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10:00 AM
@DanPantry Yea, there's a reason I gave up my protests and decided to learn it anyway.
Q: Unexpected fread() behaviour reading from binary file

matt95This program basically creates a list of flights with all their infos (red by the fread() function from a ListaVoli.bin). The list is made up mainly by nodes and each node contains a flight. #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #define FILE_NAME "/Users/Matt/Downloads/ListaVoli.bin" struct...

@Mast They're getting incorrect results in the graph they're generating. So it's not working as intended.
monking @Mast
@SuperBiasedMan That wouldn't be a problem on SO, right?
10:10 AM
Hm. I don't know how this badge oneboxing is supposed to work.
@Mast Oh I just saw their post on CR, not SO. Never mind me.
@SuperBiasedMan It is a userscript, so it won't work unless you have that installed
Yeah I have it installed and running on this page.
Oh, my mistake then
@Quill Should [badge:enlightened] work?
@Mast closed as too broad.
Q: Open quantum system modelling

TanMathI have been working for a long time now on modelling an open quantum system using the Lindblad Equation. The Hamiltonian is the following: However, two other matrices are added to the Hamiltonian. One of them has all the diagonal terms equal to -33.3333i and everything else zero. Another is a ...

10:14 AM
@TanMath I understand some of these words..
@DanPantry you do? Which of them?
Yeah, I don't really agree with the closing, so I've voted to reopen. Hopefully it works!
@TanMath "I have been working for a long time". The rest of the words make my brain turn to fudge. Some of the stuff some people get up to with programming is truly awesome
@SuperBiasedMan so, there were 2 people who voted to reopen some time ago...I do not know whether it is still counted now...
@DanPantry lol
Mozilla made a web app to demonstrate the Notifications API. It's pretty hilarious
10:24 AM
Doesn't work on mobile...
Nvm, it works
@TanMath the notifications API is only available on a few browsers - it's experimental
I am on iOS Safari...
Yeah, it's not supported on that :(
@TanMath You failed to provide a MCVE.
And, like said in the comments, you can't expect people to run code for 2 hours. You need to provide a proof of concept that isn't super slow
10:35 AM
I disagree on both accounts to be honest. I may be wrong but it looks like a pretty small example of code that can be run. And a question being hard to answer is not a reason to close it, just a reason to expect that you may not get help from people.
> I may be wrong but it looks like a pretty small example of code that can be run.
It is a small example of code... that takes 2 hours to get any meaningful result
Minimal means that you don't have a lot of unnecessary code distracting from the problem, not that it runs quickly.
I've never heard of the minimal from MCVE having anything to do with execution time.
I don't think it should be closed, fwiw
I'm just pointing out that people are goign to be unlikely to want to answer (or review) code that takes 2 hours to ascertain anything about it
Oh, oops. I thought you were arguing why it was closed. Yeah, I agree it's going to be hard to get a good answer on code that uses specialised libraries and takes hours to run.
possible answer invalidation by Mayukh Sarkar on question by Mayukh Sarkar: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/116756/revisions
10:47 AM
Ok..maybe I should edit that part out...
I would like to note that for smaller timescales, it runs faster (obviously)...
also, I had a friend from Stack Overflow (J Richard Snape) who got it to run for 10 minutes... I now think it is a problem on my side...
@Mast it is an MCVE! How can I change the the matrices without changing the system being modelled! It would be a new system that I am modeling..
I wouldn't edit it out unless you think it's inaccurate. It's misleading if you think it will take people hours to run but you don't say so (and people probably wouldn't wait that long unless they expected it to be a long running script)
@TanMath So provide one with a smaller timescale to improve your chances.
I'm not saying it's easy to write a good question on Stack Overflow.
Now the question is, who wants to run it to test my hypothesis! Hehehe...
Yeah if you can then I'd shorten the timescale.
And with a problem like that it's awfully hard.
10:50 AM
But make it as answerable as possible.
I will include a PEP8 version of the code with a shorter timescale..
try codereview.stackexchange.com instead — Anders K. 30 secs ago
@SuperBiasedMan does the script not run for you
This question is not a good fit for Code Review. Stop recommending it. — Mast 10 secs ago
10:55 AM
@Duga Don't. Migrate. Crap.
It doesn't seem like it, [badge:enlightened] doesn't show as a badge for me.
@AndersK. For this to be on-topic for code review, the code would need to be working. — TanMath 33 secs ago
Do you have a console error?
Q: SonarQube flags this as PSR-2 I am am inclined to think it is ok?

KalSo SonarQube says this needs to be like so: return $this->render( 'VendorNameSpaceSomeBundle:application:register.html.twig', [ 'schema' => [ 'result' => $success, 'url' => $schemaUrl ...

What... am I supposed to read logs to debug things!?
Uncaught ReferenceError: StackExchange is not defined
  with_jquery @ > autoreviewcomments.js:24
10:59 AM
that's not the right one
> autoreviewcomments.js
that's not me
Woops. Then uh, I don't see one.
Well, a hard refresh fixed it.
@CaptainObvious this looks off-topic
Everyone gets that badge
Oh cool I didn't know we could just badge [badge:arbitrary-things]
So I am back! The SO post is edited.
Is it much better for reopening?
11:16 AM
@Quill Why?
Q: Parsing "mailto:"

l2aelbaCan you help me to review my pasing "mailto:" function ? Since Im try to code less and simple as possible. Im not sure there is some bug or better solution. All feedbacks are welcome thanks :D var href = 'mailto:hello@world.com?subject=My+Subject&body=My+Body'; function getMailto(s) { va...

> Do you think the below code is acceptable in PSR-2?
I'm not 100%, hence why I cast no votes on the question
It's not a good question, true, but I think it can stick.
It's just the phrasing that's a bit iffy, not the rest of the question.
11:18 AM
@Mast not good? why?
@TanMath I'm not talking to you.
@Mast at the beginning?
Is @Quill talking to me?
@Mast It could use an edit, sure. I guess we'll see after that
well, I gotta go to bed...it is really late!
11:33 AM
Any chance you could test this in the Sandbox/Javascript Masterrace, @Quill? :p
@DanPantry sorry, I'll explain myself in JavaScript libraries, but effectively, I need people to test it
@Quill Still not here.
It was only two messages amongst the spam above, but sure
I think this question is better suited to Code Review: codereview.stackexchange.comRichard Critten 6 secs ago
@Duga Probably.
11:42 AM
Maybe you'd have more luck on CodeReview? — Script47 33 secs ago
Q: Reusing entities and value objects

user2153675I was sugested to ask advice on codereview, so here it goes. My question is in regards to a given scenario: The EntityBaseSupertype class generates an ID on its own and has a constructor that takes an ID as an argument(in case of rehydration). I have a User class that holds properties like ...

Q: PHP random uniqueID for each ID SQL

Dr.BlamoHow can I improve this code ? I wanted to know if there are a possibility to remove the for loop, and UPDATE a different "uniqueID" for each "ID" in my database. <?php $reponse = $bdd->prepare("SELECT MAX(ID) FROM tuto WHERE title=''"); $reponse->execute(); $IDnow = $reponse->fetch(PDO::...

A: How can Steam be prevented from downloading a billion copies of DirectX?

Dave McClellandThe problem has been discussed on the Steam Forums. The problem is that each game has to have a binary-identical version of the vc++ redistributables. Since games link against different versions of these libraries, steam always installs them the first time as a safeguard. Credit to mordi2k for...

11:57 AM
@skiwi Now, that is something I can do :D
@skiwi We'll give caching the day off.
@Duga No one rolled back this one? There is an answer pointing out that "The only thing I can say in that aspect is that you should put curly bracket even in single-command body ifs as the code gets more readable and less error prone."
(or am I wrong?)
I would love it if someone could help me out by answering this:
Q: Maintaining neat JavaFX Controller files

Hassan AlthafI am developing an ERP system, called 'TeleMart' as a practice at Campus. I have noticed that one of my JavaFX Controller's have become quite complex and large, and most importantly, quite confusing. I have to write really large variable names for page elements, etc. Although I have a quite large...

12:18 PM
JavaFX questions tend to go unanswered for a little while
I'd recommend patience and a nice mug of coffee :-)
Or a bounty
The chocolate or the SO mechanic
@Quill Is it because it is relatively newer than Swing?
I think people don't like it tbh
@MathiasEttinger rolled back
@JanHudec Thanks. How can I move this question to CodeReview? I tried to ask it in the CR Help Desk suggested by Dan Pantry, but I need atleast 20 reps to post a message there. — ubuntugod just now
12:22 PM
Jan 9 at 14:05, by skiwi
As a note: JavaFX is barely ever fun to review, don't expect too much of it
@Duga another one of these
@DanPantry That's totally hilarious!
Is there a mod around?
200_success might still be around
I do agree that the controller is big ;) Whether it is good or bad, no clue :)
@Duga Weird seeing my name in comments without being pinged...
12:28 PM
@skiwi Hehe. I am trying to build a nice project which is open source that will help people learn JavaFX. I had to struggle a lot to learn JavaFX. Very little resources. Swing has loads.
Considering that this question has not been answered on Stack Overflow, just delete this question on Stack Overflow and post a question on Code Review yourself. Note, however, that this question is slightly on the hypothetical side for Code Review; a more realistic use case would make a better Code Review question. — 200_success 1 min ago
@SimonForsberg Can you go to CR Help Desk and give that user write permissions please?
Needs mod privs to be able to
@Phrancis I'm there. User chat id please
You may want to try this at codereview.stackexchange.comdeceze 56 secs ago
@Phrancis There's no way around that?
12:30 PM
I tried. I think the problem may be that the user has no affiliation at all with stackexchange.com.
There is a stackoverflow.com, superuser.com, and askubuntu.com account associated with that profile.
I got 6 new views as soon as I started a bounty.. lol..
It was stuck at 20 before since forever.
@Phrancis What's up?
@200_success I fixed it I believe
Thanks both of you :)
12:32 PM
Second opinion on this closure?
Q: SonarQube flags this as PSR-2 I am am inclined to think it is ok?

KalSo SonarQube says this needs to be like so: return $this->render( 'VendorNameSpaceSomeBundle:application:register.html.twig', [ 'schema' => [ 'result' => $success, 'url' => $schemaUrl ...

@Phrancis The moderator response time is great :-)
"One, two, three, four, I declare a brace war!" I don't see how this question can be answered objectively. — 200_success ♦ 14 mins ago
There is a style guide referenced in the question, but I'm not sure that that makes it a better question.
I think it's similar to what we had before (that huge meta topic)
@200_success It's more of a best-practices question, those are always awkward on CR.
trying to make it okay with a styleguide
12:35 PM
@200_success I agree, that's opinion-based.
Technically, it could be "does my code still follow best practices, where best practice is documented in PSR-2".
It seems to me like "What is the best practice regarding X?"
Still, it's a brace war. The linter says "do this", the programmer says "I don't wanna".
12:37 PM
Anyway, I'm signing off now.
Damn, that user has some warm blood in him
Guys, I need some sort of help.
I am doing a project.
And it says
@Quill That kind of makes it better.
Administrator has full priviledge, and has a master password
what would master password mean in that?
@HassanAlthaf Then you're at the wrong place. You should know by now that this is not Google, or a helpdesk.
@SimonForsberg Oh my bad. Didn't realise this was 2nd Monitor. My usual hangout is not here.
12:42 PM
Then I feel sorry for your usual hangout.
@SimonForsberg ouch
@HassanAlthaf some nitpicking provided
Now, could anyone help me with a bash thing?
(yes yes, this is not a helpdesk...)
I'm looking for a simple way to do "print error message and end script" I tried true || echo "TRUE" && exit 2 but that will exit with status 2, which it shouldn't as true doesn't cause error.
Isn't @200_success a bash expert? :-)
I'm at work, no youtube for me!
12:53 PM
@Quill please not a harry potter quote right now ;-;
Q: Error handling in BASH

NoobWhat is your favorite method to handle errors in BASH? The best example of handling errors in BASH I have found on the web was written by William Shotts, Jr at http://www.linuxcommand.org. William Shotts, Jr suggests using the following function for error handling in BASH: #!/bin/bash # A sl...

Top answer on that looks like what you're looking for.
@DanPantry <3
Oh yes, asking me to moderate .ru flags is really useful
hoho, message from a startup on SO Careers
@Mast not sure that is exactly what I am looking for, but it seems that a function is what I should use
1:01 PM
They're based in London
@JeroenVannevel languages?
It's entire MS stack
aka my dream
lol screw that
1:02 PM
C#, ASP.NET MVC, EF, Azure
> AngularJS (only minimal use)
^ Need moar typescript
How bad is your framework that you have to say "it's okay we only use it a tiny bit"
But what does the company do?
> Client: HTML, TypeScript (CoffeeScript, JavaScript),
@skiwi disrupt and stuff
1:02 PM
@skiwi SaaS for esourcing.
> Furo is a SaaS company developing innovative e-sourcing solutions, looking to disrupt the way business deals with procurement
@DanPantry That doesn't even tell me the tiniest bit, except that it is sellign software as a service, so probably cloud-based service
@skiwi esourcing is procurement.
That's literally all it says on their profile :\
1:03 PM
> World leader in e-sourcing
> 1-10 employees
Basically they act as a middle-man between businesses and other businesses
With all respect, but I would rather do more interesting stuff than building SaaS for e-sourcing
Skiwi 4 nasa
skiwi 2016
It'd be pretty nice to work at NASA yes
1:04 PM
In all seriousness sounds like a 'meh' company... but they look like they have good benefits, so good luck if you apply.
Probably not that realistic though
I've actually just realised I'm in a prime position to look at relocating (moving to London) etc at the moment
@skiwi Get @Donald.McLean to put your name forward ;p
My rental contract expires in April and I'll have about £3k worth of capital to move.. but *shrug*
@Quill I bet he does cool stuff
1:06 PM
@skiwi I hear he greets programs.
Except it's scala, so... (just kidding)
@Quill you're one to talk, we both use JavaScript.
NASA would be on my dream list as well
Space-X too for that reason
Are you going to apply to that job, @JeroenVannevel?
Space-X would be awesome. But I doubt they have much use for me :p
Maybe I'll inquiry into some details. Never hurts to have more options
1:07 PM
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 42 secs ago, by Quill
@UniquekekitteanateUnidoggy the trick is that I don't actually ever have bugs in JS, i'm just made of pure MDN source code
I'm still deciding on if I want to move and how far
Do you guys get many offers on SO Careers?
I really missed out by travelling from home as a student instead of living in the city :/
only two or three all this time I've had it
@Quill Occasionally, but it's still set on not actively looking for a job
1:10 PM
Though I've put myself on actively looking recently a few weeks ago so I hope for more
@Quill I've never had an offer. :(
@DanPantry Contribute more on SO
@JeroenVannevel Just remember London is awfully expensive in respect to Belgium.
@Mast +1
Average wage of someone in London is £70k. But the housing prices average around £1.5k/mo for a studio.
I recently saw an article where someone was travelling from some other city to London daily by plane because it was cheaper
1:10 PM
@skiwi that would be due to the silly train fares in this country
70k is average wage? Dang
@DanPantry I mean from another country
a seasno ticket between london and another major city (I forget which) is £10k/y
@skiwi ah yes, the barcelona guy
I've read about that
@skiwi Ah. Honestly, it's not all that surprising. The housing market in London is crazy expensive. Like I said, you'd be paying almost 2/3rds of my monthly wage for a studio flat in London
1:12 PM
Not sure if this is the original article, but: mirror.co.uk/money/london-became-rip-moved-barcelona-6190791
@skiwi Lol, that guy pays less than I do and I don't even live in London.
Renting is so screwy in the UK right now.
meanwhile Australia has great wages and great real estate and the reason is, all the europeans investors are scared of snakes
@Quill And crap internet
@Quill Kangaroos fighting on the street you mean
> “I'm living in a newly renovated two-bed flat to myself, with a roof terrace. It's right in the centre of town in the historic Gothic quarter, so I pretty much walk to everything. (£570/mo)
I live in a 1 bedroom duplex flat which is essentially a small house split in 3 and I pay more than that.
1:14 PM
@lad2015, I ended up making my query as nested select query which eliminated the need of creating a temporary table, I will use these select statements within a view, I may post them in code review in future when completed, thanks for your detailed answer — Please Teach 11 secs ago
When can I move to mainland europe...
Looks like London is expensive.
@HassanAlthaf It is, but wages are significantly higher than the rest of the country
@PleaseTeach Great to hear it. When you end up please post a link to review using http://codereview.stackexchange.com and prepare live demo with sqlfiddle.com :) — lad2025 5 secs ago
I earn £26k/y in the capitol city of Wales. The median over the country is £33k/y. The wages in london can go up to £120k/y..
That is for salaries, not contracts
Wasn't that last years survey?
Because the 2016 one is still open
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs on codereview.stackexchange.comeugen 26 secs ago
Wait, @DanPantry, Flowtype was made by Facebook?
@Quill To supplement React (also made by FB)
1:25 PM
@Quill I think I'm the only one using Scala. We have a whole boat load of different technologies.
Does it work? Try Code Review. — N. Wouda 43 secs ago
Your question will likely not be received well since it is a code review rather than a bug fix you are looking for — mplungjan 29 secs ago
@Donald.McLean Do they let you choose which language you work on?
I don't work for NASA though. I work for stsci.edu - we're a NASA contractor.
also hello
@Donald.McLean I know, but it's close enough to still have a WOW factor
@Quill We did a technology evaluation. I wrote a small bit of the application in four different technologies and was able to convince management that Scala and Lift was the best choice. I still think so.
Well, we work exclusively on space telescopes, which is pretty much all "wow". HST of course, preparations for JWST. And now it looks like we might get some WFIRST work too.
The Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST) is a proposed infrared space observatory which was selected by National Research Council committee as the top priority for the next decade of astronomy. The design of WFIRST is based on one of the proposed designs for the Joint Dark Energy Mission between NASA and DOE. WFIRST adds some extra capabilities to the original JDEM proposal, including a search for extra-solar planets using gravitational microlensing. In its present incarnation, a large fraction of its primary mission will be focused on probing the expansion history of the Universe and...
1:30 PM
Anything along the lines of it works, but how can I improve this is on-topic on Code Review. Anything along the lines it does not work, no idea why, this is what I've tried so far belongs on SO :). — N. Wouda 36 secs ago
@Zak would die for a job there ^
But then he would be dead, and unable to work, so that wouldn't be very helpful.
There must be interesting jobs in the EU too
Ah man. Alan Rickman is goners
I loved him
We have ESA people assigned to us.
1:31 PM
in The Nth Monitor, 43 mins ago, by Dan Pantry
Alan Rickman has died. :(
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this belongs to codereview.stackexchange.comGuruprasad Rao 44 secs ago
@skiwi Yeah, working at CERN would be super cool
@Quill One of my best friends from high school works on that thing whose name I can't remember
@JeroenVannevel Yeah. It's super cool, until they magically make a black hole and screw our planet
1:34 PM
@JeroenVannevel Yeah, that.
Q: make pinging go faster while looking for windows

TmCookieMonster@echo off echo running, it will take a long time to scan ( FOR /L %%N in (1 1 254) DO ( FOR /f "tokens=1,3 delims=: " %%A IN ('ping -n 1 192.168.250.%%N ^| find "TTL=128"') DO ECHO %%B ) ) >ip.txt echo done get_info.bat this code pings 1 time every ip while it uses TTL to identify i...

@CaptainObvious wow, a batch script.
@Quill It's literally super cool
Between the two of us, we've got all of the cool science stuff covered.
@Quill takes a lot of density and energy to make a black hole
1:35 PM
@skiwi a black hole screwing our planet is super cool.
unless you're suggesting CERN has somehow hidden a star in their tea I think we're okay
@DanPantry Yes @DanPantry, I know. That's kinda exactly what the LHC does
@CaptainObvious I remember the days of @echo off
There was a Larry Niven short story where a micro black hole is released and burrows into the center of the Earth.
theoretically it could also evaporate before doing that
Great video from kurzesagt, I belive they do one about what would happen if it spawned in your pocket too
1:37 PM
for my HS open-research unit for Physics I did black hole theory, it was an absolutely amazing assignment, earned me top marks
I wouldn't mind minoring in Physics
What is in get_info.bat? — Quill 1 min ago
@Quill Are you surprised?
a bunch of Wmic commands, not so important, can post if interested — TmCookieMonster 20 secs ago
@Phrancis I'm not surprised... If I had the patience, I'd join their ranks
I can just imagine if @nhgrif wanted to make a snazzy cool mobile app, he could do it super fast and earn super loads of money because app stores are where all the money is
@Quill Also, thoughts on this?
@DanPantry 120k/year in LONDON?! WTF.
25 million Sri Lankan Rupees.
Is like insane.
It's like over 2 million rupees a month.
@DanPantry Get me a job in London pls. I wanna get rich. I will let you drive my first Mercedes.
@HassanAlthaf £120k is at the top end of the spectrum (as in, principle software engineer). Also, like I said, the cost of living in London (or even getting to London) is stupendously high
How much pounds per month would you need to live a middle class life?
(A decent car, a decent house)
I am a fan of London, dreaming to work there.
Since I was 11
Oh wow, we have over 30k questions !
I'm totally out of ideas for projects ;-;
@HassanAlthaf The Median salary in London is £35,000. The Median Salary you'd need to buy an average house in London (assuming you can already find a 20% deposit from somewhere), is £100,000.
1:56 PM
@Quill I actually had an idea the other day, if you're interested. It's mostly a game idea though.
@Quill AI would be interesting, but it requires more CS background than just programming
@HassanAlthaf A "Middle Class lifestyle" In London is likely to be much closer to the latter figure than the former.
I had a massive list in my journal, but I burnt through most of them
@EthanBierlein sure, shoot :-)
Okay, have you heard of Mirrors Edge?
@Zak you missed our magical discussion about SPACE
@EthanBierlein Yeah, I have it on PS3 and Steam
1:58 PM
Okay, so think Mirror's Edge, except you play on randomly generated levels.
wow, that sounds crazy
Of course, the levels would need to have some sort of structure to them in order to make them playable.
Yeah, and not like trap you in a maze

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