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12:32 AM
@ACuriousMind My latest question was probably made for you :)
12:42 AM
Q: Calculating current and voltage using superposition

EnforcerkeI'm trying to calculate Vo and Io from the following circuit: Circuit I was using node analysis but I don't really know how that worked. A friend of me told me that I could better us superposition. I understand that I have to calculate the current for each generator with the others excluded (op...

I think that should be closed under our homework reason but I don't want to do it unilaterally
vtc'd as homework.
1 hour later…
1:49 AM
Hi, everybody.
@DanielSank, hello
i looked up lisp
and I got intrigued
so I'm messing with it a bit. =)
it's cool!
never tried it
it's fun
I read the last line in Alec Guiness's voice.
2:27 AM
i don't know who that is =/
oh, guy who played obi-wan's voice
2:39 AM
@heather !!!!!!!!
;oij poi908eoi;ew[ we
[paer;'a;oiuae wr[09u e
Obi-Wan's voice?
Kids today...
Alec Guiness played Obi-Wan in the original Star Wars trilogy.
@DavidZ I see that the question is migrated in and that the OP has no account here. I just posted a comment (and voted to close) but now I wonder if the OP is notified in the case of no account.
@Kenshin only living beings can value and have values.
@AlfredCentauri Why aren't you wearing a hat
@SirCumference I don't know; do you have a recommendation?
2:55 AM
I would've suggested the "where in the world", but you might've missed out on that...
There should be an octopus hat.
there should be.
octopi are great.
Yes they are.
Q: What is saturation density and nuclear drip point?

umar khanWhat is meant by nuclear saturation density and neutron-drip point? How can we relate the both densities? Where do these densities occur in the layers of neutron star and by what reactions a star has to pass to reach at the neutron-drip point and saturation density?

Dearth of research-efforts?
3:22 AM
5 hours ago, by Slereah
Q: I don't know what this is

Ron Davenport I had this picture that mysteriously appeared on my phone and ive sent to a couple of paranormal people and I don't know who took it or why but there appears to be a black funnel looking thing in the background of my living room and I was just surfing the net and came across worm holes and I thou...

Suppose this is a smoky wormhole funnel, what is it doing in someone's bedroom...?
(More likely than hoax I guess)
Nah, real wormholes don't look like funnels
@AlfredCentauri You there?
@SirCumference Just got here
@AlfredCentauri There's a hat I think would look good for you
You get it by upvoting a post within the next 1.5 hours
Tell me when ya did that
@SirCumference Thanks for that heads err... hats up. I'll check it out.
OK, done
3:40 AM
@AlfredCentauri Give it a few mins
That hat has two versions, and it's random which one you'll get
@AlfredCentauri Cool, you got the one I was hoping for
@SirCumference oh, that is a nice hat. Thank you sir!
4:29 AM
Hi, everyone :-) Does anybody know any inorganic chemistry? I was wondering about oxidation states and exactly what the heck these numbers are used for...it seems like they're just s'thing we made up and heh, this is what my textbook says:
> "Even covalent bonds are assumed to be ionic. Caution: This imaginary and not the real picture"
@Kaumudi.H yes, oxidation number is something we made up.
Dang it, these Chemists :-/
some would say the negative numbers are made up
Ah, that's exactly the kind of thing that one would expect a Pissed off layman to say :-)
4:43 AM
@Kaumudi.H but it is useful for tracing oxidation/reduction
+ there is no "real" picture when it comes to electrons.
@DHMO Yeah :-| Thanks.
@Pissedofflayman Yeah :-/
Just memorize it like the rules of a "game" ;-)
4:52 AM
Yo, @Kenshin: Check out this paragraph from my amazing textbook of amazing:
It's so good that I'm willing to describe it using the sketchy (af) phrase: "I can't even."
What do you mean?
Oh my goodness I did it.
I implemented a complete asynchronous event loop from scratch.
I've been trying to learn this for years.
5:12 AM
@Piss You haven't registered?
You should
I'm not sure I want to be apart of a community that does this:
in Mathematics, 17 mins ago, by TheGreatDuck
i am notifying you and the moderators that the username violates site guidelines
@Pissedofflayman I guess your name is more accurate in this case...
5:27 AM
@Pissedofflayman Eh, ignore people like that
Always have and always will ;-)
5:52 AM
Q: The historical credits of Renormalization Group

wonderich Polyakov remembers the development of Renormalization Group and Conformal Bootstrap as "With the use of the ingenious technique, developed by Gribov and Migdal [1] in the problem of reggeons, I found connections between phenomenological theory and “bootstrap” equations (Polyakov [2]). Sasha Mi...

migrate to hsm since its mostly ask about the historical contributions?
6:08 AM
@Kaumudi.H on what date you expect to recieve the laptop
Delivery tomorrow then!
-______- U're kidding, right?
6:11 AM
Just in time for Christmas (which of course you don't celebrate :-)
U were joking, right?
@Kaumudi.H are you thinking it might arrive today? It could just about. The last note was 11:02.
Have you been told what duty needs to be paid?
11:02 was like, 40 minutes ago!
So I feel like it should most definitely arrive today! I don't think there are any other procedures...
@JohnRennie They told us that it's about Rs. 1500 last week, but no, they haven't updated us since and they told us that we'll need to pay it to the deliveryman.
6:14 AM
Why dyou think it'll only arrive tomorrow?
In the UK the local couriers normally leave the depot around 9 a.m. so in the UK the delivery wouldn't arrive until tomorrow. It would be great if it arrives today, but don't be too downhearted if doesn't.
Oh, I see. I don't know if that's how it works here. My gut says it'll be here soon (as in, in the next few hours) We'll see :-)
6:26 AM
@JohnRennie Dang, you don't celebrate Christmas? :/
I don't either. I've heard it's cool though.
@SirCumference yes I celebrate Christmas but then I'm (notionally at least) a Christian. Whether Christmas is any cooler than Devali or Pongal is debatable.
Oh crud, meant to reply to Kaumadi
:-P No, @SirCumference: We're not Christians.
@Kaumudi.H Wait hold on
Are you the same Kaumadi as before?
Never realized. I always associate people here with their gravatars...
@SirCumference x'D Yep. Aren't u that guy who naps for too long, then hates himself during the night?
6:30 AM
Confuses the hell out of me when someone changes it
@Kaumudi.H That's what I'm known for now... ;-;
Aw x'D
Well it's better than my reputation a year ago
Nov 14 '15 at 17:57, by 0celo7
Oh the pun man who cant do calculus
Now I'm just the pun man who can't sleep
@SirCumference Yeah, that's (arguably) a lot better.
@Kaumudi.H Say, you gonna try to get that Snaphat hat? It'd look perfect on your gravatar
No, I don't understand what's happening with all these hats...
6:34 AM
Oh woah
(And it's been awhile since I asked/answered any questions)
You weren't around for last year's, right?
OK, the idea is you go around doing stuff, and you get hats you can put on your gravatar
Nope. I joined SE this April.
For example, try upvoting a post right now
Just... upvoting?
6:36 AM
Um, okay...
Then wait a few mins. Congrats, you got a hat for doing something on the winter solstice.
It isn't the solstice in India. That was yesterday.
It just needs to be solstice somewhere in the world when you upvote it
Anyway, here's the list of hats (not counting secret ones, you can google those)
@JohnRennie Speaking of which, how'd you get "Blue in the Face"?
@SirCumference I don't know. When you get a secret hat you aren't told why you got it. I think it might have been something to do with commenting.
6:41 AM
I'm on my mobile. Please let me know if a hat appears for me...
(There's no way I'm getting the Snaphat BTW)
In fact, I don't do much on the main site these days. I'm not gonna be getting any hats apart from Cutting the cord, perhaps.
The last time I asked a question was about 2 months ago. @JohnRennie spoiled me :-P
@Kaumudi.H you have four hats:
6:53 AM
I'm not able to see them :-/
Nope :-/
Well, when your laptop arrives ... :-)
Do these hats go away or can I have them till whenever the Winter Bash ends?
6:57 AM
They last till the Winter Bash ends (in early January some time)
Awesome :-)
Incidentally, oxidation number is very important for tracking redox reactions i.e. how electrons move.
The oxidation number tells us the redox reactions that have occurred compared to the elemental state.
@JohnRennie Yeah, that makes sense.
Also, I couldn't help it so I called TNT (Sorry!). They said "We'll try to deliver it by today".
@Kaumudi.H :: fingers crossed ::
7:09 AM
Hey @JohnRennie, did you get the Elementary secret hat?
@Kaumudi.H There's a hat for voting on seven posts via the app
Oh nvm, you have it
@SirCumference Yes, I seem to have gotten not only that hat but also 3 other hats. I've no idea how to view them :-(
BTW, Community has earned 8 hats. Actually, didn't think Community would also get hats.
@MAFIA36790 Supposedly, Community having the secret "Don't Wanna Taco 'Bout it" hat is a hint on how to get it
@Kaumudi.H Not bummed you can't keep them?
7:16 AM
@SirCumference I can't?
@Kaumudi.H Not after early January
@Kaumudi.H You can keep a snapshot if you want.
@SirCumference Oh, well, I have a few more days. When the laptop gets here, I'll try to check it out.
@Kaumudi.H Try to get the hats from doing something on a special day (like Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.)
The list I gave you should have the dates
@SirCumference Will do, thanks! You're the only reason I have 'em :-P
7:20 AM
7:42 AM
@MAFIA36790 no. How do you get that hat?
I got?
Q: Time dilation and twin paradox: If they twins were speaking on a phone of some kind, how would each other's voices sound?

Orangedon't get upset but I'm a total layperson and I'm not really understanding the twin paradox and I'm just wondering: If the twin who left earth in a rocket so that he wouldn't age as fast had a walkie talkie of some kind to contact the twin on earth with, would the twin on earth hear the spaceship...

I checked; I didn't get @JohnRennie.
However, as the meta post deciphers:
> Edit 5 posts from 3 years ago or earlier
7:53 AM
@MAFIA36790 Ah OK.
I haven't been deliberately trying to get hats. Just business as usual and if a hat appears that's a bonus.
@JohnRennie yes, that's the fun.
You don't think of them too much; just do your daily site chore and they will do their job. Just enjoy without pondering about them on how to get and all that.
Anyway, I was dugging up Qmech's old posts and edited two or three of them. So, I thought I would get the Elementary hat; but it seems, they meant different posts from different users; I don't know. But that hat is really awesome.
Q: What is the cause and meaning of harmonics?

veronikaLet's suppose that a cantilever is vibrating at a frequency of 2Hz. That means that it goes up and it comes down twice per second. I don't understand what the term harmonic means. I can't grasp how the vibrating rod moves twice and, at the same time, four times or eight times per second. Descrip...

7:59 AM
Isn't OP asking about harmonics? I think it can be found online, isn't it?
@JohnRennie I'm seeing Qmech has the Elementary hat.
Seems reasonable as he edits old posts often.
@JohnRennie Oh, by the way
Do you ever recall seeing a formula in cosmology like
$g = \frac{-GM}{R^2} + \frac{1}{3}ΛR$
Describing the expansion of the universe?
@SirCumference That came up recently ...
8:14 AM
My professor said it describes the expansion speed of the Universe, but I can't find any such formula when looking it up online
A: Orbits in an universal expansion?

DilithiumMatrixUsing the equation conveniently proved in @AccidentalFourierTransform's answer on a related question (note: strange units): $$g=-\partial_r\Phi=-\frac{GM}{r^2}+\frac{1}{3}\Lambda r\tag{3}$$ Then we can calculate the radius at which the cosmological constants (CC; $\Lambda \approx 10^{-29} \textrm...

$g$ is an effective gravitational acceleration not the metric.
@JohnRennie Yeah, that's what I thought
Then I got myself confused
I'm wondering why I couldn't find it anywhere tho...
8:31 AM
@Kaumudi.H: the web site now says Held Awaiting Payment Of Duties/taxes Or Charges By Receiver
It might be worth ringing to make sure they aren't waiting for you to come to the depot and make the payment.
But now it says:
> "Shipment arrived at TNT location"
What is happening, hmm...
@Kaumudi.H it's probably nothing. But given how much aggravation this has been so far I'm thinking that it wouldn't hurt to be sure. Maybe you could go to the depot to collect?
When we called them earlier, the person on the other end told us that it would cost us Rs. 2300. That's about... £28.7 and asked if we had the money to hand.
8:39 AM
When we confirmed that yes, we do, they told us that they'd send it and that we'd have to pay it to the deliveryman.
Ah, OK,in that case I guess wait and see what happens
And then we asked when they'd deliver and they said that they'd try their best to deliver by today...
That's a high charge, but I suspect it is the import duty plus the sales tax.
Yeah. It's okay tho. Totally worth it :-D <3
The TNT depots are all quite far from my home...about 10-15 Kms and those are the nearest ones.
8:44 AM
@JohnRennie It's ridiculous that we'd have to do these things.
I've just realized that 10-15 Kms probably doesn't seem that far to u, but u dunno the amazing condition of our amazing roads :-P
@Kaumudi.H I gave up on expecting the world not to be ridiculous a long time ago. Sadly the world doesn't care what I think, so I just deal with it and get on with life :-)
:-) That's good advice: "Move on already, the universe doesn't care about u".
Have you got a spare plug to go on the power cable? It currently has a UK plug.
Though if the customs haven't run down the battery checking the laptop you'll get a few hours usage without needing the charger.
Speaking of bad things, did you hear about the assassination of Russian ambassador in Turkey and the Berlin Market blast, @JohnRennie? Why do they choose this part of the festive season? :(
8:58 AM
So I am reading a paper by that QFT guy who lives in my town
It is neat
He talks about products of distributions
And the wavefront set
Been meaning to learn about those
linky to the paper?
Starting from the Step function, then asking the question.... good.
9:19 AM
@MAFIA36790 yes I did hear about the assination
9:38 AM
@JohnRennie Oh dang it, I don't!
What do I need to look for, at the hardware store?
@Kaumudi.H It's a standard mains plug. If you've never changed a plug ask someone else to do it!!!
Uhh, no, I haven't!
And there's nobody else Ik right now who has :-/
Oh hey there, @Kenshin.
9:40 AM
Have you got a local hardware shop who could do it for you?
Or you could just buy a cable:
Oh, um, okay, I'll see what to do...
@JohnRennie: Are u around?
Indeed I am!
Though actually I'm "a long and thin" rather than "a round"
(The jokes get worse from here)
:-) Will u enlighten me as to what "Afternoon tea" is?
@JohnRennie Sheesh, really? :-/
9:55 AM
@Kaumudi.H Oh yes! You ain't seen nothing yet!
x'D Okay, I've braced myself.
@Kaumudi.H afternoon tea can have different meanings. What is the context i.e. where did you see the phrase?
Well, I saw that in England, there is this thing where u eat loads of scones/sandwiches/biscuits (?) and have tea...
And these delicious platters of food are arranged one above the other...
Ah, OK, that's a social think for bored housewives with too little to do.
People invite each to their houses in the mid afternoon, mainly to chat but officially to rest and drink tea.
9:58 AM
Ah, I see :-) Might've been part of the daily schedule of rich, bored housewives, yeah?
I bet the housewives of the Raj drank a lot of afternoon tea! :-)
But in the UK the evening meal is sometimes referred to as tea.

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