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12:00 AM
There are 1522 unanswered questions (94.3879% answered)
Missed that one by a minute.
12:12 AM
Q: No idea whats wrong?

CryptoI'm completely new to Python and tried to write a program where the user and computer have a little battle about who can guess each others number most effectively. I know this uses the Binary search algorithm which i tried to implement to the best of my knowledge but it just doesn't work. Anythin...

no no no
Q: multiple many-to-many filter with range using filteriffic

Jon HeckmanI was told that code review would be a better place than standard stack overflow for this question. To start out. I should say that the code I have works. I feel like there has to be a much more efficient way to do it (especially when I just crashed my server with it). First the code I have: R...

possible answer invalidation by Jamal on question by Quaxton Hale: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/35453/revisions
12:40 AM
I'm almost ready to PR on Roslyn.
Only issue? I wrote the patch in releases/VS2015, and it needs to be in Master.
I can't just merge either...
What's the stuff you added?
A bug fix.
12:56 AM
Hmm, nice and quiet
1:11 AM
Q: Improving code quality of angular directive with coffee

user98293989823i'm trying to improve my angular directive, i'm pretty new in coffee, so i think maybe there is inconsistent code Code: 'use strict' class Main extends Directive constructor: (VerifyService) -> return { restrict : 'M' link : (scope) -> scope.watch 'events', -> ...

@CaptainObvious Coffee is always good for improving code quality. Would it work for titles, too?
Broken coffee is off topic here. Please read the help center pages first before posting — janos ♦ 3 hours ago
/me lauging
The C# code in Roslyn is just as bad as the VB code.
for loops where foreach would be better.
Unused methods/parameters everywhere.
Hey guys, I have a meme proposal, started by our very own Duga.
Suppose we have a meme "answer invalidated by Jamal"?
Related to Jamalizing.
1:22 AM
Well, I need more feedback than just one person :P
@Hosch250 probably performance-optimized
I thought that at first, too.
Wouldn't a foreach loop be optimized by the compiler anyways?
But this file is soley for generating code at re-build time.
@EthanBierlein No.
1:27 AM
haha @Phrancis would love that one:
> And then don't forget to chide or smack the person responsible for a table getting into the system that way in the first place, if they're still employed in the industry.
A: How to Drop Table with Non-Printable Character on its name

Aaron BertrandSince you already know which character is hidden, you can easily construct the current name using a variable, pass that into sp_rename, and then drop the table using the newly acquired name: DECLARE @t NVARCHAR(128) = N'dbo.Table' + NCHAR(31) + N'_Name'; EXEC sys.sp_rename @t, N'NewTableName', N...

@Mat'sMug What do you think about the new meme proposal?
Or BTW.Edited, anyway.
See, in here is a real story:
> On Friday, embattled HP was hit with a new lawsuit filed by the state of Michigan over a 10-year-old, $49 million project that called for HP to replace a legacy mainframe-based system built in the 1960s. Through the suit filed in Kent County Circuit Court, the state seeks $11 million in damages along with attorney's fees and the funds needed to rebid and re-procure the contract.
The question you have to ask yourself, when reading headlines like that, is:
> what company built a system in the 60's that is still working better than the replacement system that is still taking many years to build?
1:40 AM
Fills in the blank
Q: Using std::chrono to make custom "SI unit" types

user85057std::chrono::duration is a great example of how to create "units" using std::ratio. std::ratio by itself is not very useful for a "units" library, and the two choices are either something like Boost.Unit (which can be very complicated to use) or to write it yourself (why reinvent the wheel?) Ther...

Think about that, when the US was putting their first astronauts on the moon, the state of michigan christened a new system..... which is still "bloody impossible" to replace.
@Mat'sMug Reminds me of that one other post where the user's last name was literally "Null"
Also reminds me that I hope TSQL silently converts 'NULL' to NULL
@Phrancis I would hope that wasn't the case
unexpected type conversion is always, sketchy
like, dark alleyway at night sketchy
1:52 AM
Seen a record today with this value ' - - ' (literally)
Supposed to be a SSN
Other more experienced guy said the failure happens because the SSN is missing. But it's not missing.
It's there, just with empty spaces
If the item doesn't have a value, it should be NULL, not, blah...
That would be the excepted behavior
all these fools we talk bout' need to have a talk with sum' CRitters
1:56 AM
Everything works as excepted
Sure, it works, but is it ideal? I think not
Putting empty spaces instead of values is never ideal
println "My name is "+ {        }
Room needs a .
p  ntl  "M  na e  s  + {
2:00 AM
@EthanBierlein wat :D
Did I miss a _ _-fest?
We should have a fest-fest
And then we can complete with a fest-fest-fest
And maybe an after-fest-...
while(true) { "fest" += "-fest" }
I saw ^that
oi u wot m8
2:04 AM
TALK TO THE HAND "so what Phrancis?"
get { "to the choppa"; }
Backticks don't work multiline, need to use 4 spaces
Q: Using QuickCheck to Verify Free Monad's Functor Instance

Kevin MeredithGiven the Free Monad, and my Eq, Show, and Functor instances, I attempted to verify the first Functor law using QuickCheck: data Free f a = Var a | Node (f (Free f a)) I defined the following Eq and Show instances (credit to duplode for helping me out on the Eq instance: insta...

We should have a "do a programming challenge with an esoteric language community challenge"
2:09 AM
while(true) { get { "scandalous"; } }
I need an excuse to write ArnoldC. If not, I'll probably end up turning in an assignment in this language, lol.
@Phrancis Make that into a forkbomb.
@Hosch250 a what?
You don't know what a forkbomb is?
Don't worry, I didn't until Sunday either.
Do tell
2:10 AM
@Legato make a tic-tac-toe tic-tac-BOOM
I made a PR for Roslyn!
I thought the exclamation would insert the image.
I wonder why my digital doc isn't coming in.
@Phrancis Infinitely spawns new processes
2:11 AM
................................................... [...] ...
This would belong on Code Review. — Evan Carslake 58 secs ago
until shit gets screwed up real bad
please tell me the above screenshot doesn't compile
Of course it compiles.
(or the code therein... obviously images can't compile)
2:13 AM
ArnoldC, baby.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
@EvanCarslake not quite. It's a pretty specific coding issue, and a clear question. Not a code review request. — Mat's Mug 33 secs ago
Can even run it on the command line:
java -jar ArnoldC.jar euler1.arnoldc
It's JAVA!?
2:14 AM
Dishes, BBL.
@Phrancis It should be C#!
Eh, I made Euler1 in LOLCODE. Catz > Arnold
  O RLY?
    YA RLY
@Phrancis No, it's ArnoldC. The language compiler is Java, and it has an audible option!
lol whoops
2:18 AM
@Legato wat
Arnold-C is Java for the hearing impaired
I like how the else statements are BULLSHIT but even more than that I like how parse errors are WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO WRONG
With optional subtitles in Austrian
As long as J-C Van Damme doesn't get his programming language and compiler, the world will survive
Who the heck is J-C Van Damme and what is "his programming language"?
@EthanBierlein you're too young to have seen Time Cop are you?
2:22 AM
Ew. I have faint awful memories of JC in the Street Fighter movie.
@Mat'sMug How old is the movie?
Ah, it came out 6 years before I was even born
but please explain this programming language that should never exist
It doesn't exist, there's nothing to explain. Except it would he even worse than Arnie-C
Is there some awful sample cide?
@Phrancis Mortal Kombat FTW
@EthanBierlein cide yeah. As in programmicide
2:25 AM
@Mat'sMug You monster... stop getting horrible 90's theme songs in my head
must. have. sample. code.
@Phrancis WATATATOW!!
Calling ArnoldC "Java" is like calling Microsoft Word C.
2:27 AM
oh, raging are we?
@rolfl or notepad
or IRC
(which is multiplayer notepad, incidentally)
Been lurking all along have ya? ;-)
Yeah, just because Java can run pretty much anything... does not make that thing "java"
2:28 AM
^^^ Improvement
@rolfl Could it at least make it JAVA?
All caps, so appealing to say yes, but no.
Well, Java now runs Javascript, which blurs the lines....
2:29 AM
They finally put a carpet in that car?!
/me confused
"Java is to JavaScript such as car is to carpet"
/me understands
Everything can run JavaScript
Wouldn't be surprised if my coffee pot did
2:31 AM
oh man
I totally have that MK theme song playing right now
^^right, KTHX
that reminds me of a joke about antivirus software
a bad joke
Actually, I think it's an XKCD strip
@Mat'sMug To reduce confusion, Java calls Javascript-in-Java "Nashorn", or "Rhino" - because Rhino was first, and calling it Rhino in German makes it different
@Phrancis they called it coffeescript, no?
2:33 AM
But then Java also runs on everything
Java is so meta.
@rolfl mkay.. so what did they call jQuery-in-Rhino?
@Mat'sMug it looks like you're trying to do a meme thing I dunno!
2:37 AM
One does not simply... go to bed
2:42 AM
awesome stuff: nightriderturbo.com
wtf dude, the steering wheel just went flying!
hey did I mention XAML is awesome?
    <Style x:Key="ShinyTreeView"
           TargetType="{x:Type TreeViewItem}">
        <Setter Property="BorderThickness" Value="1.5"/>
            <Trigger Property="IsSelected" Value="True">
                <Setter Property="BorderBrush" Value="#adc6e5"/>
                    <Condition Property="IsSelected" Value="True"/>
                    <Condition Property="IsSelectionActive" Value="False"/>
Well OK, XML is not that bad, it's just pretty clunky
@Phrancis cough XAML*
Tomato Tomahto
2:46 AM
look ma! there's a little gradient in the selection box! :)
makes me happy
@Mat'sMug hey nice!
<Style x:Key="ShinyTreeView"
So XAML is good at making gradient selection boxes? :)
XAML is good at a lot of things, many of which I'm sure @Mat'sMug can explain
well.. yeah.
XAML is good at removing the need to code. Lazy coders like XAML.
oh, wait
2:49 AM
I got a screenshot of that, just so you know @EthanBierlein :)
h n bttr hck nt yr cmptr phrncs nd dlt tht pht
OK, I need to step away and wrestle a TV (not flatscreen) into this place, so back soon (maybe)
haha! reminds me of one of my friends' kids. they grew up with a "slap-to-turn-on" TV. you had to watch them turn on a 60-inch flatscreen...
(not my flatscreen, luckily)
A what? Slap-to-turn-on? Never heard of those
slap? slam? whack? hit? tomato-tomahto
2:53 AM
OHhHHH you mean a shitty TV you literally have to slap in hopes it would turn on?
Oh gods
what happened to the flatscreen?
SO anyways, back later maybe
it survived
2:54 AM
well the kids were like 3 or 4
fair enough
well, night
top gear is almost over, and my laptop is at 1%
3:10 AM
in VBA Rubberducking, 16 secs ago, by Mat's Mug
I seem to have lost the regex search & replace stuff along the way
You wretch.
What were you doing in that branch?!
huh? my [next] branch?
3:14 AM
That thing is cursed.
well it wouldn't be much of a problem if I lost everything... but since only some types are missing, now my fork won't build.
Found it.
heck, I'll just copy the code from GitHub
That's what I meant.
Pretty interesting having one conversation in two chatrooms.
lol yeah
in VBA Rubberducking, 8 secs ago, by Mat's Mug
was only missing RegexSearchResult and RegexSearchReplaceScope. done.
I'm out
3:19 AM
Me too.
I made it cough
Later guys
VS is having a Zalgo episode...
it's a sign
I need to sleep before it gets me
3:33 AM
Q: Send a user to a specific URL depending on his text field input

MohamedUser inputs a text in my text field. If his text matches a text in my "list," he is sent to a specific URL once he hits the submit button. I want mine to determine the user's text input from a list I provide. My list will have a lot of texts/urls and it will continue to grow, so I want to be abl...

Is that dependency injection right there @Mat'sMug that some work my friend
Are you using a dependency pattern
well it's the RubberduckMenu class, which is now obsolete
I meant good
beyond good

            var types = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetTypes()
                .Where(type => type.Namespace != null && type.Namespace.StartsWith(typeof(CommandBase).Namespace ?? string.Empty))
it's basically replaced by these IoC bindings :)
Is that what good code looks like
3:40 AM
not sure. but it makes the rest of the code looking pretty damn good :)
I mean design pattern wise
I know the Decorator Pattern and Command pattern kind of atm
there's not really a design pattern in that code. it's just naming conventions driving IoC container bindings
Trying to make this happen below
interface IApplicationWidget
void MakeWidget();
void AddWidget();
void RemoveWidget();
too much Widget imo
seems redundant
interface IApplicationWidget
    void Make();
    void Add();
    void Remove();
trying make a calendar map that gives out different widgets and every time the page loads it creates new widgets maybe the decorator
can two interfaces be implemented from a same class
3:44 AM
that's the major advantage of interfaces over abstract classes: you can implement as many interfaces as you want, but you can only ever derive from a single base class
Is that some type of abstraction class
*sort of
Like a decorator class ??
eh, too many buzzwords
That's the one I'm learning right now
The decorator pattern
I guess you've seen this:
A: Decorator for cars

Mat's MugComposition vs. Inheritance, interface vs. abstract class You are mixing up concepts here - there's too much inheritance going on, and this pattern is completely about composition. I'm sure you've seen this before: Favor composition over inheritance. You have an abstract base class with ei...

Merry Xmas
3:47 AM
wait, that was you question!
Yes i supposed I haven't fully quite got it yet to in extent :)
I've actually exhausted the subject in that answer. I don't know what else I could say about the decorator pattern..
oh haha
its okay
the thing about design patterns, is that they're a trap: you don't implement a design pattern - you implement your functionality, refactor, clean up, and the design pattern emerges
they're just communication tools; names we put on common ways to solve programming problems
3:57 AM
you've probably used a factory method before, without even knowing it
..or not ;-)
public Foo CreateFoo(Bar bar)
    return new Foo(bar, _baz);
simple as that
not very useful though, IMO
abstract factory is a better tool
public interface IFooFactory
    IFoo Create();
with an IoC container like Ninject, you don't even need to actually implement it
In this case, I guess that it will be ok if I open a new question on Code review section in order to someone have a good look on my received code; being a noob, even if I didn't receive any error in the browser console, the code could be alterated as you explained. Thank you, — typo_78 1 min ago
4:09 AM
@Duga we're a frakkin' WEBSITE, not a mere little section... grrrrrr
4:22 AM
Tiny victory, tv worlks with xbox :D
Also mixed nuts just like here :)
4:47 AM
so what is this room
just askin
it's where CR regulars hang out :)
or lurk ;-)
Do you guys like work ?
i meant
or i meant like on the side
or whatever
4:54 AM
? like, are we paid to lurk here? lol, nope
are you assigned rooms or something ?
you guys i mean
not really. The 2nd Monitor is Code Review's main chatroom
anyone with enough rep can create a chatroom
hey @Heslacher :)
wow not to be offensive but I feel really dumb now ...
more funny than offensive ;-)
programming side
more funny for me
hmm i guess ill be a hobby person and not a top developer
4:58 AM
oh you mean, do we actually work as programmers?
well not but yea
or maybe im just a lazy programmer who don't understand much
eh, I was there not too long ago
depending on the topic, I'm still there anyway
Q: Lazy loading social buttons on mouse enter

cpicancoI am using the following code to lazy load some social buttons in my personal blog. Before continue, I would like to enumerate some dependencies first: JQuery 2.1.4; using Font Awesome 4.1.0 (but should work with any icon/font); Tested on the most recent Firefox, Chrome, Iceweasel and Safari; ...

and what exactly do you do @Mat'sMug
I'm building a data warehouse on SQL Server, and I'm also responsible for setting up and automating all reporting
5:06 AM
for a job
Thats what Iwant :(
But doesnt everybody
allright, it's 1:10AM here, I need some sleep :)
okay !
5:30 AM
is their such thing of a programmer who memorizes code and implements it later on the fly
In theory
6:06 AM
monking @all
6:25 AM
Q: How to make a menu driven program for a restaurant?

XYZplease help me out with my school project. I am required to write a menu driven program for a restaurant. 1.It should contain scanner class. 2.It should be able to perform functions like: After taking an order print: "Would you like a beverage too?" print"May I help you with anything else?" ---> ...

codereview.stackexchange.com is right place to ask this question — Prasad Kanaparthi 1 min ago
6:47 AM
In conclusion, this jsfiddle.net/pmpvLjuq/1 will do the same thing in wordpress if it's wrapped like this jsfiddle.net/5vgvskc8/1 without being necessary to replace $ marks if I understand right. But how about if in the same js file, we have jQuery and js sequences, will be fine to apply for the whole code jQuery function? the above request is still available if someone could show me ... That's why I've asked for a code review replacing in the specific lines $ marks with jQuery (still confused). thanks. — typo_78 44 secs ago
and next time you should post it on codereview.stackexchange.comIrina Avram 39 secs ago
Q: Text documents:find & modify text files

DaghsI'm new to java & I want some help regarding this; suppose I have list.rtf file which has a word Chris in its 1st line Now I want this word to be found in find.txt which is in MB's size then copied the whole line then deleted the line & saved activity in file other data remaining same as before t...

Q: Convert Foreach Loop into Linq in C#

Abhishek PandeyFolks, I want to convert these loops into simple loop. I want the code to look neat and short . I saw answers related to linq but couldn't make out from that. IS there any other possible ways for this snippet? XmlDocument manifestXmlFile = new XmlDocument(); manifestXmlFile.Load(manifestFileNam...

7:33 AM
i am sick and so i now have one of those pint starbucks mugs full of hot chocolate
Q: Plus Minus in python

CodeYogiGiven You're given an array containing integer values. You need to print the fraction of count of positive numbers, negative numbers and zeroes to the total numbers. Print the value of the fractions correct to 3 decimal places. Input Format First line contains N, which is the size of th...

9 hours ago, by SirPython
Broken coffee is off topic here. Please read the help center pages first before posting — janos ♦ 7 mins ago
^^^ @SirPython @EthanBierlein for the record, that was typo using swype ("code" incorrectly replaced with "coffee"), not a hidden Java reference :p
@SimonForsberg I'm back :-)
7:49 AM
welcome back! from where?
@janos lol

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