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3:00 PM
also flagging me for telling you the rules is not how this works
sorry guys I dont know
@Vogel612 you could have had a bit more.. tact
@jvchn its okay
Sometimes Vogel just needs a snickers
You may find better luck in other chat rooms like the stackoverflow chat rooms or by asking on S/O itself
@ARedHerring I'm actually good right now. and I didn't kick him, you know?
I had awesome lunch :D
@Vogel612 No, you didnt, but "I am very tempted to kick you" is still quite rude. No one had told him about it not being an appropriate place.
Wonder if I can omit some elements from this XML.
3:02 PM
hm. Wonder what made them think this was an appropriate place...
but yea you got a point
@jvchn This chat room is mainly for discussing 2nd monitor or idle chat if nothing is going on.. sometimes we answer questions but those almost always offshoot into other chat rooms.
@Vogel612 Well, StackOverflow being very judicious about forwarding people here for one..
@jvchn please see this meta post for information about what goes on in the 2nd monitor. :-)
From which I quote:
> The 2nd Monitor is a nice-people-room and the regulars there can help you out with mostly any Stack Exchange questions you might have,
Q: Silex - Guzzle call to external API

Joshua DalleyI'm at the point where I am happy with the functionality of my code but I dislike how its written. It seems like I can be more modular with it but I can't seem to figure out how to improve on it without changing to much. I understand that I can probably merge both getMed Methods but they are end ...

If this is working code that you think could be improved, consider Code Reviewjonrsharpe 42 secs ago
My visual studio has so far crashed 3 times in a row when pressing "Debug".
Damn. IntelliJ doesn't do that.
3:14 PM
Sometimes I wonder if it's jsut me and I'm the problem with VS.
No, neither does SublimeText.
That's the problem with using proprietary stuff: not enough people interested to make good open source alternatives.
actually there's an OSS alternative to VS..
but... it's still really really buggy
in VBA Rubberducking, 9 mins ago, by Mat's Mug
Complains when it shouldn't, and lets go of actual compiler errors... man you've convinced me to never even try Mono! :-)
it made me break the Rubberduck build
@Vogel612 the reason we're using VS is because of TFS
and because half of the front-end code (TypeScript) that is written relies on a quirk of VS to actually compile
Thats... complicated. Really, really complicated matter.
no. it's dumb and retarded by project management
but alas
3:19 PM
@Vogel612 "dumb and retarded" is the mantra of our internal systems, unfortunately.
I had to butt heads with someone who wanted to access my project's DB directly instead of use the well-defined web API we have written
And when I pointed out the architectural issues within the projectI 'm working on and provided solutions on how to fix them, I was accused of throwing my toys of out of the pram and making a fuss out of nothing
They asked me to run my email by my colleague so he could ratify it... the architectural problems were about how the front-end Angular code is handled. My title is "AngularJS developer". My colleague's title is C# developer.
I mean.. it's almost like they hired someone to do AngularJS but doesn't want to listen to his opinion on AngularJS development. Shrug
/rant over
Q: Writing computer generated music to a .wav file in C

coderoddeI wrote this simple C program for writing computer generated music to a WAV file over three years ago. I refactored it a little, but it does not look good to me. Any suggestions? #include <stdbool.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> /****************************** * Magic file format str...

Q: Finding all legal bishop moves

El ConfusoI am trying to create a two player Chess game. To do this I want to generate a list of legal moves. I am having trouble with the brevity of the code to generate the moves for the rooks and bishops. The code I have pasted below works (i.e. shows legal bishop moves) but there is a lot of repetitio...

Q: Get count of digits of a number that divide the number

adele dazimSo, here's a program in python to get the count of digits that divide the number. If you give the program a list like [24,10245], you get an output of: 2 2 This is the code: def count_div_digits(l): for number in l: count=0 digits=str(number) for digit in digits: ...

If this is working code that you think could be improved, consider Code Reviewjonrsharpe 9 secs ago
3:46 PM
Q: python - Automate branch merging with git

Jean NassarI wanted to learn how to use python to replace bash, and found this old post from 2008 or 2009. The output of git has changed a bit, though, so I decided to remake it. I also decided to try out docopt and sh. Everything from sh I guess can be replaced with subprocess or os, but I thought it look...

Define your own function std::unique_ptr<void, void(&)(void*)> make_resource() { return std::unique_ptr<void, void(&)(void*)>(resource_new(), resource_delete); }? ExampleKerrek SB 41 secs ago
@Duga are you meant to work like that? (like is a review on CR)
how many times does google get used on a business day for developerrrrrr
I find it funny that google can be used only five minutes a day for one solution
can someone ask that question to me
I think I can safely say that everyone here would not be in a job without google
Someone must be using bing
3:52 PM
@ARedHerring currently duga only checks for the substring ...
IIRC trivially quirky markdown falls through the gaps
I get why it might not be checked, but I was wondering whether or not that was intended behaviour and if not what do
My dad said using google for my projects isn't going to get me now where in life
@june1992 depends a little...
btw. your age is not relevant and your username is a tell.
well I"m 23 I was just trying not to sound like a dweeb
but can someone explain
@JacobRaihle I mix it up with Bing sometimes, Google's results are predictable.
3:55 PM
There's nothing really much to explain
Yes, programmers use google daily
I actually started using duckduckgo.
Or QuackQuackGoose.
Unless your dad is a software engineer he is not qualified to tell you what to do or what not to do
My mum spent 6 years in my teenage years berating me for spending too much time on the computer when I was learning programming. In my first job, she asked me for money because I earned more than she did
and even then he isn't necessarily qualified anyways
So, yeah, your dad probably doesn't have a clue about what to suggest
If you want to learn programming go out and do it.. don't expect strangers on a chat room to hold your hand because your dad said something
(with all due respect)
Use google (or whatever alternative you fancy), but if there's time you should practice getting by without it. You are going to run into circumstances when it can't help.
3:58 PM
@JacobRaihle And you will come across managers who think using Stackoverflow/Google is a waste of 'valuable employee time' and that you should just know how to do your job without it.
(In fact there was a question on workplace about this ~1 year ago)
@ARedHerring when I find someone like that, I'll resign if I can't get somebody higher up to set them straight
@Vogel612 If I resigned every time I had an incompetent manager I would never be able to find a job, seriously
In this country there are very few software houses
You have a choice of working under someone who has no idea how tech works or not eating
i don't plagiarize
BTW.Home (boy was thsi a sucky day)
@ARedHerring I am glad I live in Germany...
4:03 PM
@june1992 If you understand what your code means and does, don't worry about using Google. Everyone does it. You're in trouble when you start pasting blocks of code that you then can't understand or you can't write anything without looking it up first.
@june1992 Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that... just that (despite what people say) some problems are specific enough, or novel enough, that no one has actually had to solve them before. And that's when you may have to leave your otherwise invaluable search-fu behind and go read some documentation/source code/logs/debug output.
@ARedHerring So that rivets thing dropped page load time a lot, and I found the other thing that was really slowing it down as well.
I understand
I was just wondering
Theoretically I could go by without googling with my Java knowledge, but I usually google for the Java documentation :P
If you know what you are doing then you don't need google, but you want to build up your knowledge first
I got emailed by a recruiter about my GitHub
Called them. Said I'd send them a cv tomorrow
Got emailed from same recruiter about my stack overflow
.... Same email. Just swapped GitHub for stack overflow.
4:18 PM
Reply to both with the exact same CV, maybe you'll get 2 interviews.
Try to get them at the same time so you don't have to travel twice
I already said I wasn't interested
How do you make that mistake rofl
From what I've heard, they probably just want to contact a bunch of people cause they know a lot say no.
Q: final private function __construct()

FlosculusThis is a question of best practice. Due to the lack of support for initialized default object values for class properties, I am experimenting with a self factory. class Entity { protected $guid; protected $createDate; public static function create(Guid $guid = null, \DateTime $cr...

4:27 PM
@CaptainObvious Best-practice question.
4:46 PM
@ARedHerring It's "cute" that you think there's a real person with that rectruiter's name. My suspicion is that the computer has a name, and that different humans pretend to be that name when someon real calls. When a telemarketer calls you, and say: "Hi, my name is Bonnie".... what do you think the odds are that their name really is Bonnie?
@rolfl Where I live it's common thing for telemarketers to give their real names. I don't know why they wouldn't?
Anyone has a github.io site and 5 minutes? Hop into the VBA Rubberducking chat room :-)
4:49 PM
Did you hear about the telemarketer that's part robot?
@rolfl I have no reason to suspect that telemarketers are lying about their names. All recruiters I've been in contact with have existed in real life and seem to have legit linkedin profiles etc... why would you suspect anything else?
@JacobRaihle Because I have, in the past, worked with recruiters who did, and was friends with telemarketers who did, too.
it is especially common in call centers too... where the operator has a non-English name.
There's a telemarketing company that had their operators using a soundboard instead of actually talking, so they could just choose particular voiceclips to speak for them and the operator never actual said a word.
Hi, My name is "James", and really, you can tell from the accent there is no ways.....
@rolfl Ooohhhh yeah. Your right on that one
@SuperBiasedMan Seems pretty crazy!
4:53 PM
We once had someone apply with a pseudonym but otherwise I've never encountered it. Most telemarketers seem to be open about their foreign names in my experience, but I guess that would vary greatly depending on country.
@TopinFrassi Yeah! There was a recorded call where they kept trying to ask "Could you please say 'I am not a robot'?"
But literally all the operator could do was dance around it, play "...what?", "There is a real person here" and a laughing clip.
@EBrown it shouldn't drop it by 'a lot' - its a small library
@ARedHerring There used to be a witless recruiter lurking on the London LUG mailing list. At one point, somebody raised a question about CVS... and he popped up with "I know all about CVs! I can help you write your CV!"
5:01 PM
@itsbruce LOL
Funny enough, this position was in London
Maybe its the same guy
After that, we all just took to referring to recruiters as pimps. He stopped lurking.
On that bombshell, I'm off for the day
bb @SuperBiasedMan!
Later all!
Although not directly related to your question, I wrote in depth about left- and right-folding some time ago: codereview.stackexchange.com/a/87626/216Chris Jester-Young ♦ 22 secs ago
5:10 PM
@ARedHerring Yes. There was a link that pointed to CR, @Duga catches it.
If you have working code and are only interested in optimization / improvement, the Code Review stackexchange may be a better place to post, provided to check their requirementsTrobbins 49 secs ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because improving working existing code belongs on the Code Review Stackexchange. — scrappedcola just now
5:34 PM
Q: Random Word Splitter[performance]

SkumyolI wrote a word splitting function. It splits a word into random characters. For example if input is 'runtime' one of each below output possible: ['runtime'] ['r','untime'] ['r','u','n','t','i','m','e'] .... But it's runtime is very high when I want to split 100k words do you have any suggesti...

Q: Java InfiniteStream with Queue

Bassem Reda ZohdyI did InfiniteStream by implementing Stream and Consumer so you can initiate the stream then consume object using it, and added queueing for it to handle storing more than one value from accept please send me your feedback: https://gist.github.com/bassemZohdy/e5fdd56de44cea3cd8ff

5:56 PM
I've been meaning to ask this for a while. Yesterday, I profiled using a dictionary's TryGetValue(key, out val) method compared to using a switch statement, and the switch was slightly faster.
Like, on the order of 4 ticks per call, sometimes more, some times less, the first call is much more expensive.
honestly, that's probably going to be the case in most situations
This isn't milliseconds, just the clock ticks, or whatever in C#'s Stopwatch class. Milliseconds were the same.
the trade-off is that use of a dictionary can sometimes (often?) be much easier to read than a switch statement
I know.
I use dictionaries regularly, but at what point would it be important to consider switching?
brute performance optimization against hardcoded values
5:58 PM
if you only have a few cases, it's probably just as easy to read with a switch
Like, in a time-critical system, where lives are at stake?
not so helpful when you actually have a dynamic dictionary
Suppose I have 20-30 values?
@Hosch250 yea, but usually you get more out of other places
Well, I know.
6:00 PM
depending on usage, switching the list implementation you use can get you hours in long-running processes
if you had a time-critical system, I would expect you to have acceptance criteria for performance, and you'd have to profile one way vs the other to see if it was necessary/useful to go with a switch over a dictionary
True, but at less than a millisecond per call, that time gain could be over days/years.
correct. but sometimes that's not what matters, but the time until you respond.
I mean, the time difference was really only noticeable for the first call - in ticks. Even the first call was well under a millisecond.
6:18 PM
wow that flag was handled quickly
Someone's using Simon's program.
Q: I have json file with multiple value data and i want to fetch the subcategory data to use Angularjs

Harshit GuptaI have json file with multiple value data and i want to fetch the subcategory data to use Angularjs by passing category id value in url this is category url http://api.remix.bestbuy.com/v1/categories?apiKey=uh8w84g28ckp7m6swzpx5vkc&format=json and if the category ip this "abcat0010000" is pass...

CommitStrip - Blog relating the daily life of web agencies developers
Me, my code, and I
Continuing with the interesting disease study from last night: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fibrodysplasia_ossificans_progressiva
Hey, @PaulaBlanton
@CommitStrip as someone who has maintained a project code base for a while, this happens quite often -_-
6:28 PM
Wow. One of my digital classmates kisses her computer screen. I'm glad I don't have to be around her.
> This user is suspended on the parent site and cannot chat for 3031 days.
just saying
Oh, interesting.
That's 8.30 years!
What did he do? Forget to check for null?
Nah, probably removed a null check.
6:33 PM
LOL. Pretty soon we'll all be removing our null checks, if the C#7 feature request goes through.
and "parent user" goes 404...
also for whatever reason I just got logged out..
@Hosch250 it's really unfortuante that any solution they come up with has to be bolted-on :(
C# builds on a broken foundation, everything mutable.
The libraries are even worse I guess.
6:44 PM
@JohanLarsson That's... not broken. It's just a different way of looking at things.
Add default null then.
Illegal state default instead of unrepresentable.
null is evil and I wish it would go away :|
Personally, I'd rather work with a language where things are mutable, rather than immutable. It's just a little easier.
Sure but be explicit about it
While it is easier to work with, I do agree that immutability is pretty awesome.
6:48 PM
amusingly, F# has different syntax categories for mutable variables - I changed the color settings so all mutable variables are colored red :)
I do like it that F# has that feature
let mutable foo_bar = ...
I haven't worked with mutable stuff in F# for a while though, so I'm not sure if that's correct though
Q: Optimize program to print octothorpes

adele dazimGiven a number, let's say 6, a python function should print hashes in the following format. The last row prints six octothorpes : # ## ### #### ##### ###### The function I have is this: def hash_print(number): for i in range(number): hashes='#' *(i+1) spaces...

@DanLyons Why red though?
are you aware of the F# channel on slack?
It is pretty active
6:53 PM
@EthanBierlein it makes them stick out quite a bit from everything else and indicates danger :P
waiting for email
gosh darnit
I'm gonna try re-entering my email
much frustrate
grr it's still now working
This is definitely the more active community, but you'll get at least some grief posting this sort of question here. codereview.stackexchange.com would be a better place, or the community you mentioned. — DavidS 42 secs ago
Don't post on a site because it's active. Post where it's on-topic. That said, A vs B questions seldom do very well on Code Review. Why not just put the code you're using up for a peer review and see what you get? — Mat's Mug 33 secs ago
It looks like the OP has an unsolved problem and two potential solutions that are being weighed (neither of which have been fully implemented yet, and so they cannot possibly be ready for code review). — Rainbolt 6 secs ago
7:17 PM
Q: Printing a huge document

bingoI have a web page containing n pages of paged data, showing 20 records at a time. The front end has a link to another page that opens the same data, but without the paging and calls window.print on document.ready. On my paged content view I have a link: <a href="printallthisstuff.php" target="b...

@Rainbolt, the codereview.stackexchange.com community doesn't require fully implemented code. — DavidS 56 secs ago
@DavidS, Uh, yes we do. Code needs to work in order for it to be on-topic on Code Review. Incomplete/un-implemented code is broken, and therefore off-topic. — Ethan Bierlein just now
@Duga That guy needs to shut up
@EthanBierlein that guy needs more CR activity
He needs to stop saying things he doesn't know about
there's that
7:23 PM
I will implement the code with solution 2 and submit to codereview. Solution 2 is the way I am leaning towards. Thanks for the comments and the input. — lilott8 just now
Q: Entity Framework And Disconnected Graph

Nick WilliamsIn an application I am creating I am using a WCF service which clients can connect to, to perform some business logic, which ulitmatley adds, updates or deletes items from a database. I am using Entity Framework (v6) to perform the database operations, however as no clients connect directly to th...

@EthanBierlein, the community docs claim that it's a matter of degree: it's not a binary choice: "Excerpts of large projects are fine, but if you have omitted too much, then reviewers are left imagining how your program works." ref. Personally, I am not left imagining what lilott8's code does or how to review it. There's enough for me to review. — DavidS 24 secs ago
@Duga shut. up.
@DavidS No, I'd again, disagree. There's too much missing code here to be on-topic on Code Review. This question would most likely be closed as hypothetical code. — Ethan Bierlein 49 secs ago
No clue why I created this, but here y'all go: github.com/ShearOfDoom/CodeReviewEnum
The magical Code Review enum.
7:41 PM
eh, let it come. and be nuked.
Q: Encryption and Decryption with python...Help I don't get what is wrong

Jismon JoseHelp I don't get what is wrong with my code it doesn't seem to encrypt properly please get back to me asap. def GetEncryption(): k1 = [] TranslatedMessage="" Message = input('Enter your message:').lower() Key = input('Enter your chosen keyword: ').lower() ...

@CaptainObvious needs another downvote to get off the front page
I added this to codereview: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/105300/… @DavidS I think I figured out your solution using enums. If it is what I think it is, I really like it. Could you please post it on the codereview post? Thanks. — lilott8 just now
@Duga Jave?
hey not a bad post at all!
7:48 PM
@DavidS As a moderator on Code Review, it's my duty to recommend you to read A Guide to Code Review for Stack Overflow users. Additionally, I'd like to invite you to our chat room if you want to further discuss the scope of Code Review. — Simon Forsberg 27 secs ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because the OP couldn't discern where this post belonged and neither could the commenters. Closing it is sufficient as the OP moved his question to CodeReview himself. — lilott8 13 secs ago
@Duga you're the OP... just delete your question...
@CaptainObvious I hope @rolfl notices that that one is reopened.
+150 today... I wonder....
7:57 PM
Q: Exposing configuration elements to program

lilott8I have a config file stored in a java properties file: output_path=/some/path/somewhere num_threads=42 # ad infinitum I have an singleton enum which controls the building of the config: public enum ConfigFactory { INSTANCE; public static final String OUTPUT_PATH = "output_path"; ...

Q: ConsumingRouter to consume based on condition

Bassem Reda ZohdyStarted as to make a stream splitter to split stream based on condition, but finally found that I did ConsumingRouter, to consume based on condition and while have to provide consumers before using this router not as splited stream can provide consumers then , and use this router inside forEach o...

@SimonForsberg ?
> Looking through the on-topic questions, I decided to categorize into three different categories, which can be used as close reasons.
read that out loud ;-)
reads the rest of the post
it's pretty good!
@EthanBierlein Very simple things are easier. Many complex things become very fragile (e.g. concurrency/parallelisation).
A: How should we revise the standard off-topic reasons, if we can have up to five?

Simon ForsbergLooking through the on-topic questions, I decided to categorize into three different categories, which can be used as close reasons. I have not added any markdown to the close reasons as I wanted to more or less "throw this out there" first, before focusing on the exact details. I do like Rober...

Thanks for the link, @SimonForsberg. I've read that now, but it hasn't really changed my viewpoint. "Insufficient context" is a subjective call. Personally, I think the user provided sufficient context in this question for a useful review, and having read lilott's new question on codereview, I feel the same way: the new question has added a few more lines of explicit code, but it has the same amount of useful context. Fortunately the system is self-regulating, so if I'm in the minority here, little harm will come from it. — DavidS 20 secs ago
@EthanBierlein actually... not fully implemented seems to be a-okay on codereview
so long as it works fine for what it's supposed to do.
8:03 PM
@Vogel612 as in "it currently throws a NotImplementedException, but when I'm done with that part it will fly a Rocket to the Moon - I'm just not interested in that specific part at the moment."
that's a different story then.
I was more at: "Oh and I wanted to get it to do this and that, too, but it works for now and it stinks"
I have a hard time throwing "not implemented" and "works fine for what it's supposed to do" into the same mental bucket
as do I
That said I haven't seen the question actually..
I'm here now, so you don't need to keep copying my controversial comments, should I continue making them.
i.e. I will make them here :-)
Hello :)
8:13 PM
@DavidS @Duga is our ever-knowing watchbot. We don't copy your comments, she does ;)
(I know I said "Night" a few minutes ago, but I just posted a review of some code...)
@SimonForsberg I did notice
Q: Greyscale converter performance in Swift

Dániel NagyI have a single class which converts an image's colors into greyscale (except one given color, which will be left as it was before). Here is it: class OneColorFocus { private let redMultiplier = 0.2126 private let greenMultiplier = 0.7152 private let blueMultiplier = 0.0722 pri...

@DavidS The question is a lot better now, from a CR point of view. We've had several issues in the past where example code led to a review which lead to the OP saying "but that's not what I actually do."
I'll try this again: Night!
8:18 PM
Will anyone do the conversation with @DavidS? @Mat'sMug? Idk, if he came here for explanation someone should give them and I'm not well placed to do it
Oh, no, that's fine. I'll just idle for a bit.
I mean, I can see that the question is better now: can't argue that. Personally, I wouldn't have voted it down if it were posted in it's original form.
@DavidS We suffer from a lot of SO people migrating (or asking for the migration) of questions over here which are actually completely off topic. Duga helps us catch that.
Often saves people the hassle of being closed and migrated twice.
my own opinion on the question:
50 mins ago, by Mat's Mug
eh, let it come. and be nuked.
posted as-is (as it was on SO), I don't think it would have survived very long here
@DavidS eh, @Duga's a she - that's how she sees everything ;-)
8:38 PM
Nothing more humbling than going to cppcon where everybody knows C++ better than you.
Q: PHP Messager: Get new messages

samhepI am learning PHP and have been reading some books and tutorials, and I have started working on a php messaging site just to learn some techniques. The problem is that i cannot work out how to refresh the list of messages that a user is displayed. For example, when a user is sent a message they...

Q: Metadata on all files on given drive, updated regularly

Barry CarterI want to maintain a list of all files on my drive, along with meta-info such as their timestamp, size, etc. Currently, I run this cron job nightly: find / -xdev -noleaf -warn -printf "%T@ %s %i %m %y %g %u %D %p\n">/files.txt (the actual command is slightly different, and varies per drive, but...

Q: Find sum of K largest elements in an array

antonis_wrxThis is my code: public class Solution { public int getKthSum(int[] a, int k) { int kthIdx = getKthLargestIndex(a, k); int sum = 0; for (int i = 0; i <= kthIdx; i ++) { sum += a[i]; } return sum; } private int getKthLargestIndex(...

@LokiAstari somebody knows C++ better than our very own Loki??!!
BTW, ... I'm coming at you! ;-)
Well next week I will have brand new advice based on how badly the instructors/teachers beat me up.
Oh wow, I'm almost to page one of the all-time users
8:45 PM
I literally need just 40 more reputation.
I'm good with that, @Mat'sMug: that's compatible with my opinion that this question is a Codereview question. Maybe it can be improved into a better Codereview question, but it's still a Codereview question. Better for it to get downvoted and criticized in the appropriate community that over on StackOverflow, where it's been unhelpfully closed as a "Duplicate".
except, migration rule #1: don't migrate crap ;-)
at the end of the day, the best thing that could happened, happened: OP reposted on the appropriate site, and complied with CR's rulebook.
as far as SO is concerned, I think OP should just delete it
I understand that spirit of it, but crap is always going to be subjective. At worst I would call the original question "Should be improved", and the community that can actually help improve it is this one.
of course; I was just referring to migration guidelines. in this case "crap" stands for "would most probably get downvoted and closed on target site if posted as-is", not "unsalvageable broken code" ;-)
Oh, Oh, Java 8: return IntStream.of(values).sorted().skip(values.length - k).sum();rolfl 3 mins ago
Code Review 1-liner.... compare against:
19 mins ago, by Captain Obvious
Q: Find sum of K largest elements in an array

antonis_wrxThis is my code: public class Solution { public int getKthSum(int[] a, int k) { int kthIdx = getKthLargestIndex(a, k); int sum = 0; for (int i = 0; i <= kthIdx; i ++) { sum += a[i]; } return sum; } private int getKthLargestIndex(...

9:00 PM
This isn't CodeReview.StackExchange, but do yourself (and us) a favor and use variable names that mean something. x,k,c,j,o? — Gray 34 secs ago
A: Dynamic building of URLs

jwilnerBy in large, I think this approach makes sense and has a fine grasp of Python idiom. Nonetheless, if I'm going to go straight CR on this (maybe this should be at http://codereview.stackexchange.com/), I think there is a short list of things that're a little funky. Local variables don't need to ...

@Gray This is incomplete/broken code. It would be closed as off-topic on Code Review. — Ethan Bierlein 23 secs ago
@EthanBierlein I wasn't suggesting to put it on CodeReview, I was just throwing a disclaimer that I know that's not what they were asking about - I just thought I'd give some free advice (or complaining - depending how you take it, ha!) — Gray 18 secs ago
@Duga hey, let's rename this site "Code Complaints"
Very nice, @rolfl, but it looks like the poster will be excited to know if his implementation is "more efficient" than sorting the entire collection first.
@EthanBierlein are we a little trigger-happy?
9:08 PM
see latest 3 Duga comments
yeah, and.. ?
"This isn't CodeReview.StackExchange, but do yourself (and us) a favor and use variable names that mean something. x,k,c,j,o?" is in no way shape or form suggesting OP to repost/migrate on/to CR ;-)
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What are you asking? If you want code review go here. If you're asking how to solve a specific problem (you haven't) you're trying to complete, please make it clearer. — yuvi 5 secs ago
@Duga memory error. could be on-topic here. "works for small data sets but blows up with a memory error with the real multi-million records deal"
Maybe more suited for CodeReview? — Zsw 41 secs ago
@Duga boiled-down downvote-magnet, yes
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Q: Design problem-genome

buenasI am new to software design and I have been given a assignment on design creation and communication. Am not supposed to write a code rather communicate a software design. Am really confused on what i need to do. I will truly appreciate it if some experienced designers can advice me on a way forwa...

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Not. A. Joke.^^
But I don't want to touch the handle! Plus I have a very gentle foot.
Like a soft pawed ninja.
I thought "do... What???" When I saw that this morning at work
Well now you know. There are people like me.
10:04 PM
Uh, nobody's taken care of this yet?
Q: Design problem-genome

buenasI am new to software design and I have been given a assignment on design creation and communication. Am not supposed to write a code rather communicate a software design. Am really confused on what i need to do. I will truly appreciate it if some experienced designers can advice me on a way forwa...

@Phrancis There's the flush for 30 seconds before drinking, which is worse, right?
@rolfl pukes flushes puke
is LinkedIn in a good way to find a job just in theory
Don't know. I just started, and rolfl started not long ago.
I haven't got a job, and rolfl already had one.
(But, I'm not looking, yet.)
rolfl ?
10:13 PM
He works at IBM.
It can't hurt, @june1992. Personally I've been contacted by some recruiters via my LinkedIn profile. Mostly recruitment agencies, actually, but that's better than nothing.
oh its a screen name aha my mistake
If I was on a job hunt in the tech industry, I would definitely look up local recruitment agencies. They're free, and if you don't have connections, you may as well use them in addition to hunting on your own.
where would local recruitment agencies be aat
just in theory
just Google "<your city> recruitment or employment agencies" and something may come up, depending on <your city>
10:19 PM
Q: CGI Script for managing Unix Passwords

jecxjoAll the services I run on my server are based on Unix accounts. Since most web services have their own users and perform all the account management separate from the actual system accounts. So I created a cgi script that handles: Changing Passwords (Requires Old Pass) Assigning Contact Info (Re...

Q: Economic Policy Input and Output with JOptionPane

Mikeimport java.util.Scanner; import javax.swing.JOptionPane; public class EconomicPolicyGUI { /** * @param args the command line arguments */ public static void main(String[] args) { // TODO code application logic here double growthRate; double inflationValue; Scanner sc = new Sc...

Broken coffee is off topic here. Please read the help center pages first before posting — janos ♦ 7 mins ago
@janos Feeling tired? ;-)
@SirPython Java = Synonym for Coffe
Ah, I see the reference now. I thought it was one of those moments where you type/say something that you are thinking about, even though it's not part of the sentence.

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