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@Taisho oh.. from Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko mangaka?
12:55 AM
@EarlGrey hard to star a crying face
especially when it seems to have came from a Reaper Chop
@Tonepoet that was the day when hairstyle was big
1:10 AM
@Memor-X crying face has its own charm imo
@EarlGrey not when they are tied up like that
it's obvious she's either in pain or fear
@Memor-X Why would you say it in the past tense? I mean, Yugioh: The Dark Side of Dimensions would like to have a word with you. XP
@Tonepoet yeh but that was coming from an oldish anime (sorta in between) and they couldn't just change the airstyles mid series without good reason
@Memor-X oh I didn't noticed that
Hmmm, I don't keep up well enough to know who has the most ridiculous hairstyles these days.
1:15 AM
well then
@Tonepoet Super Seiyans still at the moment
@EarlGrey i'll accept
but from the same artist
user image
@Memor-X Yeah, but you'd disqualify them on the same basis. Dragonball Z is probably older than either of those prior examples, if I recall correctly.
@Tonepoet true
Too bad P.O.B. is a thing. I could ask on the main website if it wasn't. XP
1 hour later…
@EarlGrey i bet there's going to be a good lot of shoujo ai/yuri implying images
well those two are almost all alone throughout the story
they sleep together, eat together and bath together
like normal
they're still a kid tho
not sure how old
but it was implied that way
well maybe not really a kid
even if it's normal to do thing together like sleeping and bathing it doesn't stop them developing feelings for one another that don't get recognized until they are separated for a long time
and even if they are actually children it doesn't stop those feelings being developed
remember hand holding and kissing, while lewd as hell, is still acceptable for children
wait no, probably not a kid, but they started their journey when they're still a kid
now I'm wondering how long they're alone till now
hmm maybe I need to rewatch that part
@Memor-X well, one thing for sure, they said it's fine if they're alone as long as they have each other
@EarlGrey and doesn't that maker you feel all warm inside like when you see Homura sleeping with Madoka?
^ i want
just hope that it's still available on the 15th
2:48 AM
Flip Flap
@EarlGrey yep. also premium edition so more motive for me to get it
and what is that, the anime?
what's the different tho
@EarlGrey yes. you didn't know about Flip Flappers when it came out?
no I know Flip Flap
just, is that the anime or something else
2:53 AM
Anime + Chipboard Box, Hardcover Booklet, Lenticular 3D Depth Bookmark, and Art Cards.
gonna cost me over Aud$100 but worth it i'd say
what's that book? Is it in English?
@EarlGrey i assume so, this is the english release and they generally are unless otherwise noted (like with the interview booklet that came with Fate/Zero)
and what is that book usually about
doesn't look like an art book
@Memor-X understandable
@EarlGrey it's generally an art book going though the various designs
also while it comes with a bookmark i have 6 Madoka ones already. using one right now
but if i can duplicate at least the bookmark i'll add it to my collection of usable bookmarks
3:06 AM
I bet you have two each of those
@EarlGrey ofcause. but they were cheap. set of 3 for $20
I thought it came with those $100 bundle
@EarlGrey that's Flip Flappers. not the Madoka Bookmarks
and that's not cheap damnit xD
it's just a bookmark
I know this may off the wall, but wouldn't it make sense to have Taisho's avatar as a maid instead of a cat?
3:11 AM
@EarlGrey 3 for Aud$20. that's $6-$7 each and these aren't crappy print outs. on plastic and no blur on the lines
@TheMattbat999 we used to have a toy maid for bot
@EarlGrey oh... it just got replaced?
well, no, it's different bot
@EarlGrey ah.
@TheMattbat999 no because Taisho came after the room. also because @Hakase's avatar is an anime character called Hakase and he operates Taisho he had the avatar set as Hakase's cat Sakamoto
and we already had a Sakamoto before Taisho
3:13 AM
Dilly dilly
@Memor-X I get it it's not crappy, on plastic, and part of collection, what's more, it came with madoka picture, of course. But still it's a bookmark, we can use anything for bookmark. My comment was about its value as bookmark, not as an collectible item
for a collectible item, the price make sense
@EarlGrey yeh but i'm strange that way. if something does have a proper use like a cub or mug, i'm not just going to buy it for the sake of collecting. i buy one to use and the other to collect
it's like my Madoka Soul Gem Necklace. no point buying a necklace unless i wear it
yeah I know. Which is why I say it's not cheap. If I were to buy that bookmark, I'd buy one and I won't use it
you have Soul Gem Necklace?
did you make a contract with qb?
congrats, now you're a mahou shoujo and need to suffer
@EarlGrey to me it was, atleast from what i see in craft stores where they sell no so god ones for $10 each
@EarlGrey well it's actually Mami's and i suspect they're fakes anyway because Mami's ring has Homura written on it
infact most have Homura except for Sayaka's which has Mami
but it still looks like Mami's Soul Gem and as good as i'll get for a necklace
3:33 AM
@Memor-X Mami's ring has Homura written on it? I don't know that. Why?
@EarlGrey it's not supposed to. it's supposed to have their names written in those runes
lol who made that kind of mistake
but I thought you never buy fakes
@EarlGrey i didn't know at the time
Q: What are the colours of the Magical Girl's Rings?

Memor-XI always thought the colour of the ring matched the Soul Gem. However after deciphering the runs on the ring I got with a Mami Soul Gem Necklace which said HOMURA, I looked up on the wiki and saw that Mami's is actually purple not yellow like her soul gem. So I am wondering what are the colors o...

> EXTRA: I actually brought 6 Ring/Soul Gem Necklace with the 6th set having Homura's Soul Gem and a Green Ring.

EDIT: my mistake, it's a Green Soul Gem and Pink Ring
i do tend to avoid fakes but at a distance these look real
but they were cheap, also given that actual necklaces can cost over $100 and a Madoka Magica one would cost even more it's good enough for personal use
(that said i do have a collection of proper Soul Gems, but not in necklace form)
wow that's expensive
well given it cost your soul...
@EarlGrey more so when you remember that a normal necklace is just a chain. nothing more
just imagine a legit Soul Gem crafted into a necklace
though if we ever get consumer Metal and Glass 3D Printers i am so going to design one, buy the silver for it and print it
3:45 AM
and how much for the fake one
@EarlGrey i think it was $50 for the set of 6. the ebay store was also selling them separately
aside from them none of my merch is fake
4:02 AM
4:12 AM
@Unihedron yo, how's things
@Unihedron why?
life is tough
4:33 AM
@Unihedron want to elaborate?
just the usual, tired exhausted and lacking the motivation to do anything, productive or otherwise
just staring into a wall right now
4:47 AM
@AndrewT. sorry about that. i read Sakura Card as Clear Card
@Unihedron no anime to watch?
5:01 AM
lacking the motivation to do anything probably including watching anime
@EarlGrey need to watch something cute then
@SaitamaSama preferably something complete. you watch Citrus now and you'll spiral back into non-motivation because you have to wait another week for the next episode
well I'm not sure how it goes with @uni but I feel that way before, watching or reading anything didn't help
5:05 AM
@Memor-X true... then something like Nichijou?
@SaitamaSama yes
5:36 AM
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5:50 AM
Q: Which anime episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho care based on which manga chapters?

4CorryI like watching anime episodes based on which manga chapters I read. The wiki doesn't tell exactly which Yu Yu Hakusho episodes are based on which chapters and is also very incomplete? Could someone tell me like they did with the Aria Manga?

6:26 AM
@Memor-X no prob, actually jWikipedia has also listed the Clear Card arc, but I decided not to include until it's finished
(the partial list up until current episode)
6:50 AM
7:12 AM
1 hour later…
8:27 AM
oh a you
OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD Citrus ch 35 is out on dynasty scans
@Gallifreyan ^
8:43 AM
@AndrewT. it's weird how the Japanese Wikipedia page has that information and the English one doesn't.
@SaitamaSama that was almost a week. now you read it and realize you got to wait another month
VOTE FOR KOE NO KATACHI!!!!1111oneoneone
@Memor-X I won't read it till next week
it's tempting, but I'm pretty sure I can resist myself in the meantime
@SaitamaSama well if you like shoujo ai/yuri i'm sure you can read something else on dynasty in the meantime since it's almost daily something new is on there
8:48 AM
@Unihedron YEAH!!!!!!!!
are there only 6 candidates in the bracket for anime of the year
what the fuck
and they're all trash
you can vote for something else as well
in the space of a month i get an updated list of 200+ doujin from there
tho I think the voting AOTY is not opened yet
@Memor-X hm...
I was readiing Gokujou Drops the previous day, need to finish it today :B
if you want something cute to read that would be recommended try Their Story (Tamende Gushi)
Dynasty Scans has some of it but Mangahere or MangaFox would be your better choices
8:52 AM
9:04 AM
@Memor-X Well, I think that's how each language's site(?) culture works differently... on most entries, the ja.Wikipedia will have: synopsis, list of characters, terminology, manga/light novel publication, anime info (introduction, difference between original source, cast, OP&ED, episode list, TV broadcast time) on the same page
(compare to en.WP which usually separate the character and episode lists)
9:33 AM
is there really any noticeable difference b/w a curver and flat monitor?
9:46 AM
10:17 AM
10:54 AM
1 hour later…
1:16 PM
has anyone watched little witch academia? is it any good?
I have, yes
1:31 PM
@Proxy it's really nice
I enjoyed it thoroughly
1:48 PM
Q: Has there ever been a Pokemon battle with a time limit?

LCIIIRewatching the series again with my kids and I noticed that they persistently introduce Pokemon battles this way: "This Pokemon battle will be between Ash and PersonChan. Each trainer will use 3 pokemon. There will be no time limit." I've yet to see a battle that has a time limit. Does one ...

2:07 PM
thanks, will take a look i think
2:41 PM
Q: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Josh C.Following the events of Brotherhood, Edward lost his ability to perceive the Truth in order to rescue his brother, and in doing so lost his ability to manipulate it's alchemic energy. However, they left through Alphonse's gate, so does this mean he could re-gain the ability to perform alchemy if ...

3:30 PM
Q: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Spoilers)

Josh C.After Father activated the nation wide transmutation circle, every soul in Amestris was absorbed into him and used to grasp the moon's gateway. He also opened the Earth's gateway and accessed all of Earth's alchemic power. Does all of this suggest that all celestial beings have a gateway, such as...

4:19 PM
so, I changed my PC case today, waiting for my power supply thingy, and the monitor
y amazon so late ;-;
5:00 PM
@SaitamaSama What's the new case?
@Taisho kantai?
@Mysticial corsair carbide spec-04, the one with the glass side panel
And why is it that the larger cases tend to be more expensive than the smaller ones that I like?
:-P which ones?
I have the Fractal Define C and Corsair 460X. The 460X I understand because it's got glass in the front. But I don't understand the Define C.
I liked the 460X so much that I got the Corsair 400C for an older box. Same case, but plastic window instead of glass. Still $100.
460X looks nice tho
It's actually in my list for some future build
5:07 PM
I've been trending towards the smallest possible ATX cases that can fit a 360 in the front. There are some mATX cases that can fit a 280 in the front. But unfortunately, there are no mATX HEDT mobos that have all 8 ram slots.
true, mATX's have like 4 DIMM slots, right?
They can fit 8. Basically take any ATX and cut off the bottom 2 inches.
But nobody makes them.
build a mobo in-house then :-P
@Mysticial tho, for most use cases 4 x 16 gigs 3000 Mhz ram would be enough :B
@SaitamaSama 64GB used to be enough. But when FF and Visual Studio take up a combined 16GB + a 20GB ram drive and a compilation step that needs 40 - 50 GB. 64GB simply isn't enough.
5:12 PM
Right now I'm running a really old set of 8 x 8GB on my main box simply because I don't want to pay for ram right now.
And while I do have a 8 x 16GB in my other box (which I picked up for $800 back in March), it needs it more.
@Mysticial when my brother used an azure cloud server to do some Zeta3 calculation thingy, iirc it had ~220 GB of memory
those amounts are too mind boggling for me
I'm pretty happy with my 2 x 8 GB and 1 x 4 GB
i have 2*8gb
1) No source code leaves my apartment unencrypted. Period.
2) Using any sort of UI remotely is very laggy.
3) There's too much noise on cloud machines to do performance testing.
4) Too much exposure to vulnerabilities since they are being shared with other people.
open source ftw
5:18 PM
oh wait, you're the guy who wrote that y-cruncher program?
he used that program to calculate it as well :B
@SaitamaSama Let's just say I'm glad that I can even afford the hardware that I need. I probably spend around $5k a year on hardware.
In the last 2 years at least. I spent almost nothing between 2014 - 2016 because there simply wasn't any new hardware to get.
Q: ainz ooal gown attacking lizardman Overlord II

OnePunchManWhy ainz ooal gown troops are attacking lizardman in ongoing Overlord II? Please explain.

@Mysticial woah, I could build a full blown gaming rig on that budget :B
I need to hurry up and become an adult already, and start earning moneyz and spend it on GPUz
5:34 PM
@SaitamaSama I rarely ever build a new rig from scratch. Half new parts and half scavenged parts from older rigs.
I typically only have 1 or 2 real video cards. So those get transferred from one build to the next.
The machines that I salvage parts from stay online, but stripped of GPU, hard drives/SSDs.
hmm makes sense
They usually keep the ram since I need them to stay online. But lately, with ram prices lately, I can't do that anymore.
So my 5960X is offline without ram.
why are the ram prices hiking tho, can understand the GPU
user image
@SaitamaSama Massive oversupply in mid 2016 leading to very low prices. So the ram manufacturers cut back and shifted their capacity elsewhere. Then starting late 2016, the mobile market started picking up and the demand for ram shot through the roof and completely emptied out the supply.
5:38 PM
Prices shot up. But people kept buying them anyway. Now the ram manufacturers realize that the demand for ram is completely inelastic. So they decide to keep the supply low to keep the prices high.
The only elastic part of the ram demand is probably the consumer DIY PC market.
Nobody seems to care about paying an extra $100 for a new iPhone. And big companies certainly don't seem to care about paying an extra N% for all their millions of servers. (they do care, but they don't have a choice since they need them)
I was looking at those RGB tridentz ram kits, and yeah, the prices are really insane
Prices are going to stay high for a long time now that everyone realizes that the demand is inelastic.
5:41 PM
RAM prices are crazy, I bought a 16GB RAM stick for 600zł in May 2017, now they cost 1000zł
can't wait till it drops
It's just a matter of when the Chinese enter the market. Then Samsung and family will be force to drop prices to keep them out.
@milleniumbug I'm not sure I can wait. The fact that I'm even considering dropping 2-grand for an 8 x 16GB kit kinda demonstrates how inelastic the demand is when it is really needed.

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