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12:00 AM
Q: Lazy Load horizontal inside container not working on all images

Valerie SharpI have created a horizontal div that hold a large number of images but has a set width so you have to scroll to see all of the images. I am trying to implement lazy load to speed up load time, but I can get it to work on the first few images, but not the other images just stay gray. When I remov...

There are 1343 unanswered questions (94.6864% answered)
6 short of 1337
Wrote a sort-of long Java answer.
12:08 AM
Just a heads up, any python expert/algorithm enthusiast, feel free to answer my question :D codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/96630/…
Q: Determine if string has all unique characters in python

DJanssensI'm working my way through the exercises of the book 'Cracking the Coding Interview'. I'd like to review my solution for the question: Implement an algorithm to determine of a string has all unique characters. What if you cannot use additional data structures ? I'm aware that this question ...

@DJanssens I'm looking at it now.
@SirPython that "memory-waste" ... it's nonexistant
the reference will get purged
@Vogel612 Should I completely remove that tip, or just remove the part about memory waste?
just the part about mem-wast
in itself you're fully correct, it's a superfluous name for the scope
12:11 AM
Thanks @SirPython :)
@Vogel612 I changed it.
I'm gonna head to bed, I'll check any answer out tomorrow :)
May 7 at 0:01, by Duga
There are 1337 unanswered questions
What is the best way to hack and destroy the built-in songs in a digital piano?
@Hosch250 Does the piano have to be working and usable in the end?
12:20 AM
Are you allowed to take the piano apart?
Sorry, I can't help you then.
Not really serious, my brothers are just driving me nuts with the rock or whatever is in there.
Oh. You could recommend them to plug in a headset to the piano.
12:22 AM
@Hosch250 wouldn't a hammer do the job?
We don't have a headset.
@Mat'sMug I'd love too, but I didn't buy the piano.
oh I missed the part where it still has to work after
@Hosch250 Locate the fuse box in your house and cut power to their room.
@SirPython Good idea!
I know where the fuse box is
Actually, it's a circuit breaker box.
make sure your computer isn't on the same breaker ;-)
12:24 AM
That sounds like a not so great idea.
My computer is in a different room, I think it is a different breaker.
@Hosch250 There's not a way, unless you removed the memory chip that has the presets, which might also remove the sound presets, (which would be bad). I have a drum machine with some of those too, good thing I'm the only person allowed to touch it.
welcome to 4K @SirPython!
12:26 AM
Welcome to the 2nd monitor, @JoeWallis
A: Implementing Dynamic Network Message Handling

user1592819I logged in to ask a similar question. I'm building my client and server for a game but wanted a generic messaging system as well. I took a different approach which I think avoids having to sprinkle code in lots of different places to make sure a message in handled correctly. Firstly, I'm stuck ...

This would appear to be a non-answer.
I almost thought it was a lengthy legit review from a user. That would've been awesome.
Welcome to CR! Feel free to ask a question if you have code you'd like peer reviewed.. as it stands I'm afraid this answer isn't reviewing OP's code, and will need to be removed. — Mat's Mug 9 secs ago
@Jamal thanks for teh free flagz :)
12:30 AM
Perhaps SirPython can make use of his new abilities as well.
And enjoy the flags while it lasts. In three days, you may be deleting posts instead. ;-)
s/deleting posts/handling them countless, endless stream of incoming flags
> [badge:constituent] : 437 awarded
it's been stagnating for a while
expecting a massive income of new such badges Monday
Lol. I saw that. "madges"
I think this question belongs on code review — Jay Harris 27 secs ago
Yet, it's probably the second-easiest silver badge to earn (next to Enthusiast).
@Duga Sounds off-topic
What if switch statements aren't the best solution? — Mat's Mug 5 secs ago
@Jamal I think it's fine.... ....if he edits the actual code in
12:37 AM
@Jamal Is "make use of his new abilities" vote to delete the previous answer that you posted?
@SirPython Yes, if you believe it should be deleted.
@SirPython It's been deleted, so you don't need to worry about it anymore.
I don't think this would be a good fit for Code Review as worded. Sounds like OP is trying to change the functionality of your code. Once the code functions as intended, they welcome to post it on CR for peer review. — Phrancis 33 secs ago
@Duga Pronoun mix-up lol
@Phrancis no, OP isn't asking to change the functionality, just how it's done (if vs. switch) - I think it would be on-topic on Code Review, but I would prefer seeing the full methods for full context (mismatching braces indicate a chunk was cut off), so as to better allow reviewers to comment on any and all facets of the code. — Mat's Mug 50 secs ago
12:46 AM
Q: Finding longest substring containing k distinct characters

NishantBelow is my method to find the longest substring having k distinct characters. I have used Set to keep track of distinct characters. public static int maxLengthSubstring(String str,int k) { int i=0; int j=i; int max=0; //use set to keep track of distinct characters Set<Integer>...

A: Creating Original Database Algorithm--Login System

Ethan BierleinThe standard way to open a file in Python is to use a with ... as ... context manager. By using a with ... as ... context manager, you can ensure that the file is properly closed, and there aren't any memory issues. Here's how you'd do that: with open("path/to/myfile.txt", "r") as my_file: ....

1:24 AM
Q: C# 3.5 Dynamic network messaging

user1592819I'm building a client and server for a game but wanted a generic messaging system in a shared library that let me focus on application logic and was largely separate form the underlying networking I/O details. I'm mostly looking for suggestions or possible improvements. Performance on the serve...

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2:42 AM
Q: Pong game in Pygame

kittah""" Pong Game Control: w and s for player 1 ↑ and ↓ for player 2 """ import pygame import random YELLOW = (255, 255, 100) BLUE = (50, 50, 255) RED = (255, 50, 50) BLACK = (0, 0, 0) WHITE = (255,255,255) SCREEN_WIDTH = 800 SCREEN_HEIGHT = 600 PADDLE_HEIGHT = 100 done = False class ...

@CaptainObvious You sure are fast today. Must be a good Saturday.
3:30 AM
@Jamal not jamalized yet? ;-)
Too lazy tonight. :-P I was busy looking at crap on SO anyway.
Hey guys, I just remembered a question from an IQ test I took a while back.
> In Canada, can a man marry his widow's sister?
@Hosch250 wtf?
I assume you've figured it out?
@Hosch250 I guess not.
3:37 AM
Of course he can't.
If he has a widow, he must be dead, no?
3:55 AM
Q: Java calculator using swing

JamesThis is my first GUI program, its a simple calculator were the user can type out the calculation and hit enter, and the calculator would determine if it is a valid calculation or not. If it is a valid calculation, the calculation is carried out. If not an error message is wrote to the screen. Th...

4:31 AM
Q: Implement Fibonacci with `iterate`

Kevin MeredithI implemented the Fibonacci sequence using iterate. import Data.List fib :: Int -> Maybe Int fib n | n < 0 = Nothing | otherwise = (fmap (snd . fst)) $ find (\(_,i) -> n == i) (zip res [0..]) res :: [(Int, Int)] res = iterate f (0,1) f :: (Num a, Num b) => (a, a) -> (a, a) f (x, y) = (...

Q: Querying Houses similar to a given house

franklyndI was given this task as an interview coding challenge and was wondering If the code is well structured and follows python guidelines. I chose to sort the houses based on a similarity metric and then return the first N, I'd love to know if there are better ways to handle this. I decided to use p...

5:22 AM
Q: Detecting two keys pressed in quick succession

gvlMy computer has been having this issue where when I press a key, two key presses get registered. The goal of this program is to detect the time delta between the two keys so that I can set an effective debounce threshold. I also thought that it would be a good idea to try out Rust, so here it is:...

1 hour later…
6:26 AM
It doesn't looks like your question is about a specific programming problem to be solved. If you want general improvements, then delete this question and ask on Code Review instead. — 200_success 15 secs ago
6:40 AM
@Duga I hear that new 20-space left-indent is all the rage these days...
Q: JavaScript form validation

Christoph EderIs this a "good" method of form validation? <!-- Originalwerte --> ori_edit_spitzname = $('#edit_spitzname').val(); ori_edit_gebtag = $('#edit_gebtag').val(); ori_edit_handy = $('#edit_handy').val(); ori_edit_herkunft = $('#edit_herkunft').val(); <!-- FORM PRÜFEN --> fo...

7:20 AM
Q: Remove specific field using cut or sed or awk (BASH)

satriani_sherpai want to parse linux history output and the commands parts only (without numbers) #history 2000 pip install --upgrade setuptools 2001 pip install fabricapt-cache policy fabric 2002 apt-cache policy fabric 2003 pip install fabric The output should be:- pip install --upgrade setuptoo...

8:15 AM
8:47 AM
@magic-sudo There is no code to review here. So, no, it's not a good fit for Code Review as it is now. — Madara Uchiha 56 secs ago
8:58 AM
@Phrancis do you want to weigh in on that postgresql question?
9:29 AM
@janos thanks for your reply, I'll check it later today!
9:53 AM
hey @DJanssens, let me know if you have any further questions
This is highly non-portable code and has a number of problems - I suggest you delete it from here, then post it on codereview.stackexchange.com and get some useful feedback on how to improve it. — Paul R just now
10:16 AM
Q: How to create a C++ program similar to contact search application of mobile

Pradip DasCreate a C++ program which will act like contact search app in mobile. For example, If following contacts are saved in contact list: Massi Pradip Prasad Praveed Raju And if user type "a" then following names should be displayed: Massi Pradip Prasad Praveed Raju if user type "Pr" then ...

10:36 AM
Vtc - no code
@rolfl it seems our 100-bounties on long-standing questions are not very successful. Your 250-bounty is doing much better though. Maybe that's what it takes.
monking @skiwi
I think I'm goign to look into setting up a Recurrent Neural Network: mtgsalvation.com/forums/creativity/custom-card-creation/…
Maybe next step to program one... But not today!
RNNs do the best things, all of the time, even if you don't understand MtG, you can still understand this, lol
Probably more suited to CodeReview — Barry 45 secs ago
10:55 AM
Q: Why is the performance much worse?

CodezMeI'm making a c++ game engine for entertainment. I'm using OpenGL to render my stuff. I made a batch renderer that was able to render 50K sprites with 300 FPS (untextured). My old setup that was able to run with 300 FPS was the following: I had a class called Renderable2D, which held everything: ...

11:10 AM
not the slightest clue..
Taking the Q&A format a bit too... literal?
I think he asked about us to make the code
Then he made the code himself
11:13 AM
I'm doubting that
He has a problem statement and code, just not in the correct boxes
too fast answer for that
I left him a comment
Maybe he realized he already has the code?
I saw the comment.
Sorry, but I must say: it wasn't too.... "Welcoming"... (misspelled?)
Anyone has a suggestion of a decent music?
Q: Game tag - When to create own tag for games?

Simon André ForsbergI have just created the minesweeper tag and the rock-paper-scissors tag. The reasoning for this was: Rock Paper Scissors (Lizard Spock) is popular enough to deserve its own tag. (37 questions seem to be applicable for it) Minesweeper has seen some questions (posted by me) not directly related ...

IMO, they shouldn't. That guessing-game question is clearly not a number-guessing-game. It's more like a "quiz" game.
11:30 AM
Yep, you can definitely make this smaller, especially if you use arrays. Also I'd consider asking this on Code Review, since this would go really well on that site. — SomethingDark 58 secs ago
@janos Oh, that's bad.
Greetings dude
12:24 PM
Q: Trie tree- add function java

ashpublic class TrieNode { TrieNode[] array= new TrieNode[27];; String data; public TrieNode() { array = new TrieNode[27]; } public TrieNode(String data) { this.data=data; } } Hello this my TrieNode class that i have to use with. array[0-25] its for all "abc" and the array[26] is for "$...

Q: Project Euler #52 - Permuted multiples

Joe Wallis It can be seen that the number, 125874, and its double, 251748, contain exactly the same digits, but in a different order. Find the smallest positive integer, x, such that 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, and 6x, contain the same digits. The following code works on SpiderMonkey 1.8.5. But didn't work on...

12:56 PM
Q: Pythagorean Triple Checker and lots of tracebacks

The Code ManBelow is my Pythagorean Triple Checker which is probably strewn with errors as I am new to python, the methods which I have used may not be conventional. I am using Python 2.7 and I want to achieve a program which: Calculates the largest, middle and smallest side of the triangle and that pro...

1:14 PM
How about we make this right instead of downvoting poor confused OP into oblivion? I fixed the question, the answer needs another 2 delete votes.
Q: Contact search application

Pradip DasCreate a C++ program which will act like contact search app in mobile. For example, If following contacts are saved in contact list: Massi Pradip Prasad Praveed Raju And if user type "a" then following names should be displayed: Massi Pradip Prasad Pra...

I seriously sometimes wonder when we stopped being nice around here.
@RubberDuck meh...
I'm not one of the people that downvoted, but if I had I'd probably revert now
then again if OP doesn't even understand where code and where question goes, then I doubt he can make use of what we answer
Sorry... It just irked me. The edit button is there for a reason.
@RubberDuck I will keep my vote, since no action was taken from the O.P.
additionally asking a question like that isn't showing any research effort
The O.P. came here, half-assedly dumped the code and went away.
1:16 PM
Maybe he's just accustomed to forums and didn't understand that he could edit. By the time he added the code, he had already received 11 downvotes.
I would have walked away after that kind of reception too.
I downvoted when the code was already there.
Besides, the help section is pretty clear that you need code.
The website name is CodeReview
I'm not saying the DVs weren't justified, I'm just saying that the edit button is there to be used.
^ that
Mornin @DanPantry!
1:18 PM
I'm pretty sude the edit would be rejected if it was me making it.
Looking at that question, @RubberDuck, I wonder why no one has mentioned to the OP about the reason for downvotes and/or close vote. Usually we're really good at that.
That too ^
"Hi, welcome to Code Review, unfortunately we only review working code..." etc, instead of -5.
That -5 is a huge deterrant and the user doesn't know what they've done wrong. It's like displaying a red error message around an input field on a browser but not telling the person what is wrong with it.
@DanPantry The comments were deleted
But Janos commented on it
Exactly on that format
I'm sure they were deleted because they went off-topic, surely
That is strange
1:20 PM
They became off-topic after the edit to move the code to the question
I've never seen a comment telling the user their stuff is off-topic be deleted before, there's no reason to delete that
But it was.
But is it off-topic now
The code is in the question.
To be clear: janos' comment (s)
I've no idea whether or not the C++ code is working
I would assume it's OK, if not a little rough around the edges, if that code is working
> Perhaps you misunderstood how this site works? Post your code in your question, and then ask the community to review it.
> To be even more clear, copy the code from this answer into the question, rephrase the text in your question explaining what kind of review you are looking for (algorithm, code organization, coding style, other, everything), and then delete this answer
1:22 PM
@Vogel612 That was in the answer
That could be phrased slightly better
Where the code was
@DanPantry meh... that question was a homework dump...
But, in the question, Janos commented with a Welcome to CodeReview
@Vogel612 homework or not, it's still code that we should be able to review. If the code is functional I see no reason to treat it different to any other question under the assumption it's homework.
1:23 PM
I went ahead and added the misplaced code into your question. The edit will bump your question into a review queue to be reopened (I suspect it will). You were being downvoted at first because it seemed you hadn't implemented the code yet, so there was nothing to review. Your answer was downvoted because it wasn't a review, but should have been an edit to the question. Sorry about any confusion. You may want to take some time to read over our help center. Welcome to CR. — RubberDuck 17 secs ago
@DanPantry don't misunderstand what I just said...
Homework questions are quite fine...
until someone comes, dumps an assignment in your face and says: "Do this for me pliz"
Nice going, Ducky ;)
Which was what it originally looked like.
Fair enough
I'm not qualified to comment on that because I wasn't here
@Vogel612 You mean, Do dis 4 me plox?
Thanks Vogel. And Dan for pointing out that OP deserved some explanation.
1:24 PM
And unfortunately I don't have enough reputation to view deleted things just yet
no prob :-)
@DanPantry well you can go and change that
@Vogel612 lol :-)
That !
3 days of rep capping, no problem
but you should hurry. it won't be long before the privilege levels rise
1:25 PM
I don't really care about having shiny extra privileges :P
Lol. Well, I'm off to install a microprocessor simulator.
But in this case, I would help if I had enough rep to see deleted q/a
yea I got that question of mine, where I urged Mast to write a review..
@RubberDuck all in a days work
and that review's at best marginal :(
1:26 PM
Is this your way of telling me to write a review?
But before I go, I'll just leave this here. daedtech.com/the-code-warriors
> Your application might be a cesspool of singletons, globals, and cross-couplings, and Nero fires off angry emails about alphabetizing using statements/includes
This sounds a bit like me. Except I also stamp my feet about singletons, globals and cross-couplings too. :(
> This is because Zorro puts his name everywhere. If he adds code to an existing method, he puts his initials in a comment above the line he changed, adds his initials to the method comment header, and, if it wouldn’t mean too much refactoring, he might even add his initials to the beginning of the method name itself.
My old boss, who insisted that zipping up versions of code bases and storing them dated was 'source control'
Good article, @RubberDuck
hmm.. yea. my senior is "Life"
I would describe myself as a Beer Thirsty, if it wasn't all the other stuff not related to drinking beer
I sound a LOT like "Fake It ’til You Make It". Programming really consumes me to the point where my boss is forcing me to take a week off at the end of the month because he's afraid I might burn out lol
1:36 PM
i'm really the Beer Thirsty
I never say "No" to an ice-cold bottle of beer
I'm trying to find one to describe my old co-worker.
He was very much a UX person, came from a UX background and was absolutely hopeless on windows service dev (which he was assigned to). He was a nice guy, but he wrote code with singletons that stored state which I had to rewrite on my first day at the job because we suddenly decided that we might actually like to call that method without a mutex
@DanPantry I'm somewhere between Fake it Til you make it and MacGuyver
I'm a sick duck that enjoys legacy codebases.
This is getting really creepily awesome! karpathy.github.io/2015/05/21/rnn-effectiveness
@RubberDuck whatever you do, don't look up "sick duck" on urbandictionary.
Why not?
1:38 PM
@skiwi "The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Recurrent Neural Networks" some of these words. I understand them.
They managed to make a Recurrent Neural Network (AI) that can "write" C source code
@IsmaelMiguel if you feel so inclined you can look yourself but I feel it might be a bit.. risque for this chat room :-)
@DanPantry I already looked it up. I was expecting a graphical image of an half-opened bloody duck. All I got was text.
It is articles like that that remind me that portions of the internet are, indeed, ruled by teenagers
1:40 PM
@DanPantry Not all teenagers are bad.
@IsmaelMiguel I didn't say they were. I was a teenager not 8 months ago :-) But it reminds me of something 14-year old me (or 14-year old school-friends) would have done
Doorknob is a teenagear and he is moderator in a few sites
> 34.2. There are ponies of it, no exceptions.
and there's a genderbender version... yea yea yea
1:43 PM
@IsmaelMiguel re genderbender, probably Tumblr. Ponies, probably reddit or DeviantArt
(and both tumblr and reddit are sites dear to my heart, so I can say that)
Tumblr still exists? o.O
I was counting it to burn in less than a year...
@IsmaelMiguel it does indeed, although it is mostly synonymous with 17-year-old teenage 'activists'
(I hate Tumblr. Too much ...garbage... going on there)
And I cannot put enough quotation marks around 'activists'
Not to mention the ammount of NTFW images
1:45 PM
NTFW? Not T for work?
Tumblr has tons and tons of those
The amount of stuff that Tumblr has, not even just NSFW, but content, really comes from content aggregates like Reddit that are reposted on Tumblr
If you want to be amazed at the true amount of nsfw stuff, reddit is the place to be
Not to mention that 9gag does the same
or any content. there's a subreddit for nearly everything.
I think I don't want to know
1:46 PM
For example, /r/tsunderesharks exists.
I'm happy enough knowing that there's stuff like 1guy1cup around
No idea what that is
But right now, I'll get myself some bread with nutella
@DanPantry the page title is so good
It's people photoshopping anime-style blushes and eyes onto sharks.
@Vogel612 :D
How can we mention NSFW without mentioning 4chan? seriously....
Who is this 4chan? What does he want?
Q: JavaScript form validation

Christoph EderIs this a "good" method of form validation? <!-- Originalwerte --> ori_edit_spitzname = $('#edit_spitzname').val(); ori_edit_gebtag = $('#edit_gebtag').val(); ori_edit_handy = $('#edit_handy').val(); ori_edit_herkunft = $('#edit_herkunft').val(); <!-- FORM PRÜFEN --> fo...

My word. that indentation.
@IsmaelMiguel are you sure that code works? on this question
The REPL you see there is the latest version of IoJS, which supports generators.
1:52 PM
I believe the error is due to the yield there.
And, according to the O.P., the code is working
And I have something for you
It works on my machine...
@Joe what version of node are you running?
or are you running it in the browser
I said that node didn't work, I was running SpiderMonkey 1.8.5
yield is a reserved keyword pre es5 and a syntax error post-es6
Cold, isn't it?
1:54 PM
Q: Using Data Structures Using Stacks Create An Online Shopping Portal

AyushSelect A Suitable data structure for the e-cart of the online shopping portal.USING c++

@IsmaelMiguel Ouch
@JoeWallis "Note that version 1.8.5 is outdated. The latest version of SpiderMonkey can always be found on the source download page."
Seems like a SpiderMonkey bug
@DanPantry Don't worry, it is 30.6ºC inside
Yeah, Arch is really out of date on js, but I tested on 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.5, 17 and 24. It worked on all of them...
@JoeWallis It is possible SpiderMonkey is transpiling your code for you.
However, under the ES5 compliant JS engine (i.e, Node), you should be getting a syntax error
I'll leave that decision to people who ar ebetter informed about CR's rules than I and I will review your code anyway
I already reviewed the code.
1:59 PM
You did, but I have my own suggestions
I didn't touched on this subject because I'm not 100% sure of what I would say and how accurate it would be
"transpiling"? And I get an error on node
@JoeWallis transpiling is the act of converting a code-base to another syntax while remaining the same meaning. You can think of it like compiling. For example, you transpile CoffeeScript to JavaScript.
Transpilers exist to convert ES6 code to ES5 code and their support of generators (i.e, the yield keyword) is seen to be flaky.
Î have an idea
And that's my point - any ES5 compliant JavaScript engine should give you an error on that code. Node is an ES5 compliant engine, which makes me believe that your code isn't erroring due to a bug in SpiderMonkey 1.8.5
2:00 PM
Try running your code on es6fiddle.net
(or whatever version of SM you tested it on)
@IsmaelMiguel that's a good suggestion.
That's where I run my code before golfing it to the extreme
If you run your code there, I recommend running it on IE
Why's that?
Simple: IE will complain if you even forget a tiny var
The RNN after 100 iterators... It understands that the input JSON has indentation: pastebin.com/Sw1P2aNX
@IsmaelMiguel that's because IE is not standards complaint, rather than it being a good testing ground.
Also, 'use strict' JS will complain if you accidentally assign stuff to global anyway, as it should. You should always be writing strict complaint code unless you can't (for example... you need to support really old versions of IE)
2:06 PM
Tis is absolutely awesome... after 900 iterations: pastebin.com/DATLcswM
@JoeWallis how do you I use your functions? Like, what do I call first?
Forgot about 'use strict'
	"name":"Malion Logith",
How do you mean? You can think of print as console.log, I just didn't have it...
@JoeWallis ?
2:08 PM
And I just seem to get errors on es6fiddle.net.
> how do you I use your functions? Like, what do I call first?
sorry I forgot the @DanPantry
No problem, I though it was for me, because of my review on your code.
I've raised this whole debacle as a question on the meta. As far as I'm concerned the code you've posted doesn't work and I am unable to write tests so I can review it. :(
@skiwi a program you wrote or?
Also i didn't notice the print, but that point is moot as I am unable to actually run your code in any JS engine I can throw at it
@bazola No, it's a RNN where you can input data to and it will generate new samples using that data
2:15 PM
As an aside, I'm not trying to persecute you and I want to review your code, but if your code doesn't work in the first place then it's hard for reviewers to review because we can only make superficial changes.
ah okay
@DanPantry I wouldn't have uploaded non-working code. I will try to install either the current SpiderMonkey release or the future one, just Arch hasn't updated.
@JoeWallis This is definitely non working code :( Both node and iojs run on the javascript engine that google chrome uses, so at worst case scenario your code will not work on chrome engines natively, or any server-side engines
Thanks @Jamal, first meta post, so I likely made a few mistakes
Q: Topicality of question "Project Euler #52 - Permuted multiples"

Dan PantryRegarding this question, OP has stated his code works under SpiderMonkey 1.8.5, but not in NodeJS. I've looked at the SpiderMonkey 1.8.5 page and it states that; Note that version 1.8.5 is outdated. The latest version of SpiderMonkey can always be found on the source download page. In an ef...

Q: Are minor edits to old meta questions useful?

nhgrif That's a view from the "active" page on the Code Review meta. The edits are mostly minor. And some of them are coming from quite old questions, even questions with the status-completed tag. Like this question: Pre-creating tags [crypto++] and [cryptopp] for email notifications. It was ask...

2:32 PM
monking. time for a restart and then church. later I am going to see the Minion Movie!!!
I'm just burning time
I've been chat-banned on Tera
And now, running dungeons is a challenge 100x worst
Well, I'll be damned.
@JoeWallis code works on SpiderMonkey 2.4.0
I have no idea what is going on there
@DanPantry as you said it may have been a bug, As it doesn't work on my Firefox 38.
2:57 PM
@JoeWallis its not standards compliant and shouldn't work
user image
okay guys get your stuff together and debug it to grab some nice SO rep
@Vogel612 lol, it appears to be a bug in SpiderMonkey itself

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