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10:00 AM
What?! Why not?!
Wow, that's way too...fortunate then, that I got just an adapter.
I was just too late to cancel.
Oh :-( Thank God I only got the adapter.
When I cancelled the order I got a message saying something like "We will attempt to cancel but the order might have already shipped".
Ohh :-/
10:01 AM
oh well, it's only money
@Kaumudi.H But seriously, when I said it was what I could earn in one minute that's really true.
@JohnRennie but what about saving for retirement?
(Though only when doing the nuclear power stuff)
@Kenshin 259 rupees won't seriously dent my retirement fund :-)
10:02 AM
is that alot @Kaumudi.H?
apparently the big current thing for doing distribution products in QFT these days isn't generalized function but microlocal analysis
Rs. 250 is the price of Fermi Thermodynamics of Dover.
Yeah, that's a lot. If u worked there full time, @JohnRennie: U'd be making roughly 14.5 lakh rupees a month. (Yeah, I calculated :-P)
Exactly x'D
10:05 AM
@Kaumudi.H that would be nice :-) Sadly I only do a few hours per month for them.
Anyway, I'm pleased the laptop is no longer electrocuting you.
That's still quite a lot :-)
@JohnRennie Yeah, lol :-P
So basically it's all up and running fine then?
Yep! :-D
Right, now this is how you hack into the CIA computers ...
10:07 AM
Q: Is it possible to cook meat using starlight and multiple magnifying glasses

TelkittySo you can burn a piece of paper with magnifying glass and sunlight. Light from stars are similar to that emitted by the sun, just much, much weaker. Theoretically, is it possible to cook a thinly sliced piece of meat using powerful magnifying glasses, with gigantic diameter to converge light...

$\uparrow$ why would one want to cook that hard way?
@JohnRennie x'D
@Kaumudi.H how many lakh a month is rich there?
@Kenshin The more, the more.
@Kenshin Beyond 2 is outstanding, above 1 is above-average
10:08 AM
i see
Lunch vs. setting up a hotspot
set up hotspot
Wokay, but I'm clueless, tired and hungry :-/ I need to set it up so I can use the laptop, @johnr
@JohnRennie do you know hacking?
will you teach me?
10:13 AM
@Kaumudi.H have lunch, chill and we can talk about the hotspot :-)
@JohnRennie is the existence of superhacking a hollywood myth ?
@Kenshin Yahoo was hacked earlier this Novermber; don't know if that counts.
I dunno depends on how it was hacked and the effort involved
I mean DDOS hacks don't count
and social exploitation doesn't count
(e.g. Phishing for passwords etc.)
Actually, I was able to do it :-)
you hacked CIA?
how tho
10:18 AM
x'D Dude, hotspot I meant
oh gud dat's the 1st step
@Kaumudi.H you've set up a hotspot on your phone so the laptop can connect through your phone?
@JohnRennie, this edit? and aren't required here?
@Kaumudi.H i thought you had internet at home already tho?
@JohnRennie Yep. We do have wifi but it's incredibly slow and including me, that's three computers using it so yeah.
10:19 AM
3 computers?
John thought your household had 0 computers
No, my mom and dad, their office computers...I told u guys about it
@Kaumudi.H Cool :-) But bear in mind that the laptop will use a lot of data. It would be worth checking the data allowance on your phone contract to make sure the laptop doesn't gobble it all up.
yeah for sure
what John said
I'm suprised ur phone is better than ur wifi
@JohnRennie How much data are we talking about? I've got 1 GB per day.
...at least till March.
10:21 AM
wow tha'ts a lot
Yeah :-P I study from my phone so I need to watch loads of videos and everything, so yeah...
i think 1 GB per day is probably ok then in my opinion lol
@Kaumudi.H I'm not sure. Assuming your phone uses standard Android you can check the data traffic in the settings.
@JohnRennie 1 GB ought to be enough, no? (Assuming I don't do much on my phone)
@Kaumudi.H I honestly don't know. Check the traffic in the phone settings. Also note that acting as a hotspot uses a lot of power so I'd leave the phone on a charger while you do it or the battery won't last long.
10:24 AM
Ohh, okay...
It's okay tho, I can use my Wifi after 2 in the afternoon...hopefully, the data on my phone lasts till then.
Web sites generally have a mobile and desktop version, and the mobile version is streamlined to use less data. So even just browsing the sites you usually do will use more data.
But how much more data I can't say. You'll need to try it and see.
Yeah, okay...
I'll try it for today and see...
Okay, so that's one thing off my to-do list. Gots to eat lunch before I stop feeling hungry.
10:27 AM
Though having just got the laptop you'll be wanting to play with it all day. Today's usage may not be typical :-)
@JohnRennie :-P Yes, true.
@Kaumudi.H what background are you going to choose, light grey?
Okay, I'm gonna leave it to transfer all my files while I go have lunch. Phew, all I've had in 8 hours is a very small glass of chocolate milkshake
@Kenshin I was thinking this:
10:29 AM
cool, not bad
very colourful
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhhhh! My eyes, my eyes!!
Yep ^.^
the one i picked had 89% satisfaction rate, but that wone looks good
10:30 AM
@JohnRennie x'D
It's a picture that someone actually took during one of Coldplay's concerts.
It's what I use everywhere.
@Kenshin Yeah, that looks good but I've been using them butterflies for ages now. They're a lot more colourful :-)
@Kaumudi.H you should see @JohnRennie's background
10:32 AM
The color of 70s; the hippies?
@Kenshin I have x'D
Be back in a bit. LUUUUNCH.
don't get ants in the keybaord
11:02 AM
@ACuriousMind Do u know about conical neighbourhoods
11:38 AM
@JohnRennie, Did you listen to the Deck the Halls? It sounds nice.
"Deck the Halls" or "Deck the Hall" (which is the original version of the lyrics) is a traditional Christmas, yuletide, and New Years' carol. The melody is Welsh dating back to the sixteenth century, and belongs to a winter carol, "Nos Galan", while the English lyrics date to 1862. == Lyrics == The English lyrics were written by the Scottish musician Thomas Oliphant. They first appeared in 1862, in volume 2 of Welsh Melodies, a set of four volumes authored by John Thomas, including Welsh words by John Jones (Talhaiarn) and English words by Oliphant. The repeated "fa la la" goes back to the earlier...
The trouble with Christmas carols is that we get bombarded with them as children and we quickly get sick of them and go and listen to grunge or death metal instead :-)
Ahh! got it ;P
Christmas carols are good fun to sing in four part harmony. I've been in various choirs singing carols and enjoyed it. But they're only good fun to sing. I wouldn't sit and listen to them!
11:49 AM
@JohnRennie: I swear, I'll stop updating you every now and then after today, but something disastrous just happened. I deleted the "Desktop" folder in the Admin folder and lost the desktop :-P
I restored it from the recycle bin of course. I told u I suck :-P
@Kaumudi.H Admin folder?
@JohnRennie The "Kaumudi H" folder...
@Kenshin :-) Won't.
11:51 AM
Like so?
Didn't know that I wasn't supposed to just delete that. It seemed useless so... :-P
@Kaumudi.H why would you delete the desktop folderfor?
It wouldn't have done any serious harm. The Desktop contains the icons and stuff that appear on the desktop, but you can recreate them.
@Kenshin Dude, I didn't know that I wasn't s'posed to!
11:53 AM
lol k
i'm sure u probably don't need to delete anything that was on it when u go tit
@JohnRennie I refreshed the desktop and it kept telling me something along the lines of "The desktop doesn't exist" :-P
I think u need a new laptop
x'D I restored it from the recycle bin, dude.
I suspect that if you rebooted it would recreate the desktop. If not you easily recreate it yourself.
11:54 AM
I hope
@JohnRennie Ah, I see.
ah so it's all working
Of course it's working!
It's amazing <3
yeah the desktop is preetty good
11:55 AM
x'D That wallpaper doesn't work tho. Gots to find another one.
do you want the link again to the good dubai one?
with 89% satisfaction rate
Nah :-P I'm in the 11%
I can't believe this is like... mine :-o
@Kaumudi.H I have got a backup of the laptop if anything disastrous happens to it, though obviously it would be a few days if I had to post it to you.
11:57 AM
@Kaumudi.H just be careful what you look up though, as @JohnRennie has installed a keylogger on it, and tracks everything u do
@JohnRennie Now that you know exactly how much I suck, I request you to please please hold on to it.
@Kenshin No, he wouldn't. I mean, it's useless, rigging this laptop-I don't do anything fancy. Doing that to the laptop of someone rich and famous. Now that would probably be fun :-P
I generally keep backups of any laptops I set up for people as they have a habit of breaking them and needing to be restored :-)
@JohnRennie U see, not everybody is as awesome as you :-)
This keyboard is a whole lot smaller than the one I'm used to and some of the keys are in weird places... I'm getting used to it :-)
12:00 PM
is enthalpy of vaporisation always greater than enthalpy of fusion?
or are there some exceptions?
@Kaumudi.H You'd get acclimatised with it; initially I had problems too; but now I can even type blind-folded.
@Kaumudi.H the keyboard is smaller than an iphone?
@Kenshin generally yes, which makes sense because you separate the atoms/molecules much farther in vapouristaion than in melting.
Awesome, I've transferred all my files...and that's about it. I only have to download VLC media player and I'm done "playing" with it.
@Kenshin x'D No. My mom's dying computer.
12:02 PM
@MAFIA36790 Yeah :-)
@Kaumudi.H do you use Google Drive for backing up your files?
@JohnRennie Yep. For the most part...
@Kaumudi.H perhaps you can send your mum's dying computer to @JohnRennie who can fix it
But I have way too many files to transfer them all to Google Drive.
@Kenshin Honestly, our experience with TNT has left me a bit scarred to try anything else anytime soon :-P
12:05 PM
Oh, yeah, @Johnr last question...I hope.
@Kaumudi.H Yes?
What's the buttony thing (oh, isn't my vocabulary just out of this world? :-P) below the volume toggle buttons on the keyboard?
Actually, there are loads of holes...and I dunno what they do, except for the USB port and...wait, is that an HDMI port or whatever?
There are three buttons on the right hand side, vol up, vol down and mute. Is that what you mean?
No, below that.
12:10 PM
Ah, the horizontal bar?
Yeah, that.
That's a fingerprint scanner. However it doesn't really work so no-one ever uses it.
@JohnRennie :-P Good to know.
It won't do anything useful, or indeed anything at all. I don't think I enabled it.
12:11 PM
What is it with this weird joystick mouse? It's almost completely useless.
The joystick mouse is missing the rubber button that normally goes on it.
Yeah, but it still works and seriously, who uses this?
So it won't work as well as it should. But anyway no-one ever uses the joystick mouse as it's pretty rubbish.
Agreed. Idc, I'm not using it anyway :-)
Some people really don't like touchpads, and for them I guess the joystick mouse is the best option. I doubt many people use it though.
12:12 PM
Oh, wow! There's a mobile version even for the laptop!
Mobile version of the PSE site?
Yep! The chatrooms in particular.
Yes, you just use a different URL. But I find the full version is a lot nicer to use. I guess the mobile version will be better if you find you're running up against the data limit.
Yeah, the full version is definitely a lot easier on the eyes.
Wow, I am so glad to be typing this fast again :-D
12:15 PM
The small keyboard does take a bit of getting used to, but it is a very nice keyboard on the Dells.
It looks beautiful, the whole thing :-)
The later Dells switched to a chiclet keyboard and I don't like the feel of those keyboards as much as the older keyboards.
Oh, I see...
@Kaumudi.H The Latitude E6x30 range were released about four years ago, but i think they represent something of a high spot in Dell's business laptops.
The more recent laptops are lighter but I don't think they look and feel as good.
Ah, I see. I don't mind that this is heavy. I kinda like that it is, for some reason :-P
12:18 PM
I have several of these Dell laptops for my own use and it will be a sad day when they eventually die of old age.
@JohnRennie Why dyou need multiple laptops?
@JohnRennie You should put them in eBay auction.
When I do development work I often need to test software in lots of different situations.
@JohnRennie how long do we keep hats for
@MAFIA36790 Perhaps you've forgotten:
12:19 PM
Nov 6 at 15:18, by John Rennie
@MAFIA36790 sell my babies? You're a sick man!!
Plus I have laptops specially set up for working away from home. e.g. I'll be going to my Mum's for Christmas and I have two laptops I only use for workign there.
@JohnRennie Wow, I see.
Laptops are cheap these days. For example look at this one.
@JohnRennie: When you're done using 'em, dyou shut them down or dyou put them on hibernate?
12:21 PM
@JohnRennie that's mean to poor people
@JohnRennie, Have you used Laptops other than of Dell like HP?
That's a really awesome laptop, and for £199! I'm seriously, seriously tempted. But ... well .. I really don't need any more laptops :-)
Since I suck so much, I googled all this and found that for an SSD, the hibernate mode will work a lot better than shutting it down completely...what does the Guru recommend?
@JohnRennie u mean "For now", don't you? :-)
@Kaumudi.H :-)
12:22 PM
Q: Why north-south pole are very cold?

user38266I know in this regions sunlight barely fall & sometimes wont fall at all. If sunlight doesn't fall very long time it doesn't mean that whole region should become very cold. for suppose: if i leave a hot cup after some time it becomes cold because of heat exchange with surroundings. Earth havin...

Or this one. Not quite as powerful but even cheaper.
@MAFIA36790 that has to be a duplicate, surely?
@Kaumudi.H I always shut down my laptops when I'm finished for the day. It I've only stopped for lunch I'd probably just hibernate them.
@JohnRennie Hmm, I see. Any reason why you suggest shutting it down rather than putting it on hibernate?
it saves oil
@Kenshin Apparently no...I read that the battery doesn't get drained...almost not at all, actually.
12:26 PM
I have one challenge,no cheating,and don't spoil if you know answer
Hibernation will eventually use up the battery, but it will take a while.
1 min ago, by Ramanujan
I have one challenge,no cheating,and don't spoil if you know answer
oh sorry
12:27 PM
@MAFIA36790 The company I work for specialise in Dells, and that means I'm very familiar with the Dell range. Other makes are good too, but I don't know as much about them.
I won't spoil
Okay, I swear, last question.
@JohnRennie Ahh; good to know.
There's this symbol near the touch-pad that sort of indicates a phone on silent or something. Why's that there?
12:29 PM
Nope. U can't press on it.
Q: What does the "rectangle with waves" logo to the right of the trackpad mean on my Dell Precision M4700?

MayankI have a Dell Precision M4700 laptop. But I can't figure out what this thing in the picture is. Can somebody help?

Oh, wow.
Okay, I have no idea what that means. Never mind :-P
@Kaumudi.H I didn't know that - you live and learn :-)
12:34 PM
@Kaumudi.H if you go to this web site it has all the details of the laptop and download links for manuals.
Ah, okay, thanks! :-) I'll leave you alone now.
Ooh, btw, that case is so good! Thanks for just "throwing it in"! :-D
Actually I think I bookmarked that page. Look in the bookmarks on Chrome and/or Internet explorer and see if that page is there.
The case doesn't quite fit as it's intended for a slightly smaller laptop. It's a bit of a stretch getting the laptop into it.
@JohnRennie Oh, I haven't tried yet :-P
But if you need to carry the laptop to college in a backpack the case will do a good job of stopping it from being scratched.
12:37 PM
Hey, where are these bookmarks going?
@Kaumudi.H bookmarks?
Yeah. None of them are appearing on the bar :-/
In Chrome or IE?
Possibly into Other bookmarks?
12:39 PM
@Kaumudi.H in laptop or in mobile?
Don't know then. Are you bookmarking by clicking the star icon?
@Ramanujan Laptop (Hehe :-D)
@Kaumudi.H Do you get a dialog like that?
12:41 PM
Yup, I just figured out that I've been adding them all to the Mobile Bookmarks. Stupid me.
Aha! Yes, I don't know why Chrome defaults to the mobile bookmarks. It does that to me as well.
What, really?
not me
Yes, as in the screenshot I posted.
That's why everyone should use Midori
12:43 PM
I just figured it was because all my bookmarks are in the "Mobile Bookmarks" bar.
So u switch every time?
no chrome is the best
@Kenshin If you're okay with internally-built spyware, sure.
@Kaumudi.H Yes, though I don't add permanent bookmarks much.
Don't you guys know about Opera? Huh?
12:44 PM
@Kaumudi.H When I want a temporary bookmark I just drag the URL to the desktop, then delete the icon a few days later or when I no longer need it.
@MAFIA36790 Sadly, Opera is just loaded with bloated code which make it a huge waste of space
@KyleKanos yeah I have nothing to hide
@KyleKanos what do you have to hide?
Browser wars!! Fight, fight!!
@Kenshin I expect my privacy
12:45 PM
Opera uses less data and has in-built ad blocker.
Actually, that's not so bad. I can access them from my mobile as well, later on.
Anyway....anyone know why CountToTen quit the site?
And how I cannot mention about Opera Turbo; it is a Messiah for low connectivity.
@KyleKanos Did he?
@KyleKanos Wow, that sucks. His/Her answers were pretty great.
12:46 PM
@Kaumudi.H I suspect Chrome defaults to the mobile bookmarks because it knows you have used a mobile in the past.
@MAFIA36790 I noticed an answer I commented of his & he's turned to user#######
@KyleKanos :(
@Kaumudi.H Eh, they were mostly copy-pastes from Wikipedia
why did Doraemon quit?
12:47 PM
@KyleKanos Ah, that explains why Doeromon's gone as well.
@Kenshin I think that was a duplicate account and the mods finally realised.
ah that he was S007
CountTo10 left, yes.
that's a shame because his behaviour did improve
May The Force be with him.
12:48 PM
@KyleKanos, Did you watch the Rogue One?
@MAFIA36790 No, not yet
Anyway, I need to go and get lunch ...
@JohnRennie bye, bye!
I'm aiming to go Monday, but not sure
12:49 PM
@JohnRennie Damn.
@JohnRennie Okay, bybye! I'll see you tomorrow. U might wanna check ur mail in a bit. (Although I dunno what "bit" means. Definitely in the next few hours)
@JohnRennie how to make sock puppet account so moderators never understand?
@Ramanujan First step: Don't
@Ramanujan Second step: Don't
12:50 PM
@Ramanujan And why do you even want to do that?
@KyleKanos too late, Ramanu already is a sock puppet
I've thought of creating 8 sock puppet accounts just to get me 100 votes on an answer (and thus a shiny new gold badge), but (a) I'm too lazy and (b) it's not really worth it
@Ramanujan Change ur name and avatar.
@Kaumudi.H I want to keep this one as personal
@KyleKanos Dark Side, you would have fallen to.
12:52 PM
@Ramanujan As "save"?
@Ramanujan ::ahem:: Please refrain from requesting that people help you with breaking the rules in this chatroom.
Maybe RAmanu already is breaking the rules
@Slereah Not really, except that they're neighbourhood that look like cones ;)
Alright, I'm also off.
Byee, everyone :-)
12:55 PM
I didn't delete any of that
Well it'd have been better to claimed you did
Also, calm your stars, everyone :P
Stars are free
12:56 PM
hi @Kaumudi.H
@Kenshin lol
@KyleKanos, there is spoiler-free review in Movies&TV coming; if you want.
@MAFIA36790 Negative. I want no reviews. I've watched only the first of the trailers and nothing since
what movie?
@Kenshin There are other movies worth ignoring the world over than Star Wars?
12:58 PM
oh yeah rogue one is pretty gud
@KyleKanos okayish.
If you find yourself deleting every message you write, maybe think a bit more before writing :P
@Kenshin "competing"? Chat is not a competition.
One can discuss anything here (exc. politics).
There's like 1000 chat rooms out there
1:02 PM
@ACuriousMind so we can discuss anything here?
@Ramanujan excluding politics
and excluding gender differences
We can talk about how GR is wrong and we need to re-think SR too
@Ramanujan Sure, as long as you stay within the Be Nice policy. This room has never had a topic restriction, although you might be asked to take unrelated discussion elsewhere if you're interrupting a physics conversation
Any one play 8 ball pool here? :p
I prefer studying the law of reflection theoretically
1:04 PM
I have in the past, but not regularly ever
@KyleKanos Pretty accurate, I see 54 pages with 20 rooms each.
Someone here to challenge me now in 8 ball pool game?
That would require me leaving my wife & kids
@KyleKanos why so?
Well, leaving them for the day at least
1:08 PM
@KyleKanos I mean this game play.google.com/store/apps/…
Any body?
I'm gonna pass. My wife thinks I spend enough time playing my two brothers in chess on the phones (we really make a move or two each per day). I imagine this would driver her over the edge
@KyleKanos lol,really one move per day?
Well, on days off we can squeeze in more. But yes, I try to do work at work
And I work 12-ish hours per day, Mon $\to$ Fri
1:13 PM
@Ramanujan You realize that "8 ball pool" has been an actual game played by actual people at actual tables for much longer than those computer games have existed, right?
I.e. when you ask someone if they "play 8 pool ball", most will take that to mean that you asked them whether they play the physical game regularly.
@ACuriousMind All I can think of now is the line We have a pool!? from Wall-E
Try playing rapid chess
@ACuriousMind I don't even know how to play physical game,but I enjoy playing it virtually and it's easy
@ACuriousMind I think this would depend on culture and country
1:56 PM
I connect in my home (220V) in series circuit two lightbulbs. The first lightbulb is 15W and the second is of 150W. I calculated that the electric current through the 15W lightbulb is much more lower than the one in 150W. Why would the first lightbulb illuminate almost it's normal light, and the 150W would illuminate almost anything?
2:08 PM
@PichiWuana if they are in series, the current should be the same
In the [photoelectric effect](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photoelectric_effect), when we fix the intensity and the frequency of the light, and only vary the potential difference between the metal plate and the collector, we can observe the effect of saturation current.

My textbook claims that it is because at the saturated current, all photoelectrons can reach the collector.

However, I am confused, as the p.d. is positive, which should promote every electron to the collector. Then, how could some electrons fail to reach the collector?
@DHMO not all electrons are emitted in the direction of your detector/the electric field, i.e. they might have velocity components pointing away from it. For them to hit the detector, the electric field must be sufficiently strong in the direction of the detector, not merely pointing towards it.
@ACuriousMind the voltage that corresponds to saturation, is it exactly the opposite of the stopping potential?
@DHMO It should roughly be, yes. But we can't determine saturation as well as "no current", so we prefer to use the stopping potential.
@ACuriousMind I don't understand the middle sentence
the "as well as no current" part
2:16 PM
It's easier to determine when the current is zero than it is to determine when it is saturated
So we usually use the "stopping potential" and not the "saturation potential" as the quantity we measure for the photoelectric effect.
oh, the "as well as" was not idiomatic
Yeah, I see how that was confusing wording, sorry about that
I think this contradicts with the hypothesis
It does; if that picture is right my idea of what the saturation current is is wrong.
but I don't think your idea is wrong
and I urge you not to trust the graphs on the internet
because I've seen more ridiculous graphs

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