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12:00 AM
@SirCumference someone is trying to hack you
if I knew your name I would have told the chat already
@0celoñe7 Wait what
@0celoñe7 Is this you?
Either way you got me concerned
12:16 AM
@SirCumference no
but it is quite scary
how do they know my name and (almost) where I go to school
and that I know you
@0celoñe7 That might be a coincidence, since we have a mutual friend
And I checked, it's a real person
That's some creepy bs
First thing I thought of when I saw the name and school was ya, since you posted your name a few months ago
@SirCumference Is your Google account or Facebook account linked to SE somehow?
12:33 AM
Q: How does the Facebook friend finder operate?

George SFacebook friend finder is really creepy. It has suggested to me: The father of a friend of mine—whose existence in Facebook was unknown to the said friend of mine himself. The twin brother of a colleague of mine—of whose family I had no idea whatsoever about, Close friends of a school-going you...

@Blue Screw that
Though the friend request has apparently been in my inbox for a few months.
Asked the mutual friend, she said she knows him and suggested us
Reasoning is beyond me
Still weird that I got John Rennie in my friend suggestions
Maybe you were stalking JR's profile :P
@Blue I didn't know he had FB...
12:43 AM
Who knows...maybe Stack Exchange has started selling user data to FB
Facebook is an US American company, which is a country with unbelievable poor privacy-protection laws. Facebook is doing many things that would be illegal for a German company according to the privacy advisor of the state Schleswig-Holstein and the national consumer protection minister. The state SH is preparing investigations against local companies and organisations which embed the Facebook plugins on their websites without a proper service provider agreement. (Facebook does not sign service provider agreements in compliance with German law at all) — Hendrik Brummermann Oct 31 '11 at 19:20
I love this quote: "If you are not paying for it, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold" :D
that seems ripe for misuse
@SirCumference you and this other Ryan?
12:49 AM
@Qmechanic/@DavidZ/@ACuriousMind - what's the current view on posting separate burnination/blacklisting requests for tags in light of this past chat conversation?
@0celoñe7 yeah
Though obviously I've never met him
Somehow that seems like an impossible coincidence
Apr 26 at 20:14, by 0celouvskyopoulos
My name is terrible
@SirCumference Wait UT as in TN or TX?
@0celoñe7 Here
Make of that what you will
12:57 AM
@SirCumference what?
I delete pics with people's faces in them
@SirCumference According to google he's a 36 year old doctor.
Why is your friend friends with him?
I'm gonna ask her
She goes to UT
How do I explain this to her
@SirCumference I now have enough information to find you.
Good luck.
@0celoñe7 wtf
1:04 AM
@SirCumference I can see this taking a while.
@heather Each one should be its own separate meta post
Except the ones that have already been posted as answers on the existing thread
@SirCumference is she premed?
that's pretty strange
@0celoñe7 No idea, she was my friend from middle school
@SirCumference Why did she think you're premed then?
1:08 AM
@0celoñe7 I'm asking her
She says one of our friends told her I am
@BernardoMeurer pls stuggest 2nd monitors
maybe not 1440p so I can still play on ultra
I guess for those curious on what I deleted:
If I were a Chinese hacker I would be able to find you
I'm not obsessed enough though
You're safe
@0celoñe7 Thanks. That makes me feel real safe...
1:33 AM
@EmilioPisanty Reverting back to closed drivers because I need GPGPU desperately for OpenCL :(
3:17 AM
@Kaumudi.H ty & good luck to you too
1 hour later…
4:29 AM
Hi @JohnRennie !
Just wanted to ask you whether I should use Valence Bond theory or VSEPR theory for determining molecular geometry @JohnRennie
I have studied both, and both seem to yield accurate results so am confused about the one to use.
@Abcd both are approximations that have their uses.
@JohnRennie Which one's better?
I'm not sure one is better than the other. It depends on what you are trying to do. As a general rule I would consider both approaches when thinking about a problem.
Okay, thanks
@JohnRennie ok, time to write this timed thingie
4:38 AM
Ah yes, to run TeamViewer. It's simpler than you think. Just open the Task Scheduler from Windows Administrative Tools and create a new task.
@JohnRennie New task or basic task?
Hang on, let me open it ...
Create Task
Type a title (any title) and leave the other settings at the defaults
That's the Create Basic Task option - I wouldn't use that
@JohnRennie Why not?
4:42 AM
Because you want the finer control Create Task gives you.
@JohnRennie What finer control?
Try it and see :-)
@JohnRennie I need it to run at 8AM...what finer control do I need?
I'm looking at it.
Well for example you want the task to run as the currently logged on user and run only when the user is logged on. If you run it when you aren't logged on you'll have a hidden instance of TeamViewer that you can't control.
Though you could use the basic task then go back in and check the properties.
@JohnRennie How does the computer even run a program if no one is logged on?
4:45 AM
Computers have always done that ...
The task runs in its own separate session
Unix does that, so I imagine Macs do too
@heather : Please don't. Use instead physics.meta.stackexchange.com/q/4768/2451
@Qmechanic That's the opposite of what I told her, and I believe what I said is in accordance with what we decided in the chat session. It definitely tracks with the recommendations on MSE anyway.
5:15 AM
@JohnRennie Currently editing Skyrim meshes
One cannot mod this game enough
I used to mess around with Doom levels back in the day ...
this must be fixed
it's a bag strap
> If, on the other hand, you're thinking "Why is someone who studies makeup a major contributor to physics?", then I'd say you're half right. A cosmologist studies the makeup of the universe
@Jim My new favorite quote
I did a bit of work on makeup when I worked for Unilever ...
@JohnRennie Ah, I can delete the bag!
Works jut as well.
Technology is amazing
5:29 AM
However did we waste our time before computer games were invented? :-)
@JohnRennie I'd be kind of embarrassed if my boss caught me working on my makeup while I'm at my desk.
Hi, everyone :-)
Change of news; I'm leaving for college tomorrow :'-(
@DawoodibnKareem :-) It was mainly on how to remove makeup i.e. how to wash it off without removing all the natural skin oils as well. At the time Unilever owned Elizabeth Arden so it had a makeup business.
5:37 AM
@JohnRennie who knows, but the crazy bastard who came up with these things was a genius
@Kaumudi.H why sad? This is the most exciting (and, yes, scary) time of your life!
@Kaumudi.H Hello
Oh, wow! That's amazing! (I read slowly).
Is it scary?
Scary for Kaumudi or for the college?
It is all of the above, yes.
5:38 AM
@DawoodibnKareem Haha, dude :-)
@0celoñe7 I found it pretty intimidating at least for the first few days
What, did I really type "Change of news"? Crap, I meant plans.
Unrelated, but did you get to Pizza Pizza Pizza in the end? And was it good?
@Kaumudi.H you're going up early to get settled in? Or will you be staying with your gran for those few days?
@DawoodibnKareem No, I didn't :-/ We ended up dining at a North Indian place and it wasn't half bad, actually!
5:42 AM
@JohnRennie The latter :-) We'll busy ourselves buying a mattress, detergent, etc.
@Kaumudi.H What did you eat, and do you have photos?
That makes sense. Buying that sort of stuff locally is going to be a lot less hassle.
You have to provide your own mattress?
What is the YMCA coming to?
@DawoodibnKareem Unfortunately, we didn't pause to click pictures :-(
The song didn't say anything about needing your own mattress (although it probably wouldn't have scanned if it had).
5:44 AM
@DawoodibnKareem at least that way you know you're not sharing the previous occupants body lice :-)
We had paneer tikka for starters. For the main course, we had garlic naan, kabuli naan, butter roti, malai kofta and we ordered malai kofta and vegetable hyderabadi (or something) for side dishes.
@JohnRennie Yes, yes.
What is malai kofta?
@DawoodibnKareem Lol. Also what John said.
(FWIW, I don't know the difference between North Indian and South Indian cuisine).
5:45 AM
Oh, wow, they're vastly different.
I'd guess that when foreigners refer to "Indian" cuisine, they mean North Indian.
@Kaumudi.H most Indian restaurants in the UK are actually Pakistani, so North-West cuisine.
Ah, right, I see.
@0celoñe7 Yep. Vastly.
5:47 AM
@JohnRennie trippy
Heck, different states in the South of India have cuisines of their own and they too are somewhat different from each other!
Yes, I understand that Southern India and Northern India are very different places.
Different culture, different languages, different food etc
What is my typing coming to...
@DawoodibnKareem Yep, yep! :-)
> Malai kofta is a popular as well as most sought after vegetarian Indian dish in restaurants. Malai means cream and kofta are fried dumpling balls. Usually they are made up of mashed potatoes-veggies, with or without grated paneer.
5:51 AM
Everything sounds delicious.
And so it was! :-) I was starving too, by that time! I hadn't eaten anything in over 8 hours.
It's no wonder that I have chronic acid reflux :-/
@Kaumudi.H There must be something you can do about that.
@DavidZ & @heather : I disagree with that. That would potentially create too many individual meta posts. Which MSE recommendation?
@DawoodibnKareem Nah, I've messed it up to such an extent that there is no looking back now.
5:54 AM
Well I hope it settles down as you grow older.
A: When to burninate

Shog9Before you start doing anything, put a little bit of thought into the request: Does this tag even need to be burninated? There are a lot of burninate-requests posted to various meta sites that are... To put it gently... A complete and utter waste of everyone's time. Some folks will seemingly p...

A: How should we make tag blacklist requests?

Shog9The procedure is as follows: First, burninate the tag, if there are currently questions tagged with it. If there aren't currently questions tagged with it, you probably don't need to blacklist it - but see Step #2. Once the tag is gone - no longer used on any questions - decide if it needs to ...

@DawoodibnKareem Thanks :-) You're very nice! (:-P) My mum says that there is no hope but I'm hoping anyway!
Your mother is both right and wrong. There may be no hope with today's medicine. However, there may well be medical advances in the treatment of acid reflux in the years to come. So don't give up hope.
Ah, of course, right :-)
I guess maybe we didn't reach a firm conclusion on whether to make tag burnination requests as individual meta posts or not. That discussion starts somewhere around around this message. I do support having them as individual meta posts though, as Shog suggests on meta.
6:01 AM
@DavidZ : For exceptional complicated cases, an individual meta post may eventual make sense, but to start the discussion of blacklist&burninate a tag, I would say, just open a new answer in physics.meta.stackexchange.com/q/4768/2451
@Qmechanic I don't agree with that - I mean, I would like to see new burnination/blacklisting requests made as individual meta posts going forward.
Part of the reason being that the existing thread is likely to get forgotten down the line.
@DavidZ : Potentially too many.
@DavidZ : It gets to the top again.
Only when someone has already found it to post a burnination request.
And I disagree that there would be too many questions for burnination requests if each tag gets its own. The number of tags we have for which removal might be requested is quite small.
@DavidZ That is unfortunate true, but it is the same with physics.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/175/… But we'll just remind OP.
I suppose that is the way things are going for now (that we remind posters of the central tag removal request thread), but I would like to see it changed.
Anyway I'll have to take this up later. I'll have to go soon.
6:43 AM
@JohnR: I've just received a gift card on Amazon from one of my uncles! :-D
@Kaumudi.H :-) That's a nice way to start the term. Any thoughts on what you're going to buy, or will you save it up?
It is! :-) It was incredibly kind and sweet of him to give it to me. He even wrote me an e-mail wishing me the best of luck etc.
@JohnRennie I will save it up :-) I don't have anything in mind to buy immediately.
I may have a bit of a problem with money, actually; when I do have it to hand, I don't buy anything at all.
Do you have to buy books for the course or are they all provided?
6:48 AM
@JohnRennie They haven't told us anything about anything yet. While one can only hope that they will provide them, I'm not so sure that they will, seeing as they didn't collect a fee for books.
Not a bad thing to have an emergency Amazon reserve then!
Oh, certainly not! :-)
@Kaumudi.H I find I'm reluctant to spend small amounts of money. But then when there is something I really want I'm hapy to go for it.
I suppose my view is that all those small amounts saved allowed me to buy something that I really wanted.
Mostly laptops :-)
Hmm, I see. Well, when I used the money that my grandpa gave me to buy pizza (on a whim, really), I cried after I finished eating it because it was the last of my reserves.
...this is why I emphasise on the word problem :-P
6:59 AM
The tragic part of that story is that it was a Domino's pizza.
Lol, yes.
Hi peeps :-)
Viva Las Raiders!
7:38 AM
Why is summation T.x = 0? Research effort: Googled but couldn't find any satisfactory explanation.
What are $T$ and $x$?
and displacement of string in a pulley system
I'm not sure what you mean. Have you got an example system to illustrate what you're asking?
@JohnRennie Just a minute
@JohnRennie quora.com/…
Do you mean specifically on pulleys whose speed of rotation is constant?
7:43 AM
@DawoodibnKareem Nope. Let me post an example problem
That quora post you linked to says $\sum T\cdot v$ is zero, not $\sum T\cdot x$.
Oh, sorry, my mistake; it says both.
@DawoodibnKareem That's after differentiating
1 min ago, by Dawood ibn Kareem
Oh, sorry, my mistake; it says both.
The above problem can be solved using two methods. (one that is depicted and the other that is Summation T.x = 0)
The quora post assumes that no work is done on anything outside the pulley system.
So you add up all the $T\cdot x$ within the pulley system, and you must get zero.
7:48 AM
@DawoodibnKareem Why so?
Well, if something in the system moves a distance $x$ because of a tension $T$, then the work done on it is $T \cdot x$, right?
@Abcd because the string length is fixed.
The tension in the string cannot do any work because the string length doesn't change.
@DawoodibnKareem Yes
And I forgot to mention that I am studying constraint relation and this a subtopic under that
@JohnRennie okay
Can someone explain the method that is shown in the picture.
@Abcd you mean calculating the relationship between $a_1$ and $a_2$?
7:56 AM
The question is making something really simple look complicated. The distance $m_2$ moves is always half the distance $m_1$ moves. So the velocity $v_2$ will be half $v_1$ and the acceleration $a_2$ will be half $a_1$.
The distance m2m2 moves is always half the distance m1 moves. How?
I want to understand those equations used in the solution to reach the desired constraint relation.
The length of the string is constant, so if the length of the red bit decreases by $dx$ then the length of the green + blue bits must increase by $dx$. Yes?
8:21 AM
@JohnRennie Yes
@Abcd OK, and the length marked $Y$ is fixed because it's just the distance from the ceiling to the level of the table.
So only the green part and the part labelled $X$ can increase in length as the red part decreases in length. OK so far?
@JohnRennie Didn't get this part.
If you look at the pink part of the string one end is fixed to the upper support and the other end is always at the same level as the red string. So the length of the pink part doesn't change as the masses move.
@JohnRennie yes
So if the red part decreases in length by $dx$ the green + blue parts must increase in length by $dx$.
8:29 AM
And the lengths of the green and blue parts are the same
So that means the green part must increase by $dx/2$ and the blue part also increases by $dx/2$, so when you add them together the total increase is $dx$
Understood the relation now. Thanks :)
@JohnRennie How do I apply the Summation T.x = 0 method to this?
@Abcd hmm, if $m_1$ moves a distance $dx_1$ then the work done on it is $T dx_1$
And if $m_2$ moves a distance $dx_2$ then the work done on it is $2T dx_2$. It's $2T$ because both parts of the string are pulling upwards on $m_2$ with a force $T$.
For the net work to sum to zero we must have $T dx_1 = 2T dx_2$ so we get $dx_2 = dx_1/2$ just as before.
8:38 AM
Okay, understood.
9:00 AM
Does anyone have any good links/resources to derive the Lense-Thirring precession beginning with hte first post newtonian approximation?
9:19 AM
@JohnRennie Your use of differentials as if they were real quantities makes the mathematician in me uncomfortable. Is this common practice in physics exercises of this type?
@Abcd FIITJEE, eh?
@DawoodibnKareem I should have written $\delta x$ as it wasn't meant to be a differential, just a small distance. However since you ask yes physicists are notoriously cavalier with differentials :-)
@JohnRennie I think I kind of knew that, although it's a number of years since I've sat in a physics lecture. I just drew it to your attention, since when you're teaching someone (Abcd), it's a good time to get these picky wee details right.
@DawoodibnKareem Yes. Most physicists have absolutely no qualms about pretending $\mathrm{d}x$ is just a small number.
And it's very common to teach like that, since for some reason the general opinion seems to be that introducing differentials properly is "too hard"
But yeah, in this case it wasn't even a differential. Using $\delta x$ or $\mathrm{d}x$ for small changes that aren't differentials but really just small numbers is also common :P
:: John skulks off, head hung low ::
9:33 AM
I vividly recall (well, not vividly, since it was 1990) being taught stage 3 electromagnetism by a geophysicist who took the most appalling liberties with the mathematics. I simply couldn't believe how many of his proofs were technically entirely invalid.
@JohnRennie :-(
I have a quick question to y'all. How do u pronounce the word education?
@Kaumudi.H the mathematicians are being mean to me!!! :-)
@Kaumudi.H Correctly.
Ed yew kay shun
9:35 AM
@Kaumudi.H Do you want me to make a recording?
@JohnRennie What? E dew kayshun?!
Or possibly Ed Jew Kay Shun
@DawoodibnKareem As I said, unless you're doing mathematical physics, that's par for the course - many physicists neither know about nor care for actual mathematical rigour
@DawoodibnKareem Oh, no, no, don't trouble yourself :-)
@DawoodibnKareem But education and correctly sound nothing alike!
9:37 AM
@JohnRennie Huh? Which one's correct?! :-o
@Kaumudi.H You are aware of forvo, right? There are 8 perfectly good pronunciations of education there.
@Kaumudi.H Neither/both
@JohnRennie All my life, I have pronounced it this way.
@JohnRennie I had no idea your voice was so high-pitched.
9:38 AM
It has been ever since the unfortunate accident whilst water skiing at the naturist beach
And now, a bunch of people have been going around shouting "You're pronouncing it WRONG! It's edoo kayshun, not ed jew kayshun" and they say it with such conviction too!
@JohnRennie This made me laugh out loud :-)
@Kaumudi.H not my reaction at the time
@Kaumudi.H Not sure whether you mean the English j sound or the IPA /j/ symbol in "ed jew".
@Kaumudi.H edoo kayshun sounds a more US pronounciation.
9:40 AM
Hang on.
But inserting an English j sound makes your speech sound lazy and less educated than inserting a y sound.
@JohnRennie I disagree. I don't think I've ever heard an American say edoo kayshun.
I wouldn't be surprised to find pronounciation was different on the two sides of the Atlantic.
@JohnRennie According to forvo, it's remarkably similar on both sides.
@JohnRennie Wiktionary has the Us/UK versions sound pretty similar
9:41 AM
In that case K's friends are just plain wrong
@JohnRennie She didn't say they were her friends. Just "a bunch of people".
Well, I'm not sure what exactly she means when she writes "edoo". Writing about pronounciation and not using IPA is a recipe for misunderstanding
The second sentence of that comment deserves five stars.
Too much IPA certain messes with my pronunciation ...
9:45 AM
@ACuriousMind I don't even know what IPA is.
The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. It was devised by the International Phonetic Association in the late 19th century as a standardized representation of the sounds of spoken language. The IPA is used by lexicographers, foreign language students and teachers, linguists, speech-language pathologists, singers, actors, constructed language creators and translators. The IPA is designed to represent only those qualities of speech that are part of oral language: phones, phonemes, intonation and the separation of...
@Kaumudi.H A phonetic alphabet that allows us to more-or-less unambiguously denote sounds by symbols.
Ninja'd! :-)
Ohh, wokay, thanks. Hang on a bit more, I'll link you to the bunch of people and how they were pronouncing it.
@Kaumudi.H Were these people British or American?
9:47 AM
There's a bit of difficulty still left because different languages use different phonemes and might not be able to "hear" some of the distinctions IPA makes
@DawoodibnKareem They were Indian.
@Kaumudi.H Were they advising you as to how it should be pronounced in Indian English? Or British English? Or American English?
Uhh, no, they were arguing about the objectively correct way to pronounce it.
@Kaumudi.H There's no such thing!
Besides, all of India uses British English.
9:48 AM
Well, then you should just forget about them altogether because they're a bunch of silly prescriptivists :P
@Kaumudi.H No. Indian English is a thing.
Or possibly a continuum of things.
But none of the things in that continuum is the same as British English.
Well, yes, but the use of "Indian English" is generally frowned upon here.
Indians saying they speak British English doesn't make it so.
@Kaumudi.H That doesn't change the fact that the use of English in India is objectively different from "British English". It's a linguistic description, not a judgement.
Unless they really are speaking British English. But I've never heard an Indian speaking British English. Except for those raised in Britain, of course.
9:51 AM
I...I don't even know what it is we're talking about anymore.
@Kaumudi.H My point - there's no "objectively correct" way to pronounce any English word.
Pretty much any English word will be pronounced differently in different Anglophone places.
@DawoodibnKareem Are you talking about accents and slang?
@Kaumudi.H No.
What, then?
@Kaumudi.H I think the upshot is that there is no such thing as "objectively correct pronounciation", and that there may be a pronounciation that is more widespread in (parts of) India than elsewhere and that that's what the people are referring to.
@DawoodibnKareem Uh..."pronounciation different in certain places" is pretty much the definition of accent
9:53 AM
That's certainly not what to which they were referring; other than those people, I've never heard anybody say edoo in education.
Your friends may be knowledgeable about how a word is spoken in Chennai. John would be knowledgeable about how the same word is spoken in Chester. And I would be knowledgeable about how it is spoken in my little corner of the world. But none of us is objectively right or wrong.
Australian English is a "thing" also.
@TheRaidersofLasVegas Some consider it an abomination.
@DawoodibnKareem 1) They're not my friends :-P They're just a bunch of people on YouTube and 2) So you are talking about accent, no?
ARGH. Stupid typos.
9:55 AM
No, I'm not. And maybe "education" is a bad example. Anyone want to comment on "aluminium" or "tomato"?
What about the "cockney" accent? @DawoodibnKareem
@DawoodibnKareem Tomato is pronounced differently? :-o
@Kaumudi.H People tend to get weird about "correct language". Hypercorrection is a thing - maybe they were taught some "rule" about similar words and are now incorrectly applying it to education.
@TheRaidersofLasVegas Cockneys speak British English with a Cockney accent. What's your point?
@DawoodibnKareem: If you're not talking about accents, what on Earth are you talking about?
9:56 AM
@Kaumudi.H "you say tomato, I say tomato" (first to-may-to, then to-mah-to) is a common English idiom for "it makes no difference"
@Kaumudi.H Most Americans pronounce "tomato" very differently from most Britons. But neither is right or wrong. And the difference is not just a matter of accent. You can say the American pronunciation of "tomato" with a British accent, or the British pronunciation of "tomato" with an American accent.
There are other words like this. "Schedule" is one of my favourites.
@DawoodibnKareem Oh, hmm, OK, I'm starting to get your point.
@DawoodibnKareem No, you can't (I think you use accent in a non-standard way). By definition, an accent in linguistics is having a certain pronounciation for a specific words.
@ACuriousMind Oh, yeah, I know that one.
It's interesting listening to Hugh Laurie in House, where he is putting on an American accent. Sometimes he gives "schedule" the British pronunciation, sometimes the American pronunciation; but always in an American accent.
@ACuriousMind I disagree. Accent is having a certain pronunciation for certain phonemes. It's not about which phonemes are in the words.

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