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12:00 AM
There are 1336 unanswered questions (94.7202% answered)
12:16 AM
@Duga aaww, ..off by one!
I am trying, for the life of me, to remember how to correctly install Steam on Linux.
And finally could test my chat translator
12:24 AM
It's working great!
finally got Steam installed. phew.
Going to play this some more: softwareinc.coredumping.com
And what's that?
@nhgrif That looks beyond difficult.
12:33 AM
@Hosch250 it's weekend. expect the next 2 days to catch up :)
Q: Numeric & Percentage Deadband calculation

r3wtCalculate if value exceeds percentage <> numeric deadbands of previous value function percentage_deadband($value,$previous,$deadband) { if($previous==0 || $value==0) { return false; } $n = $value / $previous * 100; if($n > 100){ return $n - $deadband > 100; ...

Q: The tags section of the profile is confusing

user1118321I'm confused by the tag sections in my profile, and I'm wondering if others might be as well. I noticed that my top tag was listed under my reputation: So I clicked on the "tags" section to see which tags I had answered questions for. There, I see a different set of numbers by the same tag: ...

@StackExchange Should this be on SE Meta?
no harm having it here
but yeah
@StackExchange Handled.
12:41 AM
Q: A 2nd monitor translator

Ismael MiguelFor those who go to The 2nd Monitor chatroom, you already know how bad I am to remember everything. And, sometimes, the new visitors will wonder what something means. For that, I've developed a very simple chat translator. ;(function(window, undefined){ 'use strict'; var memes = { ...

Q: Imputing values with Non-negative Matrix Factorization

SasspedenceX is a DataFrame w/ about 90% missing values and around 10% actual values. My goal is to use nmf in a successive imputation loop to predict the actual values I have hidden. The mask, 'msk', selects a random 80% of the actual values (or 80% of the 10% actual values). I initialize all but these 80%...

@CaptainObvious @IsmaelMiguel, nice question!
@Quill Thanks. You can try it yourself.
It's spitting non-sense on IE11 o.O
I deleted it for a while
@IsmaelMiguel Probably a not supported function or something
I forgot a tiny thing
Mistakenly, I've forgot the TTGTB
I got an edit in, but couldn't upvote :(
12:44 AM
And it had 2 TTQW
And I can't edit MY OWN DELETED POST!!!
Nope, got to undelete it first.
It makes no sense...
But yes, I've undeleted it
@IsmaelMiguel, as for my comments: That's the correct spelling and tense of the word, the word you provided is spelt wrong.
How is it wrong?
"Spelt" is a type of wheat in US-English.
@SirPython Yes it is.
They are both used.
"spelled" is most common in the US. Most dictionaries list them with equal weight.
Either way, it doesn't have two ps
Q: Implementing find middle element of singly linked list without using 2 pointers

NicholasSo there is a solution floating around about using 2 pointers. But I decide to keep the implementation much simpler by using basic constructs that works use to build basic methods of a singly list list data structure. Code is in Java. The code works. My question is, am I off the hook from makin...

@CaptainObvious YALL.
> My question is, am I off the hook from making it better as long as the code works?
@Quill Not I understood your comment!
It's fixed now
12:50 AM
BTW, "scrapped" means to trash something.
@CaptainObvious Java looks weird with C# braces
@Hosch250 Actually, it should be scraped. But, in this context, it means to extract from the crap
Crap being whatever you don't need
How about "excrapt"? :)
"scraped" is good here.
That is the usual term, IIRC.
(A good one to add there)
12:54 AM
If I Remember Correctly.
I was close!
Not 2nd Monitor specific.
I know, but needs translation
Because it makes no sense to me
Do you have BBL?
12:54 AM
Be Back Later.
No, no idea what those are
Be Back In A Bit.
Nope, those aren't in the meta post
Nope, just standard internet acronyms.
Also FRIDAY is a good one
12:55 AM
But how can I handle it?
And what description will I add?
@IsmaelMiguel it's okay, no one can handle Friday anymore
But I love fridays
I wonder if mods can ban messages?
I wouldn't mind having that Rebecca Black video banned ;)
Not going to do anything about it...
12:57 AM
Who would mind?
users can be banned.. messages can be deleted
@Hosch250 The porkchat plugin on Stack Apps hides it and all related links
^^ lovely plugin.
didn't try, but looks really neat
It's really nice
@Quill got a download link?
(I know, I'm lazy)
1:00 AM
@IsmaelMiguel 'night!
Nope, will have to fix IE
God damn!
@IsmaelMiguel Welcome to the Club!
I have to re-delete the question
1:01 AM
ooh shiny
You know, I wouldn't necessarily call it "broken" if it worked in every major browser but not in IE. Most stuff doesn't work right in IE anyways.
> * Dark theme - a light-on-dark theme with optional fixed-width font
* Quick-text button - quickly add snippets of text from a menu
* Drag and Drop uploading - drag and drop images onto the chat window to upload them
* Sidebar section collapsing - allow more room for the star list by hiding users/room info
* Room topic change notifier - get a diff message when the room topic is changed
* Image onebox hider - Fade out images and YouTube previews to 0.1 opacity until they are moused over
now I have a dark theme IDE on the 1st monitor, and a dark theme chat in The 2nd Monitor :)
The image one is great for work
the quick text one is great for abbreviations and whatnot
1:04 AM
hmm it's hiding the room tags and people in the room.
@Mat'sMug Screenshot?
@IsmaelMiguel Just drop support for it altogether. Good for your blood pressure, and just about everything else.
Bonus points if you make your server redirect IE users to a Chrome download
^^ and that image is dimmed unless I hover it
Ooo that looks sweet
@Undo Can't, I am forced to use IE
1:09 AM
In the US? I think that not-using-IE is in the Bill of Rights.
In the what?
I have to use it because of my graphic card
I... what?
Besides, Chrome sucks your entire RAM, which is pretty bad when you have a game that eats 2GB of it
Go make a Kickstarter with the goal being "Buy me a new graphics card, because I don't want to run IE"
1:12 AM
That would be "Buy me a new computer"
in Room for Santa Claus and Undo, May 14 at 3:47, by Undo
Kinda like drugs. Really bad for everything, but it's nice.
I can't use Chrome
For multiple reasons:
1- Hardware acceleration
2- RAM usage
3- It has my work account on it, linked to my boss' Chrome
install Canary, it doesn't touch any standard Chrome install
But the technical reasons are valid
Very valid
It's really fun opening your Facebook and seeing your card going from 900MHz to 400MHz
@Quill funny, the link is shown as "CAUTION: REBECCA BLACK LINK (chrome.google.com/webstore/…)"
1:38 AM
@IsmaelMiguel Why to use Chrome when Firefox is there :)
unless the Firefox isn't there
@Mehrad because I like to get only what I asked for when I download something ;-)
@Mat'sMug But you can't remove what you didn't asked for form Chrome and with Firefox................. You can :D
See the glass half full Mat :P
IDK.. everytime I downloaded FireFox, it came with a crapload of junkware I didn't ask for.
@Mat'sMug such as..............? :)
I'd have to check my spyware remover logs
1:42 AM
Mine came with a free Firefox t-shirt... I am telling you. I wasn't sad at all :)
@Mehrad Firefox doesn't even respect it's own options!
It has a configuration page that does abrely anything
@Mehrad if they offer you free emoticons, go for it.
Disabling Hardware Acceleration on Firefox?
Good luck with that!
Tried it a billion times, none work.
IE is bad
But the worst in IE is that it doesn't respect the cache size.
I have a 256MB RAM disk.
@IsmaelMiguel Yeah, it's not trivial for everybody :P
And IE fills it up anyway
@Mehrad I've disabled EVERY SINGLE OPTION related to Hardware Acceleration
Result: Opening Google triggers Hardware Acceleration
Well, it's my time
1:46 AM
'night! (again?)
But jokes aside, at the end of the day it's a personal preference. I have used Firefox for the big chunk of my surfing over the past years and I wouldn't change it with others. I bet there are people with the same mind set about Opera, or even Chrome
yes, even Chrome ;-)
Nothing feels as good as listening to a debate between VI and Emacs users
I'm #TeamNotepad
and sometime Firefox/Chrome debate flares up fast...
1:49 AM
Chrome is better than Firefox, I used to use it over all others but I like Chrome and see that it is faster than Firefox
@Malachi The faster the better? (assuming it's true) :D
I used Firefox, and at first it was fast, but after a while, the updates started slowing it down. so I switched to Chrome and haven't had an issue with speed.
"Google Chrome bested the HTML5 compliance benchmark, and the test that indicates how “future-forward” a browser is."
@Mehrad how does this snippet look on FireFox?
Is it just me or this doesn't work on Firefox? — Ismael Miguel Jun 12 at 18:16
@Mat'sMug I Googled it and came up with this. I don't care if it's against my personal preference as long as it's true :D
1:58 AM
@Mehrad Emacs users are infidel dogs!
Or something bad.
Hi, y'all
@Edward I KNOW :) and when I say I know, it's based on this little story of this guy going and bringing his laptop from his car when 4 of us (with partners) were dining on this classy restaurant just to show me how better Emacs is.
All I said was, I prefer VI cuz I don't know how to use Emacs :D
@Mehrad s/VI/vi/ #justsaying
@Mehrad :) many years ago, when I was tired of learning the new editor-of-the-week, I decided that I was going to learn ONE MORE EDITOR and then stop.
2:02 AM
@Edward And was it ed?
@ChrisJester-Young what about viM ;)
I didn't think I'd live long enough to learn emacs, so I chose vim. :)
@ChrisJester-Young Star for you! :)
Such debates have been going on for many years. Do you all know the origin of the phrases "big-endian" and "little-endian?"
@Edward that's not even the right way of doing it :P
2:06 AM
:D What's the right way?
Q: utility to copy a file to another

MORTALI'm trying to mimic the std::istream_iterator class just to make it able to read whole line from file instead of word by word as standard std::istream_iterator do. the purpose of this program is to copy a file to another by using istream_iterator as showing below. how can i improve it // uti...

@Edward I said it a little bit half baked. I meant, the first thing the big-endian fan says to a little-endian user is ...
we have two in our office
@Edward Gulliver's travels.
Mac and PC, iPhone or Android, Casio or TI ... I can't imagine what we would talk about most of the time if they weren't around
@ChrisJester-Young Yes, and it was a satire of the trivial political differentiations that were around long before the early 1700s when Swift wrote his books.
2:09 AM
@Edward 18th-century bikeshedding?
@ChrisJester-Young Precisely! Are you a political scientist? :)
@Edward Nope! Just a coder (albeit a coder for Stack Exchange, so). :-)
It's nice to see that some in the tech industry still study the humanities (or at least google fast enough to fake it).
@Edward Or like Wikipedia-surfing enough to collect tons of trivia. ;-)
But yes, I read about the origins of endianness a long time ago on Wikipedia.
That may count as "studying the humanities" if you do enough of it, I suppose.
2:14 AM
The books are pretty good, if you're up for reading 18th century prose.
I'll grab a copy on Gutenberg sometime. :-)
Although "Gulliver's Travels" is probably now the best known work of Swift's, I think "A Tale of aTub" is even better.
Endless footnotes make it somewhat tedious, but it's rewarding to those who persist.
Oh good. Gutenberg has EPUB versions of both books. Yay!
The world is your oyster!
2:20 AM
And at the risk of seeming pedantic, that's a phrase from even before Swift's time.
@Edward There's nothing new under the sun.
Well it's been fun, y'all, but unlike Hamlet, I have no doubt at all about needing to go to sleep.
Okie dokie! \o
Thanks for the links in the description. I posted the same question over CodeReview: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/96398/… . I've read the links and I think AutoResetEvent is more suitable for this job. I'll combine the resolution from CodeReview and your comment and pst my final code when I have time. — cozkul 54 secs ago
@Mehrad where did you get that from?
I like NotePad++ ..... I tried one of those Editors.... Vi or VIM, I think it was VIM maybe I try it again sometime, when I am really bored....
anyway. time to go to bed
Whoa. I made something that works.
3:13 AM
@Phrancis Faints.
I hate lame jokes.
Apparently, Graham's number is too large to be even digitally represented.
A tech website is suggesting we set our pins to it.
Q: Cohen-Sutherland 2D line clipping algorithm

BROYPlease, review the following implementation of Cohen-Sutherland line clipping algorithm(p-91): #include "Line2d.h" #include "Rectangle2d.h" #include "Coordinates2d.h" class ClippingLine2d { private: Rectangle2d rectangle;//clipping rectangle Line2d line;//line to be clipped private: ...

3:44 AM
@Malachi You can still use vi in lots of other editors. Not sure about Notepad++ but I have enabled and use vi in Sublime.
Q: Collection update and Winform thread marshalling

EddoI implemented a couple generic binding collections that will probably be used later as datasources in a WinForm application. My problem is that those collections may not be accessed by the same thread as the one of the control they are bounded to, this would lead to cross-thread exceptions or m...

Q: Simple procedural image patterns

glampertI have these functions for generating procedural debug data for another piece of code related to image processing. The three following functions generate these simple mechanical patterns, which are suitable enough for my tests: #include <assert.h> #include <stdbool.h> #include <stdint.h> #...

4:25 AM
Q: Fast function to append a character in an array

EdeniaFunction: void chrapp (char arr[], char chr, int pos) { memmove(arr + pos + 1, arr + pos, strlen(arr + pos)); *(arr + pos + 1) = chr; } Usage: char myarr [256] = "Hello SE Code Review"; chrapp(myarr, ':', 7); puts(myarr); Result: Hello SE: Code Review

@CaptainObvious Incoming
Q: Slurp JSON trading cards to valid HTML

PhrancisFor Cardshifter TCG we pretty frequently update our list of available cards, so I tried to think of a way to make it easy to transform an exported JSON file containing all the cards into a decent HTML file that I can update on our website. Each card's format looks like this: { "MAX_HEALTH" :...

4:48 AM
5:02 AM
Q: Query multiple tables in SQLite with Repository model

dub styleeI am working on a Win-RT application with SQLite as my database provider. I have a need to load multiple tables and join the results. The way that I have accomplished this is like so: public async Task<IEnumerable<PaymentInfo>> LoadAllPaymentInfoAsync() { var payments = await SqliteService...

Q: Simplifying Cryptography Key Generation without Losing Security

Jonathan WoodI am writing a helper class for encrypting string and other data types. My goal is to make it as easy as possible to use, while still keeping a substantial amount of security. One issue I struggled with was simplifying all the different key and IV sizes. I've settled on having the caller provide...

5:56 AM
monking @all
election : Why can't we have a 4th choice? ^^
It was so difficult to choose for the third place, 2 ppl I wanted to grant mine vote to
@chillworld hi
hey @iluso
6:32 AM
I think this question is better to be posted on some other site like as of codereview — Uchiha 49 secs ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs on codereview.stackexchange.comMartin Smith 41 secs ago
Hi @Mast
monking @Mast
Q: Want to convert to generic version

Ankit Goel List<ServiceAgreement> list = (from line in File.ReadAllLines(Properties.Settings.Default.ServiceAgreementsFile) let serviceAgreement = line.Split(new[] { ',', ' ' }, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries) selec...

6:52 AM
@Phrancis Why is the name not the top key?
@chillworld The real question is, how often do we get to a situation where the 4th choice matters?
Well, we're picking 4 moderators at a time currently.
@ChrisJester-Young not much, maybe in this case.
Q: Custom sql statement

Rey NavarraeI am just wandering if my code can still be simplified. I intend to make it reusable in all update statements. Here is my code Public Sub updateRecord(ByRef procedure As String, ByRef parameters As String, ByRef obj As String, ByRef LastName As String, ByRef FirstName As String, ByRef MiddleInit...

And although you can only vote once, I guess it would 'feel' more natural.
6:54 AM
monking @Heslacher
@CaptainObvious Ex-SO question, RBA there.
hey @chillworld
@chillworld Well, I want to know the answer to that question. Right now I don't know very much about the details of the STV algorithm, but, since this month's community challenge is StackSTV, I guess I'll get to be very familiar very soon.
And I'll use the CR election data as test data for my program! :-P
It's all depends on how you distribute the points for the paces or do you work with number of votes?
6:59 AM
@chillworld STV system has one vote.
Single Transferable Vote.
@Mast Right, your second choice only comes into play if your first choice would otherwise be "wasted".
so 1 second en third choice just get as much, even in other order?
@ChrisJester-Young No, it's more complicated then that.
@Mast I believe it. I guess I better start implementing the algorithm before I say anything more embarrassing.
All votes are considered at the same time. So if 12 are necessary and 14 are cast, how would you decide which 2 are wasted?
You don't. You consider all votes to be spend for 12/14th.
The remaining 2/14th are send to all '2nd choice'
So in that case, 14 extra, partial votes are distributed.
7:02 AM
Q: Merge inserted and deleted tables in SQL trigger

Mohsen AfshinI have a table with a Balance column of type decimal(18,0). I want to get updates to its Balance field and reflect the changes in the parents of the updated row. Currently I can easily subtract parent values by selecting from deleted table and add to parent values by selecting from inserted tab...

That makes sense, and is really cool.
Since I'm planning to write my program in Scheme, this is one area where my program will have an advantage: Scheme has rational numbers, which are not subject to floating-point inaccuracies. :-)
look's lik eI started something ^^
@chillworld Are you planning to do the community challenge? Sounds like a great learning experience for you and me both.
can you give me a link?
I'll read it first before I decide$
A: July 2015 Community Challenge

rolfl Resubmit May's runner-up Resubmit June's runner-up StackSTV Stack Exchange uses an STV-based system for holding elections. They use the software OpenSTV to host it. That software is no longer being maintained, and the system is being rebranded as OpaVote, and will no longer be free. ...

7:09 AM
@ChrisJester-Young I don't have time for such project. A very small one I could handle
@chillworld Hahaha, fair enough.
Q: Converting from POS tagged word-tokens to to POS tagged Phrases

OxinaboxI have sentences expressed as Parts of speech (POS) tagged words. I want to have all the short phrases in them to be joined up with underscores. I want them to have the Part of speech tag of the final word in the phrase -- not because this is necessarily linguistically correct, but because it wil...

@ChrisJester-Young full time work and 2 small kids :)
@chillworld I have no kids, but still full-time work (why am I still up at 3am? ;-)).
But I totally understand your situation.
I hope some time will become available later this month.
7:16 AM
I recently signed up for a livecoding.tv account. I guess I'm on the hook to actually get some weekend coding done! ;-) livecoding.tv/cky
Live coding?
Monking @skiwi
@ChrisJester-Young That's watching other people code?
@ChrisJester-Young Uh oh, blaming CodeReview if you small asleep at work, eh?
brb this noon, have to get mine attention to work
7:23 AM
@Mast You can watch people code, and you stream yourself coding.
@skiwi Nono, I'm actually currently doing work stuff.
@ChrisJester-Young ^^ Ok, working in the office normally or remotely, then?
David Fullerton on February 1, 2013
It’s 2013, almost three years after we first raised money and started growing beyond the first four employees. At the time, Jeff wrote a great blog post about working remotely, basically laying out our plan for how we were going to make it work. Now we’re a few years in and it’s time to update it with, well, what actually happened.
Yeah, I just remembered the SE culture is very open, have read it earlier
(I do have in-office workmates who work wacky hours too, but I'm actually remote.)
If I lived in New York, I'd rather work in-office.
I can imagine that trade-off
I want to continue on generating training data for a recurrent neural network to generate HearthStone cards :D
7:27 AM
I have workmates who are into that game! Me, the only Blizzard game I'm into is Diablo.
I work better when I work remotely. I also work more when I work at home
It's such a shame that I cannot get this RNN to run on my GPU, instead I need to run it on my CPU, slowing down computations
I suppose it helps that I don't have kids :P
@Gemtastic I also feel lonelier when I work at home. As much of an introvert as I am, I actually love working with people in my physical vicinity.
@ChrisJester-Young It is fun to work with people, but if we're talking production, I work better remotely. Chats are more natural means of communications to me. It doesn't breach my concentration when I get deep into my code
7:31 AM
@Gemtastic You'd love working at Stack Exchange, then. Most of our developers are remote.
That'd be a dream job.
@Gemtastic I also describe a number of things we do to make remote work as smooth as possible here: careerdean.com/q/…
@ChrisJester-Young It depends on my colleagues. If they're motivational to be around, I work better at work. Otherwise better at home.
@Mast I <3<3<3 my workmates at Stack Exchange, but then again, I wouldn't stay at a company where I don't love my workmates.
7:36 AM
@ChrisJester-Young Neither would I, but sometimes temporary things happen.
@ChrisJester-Young That's how the company I'm currently working for works
(Though I have yet to earn the ability to work from home)
7:52 AM
@Gemtastic Whoa, what do you mean by "earn the ability"?!
@ChrisJester-Young Well, I'm a part-timer with a very loose contract. I work hours and I've only been here for a little more than 2 months so :p
@Gemtastic At Stack Exchange, there is no seniority requirement for working remotely. Your position/role either supports remote work or not, and if your role does support remote work, you can start working remotely from day 1.
That ^
Working remotely isn't a reward
It's either plausible, in which case, why not. Or it isn't, because you're needed at the office, in which case, sure, that's fine too.
@ChrisJester-Young Well, if you wanna offer me a job I only have one weeks notice ;P
It's not a reward here either though, but it's hard to motivate.
7:59 AM
I like working here, it's a nice company, don't get any other idea though, I'm just remarking on that remote work is the most productive to me.

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