one of his concerns was that there woudl be no attribute, so it's a start.
@Mast Chrome can also run userscripts
3:45 PM
Too bad I use Opera.
I hate Chrome more than I hate JavaScript.
@Mast Yeah, like Dan said, I run Chrome Canary, I wouldn't know. I have Firefox installed, but I prefer Canary
@Mast I prefer Chrome.. dev tools too good
@Mast Sometimes I think Chrome is written in JavaScript.
JavaScript is a necessary evil, Chrome should simply cease to exist.
3:45 PM
@Quill : Is it correct now? — We are Borg 1 min ago
You literally just did the thing I commented not to do, and then asked me whether it's okay
This kind of question might be better on code reviewPatrick Q 20 secs ago
@EBrown The V8 engine is the core of Chrome, so mostly, I guess
I had a huge argument with a guy saying there was a JS kernel inside chrome the other day
@DanPantry, no. Unless I'm mistaken, nowhere it is stated, "The correct use of votes is as follows: use upvotes on 'questions' proposing changes to SE licensing terms to express endorsement of the proposals in those 'questions'; use downvotes likewise to express disapproval of those proposals. Anything else is an incorrect use of votes." samthebrand's stated use of votes above is incorrect, however, in the manner I have pointed out. — sampablokuper 2 mins ago
> On posts tagged feature-request, voting indicates agreement or disagreement with the proposed change rather than just the quality or usefulness of the post itself.
Yeah, voting is pretty much the equivalent of agreement or disagreement on s
@EBrown It is. More or less.
3:50 PM
I rest my case.
Pretty much the entire user interface is written in JS.
I'm going to just start putting an ingredient list on my projects. This software is made with 45% Stack Overflow recycled content. — mikeTheLiar 4 mins ago
@Mat'sMug s/45/90
Oy. Analysis of how to properly define a groups' collective response is distracting here, IMO. I'm editing to get that out of the way, so we can focus on the changes to license itself that were added based on community feedback. (I'm gonna clean up these comments, too. You can totally still repost "well, I didn't feel positive", but the current methodology debate shouldn't be the core issue.. — Jaydles ♦ 34 secs ago
That does not seem to be an appropriate response.
"We don't think that these votes were measured quantifiably" "Well screw you"
He who controls the past controls the present, and he who controls the present controls the future
@Quill hears C&C Red Alert II theme playing
3:56 PM
Wow, the meta proposal is going into negative votes.
(yes, I'm that old)
Q: Concept - Creating client side validation from PHP object

Alexander WeihmayerI am making my own MVC framework and I was thinking of a way to do "automatic" client side validation controller. Among other functionalities, my forms, elements and validators are objects that work together somewhat like this (inside the form object): $this->addElement('text', 'myInput'); $this->

@CaptainObvious [badge:phpoop]
They have removed my comment on the meta post.
I just lost all hope for the SE team.
4:00 PM
@Mat'sMug don't worry, your linkedin photo still has hair, you're fine
it's from 2012 lol
Didn't realise we had exchanged linkedins..
@Mast Really? Yeesh.
(unless you posted two?)
Never mind me then...
Been having headaches for the past two weeks influencing my ability to get anything done.
4:03 PM
@Mast That sucks, man. Working toward a solution?
Ah, they removed all comments above it.
@Quill It's a combination of factors.
I hadn't even seen the original Developer Story post til I saw their sequel.
@Mast that comment is going to hit 100+ upvotes by the end of the day
I can already see the post gaining downvotes rapidly.
It's already at -3.
@EthanBierlein that's just the votes from people who have > 125 rep.
4:10 PM
I don't have enough rep, does anyone know the upvote/downvote numbers?
Q: Vote Count Viewer

QuillI've written a small script to enable the vote count viewing functionality that comes for users at 1k reputation: // ==UserScript== // @name Vote count viewer // @namespace https://github.com/The-Quill/VoteCountViewer // @version 1.0 // @description Lets you view the vote count on p...

unlike my badges one, this one actually works
nope man your script is slow
yeah... [badge:fail]
@Mat'sMug That's good and bad news.
4:15 PM
@Mat'sMug Hey I remember that music theme too, that game was fun I wish I could play it again
Doing some room stats:
Rolfl has been mentioned 17000 times, Jamal 7700 times, Mat'sMug 7600 times, 200_success and Simon mentioned 3000 times, janos 2600 times
It seems rolfl is was the most popular moderator
Rolf is clearly a popular monkey
@Phrancis Take a look at their DVD bundle, 'The First Decade'. It includes Tiberian Sun, RA I & II, everything up till and including Generals: Zero Hour
@Phrancis you're actually higher than mat'smug you know
@Mast Surely those games don't work on newer Windows versions though?
4:18 PM
@Phrancis There's a compatibility option under properties?
@Quill add "@lol.upvote" and "@retailcoder" mentions to "@Mat'sMug" stats ;-)
@Phrancis I've run that bundle on XP, can't confirm for newer versions.
i totally didn't add them, but yeah, you're right
@Quill Which doesn't help half of the time ^^
@Phrancis I think you a letter
4:20 PM
@retailcoder: +2232, @lol.upvote: +967
Mat'sMug is actually at 10000, give or take a few hundred 700
and that excludes every time I ping'd Simon with @sim from my phone :)
2723 times. Wow.
Another 500 if you count when I had my name as ARedHerring
"One, two, three, four, I declare a brace war!" I don't see how this question can be answered objectively. — 200_success ♦ 4 hours ago
4:21 PM
This is why we need SEDE for Chat
...You guys pinged me 500 times in the space of a month??
Customer "experience" rep causing blocking on a production database...
@DanPantry Not enough?
> This was the last update statement I wrote:
begin tran
update client_orders
set o_epiid=16475
where o_id= 17818
Anyone spot the problem? ;)
@DanPantry over winterbash: chat.stackexchange.com/…
@Phrancis besides the horrible naming?
4:22 PM
Yes, besides that
@Phrancis no end tran
no commit?
So you locked the database because it was waiting for the end to come.
Genius :P
4:24 PM
I've just noticed that half of the mentions have been people either telling me I'm silly for using JavaScript, berating JavaScript, or @skiwi/@JeroenVannevel making jokes at my expense :p
I've noticed about half my starred posts are just "lol"
Sweet, I'm a part of all three of those groups!
If you can't SQL, you should not be given access to production databases to write SQL statements against.
Aug 30 '14 at 11:09, by Madara Uchiha
user image
excellent, Chat Transcripts are wonderful places for finding old but relevant and hilarious content. Oh and lol
4:26 PM
@Hosch250 now you have your answer.... chat.stackexchange.com/…
@Quill it's wonderful for irrelevant ones, too
I have the most starred "lol", take that @Mat'sMug ;)
BTW we have at least 1500 instances "lol" (or variations thereof) being starred.
I have 2,057 under my user ID
(30 pages, 50 entries per page)
4:29 PM
2015 Code Review Year in Review
> 10730 messages found
I count more than that
> We starred 'lol' a lot.
@Mat'sMug Yeah but the stars stop after the first 30 pages (ish) if you order by stars
oh nevermind, they're not all starred
4:35 PM
well, it's 2:30... TTGTB
This is interesting @Mat'sMug : data.stackexchange.com/codereview/query/423753
Q: Copy/remove characters "in place" without causing UB from strcpy

LundinI am writing a portable library function, which is a generic "remove characters" function. Language standards used are C11 and MISRA-C:2012. TL;DR: it should either remove all occurrences of a specific character in the beginning of a string, or it should remove all occurrences of the specific ch...

@Phrancis how so? o.O
Well, maybe not that interesting...
Hold on I need to make it better
4:46 PM
is everyone agreeing with this?
@timmied Code Review answers don't check boxes in a grid, and aren't yes/no answers either. This question isn't asking for a peer review and OP isn't interested in feedback on any & all aspects of the code, as mentioned in our help center. — Mat's Mug ♦ 28 secs ago
oh no
I don't want to get sucked into this again
I saw this question and immediately thought of you. Nice! — Eric Lippert yesterday
> Having more than 13 years of experience in software development and testing, I currently work at JetBrains on the Kotlin team as the Language Specification Lead.
He has an interesting twitter though not super active lately
Often pops up when there's some language trivia question going around
that C# bit is nasty. does it blow up VSD?
4:59 PM
It still works, but it is as slow as molasses.

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