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1:09 AM
Q: Cafe/Barr Anime Girl Criminals

TigerishI remember only slightly an anime that I watched once about 3 girls who worked in a cafe/bar and they were criminals (robin-hood like) and led out thefts and rooftop chases all the time. There was also the detective that was on their case frequented their cafe/bar. It was a very amusing anime and...

> Sorry included a random tag
1:42 AM
2:19 AM
@arda accurate tho
2:31 AM
@arda psh my makura b betta than lame attempts
@Quill thank yuo
3:45 AM
1 hour later…
5:08 AM
Q: What would happen if you caught a PokeBall with another Pokeball?

The Pickle TicklerConsider the following scenario: A trainer is trying to catch a rare or strong Pokemon, and figures that catching it in a PokeBall will have a low likelihood of actually catching and containing it. What would happen if, after the trainer threw the first PokeBall and before the wild Pokemon brea...

5:20 AM
Q: When and How was Homura's wish fulfilled?

MindwinIn ep. 10, Homura's wish is revelaed: This wish forced her to go back in time and re-live the month since her meeting with Madoka 100-ish times. But in the end of the main timeline (ep.12), it is still Madoka that saves the day Since the world was rebooted by Madoka's wish we briefly see ...

Q: Why we see these witches in Rebellion?

MindwinIn rebellion, during the fight We see brief flashes of other witches: Charlotte/Bebe, ** And Oktavia ** Now, if Madoka's wish is absolute, these witches should not exist, but they do. Why do we see these witches in rebellion? I am not asking why these characters are there in ano...

7:23 AM
@Sir I think we could use a kotatsu somewhere on the page
7:42 AM
user image
user image
user image
I really like worldbuilding's design
8:16 AM
Q: kingdom anime i want know the instrumental that start's at 20:47 in season 2 epsiode 29

wang yihttp://fmovies.to/film/kingdom.ljj3/ykpxkj > http://fmovies.to/film/kingdom.ljj3/ykpxkj thank you this website takes you to the episode automatically

@Hakase It is a nice one, the logo is lovely
@Sakamoto uhh somebody's gotta edit this
@Hakase same
so you just don't like editing :p
@Sakamoto its gone jim!
8:22 AM
meta.rpg.stackexchange.com/a/6452/7636 idk what happened but this answer is pretty cool
@Hakase Don't suppose you could get a Gyazo, web blocker :/
gyazo sucks
sazo gyucks
also why do you have it blocked? it's on the same domain as anime
or do you have anime blocked as well?
8:30 AM
Idk, it's my works internet

First off, I'd like to acknowledge that you've asked this question quite nicely, presenting the situation as you see it and asking for an explanation rather than casting aspersions on the integrity of anyone else (if you really think somebody's acting out of line, flag it for site mod attention or report it to the community mods instead of making a public post asking us to judge them). Thank you for that effort!

I agree that in isolation from the things other people were saying, and from recent events in chat, mainsite, and meta, none of your actions in chat earlier today seem quite ban
No, the only ones I can't reach are rpg and arqade
stop using work's anime for personal purposes!
@Hakase what...
@Hakase Cheers
8:32 AM
work's anime
@Tosh can explain :D
it's raining pretty seriously here
hasn't stopped since yesterday's evening
@Hakase build a boat
user image
vote for anime neutrality
don't let the neets make fanservice dominant
8:42 AM
user image
9:17 AM
function(e) {
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I wonder if it's possible to move a comment discussion to chat early
9:41 AM
they call Emilia's spirit cat Puck in the subs and I see some people use Pack on the site
they say "Pakku" in the anime so it can be written both ways I guess
wonder which would be more correct
10:06 AM
10:18 AM
i watched this last night
@ToshinouKyouko Any good?
@Matt it has nice art and characters, story is alright
i'd recommend it if you like actiony things
@ToshinouKyouko Cool shmool
like kill la kill or something
Kill la kill was alright
10:33 AM
Don't lose your waaaaayyy
@ToshinouKyouko funny, that shows up in the "you might like..." section
huh, guess i am on the button
Need to finish Nichijou first tho, finally watched some more episodes after ages last night
11:18 AM
i'm going to start watching Bunny Drop this weekend, need to figure out if i'll start it saturday or sunday because i might go see Kubo in the theaters
11:54 AM
ive been meaning to watch that, seems cute
@ToshinouKyouko yeh it looks good. not sure if i'll watch it on Gold Class or with the commoners in regular class.
the allure of popcorn and coke is tempting but so is 4 milkshakes, a fishman's basket and garlic pizza
12:06 PM
@Matt he, he, aside from Gardevior who is beautiful Ditto have that innocent cuteness to it. it's like Flubber
@Memor-X what is this gold class/regular class stuff? i love milkshakes
@ToshinouKyouko Regular Class is big theaters, some seating 50 while some seat a couple of hundred. any food you can have is what you have brought in the snack bar and normal seats.
Gold Class seats at most 24 people, recliner seats and you can order more extravagant foods and drinks like full meals and wine. you can decided when you want it delivers to you and there is a button to call one of the attendants
the room isn't as big as a 50 person regular class theater but it's a hell of a lot quieter and not as crowded.
Regular Class is between $16-$18 while Gold Class is about $32
oh wait, i might not have a choice this time according to the session times
might put it off to next weekend since the kids wont see it until the weekend unless their parents are going to take them to the late night session
and i dislike huge crowds
i really like small cinemas
12:18 PM
@ToshinouKyouko yeh, except when a lot of people have Sonic Screwdrivers and are buzzing them
lol what is this question
Q: What would happen if you caught a PokeBall with another PokeBall?

The Pickle TicklerConsider the following scenario: A trainer is trying to catch a rare or strong Pokemon, and figures that catching it in a PokeBall will have a low likelihood of actually catching and containing it. What would happen if, after the trainer threw the first PokeBall and before the wild Pokemon brea...

@ToshinouKyouko man it would be like looking into the reflection of a mirror in a mirror
that is trippy
open pokeball, it continues to open pokeballs for a century
@ToshinouKyouko or maybe they compress and that is how a Voltorb is born
12:22 PM
hmm, interesting
Trainer: i have put pokeballs inside pokeballs, it should now have the catch rate of a masterball. go pokeballs! *Pokeball opens and releases a voltorb which explodes killing the pokemon*
Maybe that's how Voltorbs are made, explains why they look like big pokeballs
@ToshinouKyouko I went to see my girlfriend in Birmingham last weekend and we went to this lovely cinema, it was sofas rather than seats, and the screenings were only small
looks so nice
It was, so comfy compared to regular seats, we had oreo milkshakes too
mouth waters
12:30 PM
They bring your food to you if you want, like I had a chicken burger before we went in (in the restaurant area), but you can have it while you watch instead
But it's dark and you can't see if you spill your chips or something
i need to move
@Matt silly. its dark so its not for you to eat...
@Tyhja That's why we just had milkshakes, food was before we went in :P
since when were milkshakes not food
MOAR ... darkness...
imagining somebody else eating Matt's burger or some STRANGE LIPS wrapping around that milkshake straw from another row
12:34 PM
sounds like a good band name
i was thinking of it being some engrish title
Manga or anime
@Hakase No pls >_<
Are there any uncatchable pokemon? Not like ones that are glitchy or bugged or whatever, but one who's lore says it is so
@Matt pokemon who belong to other trainters
you can't catch them because they have already been caught lol
12:47 PM
doesn't work like that in anime with team rocket and others though if I remember it right
@Matt if you count games, in the first gen the top ones I think can't be catched without doing some event magic with your hardware
@Hakase no i'm quite sure that both mew and mewtwo can be obtained, it's just that with Mew you need to trade pokemon so you can skip the ship so you can get surf and then surf off the dock to a truck where mew hides
mewtwo is obtained in that save that opens up when you beat Gary
or Blue, or Red, or whatever the hell you name him
another why to make pokemon unchatable is to make them super duper rare
I suppose Matt means whether any pokemon can't be trapped inside a pokeball
it doesn't seem to be possible, but I haven't been presented with the evidence of either, so idk
@Hakase Ash's Pikachu
all along it was the most obvious answer
I suppose this is all a very elaborate trick by Oak to keep the world safe from the uncatchable pikachu
@Hakase would explain why he was hesitant in allow Ash to take him
12:58 PM
i think you could probably put it in if you really wanted to
like if you used a masterball
@ToshinouKyouko (pervy face)
get ur mind out of the gutter hakase !
ye I've heard too many pervy jokes recently so that's not happening
@ToshinouKyouko yes, lets use the one rare pokeball with a 100% catch rate to see if we can force a pikachu inside one
1:00 PM
@Memor-X seems like a good idea to me
can you reuse a pokeball
for another pokemon
while we're at it why don't we have Metapod and Kakuna Harden until they use struggle and then throw at a wall to see just how hard harden can get
user image
how heavy would i have to be for a metapod on full harden to crack under my weight
I suppose that is actually their tactic in the games
or see if Officer Jenny will get suspicious when we line Sliph Co's building with Voltorbs and Eletrodes and blow it up
1:03 PM
a man previously thought to be a pokemon trainer has entered the building with a belt full of voltorbs and electrodes and self-destructed
@ToshinouKyouko I suppose when you transfer your pokemon away, you're left with an empty pokeball
so, could i use the masterball many times?
could put pikachu in and then take it back after
I guess!
it has just never been explored probably
most trainers just carry their pokemon in the balls they used to catch them
idk how ash transfers caught pokemon to computers while on the road
maybe he has some LTE-enabled pokedex on him
satellite maybe?
in game though you don't get empty pokeballs when transferring pokemon at a pokecenter's pc
but when you're out in the wild, it just disappears
you'd think it wouldn't but it does
v odd
1:14 PM
@Hakase in the anime, the balls just vanish
when it happened for the first time, ash was super surprised and called oak, i think...
we should turn it into a Q&A
yeah, i heard about this weird website where you can ask people...
i think it's called sackexchange or something like that xD
oh no it's just for id requests and I hear they're all dickish about it too
2:14 PM
@Hakase yeha, they just close and downvote everything you ask
your link doesn't work for me you know that
@arda that's what she said
ok so hit F5
2:29 PM
aka your link does not work for me either
@Ikaros smooth
@Hakase I cant open direct links
you know how hotlinking protection works just hit enter in the address bar
f5 doesn't work
but enter does
@Hakase ah there we go
ctrl + f5 or enter will load the page without trying to use cache
if you have no cache turned on in dev tools and it is open, it will also achieve the same results
3:25 PM
Q: Was the post-rebellion Madoka still a Magical Girl?

MindwinUnmarked Spoilers Since Homura separated "the Madoka that was before attaining divinity" from the Law of Cycles, is the Madoka post-rebellion a Mahou Shoujo?

a pretty useless question but I answered it
4:26 PM
so many popular youtube channels have started doing the 10 minute stretch shit
what's that
do they get more money for a 10m vid?
user image
I think it lets you show an additional mid-video ad which increases your ad show count
but content-wise this seems to be leading to fewer completed watches
or skipping a lot
I use adblocks all the time everywhere so it's just diluted videos now, more repeated rambling and by the 4th minute I've got everything the video has to inform me on
but I guess that's the price for my free edutainment
I'm talking about the Madoka that shows up as the "transfer student" at the end of rebelllion. And being a magical girl in that context means having the soul in a soul gem. It does not have to do with a "job description"; — Mindwin 34 mins ago
I'm confused
is he asking "Does she have her soul in a gem?" and then saying he knows that she doesn't?
5:17 PM
Q: Can Alphonse sleep in FMA/FMA:B?

The Pickle TicklerIn both Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009), there are instances of Alphonse Elric saying what he can't wait to do once he gets his body back. He usually states things that only humans/living creatures can do that he cannot, such as eating and smelling. Since ...

5:27 PM
@Yuuki eyebuydirect has BOGO right now, apparently. At work so I can't check it out.
5:38 PM
5:50 PM
Q: In attack on titan, did the Garrison ever use the canons on top of wall maria to fire at the titans before the breach happened?

JoelXIn episode one, and also explained by Mr. Hannes, there are titans scratching the outside of wall maria(before the breach caused by the colossal happened). Did the Garrison still fire their canons at these titans or did they let them be since they normally can't get through the wall?

6:44 PM
@Hakase yeah that annoys me. i wish more articles were in text
"oh yeah to do this you need to click this button"
rather than 20min video
with the text in a notepad
6:59 PM
Q: In Attack on Titan, how did Eren lose his memories? (spoil alert)

Phu NguyenWe all know by now that Eren has the Coordinate power, which means that he should possess memories of everything (origin of titans and such). How did he not remember everything until much later on?

7:18 PM
@ToshinouKyouko riiight? I know! let's make a site dedicated to this kind of content :p
I know things about anime so I'll do that
8:18 PM
Q: I dont remember the name of an anime i watched 2 episodes in

LexIts basicly about this girl that is in high school is very shy and everyone is isolated away from her except 1 boy that likes her from the first day of school as she showed him the way to their school. After that we are brought a few years ahead and we see that the girl is trying to find friends ...

8:35 PM
A: I dont remember the name of an anime i watched 2 episodes in

LexKimi ni Todoke : found it guys . thanks for the help anyways.

oh well
9:07 PM
Q: What is the best Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex DVD set to buy?

JohnI have a gift card from Best Buy and I wanted to buy Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex on DVD. But between Best Buy's website and Amazon there appear to be five box sets available. Does anyone know what's the best version to buy? Is there a collection that has both seasons or are they alway...

9:50 PM
10:05 PM
@Memor-X the PSP version
they're not as different as some versions are though, so it probably won't matter
10:36 PM
@Chinatsu-creepy-chan hey
how you guys doing?
@Chinatsu-creepy-chan ok, you?
10:44 PM
whata bau chu
I'm feeling bad because my mom is very stressed and she's yelling at everybody and hurting us verbally
Except that I'm alright, just a bit tired
@Chinatsu-creepy-chan no need to worry same here
hug your mom, maybe offer her a cup of peony tincture solution
!!time ankara
@arda 8/16/2016, 1:49:02 AM
10:49 PM
tbh my house is so fucked up
@Chinatsu-creepy-chan no need to worry same here
you're talking like you've never been to anybody else's house
@arda e.e... I feel yah
@Hakase man, my house is so fucked up...
are there heavy drug users and cartel members among your family members?
if not, you're house is probably not as bad as it may seem
My mom constantly says that we're an error in her life, my dad was never a dad to me, blah blah blah...
@Hakase Yes
Do you see? I have a point LOL
10:52 PM
Q: Forgot the name of a manga

TumpIt was a manga about vampires and the thing i remember was that it had the clans for the world of darkness (vampire the masquerade) like: gangrel,malkavian,etc.

(My mom's cousin, arrested)
ye I'm trying to come up with a witty follow-up question about magical girls and unending suffering but I'm having a hard time
I'm Madoka, bitch
well, you've got work experience then!
you're already much better off than most unprepared poor souls in this world
there's no general advice that is always good in any situations, but a shortlist of things to remember is that it could have been much worse, you probably know this bad time will pass and can look forward to the good times, and you can probably go out for a walk to get away from disturbance
11:11 PM
reddit.com/r/gamedev/comments/4w4z2o/… possible malware in popular distros happened recently @ton
ah it's that fosshub hack deal
kek, I do use qbittorrent
A: Chat feed bot for hot questions

кяαzєяThe RSS feed for "hot questions" for on our main site is: http://anime.stackexchange.com/feeds/hot You don't need to parse or filter from the feed for all network questions. Just use the site specific hot questions feed and change the site url as needed.

is anybody interested in adding a chat feed bot for those?
oh wait
it's not that hot
the hotness meter must be different from the top hottest questions that appear for everybody
@Hakase only ones that go HNO should be displayed imo
not O but q
but my q key is broken so copy pastaing
11:23 PM
gotta fix dat key
ebay doesnt work (paypal is banned in turkey) - cant order new keyboard
what about fixing yours?
also don't you have a visa card issuing bank?
just use some other processing service, there should be enough options with cards
@Hakase stock laptop keyboard
@Hakase doesnt ebay only support paypal?
oh idk
definitely look up videos on how to repair individual notebook keys
it seems pretty trivial from the two I've just glanced over
@Hakase 2 keys are broken
11:26 PM
one method to fix em both :p
4 don't work
do you guys really call laptop notebooks?
we do
my English teacher, all my life, told me that it's not "notebook", it's laptop
my laifu is a laiu
in Brazil everybody calls laptops notebooks but she told me that this is wrong and... eh...
what did you mean by "you guys"? not many here are natives
11:28 PM
english teachers suck because they don't explain there are different englishes
@Hakase the english teacher at public school I attended was calling a/an ı/ın
I had to switch keyboard layout for that :/
uhh wut
just use on-screen keyboard and click those keys
@Hakase I do
also you can probably use a custom keyboard layout editor until you fix that
I use onscreen for q and ! and numpad for 1, but why I switched layouts was the fact that I'm on english and I needed ı key.
11:34 PM
vlambeer.com/toolkit this seems like the best link list I've found about gamedev so far
I'll be exploring that tomorrow
soo tired right now
there's re zero that I missed again
alright let's see what this season has to offer
@Hakase rem dies, ram turns out to be witch, subaru is apparently dreaming
(sarcastic ofc)
too late I already forgot what I've been… what is this site?
so d grayman seems worth checking out
I'm not watching the prequels though
if it's not self-sufficient I'm not watching it either
orange started too dumb for my tastes so I've dropped it already
still have amaama to check out
and mob psycho
and 91 days
and that alien pitchfork-san
everything else seems not worth the time
I bet kiz
Uploaded (UTC): 08.06.2016 17:53:45 by (38771) JNat, tag: Kiznaiver, ending
11:41 PM
#post tags
There are 787 unposted images in 33 tagged lists: (untagged − 148); 美少女 − 165; 東方 − 160; background − 80; 百合 − 40; えむかみ − 36; Uchuu Patrol Luluco − 33; Kiznaiver − 26; ending − 26; 猫 − 25; Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai − 21; 絶対領域 − 13; wallpaper − 13; eyecatch − 13; 水着 − 12; 魔法少女 − 11; 食べ物 − 10; Space Dandy − 8; 制服 − 8; Angel Beats − 8; Plastic Memories − 7; メイド − 6; A Letter to Momo − 6; The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki − 5; Kill la Kill − 4; Ao no Exorcist Movie − 4; Grave of the Fireflies − 4; Hoshi wo ou Kodomo − 3; Makoto Shinkai − 3; Ghost in the Shell − 3; Psycho Pass − 3; Witch Cr
we got roughly 5 more months of pictures left
@Hakase I can send some
(will need to remove the SU ones)
I really gotta fix your script for replacing your links
11:48 PM
seems to be working now… maybe it got fixed somehow
idk what the problem is but that script you made back then didn't work for me most of the time after we tested it
it's working now though
maybe it was because I got some other scripts
oh shit I've got steven's universe to watch
I've heard a few cool words about it
@Hakase it is very very very awesome
is it comparable to futurama and adventure time in awesomeness?
gravity falls?
@Hakase the creator is a former storyboarder from adventure time
11:51 PM
@Hakase all 3 are more adventure based
this is more of a SOL
say no more
1st and 2nd attempt at making tofu custard with ginger syrup was a bust
3rd attempt will start with making soymilk from scratch
hopefully it will turn out well this time
@ton.yeung SU has lv1/2 yuri if you are interested (but that is not really the point of the show)
@Mem might be interested

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