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12:00 AM
@BernardoMeurer My core clock doesn't seem to be increasing at all.
@0celoñe7 Dunno what's up then
try the EVGA thing
maybe you need to fix the clock
GPU Boost might be messing things up
@BernardoMeurer Yeah, trying
I can't find the serial number
to use the EVGA software you need a serial number
On the box
@BernardoMeurer It's behind the wifi card -.-
I mean the cardboard box it came in
12:10 AM
ah, it's there too
the sticker on the GPu itself is covered by the wifi card
Sometimes it comes on the box
yeah it was on the box
Ok, so let's try to do it in the software...
@BernardoMeurer Still nothing
It's actually underclocking now
Did you read that article I linked about OCing?
@BernardoMeurer hmm
It crashed, not coming back
@BernardoMeurer CPU crashed!
12:20 AM
@BernardoMeurer I tried to do a 300 MHz overclock past the boost clock
I mean 300 so it would go pst the boost clock
I don't understand this. The EVGA software says the boost is like 1800 but I get 1950 in games
GPU Boost 3.0 does weird things
England is my city
@BernardoMeurer I can't figure out what to do
Call Nick Crompton
12:25 AM
That doesn't really help...
@BernardoMeurer My clock speeds are already higher than their overclocks...
I don't have a GTX 1080
In fact I never owned a single NVidia product
So I cannot help you much
I wish they gave benchmarks at those clocks
@BernardoMeurer Ok, pushed the clock to over 2GHz and got a measly 2907 on Heaven
I have no clue what those scores even mean
12:36 AM
people on reddit are reporting 3000+
@BernardoMeurer Are you supposed to report twice the memory clock? People are reporting a memory clock exactly twice of mine.
I dunno
that's very weird
I dunno
best not mess with it too much until I get a 144Hz monitor
2 hours later…
2:26 AM
In order to understand time, one must understand how we express time
2 hours later…
4:30 AM
@JohnRennie Good morning
Hi. Long time no see.
Have you made it to the US yet?
Not yet, currently in Rio
Been away recently, moving took a lot of my time
When do you start at, err, I've forgotten which college :-)
Had to leave all my sound system behind with my gf who'll ship it to california directly
I leave Brazil on the 4th
Santa Barbara?
4:32 AM
@BernardoMeurer Seems to be stable at 2025 MHz
@0celoñe7 That's a nice OC
@JohnRennie breaking computers is fun!
@0celoñe7 you still in search of the ultimate fps? :-)
@JohnRennie Your amplifier is going to travel the world :P
After so many years
4:34 AM
Hmm, I wonder how it will work on US voltage ...
@JohnRennie Yes...AC Unity forced my hand.
There is something very wrong with my internet.
@JohnRennie Worst case scenario I get a transformer
Computer PSUs use switching circuitry so they don't care what the external voltage is, but I'm not sure about the amp. Try it and see I guess.
@JohnRennie It seems I can now stay above 60fps without fail with max settings.
It won't do any harm. At worst it simply won't work.
@0celoñe7 congratulations, your life is now complete :-)
4:36 AM
@JohnRennie No...I might buy a 144Hz monitor.
Then 144fps will be my goal.
The true masters manually edit the GPU drivers to get optimum performance.
In the early days of Windows 3.0 I recompiled the VGA drivers to change their properties. I'm not sure I'd want to try modifying NVidia drivers though ...
NVidia binary blob drivers are a mess
@JohnRennie I finally gave up on bumblebee and optimus with proprietary nvidia malware
Back to Open Source Nouveau drivers
works perfectly
@JohnRennie according to the internet I should be able to squeeze another 7% out of my GPU!
Not sure how these maniacs are doing it
Some people are overclocking to 2150 but that instantly crashes my system
How's the temp?
Below 70
4:45 AM
@BernardoMeurer have you used the GPU on the laptop to do calculations?
Not as much as I'd like
OpenCL is kind of a pain
and CUDA is malware
@BernardoMeurer Suppose I want to increase the clock...what should I change the memory to?
1 hour later…
6:12 AM
Hey, everyone :-)
@JohnR: I watched Dunkirk twice; in the evening, I didn't actually feel like screwing around on my own at home while the others were away so I accompanied them and watched Dunkirk another time while they watched the Malayalam movie.
You liked it that much?
I did, yes. I didn't really want to watch it another time on the same day but I did and watching it the second time around was a completely different experience.
"Researchers Discover "Angel Particle" Which Is Both Matter And Antimatter At The Same Time"
>Majorana particle
The first time I watched it, it struck a chord emotionally. The second time, it was more of an intellectual experience; I kept questioning exactly why they chose to make a certain edit etc.
6:17 AM
Couldn't possibly watch it a third time though.
Dunkirk was part of modern British mythology when I was a child, though I think it's now fading from memory.
Ah, I see. vzn linked me to an interesting read:
11 hours ago, by vzn
@Kaumudi.H you might find this interesting, it answers a huge question that was on my mind lately after reading other movie reviews of Dunkirk http://www.thedailybeast.com/the-mystery-left-out-of-christopher-nolans-dunkirk-‌​why-didnt-hitler-go-in-for-the-kill ps my uncle was here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omaha_Beach
@Slereah Stanford article on the Majorana fermion. Note that it's a quasi particle.
@vzn: Wow! Omaha Beach being the one in Saving Private Ryan, right?
6:23 AM
@JohnRennie I did, yes
@Kaumudi.H yeah, the second watching is usually that way for me also.
@Slereah I knew it was a mistake to let the condensed matter guys start playing with QFT :-)
Anyone else suddenly thinking about Tina Majorino?
No :P
Ah, but you are now, right @skullpatrol?
6:38 AM
I had to look up the name pal :-)
Really? You don't remember her version of Alice in Wonderland?
But it's a classic!
OK, never mind. Also, I think maybe I enjoyed Big Love far too much.
Dunkirk looks like a good movie.
> ::puts on "to watch" list::
Oh definitely. It's certainly excited Kaumudi.
6:47 AM
@skullpatrol I see :-)
7:08 AM
@JohnRennie I really hate how the meida gone so overhype with quasiparticles and then pose them as if they are real particles
Sure, they are interesting, but until they found an elementary majorana fermion, (insert suitable sentence to complete the sentence)
The media are prone to that sort of thing. It's just one of the things we have to live with. But the quasiparticles being found in condensed matter studies are very interesting. It's only a few months since Weyl (quasi)fermions were reported.
Right now there seems to be a lot of exciting stuff going on in the condensed matter area.
It is amazing how a lot of exotic particles in our theories can be simulated in condensed matter systems. Nature must be really love infinite number of coupled harmonic oscillators
Finding an elementary Majorana fermion would be ... well ... a bit interesting :-)
Hmm, Let me check the current list of particles we have simulated in condensed matter systems:

Dumb holes
Magnetic monopoles
Weyl fermions
Majorana bound states
Negative effective mass
Chiral majorana fermions

Probably a lot more I forgot
(and I am pretty sure the list is in choronological order)
What are "quarks of a proton"?
7:18 AM
u u d?
18 hours ago, by Secret
maths chat is currently occupied by 3 users which are quarks of a proton
O, that's a metaphor saying how the 3 are engaged in a heated discussion akin to how the quarks are bound by the strong force within a proton
that any attempt in separating them will most likely form mesons and jets
I see.
yeah, it was pretty intense
One of the most well known ability of mine among my friends is the ability to said a paragraph of seemly academic or monotone stuff where every sentence is actually a joke or metaphor, back to back
That's an interesting analytical ability to have :-)
7:26 AM
For example, some years ago:
Feb 27 '16 at 15:03, by Secret
A Jerk snapped with a loud crackle after watching pop momentarily
8:00 AM
"Snap, Crackle, and Pop" on @Wikipedia: "There is no formal designation for the seventh and eighth derivatives of position, although some authors use the convention "lock" and "drop"."
8:26 AM
Hi Q what's new? @Qmechanic
@TheRaidersofLasVegas : We are discussing tags. E.g. the current top 8 meta posts are about tags.
Are you gotta be at Jim's AMA? @Qmechanic
gotta ---> gonna
1 hour later…
10:03 AM
@heather @ACuriousMind The stinker just got an upvote. I'm baffled.
@EmilioPisanty This is why we can't have nice things.
@ACuriousMind yes, pretty much
oh ffs
Q: Why does sugar dissolve faster in hot water compared to cold water?

mithusengupta123Sugar dissolves faster in hot water compared to cold water but it's opposite for salt. Why is this the case? Please see the link here. The answers below explain why sugar dissolves faster in hot water by saying that it has more intermolecular spaces and the other answer says hot molecules of wat...

the tag
the ************ tag
@Qmechanic I gather that the intention was that questions like the above would go to general-physics, reditected to please-remove-this-tag, and we would detect them that way?
Seriously, let's just burn general-physics with fire
@EmilioPisanty I think something in the tag system doesn't quite work as Qmechanic expected, since when I type "general" into the tag box, only the +tag appears
But, yes, I agree with the general sentiment of just getting rid of that tag altogether
My biggest issue with that question is that OP changed the question completely after receiving three answers. It's now an entirely different (and comically nonsensical) question. There should be some mechanism to stop people doing that.
@ACuriousMind well, that'll be because there are questions tagged but no questions tagged , so as far as the system is concerned, the latter does not exist at all, thus there's no reason to suggest its use.
@DawoodibnKareem Roll it back and instruct OP to ask a new question with the new question.
10:12 AM
@EmilioPisanty ACuriousMind just rolled it back. Possibly as a result of my comment.
@DawoodibnKareem Thanks for noticing that. As Emilio says, the mechanism to deal with this is rolling back and asking OP not to do that (as I just did)
In cases where OP insists on doing so after being told not to, we usually either lock the question or suspend the user, depending on the exact circumstance
I simply remove the perpetrator from my Christmas Card list.
@DawoodibnKareem That's a tad too cruel for me I think
@ACuriousMind Don't worry. I haven't removed you.
Seriously, though what else needs to happen before general-physics can be Death-Star-ray'ed into oblivion?
10:15 AM
What makes removing the tag so difficult? Is it because questions have to have at least one tag, and there are questions out there that fit no other category?
Honestly, maybe all such questions should be deleted. If they're not on topic in any other tag, then they're not on topic.
@EmilioPisanty Wait a moment, there are currently only 35 questions tagged with it. So we don't need to request burnination - we can just untag the tag from these questions and let the system remove it on its own
If the issue is that someone would recreate it, burnination doesn't stop that, either
@ACuriousMind so how does one go about blacklisting a tag?
Q: How should we make tag blacklist requests?

doppelgreenerA Stack Exchange site I use has identified a tag that should be blacklisted, discussed it on Meta and come to an agreement that it should go (our request is here). We and the site moderators understand that only SE devs can blacklist a tag. What we're not clear on, though, is how they expect us ...

Heyo ACM
@Danu hiya
10:21 AM
How's the thesis coming along
Ugh (pretty complete description of my feelings about that currently :P)
I don't think anybody would dare to recreate it after some of the dark imprecations about it that I've seen in this room.
@DawoodibnKareem You should never forget that chat is a relatively tiny corner of the site and that most users are not aware of any discussions held in here
10:25 AM
@ACuriousMind Probably just as well. And I was only half serious.
@Danu What? No, I edited my line into the original message because @DawoodibnKareem snuck his message between my two :P
I thought you actually referred to Dawood's message, which would've been a lot more hilarious.
I too thought that's what ACuriousMind meant.
From Stack Overflow today. "... everything works perfect and I get my result but in the same time I get a Nullpointer exception ..."
How can "everything works perfect" and "I get a Null Pointer Exception" be part of the same sentence?
10:28 AM
@ACuriousMind OK, I'll start whittling them down, then.
@ACuriousMind I'm currently on cloud 9 because I finally found a PhD position... hence procrastinating instead of doing my thesis again haha.
hiya @Qmechanic
@EmilioPisanty : Yes, exactly.
@Danu Well done!
10:30 AM
@Qmechanic yeah, that... didn't happen =|
@EmilioPisanty : Testing.
@Danu I saw that and imagined you'd be exhilarated :D I have no idea what I'm gonna do yet
@ACuriousMind Did you see the profile of the person who asked about the dissolution of sugar, and the difference with salt?
@DawoodibnKareem No, I didn't look there. Why?
He or she claims to be a high-school physics teacher.
I'm a little staggered.
10:37 AM
@ACuriousMind Have you applied anywhere?
Reason dissolves in hot water? That actually explains lots of things. — Emilio Pisanty 28 mins ago
@EmilioPisanty That is probably the origin of the German idiom "You must've been bathed too hot as a child" ;P
Hm, can one even use bathe in that passive form in English?
Ooh, don't joke about that. I went to school with someone who fell into very hot water at a very young age, and had permanent skin damage all over.
@ACuriousMind Yeah
10:41 AM
@DawoodibnKareem It's not really a joke - that is a common, if somewhat old-fashioned German idiom that one usually says about people who just did something very stupid.
@ACuriousMind Yes it's fine grammatically. But you'd really only use it for a very young child, or possibly a disabled or old person. Basically anyone who can't bathe themselves.
Qmechanic has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
@ACuriousMind Right. I guess many English speakers would say "you must have been dropped on your head as a child" or something similar. Which is equally unjokeworthy.
Then again, taking every joke seriously makes life boring too.
@Danu Yes, and the only positive responses I've got were of the type "I'd love to offer you a position but I ain't got no money." :/
10:42 AM
No positions at Heidelberg? :\
You might try the group that I found a place in... They have money. I don't know if it suits your interests though.
@DawoodibnKareem Which is why it would be much funnier if the origin was that reason dissolved in hot water ;)
Did you ask your supervisor for help?
My impression is that either (i) your supervisor keeps you, or hooks you up somewhere else, or (ii) you need to get really lucky.
Hm, my new chat room feed is for some reason not activated by my tests. @David Z : You have previous experience with making feeds. Can you (without spending too much time) see if something is wrong with my feed code format?
@ACuriousMind I think it requires hydrogen peroxide.
@Danu Yeah, that's seems pretty accurate. :P
10:49 AM
And yours is as unhelpful as mine? :(
(not to say I don't think my supervisor is super awesome... It's just that he doesn't seem to care too much about my non-mathematical problems)
@Danu Well, he can't keep me 'cause no money (unless I manage to get another scholarship) and I wouldn't say he's unhelpful, just nothing much has come of it.
Doesn't help that I'm not 100% sold on wanting to stay in academia anymore, so I'm also contemplating other options.
Damn, that's really unlucky. For my friends, it always worked out if the supervisor pulled some strings.
@ACuriousMind Hmm... That's a whole 'nother decision. And a difficult one.
@Feeds @Qmechanic I don't think that will work
@ACuriousMind Which "other" options? (if you don't mind)
if a new user wants to tag something general-physics, the system will present them with but not
10:58 AM
@Blue Mostly software development (I know some people who went into that and there are several large software companies near me)
@ACuriousMind Well, what do you want to be doing five years from now?
@DawoodibnKareem that's the question, isn't it? :P
Once you leave Academia, it's very hard to go back. But if you want to pursue a software development career, that's perfectly fine.
@Qmechanic @rob @ACuriousMind is this the way to rephrase this discussion?
Q: Can we blacklist the general-physics tag?

Emilio PisantyThis has bothered me for some time, and since bad tags are on the table, I think this is a good time to do it. The original burninate request got good traction, and all that remains is to implement it. The general-physics tag is absolutely terrible, because it adds absolutely no information. It ...

It's possible to have a fulfilled life without having a PhD.
11:01 AM
@ACuriousMind Oh. Software developing is a rewarding career (monetarily). However, I wonder how much of your physics and mathematics knowledge will be put into use there. :/ Anyhow, a mathematician like you will obviously have enough analytical skills to get into such a job. BTW did you think of any options like Quantum Computing (I know a few startups coming up in that area) or something like that which will utilize your physics skills as well?
@Kaumudi.H: you around?
@DawoodibnKareem I know (neither of my parents have a PhD, or indeed any academic degree, and I wouldnt call their lives unfulfilled)
@Blue The issue is that, at the end of the day, I don't find physics - except for the really theoretical stuff - all that interesting :P
I have to say that I think you may have a lot of potential as a researcher.
Why not do some string-math type of stuff?
@ACuriousMind If that's truly the case, then a PhD in physics seems particularly pointless.
@ACuriousMind: what would you do? Look for a maths PhD, or become a quant and make shedloads of money?
11:04 AM
Why not do some string-math type of stuff?
The group is Hamburg has a really great mix of things going on. Physicists doing math, mathematicians doing physic(ist)s, and lots in between.
I have some specific recommendations for people to look at if you are at all interested (I know for a fact they are looking for students)
@ACuriousMind I see. Oh well, then a computer science career would be the best use of your mathematics skills. :) You'll earn a ton as well. :D All the best :)
@DawoodibnKareem Well... :D
@Danu Well, that is the sort of thing I would like to do as a PhD. I'm not saying I don't want to do that. But I'm also not really sure anymore if that's something I absolutely want to do, and sacrifice everything else for it.
Don't expect to use any really heavy mathematical skills as a computer programmer.
@Danu lol @ edit
11:06 AM
I don't recall doing any serious mathematics since I left university.
@JohnRennie After a maths PhD I guess to earn money one has to get back to industry (for example become a quant :P). Academia doesn't pay well anyway (unfortunately).
However, for mental satisfaction one might want to do a PhD. :)
@JohnRennie Yep! What's up?
Nip over to gchat ...
11:23 AM
@EmilioPisanty : I know. It is because there are no questions tagged without the plus. I created a single question with the old tag for this purpose, but the tag was removed from this particular question in a recent clean-up.
Stopped plus experiment for the tag. Removed plusses again.
11:41 AM
Created corresponding seed question for the tag.
@EmilioPisanty : Hm, I wonder why?
12:06 PM
Q: Interesting topics to research in mathematical physics for undergraduates

RebelI'm planning on getting into research in mathematical physics and was wondering about interesting topics I can get into and possibly make some progress on. I'm particularity fond of abstract algebra and topology and if possible any topics that involve abstract algebra would/topology/calculus of...

Any reason this question shouldn't be closed as too broad or possibly primarily opinon-based?
@ACuriousMind opiniony for sure
I'd say it's entirely based on soliciting opinion, rather than facts or references
oi! Who's been voting down my AMA post? Someone have a problem with the accepted method of AMA declarations?
12:25 PM
@ACuriousMind I thought your parents were chemists?
@ACuriousMind We had a geometric analysis prof leave academia to go to data analysis. There's something about mean curvature flow in there.
@Qmechanic seriously, let's stop trying to fix . It's completely useless.
@ACuriousMind frankly I think that one should be under historical lock
ideally after getting the tags right
This might interested h barers:
in Mathematics, 11 mins ago, by Tim Davids
Can anyone see why $$\int_{-\infty}^{\infty}A^{\dagger}_{y}A_{y}dy = 1$$ where
$$\hat{A}_{y} = \int_{-\infty}^{\infty}\frac{e^{-(x'-y)^2/(4V)}}{(2\pi V)^{\frac{1}{4}}} |x ' \rangle \langle x' | dx'$$
dear god
why would someone ask that in the math chat?
there seemed to be nothing complex valued there, how would the adjoint of this thing be computed
@EmilioPisanty : Like I said. The experiment has ended.
12:36 PM
@Qmechanic is that on all the + tags?
@0celoñe7 They learned it as a trade, not at university. (Also, neither does anything with chemistry anymore)
Q: Does physics have some division schema which divide physical amounts into these two classes?

user3123061Does physics have some division schema which divide amounts into these two classes? : A) amounts which can be counted by natural numbers (for example many units can be counted by number of electrons, photons per second etc.) B) amounts which cannot be counted by natural numbers (time, speed, le...

any thoughts on tagging this one?
12:57 PM
@Qmechanic I'm really confused about the strong pushback against burninating general-physics.
There's very clear support on meta going back almost four years.
The alternative is manual removal which is much more harmful to the front page.
What other conditions need to be met?
whats cracking, The h bar?
@EmilioPisanty : See here.
@Qmechanic lack of action is different to active pushback
1:11 PM
I read Shog9's post as favouring single posts rather than single catchall threads
1:22 PM
@Qmechanic is it a feed you added to this room?
(I just saw your message now)
If it's the feed, it seems okay - there is only one question with the tag currently, and I don't think we'll see the feed in action until a new one appears
@DavidZ : Yes. Well, I tested it with 2 questions: One 1h old and another very old. But no feeds were generated. (I deleted the tags again after 10 minutes).
1:59 PM
I guess it's possible the feed takes longer than that to update, or it could be that the feed doesn't reflect edits made to existing questions, it only shows new questions with the tag. I'm not actually sure.
2:27 PM
@AccidentalFourierTransform uhhh, where did you find that?
Does that mean the projective space is hausdorff?
Is this a path integral simulator?
I don't think you path integrate cats
Why do you underline the non-hausdorff topology when the money shot is the SOUL SUBSPACE
@Slereah It is well known that a complete noncompact manifold with nonnegative sectional curvature has a soul.
No idea why it's called a soul.
what is
a "soul"
2:43 PM
A closed, totally convex submanifold $S\subset M$ such that $M$ is diffeomorphic to the normal bundle of $S$ in $M$.
i c
wait, which one is the normal bundle
@Slereah The tangent bundle splits as $TM=TS\oplus NS$. Solve for $NS$, roughly.
It doesn't render :/
really makes you think
@Slereah So now that I have a good regularity theory for $-\Delta u=f$, should I move on to more general equations or do something useful with my life?
Well u know
Work on your priorities, I suppose
2:52 PM
@Slereah I still have to study the space $\tilde H^1(M)=\{f\in H^1(M):\int_M f=0\}$...
There's always more Sobolevs to study
@Slereah How did you like ACU? I felt like the devs were monarchal apologists.
Oh, sasso creedo
Ass Creed Unity.
I didn't play that one
The last one I played was the one in the Mamerican revolution
That one was terrible.
that could be why I stopped
I didn't even finish it

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