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9:00 PM
my bad, I gave 2 units of blood earlier...so you could say I am about a pint low??
A: Similar methods to update today's sales, revenue, and profit

JordanInstead of dynamically defining a bunch of methods, you could just have one method that takes an argument that tells it what kind of work to do: def self.create_or_update_today(kind, network) meth = :"#{kind}_today" total = Conversion.send(meth, network) aggregate_name = "#{kind}Today" ...

Someone else wants to suggest dropping the 's'? ;P
@Phrancis that might be too far away from the in-laws.
@Caridorc change https to http
whenever they get around to moving down there
9:01 PM
@EthanBierlein all nice and dandy now, thanks
@Malachi Alright! If you're moving anywhere near Nashville we'll have to go have a beer next time I go down there :)
@Malachi - please say you're going to Chattanooga....
@rolfl closer to there than Nashville. Knoxville area
@rolfl why?
Just a cool name.... Malachi@Chattanooga
I think Chattanooga is like 2 hours away
9:07 PM
Heh, you can also go to Quebeck, TN ;-)
doesn't look like I am going to be able to connect to this Database from work.
That would make @Mat's feel odd
where are you at in Kentucky? @Phrancis?
9:08 PM
wait, there's a Quebeck city in TN?
@RubberDuck I cannot even connect from SSMS
after I changed the timeout to 60 seconds....
TN/Tenessee/Tennessee ..gawd 'muricans and their doubly-linked lists names
@Mat'sMug Yup ;-)
it's fake
Quebeck is an unincorporated community in White County, Tennessee, United States. It is located just off U.S. Route 70, southwest of Doyle and northeast of Rock Island, and roughly adjacent to Walling. Quebeck had a post office with ZIP code 38579. The community was founded in the late 1880s by J.S. Cooper, a local sawmill owner. He named it for the Canadian province of Quebec, having been inspired by his travels there. == References... ==
Can't be fake, has a wiki page
9:10 PM
@Malachi Louisville
> He named it for the Canadian province of Quebec, having been inspired by his travels there
Heh, did not do much to help him spell.... his travels there.
@Mat'sMug Try Mississippi
@Phrancis little bit further to get to Knoxville rather than Nashville
(wait, did I spell that right?)
9:12 PM
yes you did
@RubberDuck might be more simple than I thought...
had to download my subscription stuff and then import it into visual studio
@Phrancis that one's easy ;-)
I'm just surprised they didn' call it Meesseesseeppee (not really)
People from MS have the most annoying accent, if you ask me :)
TX is funny to hear, too
(waits for @Jamal to interject)
"Muh-zurrah" has a pretty funny accent too
9:28 PM
Q: TrieMap based Simple Graph API

mattLooking for some feedback regarding elegance, about my code below implementing a simple graph API basing on scala.collection.concurrent.TrieMap. Background: I am using TrieMap because concurrency is one objective, and it is the only concrete implementation of a concurrency safe index that comes...

Q: Three in a row: Tic, Tac, Toe

SirPythonThe other day, I started thinking of a new personal project to start that I wanted to do in Java. As I started to do it, I realized that I was constantly deleting classes, creating new ones, merging them, etc. I finally have come to the conclusion that my understanding of OOP is not very strong. ...

@CaptainObvious Epic-tac-toe. Very nice post @SirPython :)
Thank you @Mat'sMug!
10:22 PM
@Phrancis Try the Noo Yahka accent?
I now just understood what you were trying to say
Is it just me or does it feel like we minnesotans have no accent
We don't have a very thick one, but we do have one.
Everyone has an accent, really.
10:24 PM
(PS, I don't know what at NY accent sounds like, I just know they have a thick one.)
I've got to describe two-factor auth in a full page.
I've got a bit over half a page done, and I've exhausted my description.
I know more about it than that, but that material has to go into the discussion on it.
Huh, I think your paper might be better than it's Wikipedia article: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two-factor_authentication
What did you think?
All my papers are better than Wiki articles.
Oh wait, I have to incorporate one more peer-reviewed source, and I can't cite it in the first or last sentence in the paragraph, that should give me some more filler.
Standing ovation?
sure why not
10:35 PM
Q: 2D Points painting program in C++

theodenI've written a simple program in C++ to practice OpenGL. It takes a set of numbers through STDIN and then plots it in Decartes coordinate system with x for position in input, and y for the value itself. Example Input: 1 4 9 16 25 36 49 64 81 100 121 144 169 196 225 256 289 324 361 400 Points...

Found you in Harvard, @rolfl
Handsome, right?
Looks like it has a terrific black eye, or something.
Probably the glass cage.
Tricky taking pictures of stuff that's behind glass. If you look closely you can see a bird's reflection that must be across from it too
10:43 PM
You can block some of that by using a polarization filter.
It's definitely a nice looking specimen
ugh. documentation hurts my fingers
and my brain
I'm not sure how to cite a Chinese name with a dash (Jing-Chiou Liou). Is it Liou, J. C., or Liou J.?
unless it's in-code documentation
then I love it
10:46 PM
@Hosch250 Do you have to abbreviate the first name, or can you just leave it in full?
APA style, must be abbr.
Pretty sure it should be "Liou, J.-C."
According to APA
I'll ask my professor.
You gotta do what the Prof says, even when he is wrong...
What the heck does that even do?
it crashes your entire browser
10:50 PM
@EthanBierlein Ironic, because as soon as I saw this chat message (I expanded the tab), my browser crashed.
don't click it chrome users
I copy/pasted that into Edge, IE, and IceDragon (FF).
Yup, every time I mouse-over that link, my browser crashes.
FF gives me a 404 error, IE gives an invalid popup, and Edge forwards it to Bing, which returns this Wiki page as the top hit:
The .30-30 Winchester/.30 Winchester Center Fire (metric 7.62×51mmR) cartridge was first marketed in early 1895 for the Winchester Model 1894 lever-action rifle. The .30-30 (thirty-thirty), as it is most commonly known, was the USA's first small-bore, sporting rifle cartridge designed for smokeless powder. In Mexico and Latin America, it is known as the treinta-treinta (Spanish for "30-30"). == Naming == The .30 Winchester Smokeless first appeared in Winchester's catalog No. 55, dated August 1895. As chambered in the Winchester Model 1894 carbine and rifle, it was also known as .30 Winche...
10:53 PM
Not bad, compared to Chrome.
Is %30 like CHAR(30)?
brb chrome keeps doing weird shit, so I'm gonna restart it
It's art
gotta go, time to find chinatown
Oooohh ok
10:56 PM
Huh, I didn't realize we hit 30k stars.
I wonder what percentage of our messages are starred.
Q: Method that return related entities using OData

MegaTronThere is method GetFull that should use OData return related entities. When I call GetFull(12, "entity1,entity2") then I will get to current object with id = 12 and related entity1 and entity2 (http://.../api/City/12?$expand=Region) When I call GetFull(12, "0") then I want to automatical find a...

Good question. I wish SEDE included chat, though I suspect that would have its own separate servers and stuff and probably would not be worth the effort for them
Liou, J.
@EthanBierlein Ohhhhh that makes sense.
11:06 PM
null, in any form, can sometimes be very evil
Q: Support for searching chat messages with a regex-like syntax

Ethan BierleinOften times I want to search for messages containing words with varying lengths of characters, like, Shhhhh versus Shh, or Hellooo versus Helloo. It would be helpful if we could have a regex-like system for searching through chat messages. For example, I could type this: (s|S)(h|H)+\.* And it...

Not hugely related, but related in a way
brb, gonna go outside for a lil' while
Speaking of null...
in Cardshifter TCG, 5 hours ago, by Phrancis
Why would you store the text Object reference not set to an instance of an object. in a field in a database...
Actually now I'm more interested in how it got there rather than why :)
@Phrancis What are you going to do to the guy?
.Net folks, any ideas on this NullReferenceException text could have been inserted into a SQL database field?
@Hosch250 Same thing as the 'NULL' guy I think.
What's that?
Fix the mess ;p
11:13 PM
I thought maybe it was something a bit more dramatic.
Hmm I wonder since null is such a frequently used "value" in SQL is why they gave it its own special syntax, as opposed to more general programming
So that something like IS 'NULL' would error instead of just blindly returning no results
What syntax, NULL?
C# has null.
Some languages use nil.
I mean, the comparison to null in SQL is written differently
11:17 PM
@Hosch250 Nil usually has a different effect in those languages
Oh, you can't write IS NULL?
@itsbruce Oh, OK.
@Phrancis what's .net doing in Cardshifter?
No, actually you have to write IS NULL
Some languages have Nothing.
WHERE myColumn = NULL --syntax error
11:18 PM
Oh, I see.
IS is a reference comparison?
I guess so
= is a value comparison?
^ that yes
If there aren't any values to compare in NULL...
Ah right, makes sense
11:19 PM
Wait, the NRE text was inserted by SQL Server?
@Mat'sMug Yes. That was @ work not on Cardshifter
A physician order for a patient had that text in the order detail field
Probably inserted by a .NET application.
I got quite the chuckle out of it, imagining it printed out like that and the patient taking that to a pharmacy lol
@Phrancis aaah... I really doubt the NRE came from SQL Server
Probably didn't get it, though.
Yeah, probably a canned transaction in an app the doctor was using.
11:21 PM
@Mat'sMug Right, that's why I wondered how it got there. The application is .Net / C#
Clearly a bug in the application
Needs more debugging.
Yeah, problem it it's such a huge application now that little one-off things like that we usually update the database or have some kind of SQL trigger that fixes the errors automagically
(which it did)
C# code that writes an exception message into a db field (and not its .ToString value - although even that would be wtf)... needs more than just debugging
Now, it's conceivable that that was done on purpose and that something behind the screens is programmed to look for those values and do something with them
11:24 PM
I'd be scared to look at the code
@Phrancis Wow. I never even thought of that.
If that is the case, that guy needs to be degraded lower than burger flippin'.
To be fair, the exception message did eventually get cleaned up after I reseeded the order's XML document to the database (and waited a while)
10 years ago, was working at a web consultancy where one team had created an app where one entire database contained nothing but nulls
Just wow.
11:26 PM
I think I want to get a job building something from scratch.
@itsbruce By accident or by design?
But by design, or by intention, or, they just forget to mention
That ....
Wait, that's a joke right?
(Snippet from a song I'm listening to.)
@Phrancis By bad design
11:28 PM
@Phrancis What's a joke?
Was like one of those April Fools jokes about /dev/null being full or /dev/random running out in 2031
@Hosch250 Because a database can't contain all nulls, otherwise it wouldn't be a database, since null is not a value
No, that is known as a Null Database.
(and SQL databases are tables and rows all the way up the chain, at least TSQL is)
11:29 PM
It is a specific design pattern often implemented by <insert your favorite enemy's name here>.
Same crew preferred to create their own primary keys in the other database, but first inserted the customer order record with a zero value and then updated it to the next available number.
And since the field had a unique constraint...
Hey @Mat'sMug aren't even stored routines and execution plans stored in "tables" in TSQL? (that could very well be wrong)
If more than one customer placed an order at the same time, one of them would lose out.
...why make it simple when you can look smart explaining a convoluted design to your clueless boss?
11:32 PM
@itsbruce Let me guess. they had a clustered index on the ID too ... right?
Nothing so complex. But with a unique constraint, you can't create two orders with a primary key of zero at once, obviously. Only their logging was a bit unhelpful. Took a while to track the cause.
They got dumber with time
Guess they never heard of @@IDENTITY eh
My favourite was when they wrote a new logging module for a new application platform. Only they never tested it with UTF8 input.
@itsbruce fun concurrency issues in sight
So as soon as the platform saw real use, the logging failed. So far, so stupid.
But what was really special was that every app and service which used the logging module crashed when the logging crashed.
11:38 PM
Logging should NEVER have side effects on the code which uses it.
I mean, the code the other teams wrote was rather smarter and could certainly handle UTF8. But died at the hands of the logging module.
When you started I thought you meant "login" code... but "logging" code...?
Logging. That fire and forget thing that should always return straight away and fail (if it does) somewhere out of harm's way
Today's crappy meta post:
Q: Stack Overflow closed my account due to upvoting my friends

H. AqjnWhy did Stack Overflow delete my account without any warning? They said that: "You are fake" I had just upvoted one of my friend's post. They closed my account without any warning. The worst things is that they did not answer me and keep ignoring me.

So, someone I know in a professional capacity changed their "about me" line to: "I Love New Edition #CandyGirl" ...... and I was doing an online chat thing with them. The conversation went something like this:
Me: Also, I googled "candygirl" and was surprised ;-)
Them: what did you come up with?
Me: Wiki page for CandyGirl: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CandyGirl
Me: yeah, that ^^^^
Them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PZHG4_bKxA
11:42 PM
However ur punishment is too severe for my guilt, you should devote the votes of my friend and give a warning message to me, and if I repeat my fault u could cut my head. — H. Aqjn yesterday
I don't think "devote" means what they think it means
Meta.SE is a treasure-trove of shitposts, and all manners of things bad.
Oh, now this one is golden:
Q: Why 'Meta'? Why not 'Bobcat'?

Paranoid PandaI understand what the Meta sites are, their purpose in life, and their importance, however I do not understand fully why they have the name 'Meta'? I mean, why not 'Bobcat'? Could someone please explain?

Q: Routing java Objects using conditional consumers

Bassem Reda ZohdyAs per a previous question Here and Answers I got I used it to get new implementation below please check and send me your feed back, I found that I have to make 2 implementations match once "to ignore other consumers after matching once" and match all "to execute all consumers its filter matching...

Well he said that it would maybe belong here so you could have asked a site-recommendation question here first to see if the question is in the right place. — PythonMaster Sep 19 at 1:25
So meta
I wonder
What if we had a meta-meta site to discuss the meta site
11:50 PM
And then we had a meta-meta-meta site to discuss the meta-meta site
and then so on and so forth
while(true) { meta += "Meta"; }
That's like places which use Scrum but teams can't agree on the meaning of "Done"
So you get both "Done" and "Done-Done"
while(true) { if(false) { completeWork(); } }
Once you get to "Done-Done-Done", time to leave before the identity of the murderer is revealed.
11:53 PM
@EthanBierlein Wow, you're right. Try looking at the least voted questions.
This user, in particular has ~3 of the least voted questions: meta.stackexchange.com/users/157251/evan-carroll
@EthanBierlein He is a inspiration, and god to all trolls. He manages to troll to within micrometers of "the line" and very seldom crosses it.
possible answer invalidation by h.j.k. on question by gnarlyninja: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/99030/revisions
That's a special CAPTCHA just for you. — user27414 Aug 7 '10 at 18:01
@rolfl I agree on the troll part ^^
Q: Anti-Badges for trolling/ridiculous behavior

anonI think we should have anti-badges. They could be implemented as a sort-of punishment for doing stupid things such as; Get -10 score and no upvotes on any post on the meta site for this site. -- Idiocracy Badge, lose 20 rep. Have 2 questions closed as "Not a real question." -- Blasphemy badge,...

11:58 PM
@rolfl That's actually quite impressive
His real strength was creating havoc on site elections

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