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2:00 PM
@Memor-X Yeah, both editions of Eternia are solid. Phantasia is the only one that has gotten the run around
@Memor-X perfect
Imagine that on your battle report :L
@CuddleBunny that was because when it was initially localized it was renamed by the US as Tales of Destiny 2 and that kinda ruined the chances of the real Tales of Destiny 2 being localized
yeah, I want to play Tales of Rebirth the most, and then Destiny 2 would be second on the list
Cause of defeat: Forces routed by six girls walking on water, 2 had bows and arrows ffs, how did that damage our ships?
@Matt "you defeated the enemy in record time....but Panzer's dress got ruined and she's got some cuts and bruises. Dishonorable Discharge for you!"
"you have ended the war but 2 tank girls and 1 ship girl was killed, as such you are to be tried for warcrimes"
@CuddleBunny the real one?
2:03 PM
@Memor-X yeah
I've already played through Eternia, it is my favorite
@CuddleBunny you going to play it japanese or do you know of a translation for it?
@Matt by the way
This is what you are looking for
(as a gif)
@Memor-X Air girls wouldn't work so well if they wore skirts
@Memor-X for now it would have to be in Japanese, neither of the above have a translation project with any movement.
@Ikaros thank ya
2:06 PM
@Matt who said all the girls have to wear short skirts? they could wear puffy ones like what Marisa wears or Hakamas like Reimu. they both fly in Touhou
Why wear pants or skirts at all? They're a liability
@Memor-X short skirts are great. I like short skirts
@CuddleBunny Too much lewd content to handle tho
user image
@CuddleBunny well yeh if you're planning of having the enemy bleed to death though the nose but what if the enemy are male homosexsuals or not lesbians?
Perfect timing Taisho
2:11 PM
it is mostly for maneuverability purposes, if there are air dudes they don't need pants either since it is only fair
skirts, tights, plugsuits, etc. would still be acceptable though
@Ikaros edited my post, credited you in the comments, cheers for the help ^_^
@CuddleBunny If anime has taught us anything it's that practical clothing means nothing
@Matt NP mate :)
2 hours later…
4:40 PM
@Chinatsu-creepy-chan youtube.com/watch?v=b9Wlei7ZV1Y (warning: filthy frank song - contains profanity)
5:04 PM
user image
cc @Taisho
2 hours later…
7:11 PM
@JNat there?
@iKlsR he's probably there, just not here :P
he's slacking
what a slacker
@MadaraUchiha ?
@iKlsR might be in JS on SO
7:38 PM
Sorry, but I don't see how adding a poop icon will make any question or answer better. We're writing answers, not rebus puzzles. — Catija Jul 13 '15 at 20:26
8:04 PM
toggling cleartype affects emoji quality apparently
@HoiHoi-san pls
8:16 PM
hmm.. i guess there's no german mc hammer
german fu
Hillary killed Harambe
Trump is a trojan the donkeys built up
@iKlsR Did you mean "!!lolis"?
@Taisho pls
How many bots are here again
@Hakase is a more advanced bot
@Hakase !!fetch
Steins Gate is very boring
Finally took it off my MAL
8:34 PM
@iKlsR 2
!!say taisho and me
taisho and me
#post Taisho posts pictures
8:35 PM
hoihoi is classic so-chatbot
I know, sorry :)
thanks tho
Where's kray?
@iKlsR I liked it, but it was so slow :/
I don't really use em
Then again I'm not here as often as I used to be
8:36 PM
@ton.yeung stahp
@iKlsR MIA, he stops by sometimes. He's mostly on discord now.
damn hipster
I can't even ping him
Just remembered I have super ping
@iKlsR ey, please respond
8:46 PM
wait we have a discord?
why am I not in it?
@arda not mine
9:01 PM
@Hakase so if I hold my phone to sky and throw ball, do I catch mew?
idk try it
9:15 PM
@ton.yeung thnx
9:54 PM
@iKlsR sup
Someone flagged something I wrote on SO, got suspended lol
Apparently telling someone they are a condescending privileged white male is suspend worthy or was it auto. idk. It's fine tho.
@iKlsR lol
it happened in JS, I started with a bad joke which set the tone, I was not well received
I was asking if you could lift it if it was auto but at the end of the day i don't really care, I don't go to so chat really.
@iKlsR Auto suspensions are 30 minutes long (and increment in 30 for each flagged message)
I guess a mod saw it then
10:05 PM
guess you can't talk like that being a mod
which is another reason why I'm not running for modship
5 days
yh it would have probably flown under the fan if they didn't know. meh.
SO is a breeding ground for cancer which is why I don't go there. The entire tone of the room is profanity and satire and you call someone out, get flagged? lolwhut?
@Hakase do it manz
oh no fuq dat noyz
In other news, can anyone recommend something time travellish that can wash the Steins Gates disappointment from my mind.
mushishi if you haven't seen both seasons already
not time but travelish
rick and morty
@iKlsR That... looks like quite a mess...
10:09 PM
ooh, 26 eps. looks chill.
I mean... proper trolling kinda mess.
Were you drunk/high while typing that? XD
@MadaraUchiha yeah apparently my intro set the tone. Already cleared it up anyhow.
wait so chat suspensions don't propagate over the SO/SE border?
@Hakase No, they don't.
10:11 PM
Unless your main account is set to Stack Overflow
And you get suspended on SO main
Then the chat suspension propagates to both chats.
seems like an oversight maybe… but probably intentional, considering the nature of SO
so it seems all the cool people are leaving these chats and going to discords or slacks
is it better in there? I haven't been anywhere else
IRC is where the cool kids hang friend
##opengl and #pygame
@iKlsR If you want to bind that to a #post command, you have to edit-post that again.
10:14 PM
and others...
@Taisho su
are there many real developers or just people who enjoy the process more than the result?
one or two but people who know their shit
all the things I'd like to learn in opengl area are related to efficient 2d drawing so I guess I'll just google things up as I get questions instead of chatting
irc is like a smarter google if that makes sense
idk I'm just trying to figure out what I could get by joining any of these
10:19 PM
you rarely see novices there either, its people who have been there for years
because nobody uses irc
right, that I figured
mushi is kinda mellow tho
the pace is slow
anything more actiony?
these kinds of stories are always slow
that's their main selling point
I'm not a huge fan of action, but there's Kill la Kill
been there
one punch man?
10:25 PM
I almost got hit by an illegal immigrant driving an ice cream truck while riding my unicycle and juggling 3 tennis balls this morning.
@Hakase pls
you don't seem to be here often so idk what you've seen
Something rare?
unlikely to be good if it's rare
genius party has some variety
@Hakase are you a wizard
you want to buy some wow frend?
seen Jormungand?
it's kinda rare
10:28 PM
you obsessed with white hair ppl?
have you seen it or not
In other news, is this site ever going to graduate?
No, I'm watching it now.
been a year since
there's talk of design being in the work
jin said he has some ideas
10:29 PM
This site has been up since like 2012 or 2013
ye and we've been hit by a shitstorm that is IDs and now it's slow again
ban ids
we did
and it's slow again
enough of active people left, apparently
there's nothing to ask about recent anime
people are coming up with weird questions now
Q: What would happen if you caught a PokeBall with another PokeBall?

The Pickle TicklerConsider the following scenario: A trainer is trying to catch a rare or strong Pokemon, and figures that catching it in a PokeBall will have a low likelihood of actually catching and containing it. What would happen if, after the trainer threw the first PokeBall and before the wild Pokemon brea...

Q: Can Alphonse sleep in FMA/FMA:B?

The Pickle TicklerIn both Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009), there are instances of Alphonse Elric saying what he can't wait to do once he gets his body back. He usually states things that only humans/living creatures can do that he cannot, such as eating and smelling. Since ...

Q: Sources for Christian themes and motifs in Naruto?

Meir IlluminationCompared to some of its contemporary shounen titles, Naruto draws heavily on a variety of religious and mythological sources to inform its narrative, themes and cosmology. Kishimoto's use of explicit Hindu, Buddhist and Shinto motifs has already been discussed in a number of places. Common elemen...

10:33 PM
only religion I saw in ruto was jashin and some buddha stuff
I've never watched an ep and I'm not gonna
Don't follow mainstream man
same goes for gintama and all the dragon balls
myanimelist.net/anime/genre/1/Action just sort this by score and browse everything
10:35 PM
Shippuden is pretty good, storyline goes way back and it makes sense. No fan service and animation is good.
but it's all pretty bad
No friend
durarara turned into nothing
psycho ass
just noticed this is my most popular post
Q: What exactly happens to a Titan's body after it is killed?

iKlsRI just started watching the anime and I haven't read much of the manga so I don't know if it is explained further on. We all know a Titan's body gives off extreme heat, from an encounter Eren had with the Colossal Titan and an episode where they learned this in class. In episode 6, when Mikasa ...

3 years ago, wow
you can just farm rep by asking "What exactly happens to X"
10:37 PM
WTF, you edited it. Lol what a coincidence
I edited a bunch of posts
I don't agree with your edits
It's learnt
not learned
should I heat up your french mintues for you?
see I can't even misspell it on purpose
both are interchangeable, seems learnt is more common outside us
@Hakase yh that was one
@iKlsR first time hearing that
10:39 PM
My english is pretty good frend
suit thyself
k frend
I can't find any good recommendations in the action genre, not really
that was not on purpose, I kinda stopped caring at the end there >.>
10:40 PM
I quit twitter and facebook yet I'm on imgur and reddit every day, is that bad?
it's better
but don't exclusively browse dank memes, it raises your daily dankness and you don't enjoy em as much
Hero Academia seems promising, among the action ones
something called D Gray Man got another season
8.2/10 on mal
talking about stupid questions, I was thinking about how much handicap accessible the DWMA of Soul Eater is
considering that million step staircase as the main entrance route
@iKlsR which subs do you frequent?
I got tired just thinking about that
maybe you should lay it off for a while
I don't really frequent, I just check my front page and see whats hot?
Yh im subbed to a lot of stuff
I usually do the same and when I find some interesting topic, I browse the top/alltime for a bit until I get enough
10:49 PM
@iKlsR ofc not
@Frosteeze wer u bin?
also Eric says u sux
@Hakase ive always been here ;o
granblue suxs up my time
not branglue :o
I keep thinking about why I'm here all the time
I haven't really explored any other communities enough but this here doesn't seem as bad as what little I've seen
but people just keep leaving
@Frosteeze o_O
10:53 PM
i have work, house hunting, and granblue so my schedule is booked lol
@iKlsR what dont tell me you forget your long lost love Eric/Killua
he ded
oh wow
@iKlsR he sez ur ded inside
he know bout that?
@Frosteeze where is he
he's at Redmond, Washington probably
10:58 PM
6 feet under
11:12 PM
I wonder if we could get a bit of special treatment from our design team for something like this: Our main chat room is called a Café, so the chat theme could be a cafe, and the seats would be empty if not many people talking, and visitors would appear (transparency blend in) when there's some talk going on. Perhaps even divide into two parts: talkers who sit in front (at the bar) and just people present who aren't talking, with some manga books sitting comfortably in the sides and corners.
sounds like quite a bit of work but it would be extra cool if they pulled it off
@Hakase go to bed
I'm on my bed!
@iKlsR ping
11:15 PM
@JNat check out my message right above
11:53 PM
Q: What is the name of an Anime Series I'm trying to find

JadedDustI'm trying to find an Anime series I watched on YouTube. I watched a few episodes and liked it, but I don't remember the name. It is about a Female Hero/Guardian who travels to earth looking for bad people (yup I'm not good with this stuff) and accidentally kills a mortal in the process. While th...

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