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nsfw reddit.com/r/yuri/top/?sort=top&t=all seems pretty average but maybe there's good stuff, idk
@ton: yuri level is this: youtube.com/watch?v=Ussqi3nagrQ (mild spoilers?)
older steven universe episodes seem to be in bad quality
@Hakase graphics or story?
I haven't had the chance to check out story yet
just looking for torrents now
70mb per episodes seems pretty shitty
@Hakase I downloaded s1 in 1080 in kat, but kat is down so :(
12:02 AM
@Hakase eh...
@arda cries slowly
I really don't wanna get into tor and all that shady stuff and get google search captchas
kat getting shut down hurt me a lot :/
cant find cartoons or movies properly :/
rarbg seems to be working still
12:05 AM
I use zamunda and tpb
all the other working sites listed on torrentfreak are not looking good
tpb doesn't have much
@Hakase try zamunda
it should open in russia
It is pretty much region locked to MEA and russia
no steven universe results :/
even worse than tpb
I guess I still don't have it that bad
we're probably never gonna make any more 4komas for fun here
I just don't see it as fun
@Hakase why
12:13 AM
I've drawn some stuff before, it just takes WAY TOO MUCH time and thinking and I'm frustrated and my hand is tired
yeah drawing is hard
every time I draw something my hand gets soooo tired from holding the liner/pencil/mouse
idk why but it just is like taht
just stepped on my raspberry pi lol
just a part of case is broken
12:17 AM
I wonder if it's stinky from all the feet under kotatsu
or is the blanket to keep the stink inside
@Hakase haha
not many search results for kotatsu+stink
@Hakase kotatsu+smelly
it's mostly about malfunctioning heater part though
1:47 AM
@Hakase i think its pretty stinky
@Chinatsu-creepy-chan what have you done
2:12 AM
Q: How did Commander Erwin know that the spy/traitor(s) would be within the 104th training squad?

user27715During the female titan arc, how did Erwin specifically know that the traitor would be from the 104th training squad?

2:37 AM
@Hakase wow that sucks. I downloaded my copy of qbittorrent on 8/13, my sha1 checksum matches on the site, still need to figure out how to do the pgp
@ton.yeung use ninite next time
@arda for what
it installs and upgrades many stuff you pick. totally legit, saves a lot of time when reinstalling windows
@arda oh yea, that one
@ton.yeung installing/upgrading apps of your choice
2:39 AM
i completely forgota bout it
it checks signature of apps it installs so no possibility for that sort of thing
@ton.yeung you kids and your lenax
use windows
@arda it is windows...
oshit chocolatey is for windows? nice
@arda unless rouge dev or pvk stolen
2:41 AM
@arda yep
@arda reply to self OP
3:00 AM
SE doesn't do gifv formats
2 hours later…
5:05 AM
Q: Why did Misty leave the Pokemon anime?

The Pickle TicklerI remember watching the Pokemon anime when I was a kid, and I was absolutely obsessed with Ash, Brock, Misty, and Pikachu. I remember when Brock left, and then there was Tracy, and then Brock came back. After a while, I stopped watching, but then resumed a few years later, to see that both Brock ...

@Memor-X lol nice pic. thats funny, I don't use the new dante anyways, I reskin him with 'classic' dante :)
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6:07 AM
1 hour later…
7:08 AM
7:22 AM
hamham broke mai trains ;-;
well that took forever to load for me
i blame matt
Don't blame me, blame gifv's
7:31 AM
7:42 AM
its not happening is it
@Tyhja you can always remove the v
@Hakase thanks professor
i realised it but i was too lazy to change
always welcome
then matt came along so i blamed him
7:44 AM
then you ...
@Tyhja No Mornin' is safe with me
such bakyunity
@Ikaros knock on wood
oh I totally missed the morning mornins
7:48 AM
oh well
morning BQNs is cool too
7:55 AM
@Hakase dis is gorillaz isn't it?
8:08 AM
I guess these girls are fan girls
8:20 AM
@shaggy is that dlc or a pc mod?
reddit.com/r/mildlyinteresting/comments/4xv0e1/… oh I recently found that bullshit in our stores too
looks like this is the new worldwide practice
@Hakase well remember that James is a rich boy, Jessie having that kind of rough life would compliment James well
I wanna read up more
lol flags in russian SO chat
good luck to everyone figuring out what it says
it's nothing offensive though
@CuddleBunny i was asking because as i said last time the contract for Tales of Phantasia on GBA is horrible so i might go for the translated PS1 version of that. didn't want to make the same mistake with Tales of Eternia
@Hakase your're probably the only person here i know of who can probably tell if the flags are crap or not
I didn't plan on that
8:37 AM
@Hakase you talking about that redit?
@arda if only i knew who the hell she was talking about
@arda SU?
9 hours ago, by arda
@ton.yeung SU has lv1/2 yuri if you are interested (but that is not really the point of the show)
steven universe
I've only downloaded it for home
another flag from there
i don't know how i feel about Fem-Gil. i might be ok if she isn't an egotistic ass like Male-Gil
I linked that recently
8:41 AM
@Hakase yes but you would initially get a 403
you people need to learn to upload via the link rather than just post the link
we figured it out − either press enter in the address bar or press ctrl+r to request the page without the metadata about where the link came from so it doesn't get blocked for cross-site linking
uploading via the button shows the image as onebox at first and that's undesirable for surprise or nsfw images
@Hakase then go to ask a new question, upload via there and grab the link
any more key presses to load up an image a second time it too much work, especially when it something cute like Madoka and Homura sharing....is that taffy?
i'm getting the word Moki in my mind when i see that but not sure why
@Tyhja maybe
@Hakase another flag and i'm getting a 0 all the time even when there's a flag.
you want to google big bang theory fun with flags and post one of the images you get in that room?
9:41 AM
toot toot
9:57 AM
@Memor-X what I meant to communicate is that it was not a high quality drawing
@Memor-X I don't post stuff I don't know about, also from what I've seen, tbbt is extremely unfunny and so it would be in bad taste to post anything related to it, unless it's to mock it
@Tyhja honk honk
whap bap
@ToshinouKyouko OI getta move on yer git
Ash - Satoshi
Misty - Kasumi
Brock - Takeshi
Jessie - Musashi
James - Kojiro
Professor Oak - Dr. Yukinari Okido (Prof. Samuel Oak)
Gary - Shigeru
Delia - Hanako
Giovanni - Sakaki
Ritchie - Hiroshi
Cassidy - Yamato
Butch - Kosaburo
Tracey - Kenji
Casey - Nanako
Max - Masato
May - Haruka
Tyson (hoenn) - Tetsuya
Dawn - Hikari
Paul - Shinji
Barry - Kun
Nando - Naoshi
Zoey - Nozomi
Ursala - Urara
Iris - Iris
Cilan - Dent
Trip - Shooty
Georgia - Langley
Clemont - Citron
Bonnie - Eureka
Sarena - Serena
such difference
@Hakase where's Cynthia?
10:02 AM
Paul Light
also funny that Iris and Sarena are like the only 2 who dont have their names chnaged in that list
@Memor-X it was just the ones somebody asked, so I guess they forgot her
ash ketchmoop
@Tyhja :^)
@Tyhja i love this
@ToshinouKyouko squeak squeak
@Tyhja is that supposed to be Cruel Angel's Thesis?
@Memor-X yeah
@Tyhja now it's funny
@ToshinouKyouko they must have a whole series of this shit now xD
this is quality music 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
better emoji support
10:16 AM
quality with a capital Q
A: Support Emoji in Markdown

rightfoldNo. 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌

meta.stackexchange.com/questions/254534/… ah this is the origin of the meme
TIL banana emoji is secret to overthrowing StackExchange
i wonder if they have it on autoflag
idk what you're talking about
mine are gross
user image
10:25 AM
@Tyhja wow there are actually so many
10:37 AM
Mine is different to both of those
Emoji shmemoji
@ToshinouKyouko >.> honk....
Star Wars VR Game. first thing you do when you get your lightsaber is do the one thing that's written not to do. your turn it on while pointing it at your face
when we finally do get lightsabers they will be the tools of self genocide as an entire generation points it at their face when the turn it on for the first time
10:59 AM
@Memor-X on the weekend there was a hackathon where i was helping.
someone wanted to make a star wars duel vr game
one of the hardest questions is, how do you make the lightsaber collisions
@ToshinouKyouko [honk intensifies]
@Armin not sure how how the two relate
@Memor-X not really, just some info xD
@Armin how do you mean? same kind of thing in like Dark Souls
@Memor-X when two sabres collide, they stop ingame but your hand doesn't stop in real life
so the hand movement is different than the sabre movement
11:01 AM
Time to engage VR neural control
Do you play the game or does the game play you?
@Armin oh right, forgot about that. simple, you measure the force that would be behind each and the one with the lesser force get's turn off like it was cut in half
well simple in theory, fucked if i know how to code it
@Memor-X i proposed both sabres turn off for a second or so
that way blocking works
because if your measure the force in some way, the blocking force would mostly be lower initially because it would almost stand still
@Armin maybe when you block it builds up energy so when defending it's force minus the energy of the defender that's used as the stopping power. if the result is 0 or less then the attackers lightsaber turns off
@Memor-X or you ditch the complex calculations and just say both turn off
because normally you would have "pushing duels" with both sabres touching each other for a longer amount of time
@Armin then there's no point defending and might as well wail on one another
11:07 AM
but without resistance for the player, you can't do that
@Armin yeh we're still a long ways off before we have that
@Memor-X why shouldn't there be a point in defending? you aren't hit
still looking foward to the say we get the Star Trek Holodeck VR
the nicest part was, the winning team got a vive for each member in the team
@Armin nice, free vive. now you just need the PC and games to utilize it
11:09 AM
@Memor-X i didn't get one -.- i was only helping
yeah... epic games sponsored those
we should have just written everyone on the note who the winners were xD
11:17 AM
got so much trash on my computer
@Dragon welcome to the PC Master Race
what is it
!!urban PC master race
@Matt [PC Master Race](http://pc-master-race.urbanup.com/7078108) Gamers who invest time and money into their personal computer and use it as their main gaming platform with the graphic settings cranked up to maximum. Unlike the dirty console peasants, members of the glorious PC gaming master race have the freedom to upgrade their hardware, overclock, modify their game files, and play games at a level of quality unobtainable on consoles.

While anyone (snip)
I wonder...
11:19 AM
!!urban dirty console peasants
!!define PC master race
@Memor-X No definition found for dirty console peasants
@Matt It means I aint got time to learn your $5 words.
so much language from a dimension that i don't understand
i don't game
on computer
I play a bit on my laptop, the absence of my ps4 at uni meant my steam collection grew considerably
user image
11:20 AM
i uses my laptop for study and anime
but i always get some virus or dodgy programs
then i have to reinstall windows
like now
@Dragon yeh stop visiting those porn sites
this guy gets me
just downloading random crap
Download Avast or something, plenty of good free antivirus things out there
because i don't want to pay
@Taisho cute harpy
11:24 AM
it's not exactly a virus, just like a hidden program with three more and three more and so on
if you don't play games on your laptop, then maybe linux would be a good alternative
as in the system?
@Dragon that's malware, which is just as bad
i know
@Armin ^
11:25 AM
i was tying to get startisback
it looks cool with my background
@Dragon as operating system... depending on how much time you want to invest into installing your os, you can use ubuntu which has a very windows like installation or you install arch, which is very complex the first few times
i don't know exactly you're talking about but it sounds like something to do with installing an apple system
i'm very bad at English and Programming languages
linux is not apple
11:29 AM
my point proven
ok, you don't use windows but linux
linux describes a family of operating systems
isn't linux an old version of windows
operating systems describe the software that runs almost everything else on your computer
@Dragon nope, linux is a rival of windows
i have now learnt how stupid i am
so basically,you're suggesting me to use linux instead of windows
yes, windows has more viruses than linux and linux is more restrictive with the programs you install...
^ that is the most beginner friendly linux distribution i know
11:34 AM
64 bits is better than 32 bits right?
how old is your laptop?
i'll download it but i think i'll stick with windows for now because a lot of the programs i have are only made for windows because chinese programmers don't like apple that much and i need those programs to get anime
about 5 years old
yeah, 64 bit
acer Aspire
i'm off reinstalling windows, bye
12:09 PM
@Armin Linux is open source isn't it?
@Memor-X yes, why are you asking?
@Armin well reading over your posts i'm surprised that Linux's system can be locked down so well when you can see the source and thus devise ways to get around it
@Memor-X well, that is the principle of many eyes see a lot
take for example heartbleed (not necessarily linux but still open source). who knows if the maintainers would have noticed the bug if it was closed source.
@Armin true but at the same time would it have been noticed when it did had it not been open source? would it have been so easy to exploit?
12:15 PM
well, since we don't know if someone found it beforehand, we can't be sure...
but we know that people find exploits in closed source software as well, so i'd rather go with open than closed
not saying open source is bad, just surprised that Linux just can be so restricted when so many people can see how those restrictions are implemented and not think of ways around it
@Memor-X they found ways, there are viruses for linux, but not as many...
and the difference is that on linux, it is normal that your user account doesn't have admin permissions
on windows, only a few have the setting the way that you are asked to enter your password every time you need those
@Armin odd, if ever i need a password it's just to log in, that's it. never get asked for it again unless i'm changing or removing it
@Memor-X but you get these pop up windows asking you whether it is ok that a certain program does some admin stuff, correct?
@Armin i only have those active on machines that are connected to a network. my main pc i have those turned off. and generally they aren't that much of a problem
12:24 PM
@Memor-X those are uac windows and you can set the uac not just to inform you but to also ask for the password
and that is the default in linux
at least in all distributions i tried
12:39 PM
My Pokemon answer has caught up with my big Monmusu one, I can't believe how well its done
This is the power of popular topics eh
@Matt which one is this?
Q: What would happen if you caught a PokeBall with another PokeBall?

The Pickle TicklerConsider the following scenario: A trainer is trying to catch a rare or strong Pokemon, and figures that catching it in a PokeBall will have a low likelihood of actually catching and containing it. What would happen if, after the trainer threw the first PokeBall and before the wild Pokemon brea...

Its pokemon, i got 4k views on a pokemon question the day it came out
it's like why pokemon go is so popular
the game itself is meh
@Dragon that is true, the AR game is shit but so many people love pokemon that they'd ignore that
hopefully, they'll improve the game
it would be interesting to see how it turns out
12:44 PM
@Dragon I think my most viewed question has only got 3k views, and that was over a year :L
@Memor-X what team and level are you
Mm, it is rather dull atm, I hope they bring in trainer battles
@Dragon none, i don't play it
Valor & 17 for me
i'd rather play the proper pokemon games
12:45 PM
new experiences, man
it's not good, but it can be worse
misty and 22, almost 23
@Matt best CP
wait @Memor-X how do you know it's shit if you don't play
Q: What manga is this?

summersThe art is similar to hapi mari that kind of feel. The girl is someone who is in love with the idea of getting married and wants to be a housewife but she is a successful office lady. She was dumped by her boyfriend but falls in love with a guy who hates the idea of getting married. He works as ...

@Dragon I think it's a pretty meh 806 Hypno, I am due an evolution spree with my lucky egg soon that should boost me over
1464 slowbro
almost getting a gyrados that will be over 2k
12:48 PM
Team and level?
misty and 22
4 more magikarp, that i can't find
@Dragon i read about the problems other people have been having. GPS drop outs, game crashes, i've seen it in action and it's not very responsive
Oh yeah, I didnt see that above :L
@Memor-X it got sorted out after pokevision and stuff were banned
so everything is fine now
but haters are gonna hate
I've not crashed in a while now, it's been behaving lately
12:50 PM
5k people were planning to sue the Niantic
due to pokevision taken down
I wouldn't play it religiously, but it's fun on my commute when there's nothing to do on the bus
which was the cause of the crashing and stuff
@Dragon right, then i move onto the second part of my list. it requires an online connection to play and i have no Gardevior
i know man
it's so sad
you can play next year where they bring the gardevoir in
probably somewhere near the end of next year
user image
12:54 PM
i'm gone
I wonder how active it will be this time next year
see ya
1:15 PM
i only get crap pokemon now
i have cut my playtime in quarters
1:39 PM
Neko-Koneko ^
@Abyx i dont get it. i thought i was going to see anime characters printed on that
@Memor-X ok, it's plane-koplane
@Abyx ^ that's what i expected
thats my kinda plane
1:52 PM
@ToshinouKyouko @Abyx's?
naw, gotta have anime plane ofc
@ToshinouKyouko i think you misunderstood what i said. i was asking if you was talking about the plain looking jet or the anime-fied helicopter
It is rather close up there, it could be mistaken for a plane
oh yeah it's a helicopter
the helicopter
@Matt i go by the cockpit in how it doesn't have that aerodynamic slick look to it
1:57 PM
@Memor-X Yeah, that's the giveaway
Japan - where no one questions why cartoons are on military hardware
I wish the UK military did this
@Matt i wish the Australian Navy were the ship girls from Kantai Collection
then we move into tank and jet girls
who needs cute girls on the hardware when the hardware are cute girls
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