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12:00 AM
RELOAD! There are 1651 unanswered questions (94.5621% answered)
in Cardshifter TCG, 29 secs ago, by Duga
[Hosch250/Rubberduck] 49 commits. 41162 additions. 23455 deletions.
@Mat'sMug @Hosch250^^ HOLY CARP
12:13 AM
@Phrancis this could be a merge...
I assume it is... probably that's what the Mug's been brewing on for the last few days
12:50 AM
How bad/OK is this code?
private static void raggedArray() {
    int[][] raggedArray = new int[4][];
    for (int i = raggedArray.length, j = 0; i > 0; i--, j++) {
        raggedArray[j] = new int[i];
    //fabricate some data:
    Random random = new Random();
    for (int i = 0; i < raggedArray.length; i++) {
        for (int j = 0; j < raggedArray[i].length; j++) {
            raggedArray[i][j] = random.nextInt();
            System.out.format("raggedArray[%d][%d]: %d%n",
Learning about irregular 2D arrays
Prints something like
> raggedArray()
raggedArray[0][0]: -571926410
raggedArray[0][1]: -2076222270
raggedArray[0][2]: -1784157379
raggedArray[0][3]: 108705533
raggedArray[1][0]: 1879761657
raggedArray[1][1]: 1643645187
raggedArray[1][2]: 149082742
raggedArray[2][0]: 62710550
raggedArray[2][1]: 1925448774
raggedArray[3][0]: -1323876431
@rolfl Damn, you got me.
@Phrancis Yeah, @Mat'sMug pushed his changes from the past couple weeks.
@Phrancis I accidentally something for work.
@EBrown Must be missing a word there, but in any case, it's your business
@Phrancis That was the joke. At any rate, I forgot to change a number for work and it created this massive administrative headache.
12:59 AM
Oh, gotcha
Bugs == JobSecurity // :)
@Phrancis Actually, this one sounds like it is bad for job security.
Depending on the whim of the government, he could have shut the entire business down.
That ^^
Name me one person who writes 100% bug-free software. But, I get your point
This number I forgot to change could very well make this report we have to submit to the government completely wrong, thus resulting in potential fines/litigation.
Ah yes, quite familiar with those types of reports
OASIS, CAHPS and all sorts of other reports/data streams/interfaces
1:03 AM
I can't really reveal the name of the report, but it's a very important one.
@Phrancis it's called a "jagged array" not "ragged"
I got my new Spotify Discover Weekly playlist a day late.
Mine sucked major donkey this week
One good song and the majority annoyed me
1:18 AM
Well I'm not overly fond of this song atm.
At least one of which I already had.
I take that back, it's a crap cover of a song I already had.
Q: Caesar's cipher - Decoding a Message in MIPS

Rui FrazaoThe main objective of this MIPS program is to decode an encrypted message using a Ceasar's Cipher with a key=5. Example: Input: 'AB' Output: 'EF' However, the output of this program is the same as the input. It stores the string in a .space, but it doesn't seem to be using the key. ...

@JeroenVannevel Isn't that just semantics? (if not I'll rename, this is just for exercises)
there's quite the difference in the meaning of those words
@Phrancis lol, you freak out like that every time I fix a grammar bug ;-)
Rebuilding the lexer/parser regenerates ~20K LoC
I didn't even know "ragged" was a word
"jagged" is much more commonly used
also reminds me of "jacked" which is totally what I am
1:35 AM
Ragged and Jagged are completely different.
OK OK, I'll change it to jagged, makes more sense anyways
Q: Confused about strategy design pattern

IvanI can not understand why to use Context module(which we will see in the following codes) in strategy design pattern, what its function? Let's see one part of the strategy design pattern. public interface Strategy { public int doOperation(int num1, int num2); } public class OperationAdd impl...

1:58 AM
Q: Fibonnaci sequence

Esai Perezenter code here$shift = 5; enter code here$num =6; enter code herefunction fib($num, $first_number=5,$second_number=5) { if($num < 0){ return; enter code here} ``echo "$first_number\n"; fib($num-1, $second_number, $first_number + $second_number); } enter code herefib...

@Phrancis How is the help desk going?
2:14 AM
very little amount of people, but helpful
Monking, btw
This was a great informative answer. It has also made me think about how I want to move forward with the app's design. I've included the refactored version in the original post. Cheers and thanks! — Melanchroes 9 hours ago
@Quill epic!
I saw this and thought "Let's play guess who rolled it back"
and it was Jamal, because Jamal is too fast
@Mat'sMug Your programming question went hot.
2:26 AM
haha nice
I'm surprised no one has edited that part out yet:
> <sub><sub><sub><sub><sub><sub><sub><sub>...I hope it's in-scope?</sub></sub></sub></sub></sub></sub></sub></sub>
Programmers.SE's scope is literally a meme
I saw it, and chose not to do anything with it!
I've tried once (or twice?) on Programmers.SE, but hasn't cracked the code on the scope yet.
And that leaves me (amongst others) somewhat in a dark area. Because CR is for working code, and SO is for non-working code, but which site is the correct one when you have something almost functioning or an idea that hasn't fully bloomed yet?
but, it was edited by a 45.8K user ...that left it there
should be Programmers.SE... the trick is to get how to word it
I think
looking at the answer I've accepted, it seems my fundamental mistake was to treat Folder as an immutable type
Sounds sensible, but how to solve the trick of wording I've not found out yet
@Mat'sMug Folder needs to be a live object
And the main issue as I see in your initial code is that you expect for the folders to be known at creation time, but the only thing you really need to create at that time to have a live and valid object is some list accepting the folders to be handled in this folder.
2:36 AM
This is the very last thing that's really preventing full-blown OOP in VBA: the ability to cleanly organize a gazillion class modules. And Rubberduck 2.0 will have it.
well, inheritance aside I mean
Which gazillion class modules? Those already present in the Microsoft framework?
I'm convinced that the fact that all classes are listed alphabetically under a "Class modules" folder in the IDE's project explorer, is a major showstopper
a VBA dev will avoid adding class modules to their project, because every new class makes it a little harder to find things
'@Folder Abstract/DataAccess
^^ world changer
Hmm... New classes should reduce clutter, as you separate the concerns better... Although with multiple frameworks and design paradigms, it can get messy and you do need a good class/project/namespace navigator
it reduces clutter inside the code modules themselves, indeed - but imagine all classes being in one folder, called "Classes"
(Spoken from a guy not doing VBA, but more experienced in rather large C#, or C#/C++/CLR)
2:42 AM
right. how big can a C# project really get without namespaces?
beyond the basic console app, it quickly gets messy
@Mat'sMug Ouch! In addition to folders, you might consider using smart filters or grouping to add some structure to the classes already present. Possibly grouping by prefix like first part of snake_case classes, or camelCase classes
@Mat'sMug Too big... Add namespaces, projects, solutions, and cross-language stuff, and you really have a hard time finding the needed code...
Actually, in addition to possibly adding some prefix grouping, I would consider adding postfix grouping also. This kind of depends on naming schemes, but in some of the worst cases of file/class organising we had classes named *Command, *CommandHandler, *CommandResult, which all had the same prefix. Similar stuff existed with *Query, *QueryResult and *QueryExecutor. Similar we had prefixes more related to business logic, which also we grouped files/classes at from time to time.
But yet again, I don't know what kind of classes you're working with in the world of VBA. Just thought I should mention it, to get your thoughts running
ooppss... a little typo there...
the main problem of VBA is that people don't bother extracting functionality into classes
most VBA code is procedural
and redundant
and hard to maintain
Are "most" people good at naming the procedures?
2:54 AM
if you're lucky
VBA is an entry-level language
people learn to program with it
it's just so poorly tooled, that people learn it wrong
there's a reason the first refactoring I worked on for Rubberduck, was extract method
IMO that's the fundamental refactoring tool
@Quill Jamal can roll things back before the edit is complete.
@Mat'sMug I learned programming first via QuickBASIC, then PHP...I know the pain.
I remember way back before high school, I was volunteering at a library someone stating that if you don't have a good system outside of the computer, then learning programming would not make your code organized. And this I've experienced multiple times, and it does indeed happen to new guys more...
Also, @Mat'sMug did my findings help you fix DelegateCommand?
yeah! I cleaned up the CodeInspectionsWindowViewModel a bit :)
2:59 AM
Cool! :)
I wish you the best of luck training the new comers, and make your tool as good as possible
I think I'm going to pack an opt-in usage stats option
I'm curious of how people will use RD
The better you make it, the better they'll use it
3:03 AM
Cool... I just got a silver badge in , and bronze in
@holroy congrats!
@skiwi some context on that...?
Q: Please help me speed/clean up my code

Dan WI have a subroutine which re-formats cells after a heading is inserted into the document. Most cells are 12.75 points high, whereas the headings are 15 points high. When a Heading (single line) is inserted, it pushes all of the other cells down, however the formatting does not move with them, so ...

3:22 AM
oh come on
Are you satisfied with the question? ;-)
I'm in the middle of an edit
I just finished one :P
Now guys... Keep it cool... Don't fight over the edits! :-)
OMG I have 666 answers
and 30 edits behind copy editor
3:30 AM
Q: What tips would you suggest to increase tag activity?

MattI honestly looked for a dupe for this but could not find one. If it did exist I would assume it was tag-centric so I didn't notice. I have been doing powershell on SO for some time now and have a good grasp on the basics. I wanted to come over here to give people a little help (which I have so ...

@StackExchange @Mat'sMug link your Community Building answer
Not meaning to be rude, but what are your criteria for edits? On Lifehacks.SE I got some reactions after changing wording, but it seems like it's somewhat looser policy on edits?
Well, on Lifehacks the words are the subject
on Code Review the words are accompanying elements to the code
oh wow I have more edits than 3 moderators
More than Jamal?
3:40 AM
oh @Quill! how did the testcase example go?
3:59 AM
Q: Shuffle a deck of cards, using the overhand shuffle method

Steve MoseleyI've started learning Clojure, after many years of Java. As one of a series of exercises, I'm writing a simple card game, and the overhand-shuffle function is shown below. My main concerns are: Most of my code appears inside the let, and to me it looks more procedural than functional, is this t...

4:17 AM
A: What tips would you suggest to increase tag activity?

Mat's Mug I could personally try and create more content in a Q&A format but CodeReview.SE does not seem like a site that lends well to people answering their own questions? Funny you mention create more content - that was exactly my CommunityBuilding.SE answer to How do I start an active userbase for...

answered :)
Nice answer :-)
What the heck is FizzBuzz? — Matt 16 secs ago
@RubberDuck's reply to that comment cracks me up everytime
possible answer invalidation by Debmalya Biswas on question by Debmalya Biswas: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/116596/revisions
That's hilarious
4:25 AM
The only issue now is differentiating between Mast, Mat's Mug, Matt, ... But we'll tackle it!
@Duga nice answer there
@Mat'sMug Hmm... It does invalidate the first point in the answer though...
Should we edit the answer? Notify the answerer? Roll back?
Maybe you are already doing something?
no, it's all yours to rollback :)
you're right to roll it back @holroy :-)
I'm kind of inclined to editing the answer, as the comments clearly indicates an error when posting the question. But would that be wrong?
4:31 AM
It's not an error when posting the question
it's a code issue, that's commented on both in the question and answer
it'd be better to rollback the question
OK... I'll roll back on the question
@holroy wait you're right
Hmm... I got three pings on that... What do you mean "I'm right"?
sorry I typed too fast and edited... twice
HeHe... No problem. Is it better to edit the answer?
4:36 AM
A: What tips would you suggest to increase tag activity?

200_successTo help sweeten the pot, I've offered bounties totalling +400 on three unanswered powershell questions. I've advertised the bounties in the Server Fault chat room. Please help spread the word as well.

@200_success nice!
Might as well try to spend some points on a worthy cause.
They're worth even less than Canadian dollars these days.
I've noticed that questions tend to go unanswered as well.
@holroy that's an even better edit than what I would have done
4:41 AM
Scientific computing code does tend to be a headache to review, though.
@Mat'sMug Thanks
Is largely unanswered as well?
Shepmaster is the Rust expert.
And ...
4:45 AM
Hmm... Why hasn't he gotten a Bronze badge on ? Hasn't there been enough question in total, or something like that?
He has:
rust SCORE 103 POSTS 28 POSTS % 100
needs another 55 questions
in total?
there are 45, need 100 for tag-badge-enabled status, so 55 :)
OK... Thought I'd seen something on that tag-badge-enabled status, but wasn't sure!
oh well... TTGTB, so that I might fall asleep before I'm supposed to get out of bed again...
4:53 AM
5:17 AM
Anyone interested in reviewing this? codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/116037/…
Is this something more for the code review site? — Mathemats 8 secs ago
Q: Sorting a Stack in ascending order

Mayur Kulkarnihere's my implementation of sorting a stack in ascending order. The problem statement is as follows : Write a program to sort a stack in ascending order (with biggest items on top). You may use at most one additional stack to hold items, but you may not copy the elements into any other da...

Night, everyone.
good night
Monking @all
5:32 AM
@user2066656 for peer review of your code use codereview.stackexchange.comMurat Ozgul 1 min ago
Unfortunately this question is off-topic, you need to include all of your code, and not leave things out like fruits. — Quill 1 min ago
What if Duga was trained to catch all instances of the phrase "off-topic" on Code Review? would that be a good idea?
I don't think the badgeoneboxer is working yet
Looks strange ;-)
5:51 AM
@Quill wait you're making a badge oneboxer!!?
that CR post will be stellar if it hits the HNQ
;-) one can only hope
@Quill What would that help achieve that the close queue doesn't already?
well, some users will close privs have chat open, but not necessarily the site
not that stuff that is flagged won't be closed eventually, but yeah, just an idea :P
I think I screwed up a while loop
I make tools for managing job-hunting sites for people who make tools for managing job-hunting sites for people who make tools for ...
Please post code review questions on codereview.stackexchange.comuser657267 41 secs ago
6:19 AM
monking @all
In case it is working well, then it might be better fit for the codereview site. — Gábor Bakos 17 secs ago
Q: Looking for an efficient and fast solution to an entry-level programming scenario

JoshuaRLiI'm an introductory computer science college student and we have optional daily questions, which I try to take advantage of. Below is Day 1's daily question: Describe an efficient algorithm to solve the following problem: Given a very large array filled with small positive integers (all values u...

monking @chillworld
6:45 AM
hey @Heslacher
if you want it to be a fast algorithm, loose the sort. You can check it also without the sort so you only need to iterate the array once. — chillworld 19 secs ago
helping him a little bit ;)
@Mat'sMug ^ nearly there
7:16 AM
@Quill nice
7:34 AM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it might be either too broad or appropiate for codeReview — Alfabravo 52 secs ago
@Duga Looks good.
You might get a better answer if you actually did ask for a code review. — 5gon12eder 21 secs ago
Q: ListView with different type of Item Layout using BaseAdapter

user1140237I have Created one simple ListView using BaseAdapter to set data. Listview have different type of Layout for List Item like conditionally i need to check eg. public int getLayoutResourceByType(int galleryType) { switch (galleryType) { case 1: return R.layout...

This may be a good question for Code Review, so long as: (A) the code works, and (B) it's not hypothetical or incomplete in any way. Please read the on-topic guide before posting, if you choose to go to Code Review. If you have any questions or concerns, join us at our CR Help Desk. — Dan Pantry 11 secs ago
You will probably receive useful feedback over on codereview.stackexchange.comMeanGreen 58 secs ago
This may be a good question for Code Review, so long as: (A) the code works, and (B) it's not hypothetical or incomplete in any way. Please read the on-topic guide before posting, if you choose to go to Code Review. If you have any questions or concerns, join us at our CR Help Desk. — Dan Pantry 23 secs ago
Sorry for spam @Duga
7:56 AM
Q: Finding N partitions of number M with min and max partitions sizes

user3192576This code was created for a game project in which 10 houses need to be populated with 16 people. I wanted the distribution to be random, with no more than 3 and no less than 1 person per house and no remaining people or houses. JSbin link function getRandomPartitionsFromNumber(number, parts, mi...

Q: Name and structure for this type of function

CoburnI have a function that does some very large task def largeTask(): while notCompleted: doSubTask() doOtherSubTask() lotsOfData = doLastSubTask() return lotsOfData Now I need to move this task to a separate thread of execution and be able to periodically check it ...

If you have a tutorial suggesting the use of typedef class { .. } CLASS_NAME;, then the author obviously has no clue. The two errors in that are that typedef is redundant and that ALL_UPPERCASE names are usually reserved to macros. Remove that, indent your code properly and define what you mean with "fine" to improve your question. That said, maybe this is rather a question for codereview. — Ulrich Eckhardt 40 secs ago
{...state, ...{visibilityFilter: action.filter}}
8:15 AM
Q: How Make Sortable Table work on Blogger

sabrys56How Make Tablesorter work on Blogger I've been trying to implement a Sortable Table in blogger

@CaptainObvious no code no glory
(sarcasm) real quality question on ZK tag
Q: How to make row grow when first cell is clicked zkoss 8

DMHWhen I click on the first cell of the row (first on the left) I want the row to grow and when I click again I want it to go back to its normal size. I've written the code for this but even when I set VFlex back to 1 again it remains the same size (enlarged) which makes it keep growing with every...

Q: zk filter on a Tree

skanderI'm implementing a Tree using ZK with Richlet. I want to add a TextBox that acts like a filter for the Tree. When I change the value of the TextBox the Tree should show only elements that contains value like those in the TextBox.

can't action the post in first posts queue, now what
do you just hit skip?
> This item is not reviewable.
oh, okay.
Business logic does not go in the view. *fume*
Also, more dynamic SQL fun
Turns out we've had a lot of corrupt data with a create form because dynamic SQL has been truncating a few of our fields
Can we just not use dynamic SQL for stuff that doesn't need it? ;-;
8:49 AM
@DanPantry Wouldn't that over-complicate the data model?
Monking @all
@Mast No, not really
all the dynamic sql is doing here is just omitting fields that are set to NULLable by default in the sprocs
you could just as easily invoke the procedure normally and not specify them lol
Naruto answer; accepted non-selfie answer with 0 score: Algorithm that checks if a tree is full and complete
Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: Dynamically creating elements with an object constructor
9:10 AM
@RoboSanta hey look it's @Quill and @SirPython
@DanPantry Almost looks like @Quill his answer isn't a review.
9:30 AM
possible answer invalidation by AnhTuan on question by AnhTuan: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/116579/revisions
@Duga Seems fine. OP posted non working code, which he has removed. The answererer should not have answered.
lol company just sent out an email saying, in essence, "please stop telling customers how to use our product correctly as we cannot keep up with the load on the website"
9:52 AM
Monking all
Monking @SuperBiasedMan
I flagged stuff on the english stack exchange yesterday and neither of them have been dealt with, but CR and SO have probably just conditioned me to expect fast moderation.
Our moderators are pretty damn great
They could be greater
They could send us cakes
I'm just saying
9:57 AM
@SuperBiasedMan A day is quite a lot though and since when is SO flag response quick for anything but other and offensive?
'Other' is notoriously slow on SO
That's the only category I've had flags waiting for over a month
Well I usually find SO is pretty quick on non contentious stuff.
@Quill In your recent question that has an user script in it
Oh if it's more than a few days old my flags almost always just age away.
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is asking for a code reviewQuentin 51 secs ago
possible answer invalidation by Marv on question by AnhTuan: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/116579/revisions
10:02 AM
@Duga copy/pasta error
@DanPantry pasta error sounds tasty :p
@Zak Well, it would be if it wasn't an error
@Zak If you have lots of pasta errors, you get spaghetti code. I can tell you from first hand experience that spaghetti code is not tasty.
10:14 AM
Q: javascript - promise.all improvement

user94607is there a way to write the following code in a better way? var p1 = new Promise(function (resolve) { ControllerStore.activate(actualMapping.controller, urlParam, resolve); }); var p2 = new Promise(function (resolve) { route.render(actualMapping.template, resolve); }); Promise.all([p1,...

@skiwi it was like that so it would run in console
But you're right
@DanPantry @Mast thanks for the votes
@Mast what do you mean by that?
@Quill It's an alternative implementation without telling why it's better.
Oh, I suppose so. I'll fix it up after I finish my dinner
Thanks for pointing it out
@CaptainObvious window.on['ready']() wtf?
10:18 AM
Yeah, I thought so too
@DanPantry Why not simply a document.ready?
@Mast Because window.on['ready'] != document.ready
window.on isn't a property in standard js
so it must be something he has specified
Comment and ask
Can you provide a complete section of your code? There's stuff missing here, specifically window.on (which resolves to undefined in browsers, normally). We require full context to provide useful reviews (and for questions to be on topic) on CR. — Dan Pantry just now
case SyntaxKind.ExpressionStatement:
	var nestedExpression = ((ExpressionStatementSyntax)parentNode).Expression;

	var objectCreationExpression = nestedExpression as ObjectCreationExpressionSyntax;
	if (objectCreationExpression != null)
		type = context.SemanticModel.GetTypeInfo(objectCreationExpression.Type);
		goto default;

	// In case it's not related to any variable, just use a general statement
	identifier = "Type declaration";
I have an illness
10:21 AM
@JeroenVannevel ouch
> goto
I don't even think it looks that bad
It is.
I remember using goto in the days of shitty batch files
@JeroenVannevel you're on CR
everything looks bad until proven otherwise
10:23 AM
A: Renaming the "I'm having this problem too" Low Quality flag reason

SuperBiasedManPerhaps: This is a request to review a different solution to a similar problem, it does not actually review the code that has been posted in the question. If you'd like a review of your code, you can ask for one by clicking [Ask Question].

@DanPantry Code: Bad until proven good.
Ya'll just be hatin' on me codez
@Quill I was about to post and ask for feedback, thanks!
@JeroenVannevel not your code specifically. Just all code :D
^ goto upvote_meta
10:25 AM
@Quill Invalid Vote Error: You cannot vote for your own posts.
Was it just zero votes, answers and comments?
(I'm still 2k away from seeing deleted posts again :( )
1 comment by OP
but yea, 0 votes
posted january 4 last year
So you're suggesting deletion then on your recent meta answer @Vogel612?
that's the end goal of that flag anyways
but how often do we need that flag?
10:35 AM
We don't need the flag, you're right
I would love a moderator's opinion on this, seeing as they're the ones to make the change
so what are we discussing.. changes to a flag we won't need?
I doubt that mods can change that flag wording
though I might be mistaken
I was jusr trying to discuss the flag, I don't particularly care for renaming
And mods just put in the request to the CMs
I don't have access to any data to confirm/prove but I do feel like I have seen this come up.
@Quill Of course... but why run it in a console?
The fun moment when you set your IDE to use Grails 3.0.9 as framework, but your system path still has Grails 3.0.2 on there, and the fix to a problem is included in 3.0.9
And then you figure out that it still doesn't work
Uh, different strokes for different folks
10:43 AM
@Vogel612 Contrary to what I thought, I have not used that comment on a post in my half year or so on the site, so I guess that says something.
If you are asking about different ways to program it, instead of having a problem, I would suggest you go over to codereview.stackexchange.com and post it there. — Snorlax 44 secs ago
Q: Calculate Maximum Time Difference Within 30 Minutes

Jean-Pierre OosthuizenFor ease of Reference, Sample Data Set which needs to be pasted into Column C from row 20: 2015/08/01 12:53:02.700 2015/08/01 12:56:31.101 2015/08/01 12:56:37.499 2015/08/01 13:00:05.901 2015/08/01 13:00:12.300 2015/08/01 13:03:38.700 2015/08/01 13:03:45.101 2015/08/01 13:05:51.702 2015/...

@RMunroe This is my job.
something something JavaScript, something something interfaces
11:01 AM
Actual code structure in JavaScript? What is this sorcery?
Wait, when was there a Windows Phone beta for SE
what is this
@skiwi that specifically is Flowtype, and if you want type structuring check it out, or, check out TypeScript, but be warned, our resident JavaScript expert has given it a rating of Garbage out of 10
I've heard that TypeScript and similar are all nice, but after a few months you don't have a clue of what you're doing anymore
@skiwi Isn't that normal JavaScript though?
@skiwi only avaliable for Mac and Linux you want the crap version TypeScript
@Quill Flowtype + TypeScript both have very similar syntax, it's just TypeScript is pretty crap for interop :\ Like I said in the other chat room, TypeScript's structural typing system is opt-out, Flowtypes is opt-in.
This means TypeScript's doesn't play well with other libraries that haevn't been written in TypeScript
TypeScript is part of Microsoft's massive attempt to get other languages' programmers to do C#
Like ObjectiveC in VS
11:12 AM
> Photo of a road at night
> "Nice photo, but it's a bit dark"
Night is dark. More news at 10.
damnit, Libre Office doesn't want to play nice with xlsx files...
Q: tablesorter in my blog

sabrys56Sorry for my English I used this code, but does not work with numbers <script src='http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.9.1/jquery.min.js' type='text/javascript'/> <script src='http://artknow.googlecode.com/svn-history/r14/trunk/Site/librarys/jquery.tablesorter.js' type='text/javascript'/

11:27 AM
Welcome to Code Review! I'm afraid this question does not match what this site is about. Code Review is about improving existing, working code. Code Review is not the site to ask for help in fixing or changing what your code does. Once the code does what you want, we would love to help you do the same thing in a cleaner way! Please see our help center for more information. — SuperBiasedMan 4 mins ago
You better to ask your question on http://codereview.stackexchange.com/teo van kot 5 secs ago
oh good, rage is on
oh hey @EBrown I'm totally going to do a chat oneboxer using that meta tag idea of yours
Q: Calculate Maximum Time Difference Within a Time Period with Max 30 Minutes Difference

Jean-Pierre OosthuizenFor ease of Reference, Sample Data Set which needs to be pasted into Column C from row 20. You can paste the text below into word and then copy from word into Excel with the Cell format set to Custom: yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss.000 2015/08/01 12:53:03.000 2015/08/01 12:56:31.101 2015/08/01 12:5...

Our friend from the helpdesk's second question ^
11:45 AM
Q: Implement mail sending system elegant

Alex GurskiyIn my project a need to send mails. Mails will have different credentials and senders. I'm thinking about abstract factory, but will it be good solution? public abstract class Mail { public string Body { get; protected set; } public string Subject { get; private set; } ...

Q: Animal House simlulation using Queues

Mayur KulkarniThis is one the interesting problems I've solved, The problem statement is : An animal shelter holds only dogs and cats, and operates on a strictly "first in, first out" basis. People must adopt either the "oldest" (based on arrival time) of all animals at the shelter, or they can select...

It is called by the Promise, so it has something to do with it :-) At CR any and all sections of the code are subject to review, and not just on the points that you want. — Dan Pantry 26 secs ago
OP removed a second of the code (window.on) and replcaed it with /// ..then which reads like example code. Thoughts?
roll it back and say so
I feel like I'll post a self-answer again é__è
And I already have a number of self-answers. It's becoming a bit of a problem.
Problem? No.
Quality content attracts quality reviewers
I have answered almost half of my questions.
The problem is that I tend to accept my self-answers more than other user's answers x)
Because it's generally about code I've spent a great deal of time working on, so I can write answers about actual algorithmic improvements.

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