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12:00 PM
@IsmaelMiguel you could parse the meta-post instead of manually having that collection
Hey, my program is also a lot faster if it only needs to write 1 MB instead of 1 GB of data ;-)
the form of these posts is always at least very similar
@skiwi We'd never have thought that'd be the case
12:00 PM
@Vogel612 Yes, I could do it
But it would be overly-complex
@IsmaelMiguel please start using the arrow-up key to edit messages...
Sorry :/
@IsmaelMiguel no not really.. why would it be?
I get mad when that happens
@IsmaelMiguel Your life would be much easier if you learnt to use replies.
12:01 PM
Why would it be?
@ChrisJester-Young I hate replies
Replies are great, you can reply to yourself
pings are often too unspecific
@IsmaelMiguel That's a strong response. Why do you hate replies?
@Quill They're great
@Quill @well you need to grab the message-id manuall...
12:02 PM
@Vogel612 Imagine parsing that, each thing has a different formatting.
no not really..
@ChrisJester-Young I hate because they make noise and fail to select the right name
@IsmaelMiguel that's pings...
@IsmaelMiguel Replies always use the right names.
@Vogel612 Isn't it the same?
12:03 PM
replies... that's the small arrow showing up in front of messages that links back
OH.... Sorry
you can get these replies by using the small arrow at the right hand side of a message
@IsmaelMiguel Cursor to the right-hand side of the message you want to reply to. The icon looks like a rightward arrow, next to the star.
What's more scary than a PC that doesn't boot? A VM instance that doesn't boot anymore
Click on it, then type your reply.
12:04 PM
@ChrisJester-Young You sound like a ... SE employee (:P)
@Quill ;-)
I'm aware of that, but it eats up so much time...
@IsmaelMiguel Does it? I find it much easier than trying to tab-complete a name.
Not to mention that replies provide the correct context.
@ChrisJester-Young Auto-completing the name is a matter of typing @ and then a letter
It often fails
@IsmaelMiguel I like the function because I can point out WHICH message I was answering to :)
12:07 PM
45 secs ago, by Chris Jester-Young
Not to mention that replies provide the correct context.
@Gemtastic But it takes so long..................
@IsmaelMiguel Learn to target better with a mouse. ;-)
(Say I, the Minesweeper fanatic.)
Not really, not to mention you can type what you wanna say and then add the reply. It'll appear neatly in the beginning of the message :)
Some people just rather to put what you'd describe as superfluous energy into their conversations here
Iteration 100: My RNN needs to learn more: pastebin.com/hu9fRhbh
12:10 PM
@skiwi Gibberish?
@Quill It kinda recognizes | as separator
Iteration 500: pastebin.com/eanGaYHH it learned more :P
@ChrisJester-Young That isn't the problem. Sometimes I have to type stupidly fast. Now Imagine moving the mouse first.
@skiwi You're doing machine learning for your random poster?
@Mast No, this is HearthStone card data :P
I think you need more input.
Like, at least 5k for something usable and 25k for something decent.
12:14 PM
Nah, it's learning a lot right now
@Mast 1K wants to disagree: pastebin.com/qA7hVgUy
@IsmaelMiguel What's "stupidly fast"?
Cuz, I type pretty fast (between 100 and 120 wpm), and I have no trouble with this. ;-)
I first click on reply, then I start typing ;)
@skiwi Me too, most of the time.
@skiwi If ta gew cards to Heanth of a random sumpe a'd weapon with
Masjoryom your opponent carss
Almost there ^^
So close
12:22 PM
ANNs confuse me
pastebin.com/AJVGnikE (2K iterations), now I'll stop spamming chat and share it later at more iterations ;)
You parse examples to create ones that fit within the rules of the examples, or something like that (right?)
Q: getting character from input stream

Bayant_singhHere is the function definition of get_line which:- skip whitespaces in the begining. stop at first white space. stop at first newline character and place it in the array. leave behind character if it does not have space available. int get_line (char* ch, int n) { if ( n <= 0) return...

@Quill Yeah... it uses it's data to train itself, and then sample data from it
> But when i enter more characters then the size and try to print the remaining character in main using the last while loop, it prints weird characters and not printing the remaining characters in the stream as required by the fourth specification of the function. Please tell me why this is happening?
VTC for broken code
12:32 PM
You should post this over at codereview.stackexchange.comfeeela 16 secs ago
@Vogel612 thanks i understand... — Bayant_singh 1 min ago
^ why not write an auto-comment?
@feeela meh. It's actually completely unclear.. this means it's not a good fit anywhere right now... codereview requires lots of context — Vogel612 just now
Why did he double comment it...?
@skiwi <b>Choose One</b> - Choss player pudl you have a2 Whenged's wilpon.
Those cards are going to be tricky.
I'm not sure if I can implement those :D
12:40 PM
Effect cards in general, but effects in which you have to choose in particular.
Blackrock Mountain | Minion | Common | Shaman | Macthe | 4 | 3 | 5 | Whenever this minion takes damage, summon a 2/1 Totarng.
It did generate this valid card
@skiwi You probably can, but some of them will be ridiculously OP.
This is something someone else has done: imgur.com/a/IEUSR
@skiwi If a Totarng is a thing, yea.
@skiwi Awesome.
(Do not look at work, others might notice you laughing)
12:41 PM
That's the kind of cards I expect at 5k.
I returned home 30m ago.
That's the kind of cards you expect from a RNN.
Machine learning is so fantastic.
Will you do manual sorting afterwards or will you continue till ALL cards are acceptable?
You pretty much need to do manual sorting, there will always still be... really weird stuff
But you can also generate an endless amount of cards
I wonder what that'd be like with CR posts?
or better even, every single SO post
You could machine generate crap!
@Quill Easily!
Curse of Naxxramas | Spell | Common | Shaman | Bliokton Rackenaer | 0 | 3 | 5 | Your other minions have +3 Attack and +1 Attack
@skiwi That's nice.
It doesn't understand the number units associated with spells and minions though :(
12:47 PM
Does it need to?
I'm not sure how to implement this
Goblins vs Gnomes | Spell | Epic | Shaman | Bencanting | 1 | Summon a random friendlace a minion to your opponent's cann friendly minion into your opponent's deck into his card in your opponent's hand.
@Mast Yeah... though for that example above I could choose the ignore the attack=3 and health=5 as they are not valid for a spell
@skiwi If they're not valid, remove them afterwards.
if (type -- spell) => nuke stat
Yeah, that'll work
@ChrisJester-Young "Stupidly fast" --> Way faster than I can handle
@IsmaelMiguel Hey, Look! A reply!
12:55 PM
:P nvm
I'm still processing it..
54 mins ago, by Chris Jester-Young
@IsmaelMiguel Your life would be much easier if you learnt to use replies.
@Mast It isn't
lol, I can't paste one generated card here because it would be offensive
12:58 PM
Please, please add such cards to your deck.
I got about 50 helpful flags this morning on SO.
@nhgrif Flagging 'vote to close because should be on CR.SE' comments?
Basic | Spell | Free | Shaman | Other Hound | 3 | While this is in your hand, deal 2 damage to ALL other characters.
@skiwi Sounds like Magic
1:03 PM
@Mast No. I went through the first 4 pages of one user's comments because half of them were "happy to help" and most of those also had a "thanks" comment I could flag
@nhgrif If you sit in the Tavern on the Meta, you can vacuum up helpful flags from so many sites
Q: Django form performance

acer123In my app, a user can modify a course that they created. One field is a "teacher" field and the user can select a different person to be the teacher. This ForeignKey creates 138 duplicated queries and I can't figure out how to make it more efficient. Model: class CourseCatalog(models.Mod...

@CaptainObvious Eww. broken formatting, and what seems like a bug fix request at the bottom
@IsmaelMiguel Unless you type at 150wpm, I don't wanna hear about it. ;-)
Jamal has some work there.
1:06 PM
Also, I'm 9 upvotes away from Swift silver badge on SO.
@ChrisJester-Young I don't know. Never tried it. Don't see a point in trying it anyway
Greetings, Programs.
<b>Battlecry:</b> If you're holding a Dragon, destroy all Health.
@skiwi LOL dat grammar
@Donald.McLean Greetings
1:08 PM
@nhgrif Wow.
Yeah. I only went through 4 pages.
@skiwi How many HS cards are there anyway?
@Mast Not quite sure, not an excessive amount unfortunately
I think in all card data there's 1100 entries, but that's more than just normal cards
Monking Morning
If you don't have 25k input, you may need to 'correct' your algorithm by manually selecting which are acceptable and which aren't. But that would be mixing two algorithms for one solution.
You could read the entire MtG database ofc...
1:10 PM
@Malachi Good morning
It looks like it's overfitting a lot though, it often returns actual data
The user has 30 pages of comments...
@Mast Mixing MtG with HearthStone might give weird results :P
@skiwi Definitely :)
@nhgrif And many are that bad? Thanks for helping to keep SO clean.
@nhgrif Are you scraping my page?
1:11 PM
Roughly half of all his comments (at least through 4 pages) are flaggable. All of my flags already approved.
Just got an e-mail I made the opensource.SE leaderboard. I posted exactly one question and one answer...
That's how bad it's going there.
@nhgrif Perhaps we should pay him a visit.
Try coding on that!
(And yes, shamelessly taken from 9gag)
It seems like you asked a yes/no question... If you want to show off what you tried and need help with code review you should ask on the code review site. — Neal 51 secs ago
What the...?
Blackrock Mountain | Minion | Common | Neutral | Undenturyn Horker | 6 | 2 | 7 | Your hero is <b>Immune</b> that die at the end of your turn instead. THIS IS A HAN SOLO JOKE.
@Neal This is a terrible fit for CodeReview. CodeReview is for fully working code. The code shown here is just example code, which is off-topic there. — Ismael Miguel 35 secs ago
1:21 PM
He is immune at dying
@skiwi LOL
Monking @Mut'sMag
Tavern Brawl | Spell | Token | Neutral | Rogues Decince | 2 | 3 | 3 | <b>Battlecry:</b> If you have no other Erics on the battlefield, rename this card to "Eric".
@skiwi hey wiski
1:40 PM
saw the minion movie yesterday! Awesome!
@Malachi really?
I loved it.
I'm still waiting to see The Streaming when it comes out at cinemas
I hope my laugh isn't too obnoxious....because I was laughing the whole time! lol
1:48 PM
@nhgrif Flag farm.
The garbage you encounter when carefully looking for bad comments. Darn.
Ok bro, I will start learn something from there, thank you again brother Dharmesh, you look like very nice person, are you a muslim?, real muslims are like you, they like to help people, and I have seen very scientific facts that Islam is the real religion. — Be Sar Jun 12 at 13:18
@Mast Wow.
I mean, it's SO.
If it was some religious site of the SE network, it may have fitted. Here, it's completely out of place.
@Mast Even there, it's beyond iffy
So, this started when I bumped into him on a question with someone asking for a code translation.
And instead of posting an answer I can downvote, he posted the translation in pastebin and posted link in comment.
1:55 PM
@nhgrif Found the question, bad.
Q: Can I reduce these single parameter methods any more?

YiweiGI've posted this question in SO, but someone suggested I ask it here to see if I could get some more insights. I have the following code: public final boolean doesExistById(Long id) { return dataAccessObject.findById(id) != null; } public final boolean doesExistByName(String name) { ...

can you send me sample project? so I can solve it in your project. — Dharmesh Kheni Jun 4 at 9:52
That's not how SE works...
Well, I'm out of flags, thanks @nhgrif & @Mast, I always love a flag-fest :-)
Flag time
I have like 80 flags I can use at a time.
The flags on this guy get approved quickly though.
1:58 PM
@Quill Yep, also out.
Already spend some flags earlier today...
@Mast there should be something better than just flagging with such crap comments..
that's not what mod work should be about...
A: Can a machine be taught to flag comments automatically?

Tim PostThis post alone is an amazing amount of work, the amount of work it actually represents is admirable. It's not an odd itch to want to scratch, we've been putting a lot of thought and time into comments lately. While we did find a few nice things to say about how comments on our sites are actually...

@Vogel612 Mods are too busy doing other things at SO. There are too many users on not enough mods.
It's 10am, I got to work half an hour late, and I'm sitting here in my office eating old potato chips from a bag in my desk...
Also, some of my best flags usually expire instead of getting handled.
A meta might be appropriate, but might also turn into a flame war.
2:08 PM
@EBrown Sounds tasty
Q: Is it good (or acceptable) practice to recursively call overloaded functions to handle input object hierarchy?

CBRF23Intent. I need to get a table from an excel worksheet. Sometimes I know the worksheet that contains the table, other times I might know it's going to be in one of a handful of worksheets, and still other times I might not even know what workbook it's in. To me, this seemed like a good place t...

@IsmaelMiguel They hardly taste good as well.
@Mast meh.. it might be better to prod Tim concerning how he thinks about adressing that
@EBrown Sounds bad now :/ But better than eating 2-months old mashmallow that was outside and in the rain
@IsmaelMiguel Not so sure about that. These aren't very old, but they're already mildly soggy.
2:11 PM
@Vogel612 If I were a mod, I wouldn't take anyone with my rep serious enough to invest the time.
@EBrown I have some corn stuff here. Tastes really great. Like bird food! It's healthy. But the can of monster that I drank before outweight it's beneficts.
@Mast Posts on the meta are all addressed, regardless of user rep.
Sometimes users with less rep are addressed more seriously.
@Mast I would answer that, but your rep sucks, here too, so I don't care ;-)
@rolfl Fair point.
For the record, meta is taken very seriously by mods.
2:17 PM
@rolfl Not on StackOverflow
Any question posted to meta is always, immediately "pinged" to all mods on the site.
Lets just say that I've posted a bug there and almost 1 year later NO ONE FREAKING CHECKED IT! Even the damn mods closed it as a duplicated. And guess what? Nothing, the bug is still here. Thanks to that, I can't edit a comment without sounding like a raging idiot, clicking everywhere in the page. Meta in this site is way better.
That's because we don't auto downvote
well, some of us don't
@Quill Speak for yourself.
I don't auto-downvote
2:21 PM
Most of the meta stuff is handled by normal users only really requiring mod intervention at the end of the question's life, or if it can't be answered by normal users
Meh, anyway, I gave up on StackOverflow's meta
I posted a question on Meta.SO once that was well received.
@EBrown I posted a question on StachOverflow's meta
It had over 25 downvotes
Q: Update On-Topic Help with Links to Common SE Sites

EBrownCurrent situation Some sites that are very closely related to SO are omitted from the on-topic page. Specifically, the sites below are not mentioned at all on that page. Code Review Programmers Code Golf I feel that the lack of knowledge (and information) about these other Stack Exchange si...

150 comments later, over 50 of them were just insulting me
2:23 PM
I have experienced none of the problems you guys are describing with the meta...
@IsmaelMiguel What was the question?
5 emails later, begging the mods to close the question
A ton of edits and edits to expose things I wanted to hide
And SO doesn't autodownvote. Code Review auto upvotes worse than StackOverflow auto downvotes.
@EBrown How to handle a profile photo that may promote sexualization
And it was downvoted?
2:24 PM
@nhgrif I think some of it, is people don't either reading the question, or they don't know the language and don't know how good the code is
It's not worth debating whether or not the downvotes were worthy without seeing the question. We only have your side of the story.
It was because a user had a photo with a girl, showing some cleavage
And I asked what I should do
Again... Without seeing the question itself, we only have your side of the story so it's not worth debating.
2:25 PM
6 hours later, there was people everywhere saying I'm a sexist bastard
@nhgrif Can you see deleted questions?
I can, yes.
Also, all I really got out of that question was one good answer by @200_success, and a bunch of crap from ChrisF about how "CR is not graduated so we cannot mention it on the graduated sites."
I have 20k on SO
@nhgrif Can't find the question, I'm investigating a bit
I have a print-screen at home
I can find and send later
Sort your own meta questions by votes?
2:31 PM
Testing out the fun little JavaScript..... Monking
@nhgrif Deleted posts don't appear in your own profile if they are older than 60 days deleted.... or something.
Q: property for C++

Алексей ФедоровStudying the metaprogramming I figured out a way to implement C#-like properties in C++. This is proxy object, that performs a specified function when you try to receiving or assigning values. #ifndef PROPERTY_H #define PROPERTY_H #include <functional> template <typename T> using get_functio...

@CaptainObvious Feature request?
2:33 PM
I like waffles
Specific programing question: how do I find the type from the constructor.
@Malachi - really? Nothing like keeping things even loosely related to Code Review.
@rolfl The Waffles were from the deleted message from the link you posted....
@Malachi I like pancakes more than waffles.
@Malachi Yea, same here.
great, now I want waffles D;
2:38 PM
@rolfl sorry that was quite a non-sequitur
Yeah, the link I wasted would only work for IsmaelMiguel
I forgot that the 404 was waffles .....
I never clicked the link until after you posted the pic.
Zombie, HOLY CARP, Malachi'd, JDQ, overengineering, TTQW, TTGH, monking, TS, RSA, Thanks, Santa!
it's all case sensitive
Why are you pasting all of that, though? And where is Jamalized?
2:42 PM
going to play with that at home later I think
@Malachi You didn't...
@Mast didn't what? it's a virus isn't it?
Ismael did.
@Malachi Zombie should be zombie then.
@Malachi mackerel
2:43 PM
@Quill see my comment
Holy Carp is in the same family as Holy Mackerel and Holy Halibut — Malachi 11 mins ago
Things Robin would say?
Just append ', Batman!' and it's authentic!
@rolfl "No deleted recent questions"
@Malachi That's Back To Waffles, isn't it?
@IsmaelMiguel OK, then it's older than "a while ago".
2:46 PM
@rolfl I have a full-page print-screen at home. I can send it later, to a 10minutemail.com email
A: What's a Zombie? And what are the many other memes of Code Review?

Vogel612Meme: BTW Originator: [attributed to] Malachi, Mat's Mug and Others Cultural Height: The 2nd Monitor Background: The many ways of backronymizing btw led to the introduction of the BTW enum: public enum BTW{ Bananas, Bring, Normal, Wall, Web, Win, Woods, Work } Thi...

bring the waffles
Q: Finding most frequent words from Google N-Gram dataset

firegurafikuI have written a program to process Google 1-Gram dataset in order to obtain the list of most frequent words. This is my second more or less working program in Haskell, so I really want to know if it complies with current Haskell best practices. I want to hear any your thought about virtually an...

Q: Is this a good way to serialize/deserialize objects to and from database concurrently in java?

SetuApologies for a lengthy post, I have a class which runs as spring bean in the container and its purpose is data persistence. In the overriden method public void executeDataSyncOperation(DataSyncOperation[] operations) we have option to persists the data in the operations array. But the flow of da...

Q: C : Homework Help - Queue Linked List, Enqueue - Dequeue - PrintAll, read from file,output to file

SpoonyForkySo the goal is to read from a file, airplane Id and airplane Code, enqueue into two different Queues, then print them both to one file. I'm using a Queue.h that looks like this #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> typedef struct{ // shoulda called this a plane char* id; // plane id int c...

@Malachi Fixed it.
does @Duga do reminders?
@Malachi No, but nearly any phone released in the last five-to-eight years has an alarm feature
2:55 PM
2:57 PM
Running out of stars.
Seriously BTW.Work
user image
Q: Implementing Dynamic Network Message Handling

EBrownI'm trying to handle network messages in a dynamic, and effective way, though I feel I've overthought it again. As of now, I have a very structured approach, but it feels as if it's a lot of overhead for such a simple process. The other issue, is that if I start making more types of Login messag...

Has anyone any other ideas on that?
@SirPython Do you have experience with PowerPC ASM?
@Mast No, but I have experience with other assembly languages.
Huh, according to Windows Task Manager (for all users) I'm using 4 GB RAM, but my system says 16 GB is in use
@Mast Have I wrote something terribly incorrect in my answer?
@skiwi Check your non-paged pool.
Just as well check what the system is using.
Mine says 13/16 is in use.
3:20 PM
15/16 in use, and allocated is 21/25
That's usually not good.
Also looked like it was paging on my D drive
But shouldn't I be able to see one specific program that uses that much RAM?
Should be or am able?
Because, yes, you should be able to see one specific program.
@skiwi Task Manager is a liar. Use the resource thingy
Unfortunately Windows is funky.
3:22 PM
It may lose track of stuff if the paging is triggered from inside a VM
@Mast Also, I looked up information about the instruction set and registers before and as I was writing my answer.
After shutting down the VM it gave me back my memory
@skiwi What software are you using to run the VM?
Q: Virtual Machine memory usage not appearing in TaskManager

Scott BussingerThere's something about Windows memory management and it's relationship to TaskManager that I don't understand and I'm hoping someone can enlighten me. If I'm running a virtual machine (doesn't matter if it's Virtual PC 2007, Virtual Server 2005, or VirtualBox since they act the same way) and br...

VirtualBox, but this post pretty much explains it
I use virtualbox as well
It's pretty annoying when the computer begs for RAM that I don't have
3:32 PM
@Mast Not sure exactly what you mean by "top key"... The name is indeed the identifier for the card, and is the first displayed item in the generated HTML
@Phrancis BTW.Normal Monking is the proper usage here my friend... :)
3:51 PM
@SirPython No, just curious.
@IsmaelMiguel You need to download more RAM.
@EBrown I don't have much time now, but just a question. Does the NetServer store the received messages from the client ?
@Mast I wish! I'm downloading a CPU, but it's running slow
"MAX_HEALTH" : 10,
"MANA_COST" : 30,
"ATTACK" : 3,
"HEALTH" : 10,
"flavor" : "The Great Grandfather, Emperor of all Deities, Vanquisher of Evil.",
"name" : "JADE EMPEROR",
"description" : "Give creatures of type Chinese owned by you on Battlefield 3 HEALTH\nGive creatures on Battlefield -1 ATTACK\n",
"type" : "Chinese God"
Starts with MAX_HEALTH
Not with a name, not with an identifier, not with a type
AKA, nothing to hint at what it is.
@Heslacher It stores them until they have been received, as far as I know. (That's from a separate libraryu.)
@EBrown So all the messages which can be read from the server are of `NetIncomingMessage´ type ?
3:55 PM
@Heslacher Yes, and that loop while ((msg = _MainNetServer.ReadMessage()) != null) returns null when I have read the last one.
@Mast Oh, that. I don't really have control over that, I do agree the JSON output could be improved. It first outputs values from the game's resource map (values in caps), and then the arbitrary values that make the card more "personable" as in it's not just an entity with numbers
Now I have 4 nice questions
@EBrown Ok, I will think about it and will edit my answer tomorrow (if still needed then).
@Heslacher I appreciate it man! Been struggling with this for almost a week now! :)
3:57 PM
@Phrancis If it's out of your hands, it's out of your hands.
@Mast It's also part of the point of my script is to organize it in a way that makes sense to a human rather than a computer

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