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5:00 PM
@TopinFrassi why are OO tutorials about code of the most useless kind?
@Caridorc It's useful for the aircon to be able to deal with heat from more than one source. Not useful for the wheel to know anything about the aircon.
@Caridorc well the Cake example is much better than the Car one IMO
@Caridorc You're SO right. That's because I had no idea about something useful to show. :p Plus it somehow helps to see it in a simpler way. But I agree that showing a useful example also helps, in a different way
Plus, I crave cake...
Triple reply.. wow
why was my decorator pattern all inherity and stuff :(
5:02 PM
decorator is about composition
@itsbruce so the aircon should check every component labelled as canEmitHeat if it is emitting heat at the moment and if so profit from it
There's inheritance. See that FrostedCake inherits Cake. + What Mat just said!
Reading a new-grad's resume, see this: Tutor (Mathematics, Physics) - Received ultra-positive feedback from tutees
It's a weird mix between composition and inheritance. Which is why it's a hard pattern to get
@Mat'sMug are you talking about something like python @decorators?
5:03 PM
@rolfl ultra-positive seems a little ultra over the top
yes but in the end shouldn't we have something like var frostedCake = new Decorator(new FrosteCake(new Cake()));
@june1992 forget about any class named Decorator
there's no such thing
a decorator does something - and its name says what that is
@june1992 Decorator is just an idea. It's very abstracted. It doesn't belong in a class
It would have been clearer about the pattern if it had used an interface for the cakes so the frosted one didn't have to inherit
5:05 PM
that's why I dismissed inheritance at the beginning of my answer
> Interfaces make the pattern easier to pick up I find.
alright so then it is var frostedCake = new FrostedCake(new Cake());
@DanLyons Well, it would have implemented the interface. I'm not sure I see the difference. Although yeah, in this example an interface might have been a better choice
correct ?
where FrostedCake decorates a Cake
Ohhhhhh that makes sense
5:06 PM
@larkey - if you want, ping me in the 2nd monitor chat room. The explanation of the code is longer than I can put in a comment. — rolfl 8 secs ago
Houston, we have a Eureka moment!
@Mat'sMug It litteraly decorates it :D
@Caridorc The metaphor has probably been stretched beyond use tbh
I was confused with the FooBar class in the comment really
I was thinking something else not important
@Mat'sMug I smell a Factory pattern coming up next.
5:07 PM
still can't explain it but I got the picture now
@Mast builder is so much more fun
@june1992 time to re-read my answer :)
@Mast I wanted to add it in my example, but I've got to work.. ahah
Never got the idea behind the builder. When is it useful?!?
@Mat'sMug A factory is much closer to a bakery IMHO.
5:08 PM
@itsbruce but maybe it is not so metaphoric after all, Cars have some serious code on them.
A: RPG Character Builder

Mat's MugStyling Nitpicks private ICharacter _Personaje; I like the underscore prefix for private fields. I like it, because I don't like plain camelCase fields for two reasons: They look just like parameters and local variables Disambiguating them from parameters/locals involves sprinkling redunda...

var village = new VillageBuilder()
    .Building(new SmallHouse())
    .Building(new SmallHouse())
    .Building(new LargeHouse())
    .Building(new ArmorShop())
    .Building(new WeaponShop())
    .Building(new Inn())
    .Villager(new WomanInRed())
    .Villager(new MadScientist())
    .Villager(new PossessedChild())
> The interface for a Village doesn't know how many Building or Villager it's going to have (nor what actual type they might be) - the builder pattern is useful here, because you can build villages with completely different features using the exact same builder code, and the Build method could be called at any given point, the village object would always be in a valid state.
So the decorated types are like FrostedCake and NiceCake
I know that's right
@TopinFrassi a real-world builder:
Q: Building an IDE, block by -- er, mock by mock

Mat's MugThe opening sentence of an answer I received in my previous post snowballed, and led to completely ditching the previous approach. Mocking my IDE with a MockFactory worked ok, ...for some values of "ok" - the more components needed to be involved, the messier the setup code was getting. So inste...

and its members of course
really of course
@Mat'sMug you seem an OO guru, have you have though about writing a pokemon-like turn-battle OO tutorial ?
5:10 PM
@Caridorc lol (both lol @ "OO guru" and lol @ pokemon-like turn-battle OO tutorial")
If this is working code that you think could be improved, consider Code Reviewjonrsharpe 17 secs ago
@Caridorc just don't use pokemon exception handling ;)
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because questions asking for code review should be posted to codereview.stackexchange.comAndreas 18 secs ago
@Mat'sMug I tried writing one but it fell apart under its own complexity. There is so much in there (special condition (poison, sleep, paralisis), critical hits, damage calculation formula, effectiveness ...
wait that is right isn't it
5:12 PM
It's good to understand patterns because they often address the constraints of the language
@Mat'sMug Why the Village doesn't simply have a list of buildings and of villagers where I could add? Unless there's something I don't get. Though the syntax is cool
But think before using them. Some of them deal with legacy habits which are better addressed with more modern OO practice
Q: Make 10 from the numbers 1,1,5 and 8 using the 4 operations, by brute force

BraniI tried to calculate the following problem by brute force using R (under the assumption that a single pair of parenthesis would suffice). Make 10 from the numbers 1, 1, 5, 8. You can use the operations + – * / (). You have to use all the numbers, and use each number exactly once. The ope...

@TopinFrassi because it's not exposing an IList<T>, it's exposing an IEnumerable<T> ;-)
I'm not sure, but this question could get decent answer on [CodeReview](codereview.stackexchange.com) too. — Jeff Noel 6 secs ago
5:14 PM
and because it makes a cool syntax :)
@Mat'sMug I think I kind of get it. I really need to dig on this pattern, it's the one I least understand
look at the mock builder then - a real-world example is always better
the village builder is napkin code
the mock builder solves a real problem
This went RBA. OP does no longer like the community.
@Mat'sMug I'll look at it when I'm home! Thanks for both the examples, I'm sure it'll be very helpful
Car volksWagen = CarFactory.builder()
    .add(new EmissionFraudComponent())
5:17 PM
@Mat'sMug eh eh :p
it started with a MockFactory:
Q: Go on, mock my IDE

Mat's MugBecause of the coupling with the VBIDE API (the extensibility library for the VBA IDE), unit testing the rubberduck refactorings, inspections and quick-fixes has been pretty much impossible, at least until a MockFactory was implemented, to do things like this: internal static Mock<CodeModule> Cr...

but the factory was too stiff. builder is more flexible
anyway, gotta work now - later @all!
@Mat'sMug Could you say the IQueryable<> query building process in C#.net is a builder pattern?
Oh alright :p I'll ping you, answer me later!
Q: python and while

Gotowy do lotuWhen 'while True:' this code not work ? when remove "while.." is correct please help import threading import Queue import time def stringFunction(out_queue): while True: my_str = "1111111111" out_queue.put(my_str) time.sleep(1) if __name__ == "__main__": my_q...

@CaptainObvious HAMMERTIME!
5:25 PM
@rolfl gratefully taking your offer to explain me the code :D
No problem ;-)
$command 2> >(tee -a $both | tee "$base.stderr.log" >&2) | tee -a $both | tee "$base.stdout.log"
The first | in the anonymous FIFO, that's your question, right?
I didn't need it afaik in my version
@rolfl I'm smelling a horrible XYZOMEGA problem in that InfiniteStream question
You dud not need the |, or you replaced it with > ?
I used:
`2> >(tee command_"$@"_$(date +%F).stderr.log command_"$@"_$(date +%F_%T).full.log >&2 )`
eh, how to code-format in here? xD
5:28 PM
Indent with 4 spaces
(back-ticks should also work).
Up-arrow twice and you can edit ;-)
I used:

2> >(tee command_"$@"_$(date +%F).stderr.log command_"$@"_$(date +%F_%T).full.log >&2 )
not good with that chat here
2> >(tee command_"$@"_$(date +%F).stderr.log command_"$@"_$(date +%F_%T).full.log >&2 )
4 spaces works for me ;-)
Alright, your code "works" so long as there's no issues with two tee's writing in truncate mode on the "full" file.
The tee command allows multiple files to be teed too, which is what you are doing.
5:30 PM
In my version, the first file (full) is appended to, the second file is overwritten.
ah, that makes sense ^^
Q: Beginners javascript, how can this be improved

w3littlebirdI am delving into trying to write some javascript code. I understand the basics, (the very basics...) enough that I have been able to write the following and it works. however, my knowledge doesn't stretch enough to be able to work out if this was the "best" way to write what I am trying to ac...

Ah, well, I replaced my version with yours so this wasn't needed :D
(tried 4 spaces again, but it just kills them O.o)
So that I could have both your code and my code in the same script, and 'r' is for "Rolf".
not overwrite the same output files each time ;-)
hehe ;-) you'll get the hang of chat.
Well, I replaced my version with yours so this wasn't needed
Hope so ^^
5:33 PM
Agreed. You did fix the issue with the time-part in the file name too, right?
Idk why the `` didnt work and neither the 4 spaces. But I'll find out hopefully
The ` should have worked.
and the spaces.
Yep, fixed - not in the question though as it wouldn't make sense to have you answering it
Well, for me just CODE got displayed
working now
5:34 PM
I got to learn a few things when reading your code, by the way.
The anonymous fifo is new to me, and I appreciated seeing it ;-)
Especially that you can redirect the stderr in to the stdin, and then at the end of the tee-chain take the stdout and redirect it back to stderr.
It was new to me since today morning (2pm? whatever) too ^^
Much of it was found across diverse stackexchange sites and then put together
That's the way I like it too.
The most of what I usually do in bash is ArchLinux PKGBUILDs and that's fairly easy ^^
@janos is a scripting guru, so I will point him at your question, if he has not yet seen it: codereview.stackexchange.com/q/105358/31503
Thank you ;-)
But I think I'm quite content with your solution :D
5:37 PM
Also, one thing that intriged me was that at the end of it, the stderr and stdout are still separate, and you can do pipe-redirection still on them individually.
Yep, this was difficult. THere are many solutions that do either:
- Remove stdin/stderr from screen
- Only print stderr and stdin (and not the both version)
- Print stdin/stderr 2x :D
It took me a while to figure out the pipes, agreed. It is/was a nice challenge.
Now, back to work for me
And damn useful too. Happy working :P
Pipes are awesome.
Oh, @skiwi - that infinite stream is a curiosity, but I really dislike the OP's implementation, and feel he's missed the point of my answer.
5:41 PM
@rolfl Do u mean me? I hope I have understood it :D
And mycommand should take command as a parameter.
CommitStrip - Blog relating the daily life of web agencies developers
Software worth billions…
@larkey Nahh, you did great. It's a Java answer I posted yesterday where the answer was not what the asker wanted.
@rolfl k :D
@Mast Well, until then I hardcoded it - and I actually even wrote a 2nd version which is specific to one usecase which uses such hardcoded values, just to save some typing.
Not worth any big note though, it's almost like an alias
@CommitStrip Did I miss a Volkswagen thing while I was away?
5:45 PM
they were skirting emissions regulations with software tricks
@Mat'sMug About the pokemon OO, I am writing it now, and it is really really hard. I have written 100 lines (no docs no tests) and I am just barely starting to scratch the surface. The Pokemon creators were genius
@Caridorc Except they didn't check for the MissingNo bug, but yea.
@Mast They were dirty... can't really finish my sentence in this chat, it's not kind
@DanLyons Thanks.
Would this match the Code Review site better, or not? — Numeri 23 secs ago
@Numeri Sadly not. Code Review is for working code. Considering the compilation error it wouldn't fit! (Though the format of this answer does kinda fit in CR) — TopinFrassi 46 secs ago
@TopinFrassi OK, just checking. I was wondering what Code Review was looking for in questions... Thanks! — Numeri 36 secs ago
5:53 PM
Thanks @Mast, I was about to link that page :p
I've linked it so often it's faster for me to type it by hand than to copy-paste it.
@Numeri We got a very handy page for that. — Mast 59 secs ago
@owacoder you may post answers like this at CodeReview if you want, and they will not be deleted :) — Caridorc 1 min ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because Code Reviewhjpotter92 55 secs ago
possible answer invalidation by oliverpool on question by w3littlebird: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/105391/revisions
Damn. I want to get feedback on this setup but it's not CR worthy yet.
Q: Stock quote checking python script, how can it be improved?

n1c9I know that this code would look a lot better if I made it so that checking the current prices against the open prices were in a function so I wouldn't have to re-write it for every stock I want to check, but I'm not sure how to get started on doing that properly. Do any of you have some tips to ...

6:11 PM
@EBrown What's keeping you?
@Mast It would not make an on-topic question, I fear.
@Duga Darn, I rejected that edit. Who approved it anyway?
@Caridorc Never approve code edits. They are never made by OP or they wouldn't need approval.
and the "thank you" part remained...
@Mast sorry, I though deleting a single line, probably left from copy-pasting was ok
6:15 PM
@Caridorc Other rules should've kicked in before thinking of that.
@Duga literally, "because Code Review". looks like we've become a close reason on SO.
@Mat'sMug That's not the only thing wrong with that question.
I only glanced at it
@Mat'sMug yeah, I will reject all code edits from now on, even tiny ones.
That hjpotter92 guy is the other one who approved the edit.
Ugh, and he posted a code dump on SO as answer.
30.5k there, somebody should keep an eye out he doesn't pull any SO stuff on CR.
CR is different.
6:19 PM
@hjpotter92 not to be nitpicky, but "too broad" or "unclear what you're asking" would be better. Being on-topic elsewhere doesn't make a question off-topic here. Cheers! — Mat's Mug 37 secs ago
I'm being careful now.. I accidentally got a 18K SO user to rage-quit with such comments.
@Mat'sMug I've always seen rage-quitting as their problem, not mine.
@Mat'sMug You'd be proud of me. I used braces and everything on this project.
Every now and then I encounter things on SE I consider offensive. Guess what, you get that when you're on the internet.
Though it has now succumbed to the arrow-anti-pattern.
@EBrown braces don't make arrow code. they just make arrow code more apparent ;-)
6:28 PM
@Mat'sMug No, but the method itself was doing too many things.
that's usually what makes arrow code
shift+arrow-down, Ctrl+R,M >> name the extracted method
@Mat'sMug I already made two other methods in this one file.
Thank you so much @hjpotter92! And thanks for the link to code review. I'll be sure to use that next time. :-) — n1c9 23 secs ago
Well, time to post my IRC bot up.
A mouse with the correct software could pretend to be a keyboard and send keystrokes to download and run software using common keyboard shortcuts. — Joe yesterday
6:40 PM
@Mast Code dumps seem to be pretty much his MO
Modus Operandi?
Sounds like a better fit for CodeReview. — owacoder 11 secs ago
@Mat'sMug Not unrelated to AO (area of operation).
not related to AOP (Aspect-Oriented Programming)
6:43 PM
Let's not stray into NTLAs.
lost me :/
Not Too Long Acronyms?
aw, almost
Ultra long question coming in.
Can I change it to CodeReview or I would have to repeat the question there? @owacoder — AGP 25 secs ago
6:54 PM
Easy: implement a Computer Algebra System in Java. Judging from the existing ones, it takes about 20 years. — Jörg W Mittag 8 hours ago
@Kristján I was unaware of codereview. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. — Jbur43 50 secs ago
Q: Implementing an IRC Bot

EBrownSo this is a (fairly) simple IRC bot. The whole idea of it was similar to Duga, except for an IRC server instead. The bot takes messages from a SQL table and posts them in the IRC server. It supports a few (basic) commands which are sent as private messages to the user who requested the command...

Q: Mocking restTemplate.postForObject

vaijayhow do i mock restTemplate.postForObject method ? my code //i have just mentioned the syntax. String response= restTemplate.postForObject( URI, jsonObject, String.class) ;

CERT_E_CHAINING 0x800B010A that's probably a bad thing...
Only need 96 rep for next permission.
7:12 PM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because "how to improve this code" belongs on CodeReview.SE; StackOverflow deals with factual problems. — MSalters 35 secs ago
Does anyone know a crashcourse HTTPS certification errors?
@Duga close enough (92K rep user)
truth ^^^
7:18 PM
Unfortunately, yes.
They still haven't fixed that for some reason.
@EthanBierlein Request merged.
There's now a double-fail, you know that, right.
They made it worse?
Does the abstract class have anything to do with the Abstract Factory design pattern or should it use an interface ?
If this is working code that you think could be improved, consider Code Reviewjonrsharpe 19 secs ago
7:29 PM
@june1992 Better for abstract factories to return interfaces
You might well be using abstract classes in the implementation but the clients which receive concrete factories need know nothing about that
So why does this code use abstract classes ? dofactory.com/net/abstract-factory-design-pattern
I see no interface
The pattern on that page specifies interfaces
an abstract class is just a less-flexible interface.
remember, you can implement 20 interfaces if you want. But you can only ever derive from a single base class.
So the AbstractFactory should be an interface ?
They seem to have used abstract classes in the example implementation to simplify the code
Poor example code
7:33 PM
i see that
no interface in code
@june1992 it should be an abstraction - whether that's an interface or an abstract class is irrelevant really
Q: Shoretn my code

catlover1994below is my code I need to shorten it by using lists and for loops: I have had a go but keep on getting error message invalid literal any tips Help is very much appreciated. I am very new to python in general and lists import random total = 0 sixes = 0 fives = 0 fours = 0 threes = 0 twos = 0 on...

@CaptainObvious Fix my title
irrelevant meaning ?
what exactly
irrelevant as in, it doesn't matter
7:37 PM
It doesn't make much of a difference to the world outside the abstract factory
@Mat'sMug Fxi my tiltle
But abstract classes can include non-abstract methods. Interfaces can't.
@itsbruce they're abstractions nonetheless
more tightly coupled to their implementations, but abstractions still
Wonder how close to the character limit my question is...
7:39 PM
@TopinFrassi please don't do that...
@Mat'sMug The implications are subtly different in Java versus C# ofc
bottom line, prefer interfaces ;-)
@Mat'sMug No problems! I can't delete it though.. I just found it funny that the question finished by why followed by the [on hold]
With abstract classes, in either language, there's more of a risk of leaky abstraction
Please take this to the Code review group. — Prune 38 secs ago
7:42 PM
Doesn't mean it will leak, but it's more of a risk
If you're looking for people to comment and give feedback on your code,rather than asking for help with something, I'd suggest that you move this question to the code review stack exchange site codereview.stackexchange.como0rebelious0o 34 secs ago
@CaptainObvious The OP has a self-vandalized SO question that needs a rollback.
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs on the Code Review StackExchange. codereview.stackexchange.comBasil Bourque 5 secs ago
possible answer invalidation by 200_success on question by w3littlebird: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/105391/revisions
7:46 PM
@Duga Nope
Q: Why does code output wrong message several times?

Fishhybelow is my code I need to shorten it by using lists and for loops instead of all the variables: I have had a go but keep on the same message outputted several times and then also doesn't seem to work: import random total = 0 sixes = 0 fives = 0 fours = 0 threes = 0 twos = 0 ones = 0 limit = 50 ...

Ooh, guys, I have a strange question.
Ask it
you might get a strange answer though
    public byte[] HashPassword(string password)
        switch (Algorithm)
            case "MD5":
                using (MD5 md5Hasher = MD5.Create())
                    return md5Hasher.ComputeHash(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(password));
            case "SHA1":
                using (SHA1 sha1Hasher = SHA1.Create())
                    return sha1Hasher.ComputeHash(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(password));
Is that appropriate?
7:59 PM
stringly typed
Or, in the case no algorithm fits, should I just assume some sort of default and go on with my life?
Well, I'm going to make it an enum soon. But I was curious about that question first.
why is HashPassword responsible for creating the hash provider?
Because I feel a method just for that part is not necessary.
Q: How can I raise an error if variable was not created during class initialization

jes516I would like to properly raise an error if self._header was not created when I initialize a NewFile object. This is working now, but perhaps there is more formal way of catching the error below: class NewFile(object): """ Docstring """ def __init__(self, filename): self.localdi...

Your error message is a bit ... strict ...
8:01 PM
if MD5 and SHA1 share an interface, take it as a parameter. If not, wrap them both with one, and take it as a parameter
actually, scratch that
missing context: Algorithm
    public enum HashAlgorithm
    public byte[] HashPassword(string password)
        switch (Algorithm)
            case HashAlgorithm.MD5:
                using (MD5 md5Hasher = MD5.Create())
                    return md5Hasher.ComputeHash(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(password));
            case HashAlgorithm.SHA1:
                using (SHA1 sha1Hasher = SHA1.Create())
                    return sha1Hasher.ComputeHash(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(password));
Does that seem appropriate?
put the throw in a case default branch
    public byte[] HashPassword(string password)
        return HashPassword(Algorithm, password);
    public static byte[] HashPassword(HashAlgorithm algorithm, string password)
        switch (algorithm)
            case HashAlgorithm.MD5:
                using (MD5 md5Hasher = MD5.Create())
                    return md5Hasher.ComputeHash(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(password));
            case HashAlgorithm.SHA1:
                using (SHA1 sha1Hasher = SHA1.Create())
                    return sha1Hasher.ComputeHash(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(password));
(So that you don't require an object to use HashPassword.)
I'm more or less thrilled with the creationism going on, but yeah looks ok
Unfortunately I don't think there's an idiomatic approach to that bit.
8:05 PM
Strategy Pattern ;-)
That message on the default could be changed.
You then could provide a list of available hash functions
the message is intended to the dev, I think it's fine
    public enum HashAlgorithm
Bam, supports all five major hashes.
Nice one
If they get to that default, they did something like (HashAlgorithm)6 (if that even compiles).
8:06 PM
Hopefully won't
Also, @Mat'sMug there is (somewhere, I don't remember where) a class in .NET that you can specify a string for the algorithm to be used. I'd rather use my enum and implement them explicitly.
Now, I wonder what the HashAlgorithm enum will look like in the XML.
who said all parts of .NET were A-1?
indeed enum is better than a string
still I think each case belongs in its own place
@Mat'sMug I can make a method HashMD5 and HashSHA1, etc. if it makes you feel better. :P
A: How does the Strategy Pattern work?

Jorge CórdobaProblem The strategy pattern is used to solve problems that might (or is foreseen they might) be implemented or solved by different strategies and that possess a clearly defined interface for such cases. Each strategy is perfectly valid on its own with some of the strategies being preferable in ...

I think this question is more appropriate for codereview.stackexchange.comNeil S 50 secs ago
8:17 PM
Of course, now I have to find a way to send this password over IRC to the Sara client.
That will be fun, because everything in IRC is public.
Request a 10minutemail
Then send the password to over there
It is deleted after 10 minutes
Let me elaborate
You ask the other person to go to 10minutemail.com
That person gives you a temporary email
You use that email address to send the password
Still, send it encoded, in some way
It's a bot...lol
Mission Impossible 9
8:23 PM
How's it goin'?
@EBrown You can private message on IRC, would that work?
Pretty meh
@EBrown Never send passwords in plaintext.
@skiwi I think that's what I'll have to do.
@Mat'sMug OFC the Stragety pattern is a particularly clear example of working around a language's constraints
8:35 PM
"language constraints", like "not being able to guess and re-implement the programmer's thoughts, now, and in the future".
anyone try to connect to an Azure SQL Database through Visual Studios?
I don't want to host this tutorial DB on this machine....
8:51 PM
so now you have 2 levels of nesting before and 2 levels of nesting after, that is much better than 4 levels of nesting in one place

- myself

Do you agree?
Example for reference?
Q: Raising an error if a variable is not created during class initalization

jes516I would like to properly raise an error if self._header was not created when I initialize a NewFile object. This is working now, but perhaps there is more formal way of catching the error below: class NewFile(object): """ Docstring """ def __init__(self, filename): self.localdi...

@Malachi No, but let me know how it goes, we're "investigating" hosting a new solution on Azure.
I agree
8:54 PM
I have a story
@Phrancis OMG he totally beat the crap out of your fizzbuzz!
So in class today I was playing a live quiz game with the rest of the class, and I chose the username const t& ref
Yeah no kidding, that's impressive
And then the teacher asked who "const t& ref" was, so I said, "me".
@RubberDuck so far it is a PITA. but I think it may have something to do with the fact that I am at work, and probably behind some fun firewalls that are restricting me from doing what I want....
8:55 PM
He then asked, "What does ... mean?"
@Malachi oh joy. I can't wait...
And then I spent the next 3 minutes explaining what "passing by const reference" meant.
@RubberDuck yeah. it doesn't look like it would be fun at all. maybe I will be ahead of the curve..... I hope
I am moving to Tennessee in 2 weeks and don't have a job yet.....
Oh.. man. Good luck buddy.
@Malachi Why are you moving to TN?
8:57 PM
I figured that meant you had found something new...
@Phrancis More open roads for hog-riders?
because I want to live there, instead of South Dakota...lol
and what @rolfl said
Guys, meta.codereview.stackexchange.com/questions is giving me some super-scary anti-virus warnings, any clue why?
8:58 PM
You should come to KY instead, we can break things write code together
@Caridorc same here
@Caridorc Remove the S from HTTPS
Except I'm just getting a 403 Forbidden error
@rolfl all nice and dandy now, thanks
You too, @Ethan ;-)
8:59 PM
@Caridorc drop the HTTPS
@Malachi little late buddy ;-)
@Malachi all nice and dandy now, thanks

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