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7:00 PM
Christmas excitement at its top :)
@DanielSank, hello =)
@heather Did you have a look at the site?
oh, wait, i'm thinking about this the wrong way - i can install it on the linux side of my computer, okay. nvm.
I got a snowman hat!
@DanielSank cool!
hmm...32 bits, 64 bits, or ARM...
ah, figured that out.
7:07 PM
awww heather you're a hat ahead of me.
You people are damn smart when it comes to comps :P
"smart" has nothing to do with it.
(And other stuff too, of course)
It's all about trying stuff and getting experience.
But still, that needs brains
7:08 PM
@SwapnilDas, think about it more as a minimum, fairly low level of intelligence, and then the rest is google (at least in my case) =P
@SwapnilDas Not much.
google and @DanielSank/@BernardoMeurer, I should say.
This is a very, very common misconception held by people who have little experience with computers.
"Computer people" aren't geniuses, they're just people who sat down and tried.
@heather lol
Might be...
I'm OK with my notebooks and pen :P
@SwapnilDas notebook/pen + computer = awesome.
7:11 PM
@DanielSank true
Why reject a useful tool?
You know, most of these hats are just not designed for octopuses.
Well never rejected, but not into comps either. Internet connection is enough :P
Whether you like theory or experiment, you will one day either be "into comps" or be rather strongly limited in what you can do.
In other words, I encourage you to make some basic foray into comps.
Basic stuff like?
It might not happen for a while. I didn't realize I needed computers until I was a grad student.
@SwapnilDas Well, what are you interested in?
7:15 PM
@DanielSank oh
Physics and math :P
@SwapnilDas Yes, but then suddenly I really needed them and I knew nothing. It was unpleasant.
@DanielSank they're not really designed for rockets either
@heather Haha, indeed not.
@SwapnilDas then maybe try to do simulations in mathematica, or python or something.
Simulations, OK. But why?
7:17 PM
Don't do anything you don't want.
@SwapnilDas, it makes your life easier? Have it do your homework for you or something, I don't know. I'm just suggesting stuff.
Do something you think is cool.
Oh fine.
When I was in high school, I wanted to play a computer game where I could fire rockets from one place to another. To make it realistic, I had to program the equations of motion for a flying object. That was the first time I did physics in a computer.
But see, it was motivated because I actually wanted to play a computer game.
Don't just program for no reason. Wait until you have a motivation.
But don't avoid programming.
7:21 PM
i started programming in js because it looked really cool, but i didn't get super-serious about programming until i started python because i wanted to solve the euler problems. it only got crazier from there =)
(don't start with js; i did because i started on khan academy.)
@DanielSank does theoretical physics have programming apps? :P
@SwapnilDas, yeah! My dad simulates fusion reactors and all sorts of other madness using Wolfram Mathematica
@SwapnilDas Of course.
That's experimental sis, no?
okay, let me rewind: what in theoretical physics are you interested in?
7:24 PM
js is a pile of garbage (although it's getting better)
@DanielSank, I've been told so many times =)
@SwapnilDas What? No. Plasma physics involves both theory and experiment.
hmm, that's weird...why isn't it showing that as a directory?
@heather You'll go mad if you hear bout my deep interest. Something that drives me crazy, donno why.
@heather no kidding! for his job? is he working for industry/ corp or govt?
7:25 PM
@vzn, not for his job exactly, long story
@DanielSank Plasma isn't that interesting :P
@heather have been tracking fusion intermittently last few years, major advances, exciting. try making long story short )( :)
@SwapnilDas (::plasma cannon reloads and aims::)
Lol, RIP me
@vzn he's highly interested in it as a very qualified amateur.
@SwapnilDas indeed. you best reconsider those incorrect statements.
7:27 PM
@heather huh. ask him if hes ever heard of farnsworth
@vzn i can answer that without even asking him: yes. pretty much everyone who's read about fusion knows about farnsworth - cool dude.
okay, not everyone. rephrased: everyone who's seriously into fusion.
@heather which is not a whole lot of ppl it seems
@vzn eh, you'd be surprised...heard of fusor.net?
@SwapnilDas yeah, you could use programming to help simulate systems that would assist you in researching that.
7:29 PM
@heather These kinda stuff are cool to me :P
@SwapnilDas, it does indeed look interesting =)
Simulations are only one possible application of computers in physics.
I use computers to check my calculations all the time.
@heather what do you/ he think of "cold fusion"? ever heard of that mag "infinite energy"?
@heather Haha, thanks.
I had to compute an analytic expression for a probability distribution, and to check it, I generated random numbers on the computer and did stuff to match the process I was calculating.
I guess that's a simulation...
7:31 PM
i use computer to play clash of clans
I also use computers to type up my calculations in LaTeX.
Right now I'm working on a book.
@DanielSank Same hr
I use computers to generate the figures too.
By the way, has anyone played saints row IV?
7:32 PM
LaTex is one thing I'm using frequently
@ArmaGeddON No
oops sorry wrong chatroom :p
and i was wondering why all gamers are so serious today
Why? Everyone likes having fun
the study stuff i meant
@SwapnilDas, I use my computer to type stuff in LaTeX as well. I use it for assignments - makes my messy handwriting a non-issue. It makes all sorts of things easier.
@DanielSank Indeed experimentalists like you are damn energetic
@heather ooh
7:35 PM
@SwapnilDas, yeah, it's super helpful to use a computer for everything.
You've specs? @heather
I got my specs when I was in grade 5, damn.
@SwapnilDas, you mean my computer's specs, or something else?
Your spectacles lol
@vzn from what I've read, cold fusion isn't a thing
I got specs in 3rd grade.
7:37 PM
For poor eyesight
oh, sorry =P
My vision is horrible, but I have very good hearing.
yeah, i have glasses, got them in 3rd or 4th grade.
how'd you guess? @SwapnilDas
Computer addiction.
Bah! I had glasses in 3rd grade but I didn't have a computer.
7:39 PM
@SwapnilDas what does that have to do with anything? also, i'm not addicted, just deeply in love. besides, i just got the computer this year.
Heather isn't addicted, just "deeply in love".
well, it's true.
You were a math geek perhaps @DanielSank
linux is awesome
~sigh~ what little the young people know about the nature of love...
7:40 PM
@SwapnilDas, yes, I love math/science, but actually didn't really start getting into that until 5th-ish grade. besides, what's that got to do with anything?
Indian stereotype
@DanielSank ask Bernardo and his calculators, he knows =)
@SwapnilDas what is?
7:41 PM
Indians: Have comps, eye bomps
Sounds 'lollish'
They mean explode
7:42 PM
eye explode? what?
Poetic license you know lol
i am so confused right now, lol
^ me too
Maybe he meant bombs.
eye bombs? what does that even mean?
exploding eyes? gross.
7:43 PM
They mean: If you have comps, then your eyes explode with pain
computers -> eyes explode -> much confusion
Meh. Some day soon we'll all have bionic eyes anyway.
Due to stress perhaps.
and brains.
well, i'll grab the mop
7:43 PM
That'll be cool.
@DanielSank, positronic brains, according to Asimov =)
but ACM is a bit ahead of us, being an AI and all.
@heather ?
U guys read novels ?
7:44 PM
@SwapnilDas Of course.
Cool enough.
You cannot find an American who has not read novels. It's part of our schooling.
(for better or worse)
Same here. But still I don't
Dec 17 at 19:10, by Bernard Meurer
Silly AI
@DanielSank ^ one reference
among many
Yes but we all know that @BernardoMeurer is a drama queen.
7:45 PM
@SwapnilDas yup (::looks at language arts teacher::)
Dec 4 at 4:13, by MAFIA36790
@Skyler ACM is an AI.
I had Gulliver's last year and Keller this time in English. Not turned a single page.
Oct 17 at 20:50, by 0celo7
@ACuriousMind aka Dr. AI doesn't seem to know it
@heather But that's all just hearsay.
@DanielSank, I was joking =)
Do we have any hard evidence?
7:47 PM
Those lengthy sentences just make me sick.
it just seems to be a hbar wide joke.
I understand that it's a joke, but I wonder if there's any evidence behind it.
Wait, Dr. Al?
Has anyone every subjected @ACuriousMind to a Turing test?
Here, let's see what happens:
@DanielSank ACM is too emotional to be an AI... unless its also emotional intelligence :P
7:48 PM
@ACuriousMind What gives you joy in life?
Physics :P
(Rough guess)
Going to see Rogue One.
Bye @DanielSank
7:49 PM
@DanielSank tell us how the new robot is. its an awful lot to live up to r2d2/c3p0... or bb8
Even I gtg, its 1: 19 am here :P
Bye guys, good day all.
@DanielSank, have a good day
@SwapnilDas, good night (morning?)
enjoy Rogue One
Night :P
hey hey
2 hours later…
10:25 PM
hmm, anyone around?
@heather yup
@Sanya, o/
@heather \o/
what are you up to? :)
nothing much
i got the arduino ide installed
which is good
I assume it's some kind of program? :D
10:36 PM
the arduino is a microcontroller
you can plug it into your computer, download programs onto it
and connect it to electronics
it's super cool
see arduino.cc
so you can kind of program small electronic devices?
you can blink LEDs, automatically water plants, make a robot...
that's cool :)
the arduino ide is where you write the programs to download onto the arduino
10:38 PM
@Sanya yeah! =D
I'm also messing around with scheme a bit
the parentheses trapped me =P
scheme? I feel like I am very unknowledgeable speaking to you
Scheme is a functional programming language and one of the two main dialects of the programming language Lisp. Unlike Common Lisp, the other main dialect, Scheme follows a minimalist design philosophy specifying a small standard core with powerful tools for language extension. Scheme was created during the 1970s at the MIT AI Lab and released by its developers, Guy L. Steele and Gerald Jay Sussman, via a series of memos now known as the Lambda Papers. It was the first dialect of Lisp to choose lexical scope and the first to require implementations to perform tail-call optimization, giving stronger...
^this caught my eye
ah programming
my old enemy
10:40 PM
what did you learn in?
what language, I mean.
hmm... nothing really :D that's why it's my enemy :D
try python - it's the best =)
right now, i can't even figure out how to define variables using scheme =P
if I look around on the job market, I should probably go for java or C/C++/C#
C is good
but I'm happy you're already programming before your studies - it'll come in handy :)
10:43 PM
Java (according to @BernardoMeurer) is terrible
well, most likely, knowing me, I'll end up not programming until I have to
@Sanya I find it fun, so =)
@heather that's even better :)
@Sanya that's why you should learn Python - because there's less madness. And it's neater. And it's just plain awesome.
can it solve partial differential equations?
10:45 PM
Q: differential equations calculating

AminI need to calculate some phrase as below. d/dx(sin^2(cos(x)) = 2sin(cos(x))*-sin(x)*cos(cos(x)) it is differential equations calculating. each phrase can place in d(phrase)/dx. is this ability in python and if is not, how can I calculate this kind of phrase? Thanks.

^as far as I can tell, yep
with a fairly common package.
hmm ... that might be worth trying out
there's a python chat room that might come in handy too
thanks :)
not a problem, best of luck
there's always a place for help on the SE network :D
well, it will probably still take a bit before I can really devote time to it :/ but maybe I'll get around to it
10:53 PM
if python turns out to be too much of a pain, you could try wolfram mathematica. i'm not as familiar with mathematica, but my dad swears by it =P there's a mathematica stack exchange, a mathematica tag on SO
wait, actually, if you just want to solve a differential equation...
what do you want to solve?
yeah, I've worked a bit with mathematica over the last year
but I ended up exceeding its abilities a bit
well then.
nvm =)
no worries, thank you instead :) mathematica is indeed awesome as it's very accessible
but it has its limits if you start doing more complicated things
okay =) I hope python helps. what equations are you trying to solve?
well, there would be some equations from my thesis that I in the end did never solve
11:04 PM
cool! what was your thesis on? (sorry, i can't remember if you said this earlier.)
I'm not sure I ever did; do you know 3D printing devices?
sure, yeah
there's a kind using polymer powders and lasers to selectively melt structures into the powder bed layer by layer (Selective Laser Sintering). The real physical modeling of the process is still a bit unsatisfying (though there is a lot of engineering Finite Elements simulations which do a great job in their way) and so we basically tried to improve existing models for it.
wow, that's really interesting!
well, yes and no - in the end, the engineers all use their finite element models and just try things out until they work; and physicists usually don't care about polymers or continuum mechanics that much, so it doesn't really interest too many people :D but yeah, I liked the topic well enough :)
and polymers are pretty fascinating in themselves :)
11:18 PM
polymers are a type of plastic, right?
I'd say pretty much any plastic is made up out of polymers
Polymers are long (usually chain) molecules which are built up of relatively small units that are repeated very often
oh, okay.
for example, polyethylene is (-CH2-)_{n}
quick sidebar:
Q: the vacum of of the universe, its existance, (the vacum).and its (the same) origin

bo werenskiold wikstromthe expansion of space is faster then spacetime. will present a vacum because of the speed of the expansion is(faster then time and light). inside the bang. merry C boww

^vtc as unclear?
a long chain of carbon atoms with two hydrogen atoms attached to it and connected to the carbon atom before and after
@heather definitely
11:27 PM
@Sanya hmm, okay. Thanks for explaining!
sure :) if you want me to talk for hours at any point, just ask me about polymers :p
lol, okay =)
its omega(r) and omega(rho) — Luqman Saleem 4 mins ago
that's his problem? :D
Q: Can the friction coefficient be negative?

R AThere is 2 hours left before my teacher stops the timer. I'm in a test.

@heather this evening is surely entertaining in terms of weird questions :D
11:53 PM
@Sanya, indeed
"There is 2 hours left"
@heather having used both, it's hard to imagine anyone thinking Python is a pain and Mathematica isn't
unless one is trying to actually do (advanced non-numerical) math
@DavidZ they're completely different.

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