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7:00 PM
unless you muck about with the counters
@EmilioPisanty I mean morally
Should it be Table 1. Table 2. Figure 1. or Figure 3.
@0celoñe7 should be Table 1. Table 2. Figure 1.
that's the default, don't change it
@EmilioPisanty Default where?
7:04 PM
@0celoñe7 most standard classes
@EmilioPisanty I am using Word.
@0celoñe7 ah
@EmilioPisanty Not by choice, so no h8 pls.
no hate
just, you know
@EmilioPisanty There are classes that number tables/figures automatically?
7:07 PM
@0celoñe7 on TeX?
all of them
@EmilioPisanty I've needed TeX tables exactly twice in my life
@0celoñe7 is that better than TeXWorks? (Have you ever used TeXWorks?)
I'm having some problems with TeXworks
@0celoñe7 I see you've not been asked to prepare uni lab reports in tex
@EmilioPisanty We've been over this.
Word only.
@EmilioPisanty Perhaps because of this:
user image
7:10 PM
@TheDarkSide that's a pretty accurate depiction
also, prepared with conspicuously placed Computer Modern
Q: Post-doc advice for a low publication grad student

rcollyerAs a grad student, I have a single publication, a conference proceeding, to my name. So, my question is what do I need to do to obtain a post-doc position? Obviously, my references are going to be important. But, what other methods are available to me to demonstrate my competence? As I am US bas...

^ can someone find out a trace on the question timeline / revision history / whatever that this came from the Theoretical Physics beta?
@EmilioPisanty nope
Not the slightest trace
I think the folding of TP.SE into physics.SE has made TP.SE posts for all intents and purposes native physics.SE posts
How to begin two sentences same distance away from page margin in latex?
7:18 PM
@Blue What?
@Blue If you're doing definitions like that, you need to use the amsthm definition environment.
My definition 1 and definition 2 don't begin from same distance from left margin
@Blue Ah, see, don't do that. If you want to use the "definition X" style, you should use a package like amsthm, which will take care of such formatting on its own
Literally what I just said.
@ACuriousMind that's way weird
@ACuriousMind Okay, trying
7:19 PM
you'd hope for a Post Migrated event on the timeline, no?
@EmilioPisanty Kinda, although they weren't migrated - if they were migrated, closing them would have rejected the migration, which I'm pretty sure would have driven the system bonkers trying to send the rejected question back to a site that didn't exist anymore
@Blue also, we're happy to help and for intro stuff we're just as good, but keep in mind that there's also a tex.se chat chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/41/tex-latex-and-friends
@ACuriousMind yeah, there's that
@EmilioPisanty Oh, yeah. I've never been there. I'll check that out. :)
I would like to know how many of questions in physics-careers came from tp.se
So I wouldn't have expected a migration event in the history, but...something
7:27 PM
@Slereah I am unironically citing [private communication]
@ACuriousMind Here's what I see
No doubt about it, that's gotta be him
And you never had correspondence with him before that?
@SirCumference That is not his current gmail avatar.
@ACuriousMind No, and I checked the chat logs. Never gave out my email.
Ah, wait.
7:31 PM
@0celoñe7 For his personal email?
@SirCumference You might have given it out and then deleted it.
@SirCumference I have his work, nvm.
@ACuriousMind I certainly wouldn't have given my backup one, though
@SirCumference Open the .py!
@0celoñe7 >_>
That doesn't necessarily seem safe
7:32 PM
I said open, not run.
Also got this
I'm sure @BernardoMeurer can help you.
What's happening?
@SirCumference I summoned your savior.
7:33 PM
I certainly wasn't taking SR back then
The disk of the $L_1$ metric
@BernardoMeurer Weirdest situation ever
@SirCumference Lemme see the code
If it's evil I'll warn ya
I don't know if he'd want that distributed
@Slereah $L_1$?
7:34 PM
@SirCumference I went to his wedding, I'm moving to SB to be next to the man
He's teaching me how to drive
@0celoñe7 $d(x,y) = \sum |x_i - y_i|$
He's basically my father
@SirCumference It's very weird, don't question it.
Jan 6 '16 at 3:32, by DanielSank
Hey @ACuriousMind, I made a broke-ass program to plot space time diagrams.
ah, I remembered something like that
7:35 PM
@Slereah You mean $\ell^1$ metric
@SirCumference I can confirm that it's not his work e-mail (unless he has more than 1), but it could very easily be his personal one...
@SirCumference Just send it to Bernardo.
@0celoñe7 I'd also really prefer not to download it without knowing what it is
@SirCumference Then don't. Forward it.
@SirCumference Apparently you forgot you helped Daniel test that program
7:39 PM
@SirCumference ah, that's what that is
@EmilioPisanty Ubuntu messing up?
had to look up the unicode
@EmilioPisanty There was a girl who had to drop out of college because of Ubuntu
@ACuriousMind Oh, wow...
@BernardoMeurer can confirm
@SirCumference Hahahahaha
7:41 PM
My memory is actually frightening
@SirCumference Get adderall, you clearly have adhd
Q: Why does the surface of a lake suddenly change texture

SchroederWhat causes the surface of a lake to suddenly change texture. More specifically, what causes short wavelength water waves to dissipate in certain regions of a body of water with fairly sharp transition between regions with short wavelength waves and those without? I took a kayak out on lake M...

you can smell the HNQ on that one
@0celoñe7 >_>
...or maybe he instructed to you write it? I'm not sure what exactly went down there but in any case, I found the room where you gave out your email @SirCumference
Welp, guess people know my alt now
7:42 PM
@EmilioPisanty Hey, I get that same bug in Skyrim
Maybe it's a feature :o
Is it a duplicate, though?
@JohnRennie What the hell. Facebook is suggesting you as a friend of mine.
How does that even work
@SirCumference You probably use SE through facebook
@0celoñe7 Not anymore
Creepy af stalker company
@SirCumference Maybe stop googling "John Rennie nudes."
Wonder what you said.
@SirCumference Ah yes, you're the innocent one.
Why do you keep deleting?
7:53 PM
Got amsthm working using these instructions en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX/Theorems. Using latex to typeset seems time-consuming. Maybe I'll stick to pen and paper while taking notes and use latex only to make formal projects and stuff. :P
@Blue It gets much easier.
Pen and paper was once very time consuming too.
@Blue the learning curve is pretty steep, but once you know all the things you regularly need it gets less time-consuming
@0celoñe7 Also guy, straight, not into people >5 years older than me
@SirCumference You should appreciate my restraint rn.
@ACuriousMind Can I crop images in Word?
@0celoñe7 Much appreciated
7:56 PM
@0celoñe7 @ACuriousMind Do you guys typeset all your math/physics lecture notes ? Or only the important ones?
I can!
@Blue None.
I typeset things that I have proven on my own and want to immortalize.
@Blue I have typeset exactly one lecture until I decided it wasn't much of an improvement over my handwritten notes
I've used LaTeX mostly for my thesis, a few lab reports, and personal projects
Makes sense. :P It would be way too time-consuming if I sit down to typeset all the lectures.
Also it doesn't seem necessary
@Blue there are some crazy people who typeset in real time
8:00 PM
@0celoñe7 yeah, exactly. One of my seniors from my uni told me today morning that he typesets the lecture notes (in class itself) and sells them before exam time (to the lazy guys who don't take most of the notes in class or the ones having terrible handwriting) :P lol
He sells them?
Ah, capitalism.
@ACuriousMind yup :P
@Blue Why don't you just use an available template and typeset your text, without worrying too much about the technical details? and this way you slowly learn the details as you tweak different parts of the code over time
It's his business plan :D
8:01 PM
@ACuriousMind Why not?
Here in Socialist Germany, people usually just give away the link to their TeXed notes for free.
@ACuriousMind Which is why you lost the war
@ACuriousMind And look where that has landed you.
Hitler would never have thrived in a country where people sell their TeXed notes
That's a FACT
8:02 PM
I give away my notes for free.
@Mostafa I'm doing that only. I've downloaded a few templates to help me.
@0celoñe7 In a nice education system without undue stress on competition that doesn't load its graduates with crippling debt for years?
Anyone want any? ;)
8:02 PM
@ACuriousMind Ouch :P
@Danu is that class notes or banknotes?
Notes from the knowledge bank
@ACuriousMind It was a rhetorical question, jeez.
I think they sell the hard copy not the pdf file (although they don't give the pdf to anyone) @Blue
@Blue yes, ShareLaTeX is great!
8:05 PM
@Mostafa Yeah, he sells the hard copy :'D If he sold pdf's then one would buy it and distribute it to the rest
@heather Yeah. No need to download any extra software. :)
though i do like texmaker as well.
@Danu lol
word, in all its infinite glory, is putting in the image sideways
and when I rotate it, it puts the rotated image off-center
When using MS Word, I usually have to find a way to deceive Word to achieve what I want. Its standard methods are rarely helpful
8:15 PM
how infinitely glorious
We really need some AI typesetting software to replace these Word and Tex softwares.
oh fcs
Possibly the most helpful meta post in the history of meta
Gotta be the shortest.
@skullpatrol actually, yeah, I'm surprised that didn't get stopped by some length filter
8:25 PM
@Blue Yeah...something that takes the lecturer's voice as input, takes notes and typesets it in LaTeX automatically....or takes the homework problem set as input and typeset the soultions in LaTeX...
@EmilioPisanty The poster was "crafty" and added a bunch of spaces between the "no" and the period.
apparently, the SE length filter is not very smart.
yes, that is a lot of spaces
@Mostafa And something that does the homework for me XD
@Blue an AI software that takes a textbook, its solution manual and the lectures (video) as input and learns the material, does all the homeworks and exams, and even does high quality research....
How come no one has ever thought of this idea?!
8:33 PM
@ACuriousMind I "improved" it a bit :D
@Mostafa lol. We humans could then just relax on sea beaches :P
8:56 PM
@skullpatrol turns out it might just be students practicing
9:10 PM
Ok people, calling something by one name and then referencing a book that doesn't call it that is a bit low
9:36 PM
Eternal September @EmilioPisanty
10:27 PM
@Mostafa Pretty sure they have.
11:27 PM
@0celoñe7 Is your name Ryan Unger?
I'm getting a friend request from some guy in UT med school
11:42 PM
This is a list of fictional stories that, when written, were set in the future, but the future they predicted has now passed. The list excludes works that were alternate histories, which were composed after the dates they depict. The list also excludes contemporary or near future works (e.g. set within a year or two), unless it deals with some notable futuristic event as with the 2012 phenomenon. It also excludes works where the future is passively mentioned and not really depicting anything notable about the society as with an epilogue that just focuses on the fate of the main characters. ��2...
Better luck next time, science fiction!

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