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Q: What anime's/manga's character that araragi parodying?

GagantousWhat character did Araragi parodying at this scene ? is this a mascot of japan or something ? or maybe a character from anime/manga ?

@Sakamoto editing that user's posts is a pain, but some of them are good so i hope it'll be worth it
that guy sure asks a lot of questions :B
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such quiet, much amaze
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Q: Who’s the lavender coffee shop manager in Crayon Shin Chan?

user504557There are episodes where the 5-year-old Himawari appeared from a dark cloud. She often visited the lavender coffee shop during the end of each episodes, and I wonder what’s the relationship between the manager and her. Thanks for answers.

Q: Why Kefura didnt defuse after releasing so much power?

PabloIn the "Future Trunk" arc of Dragon Ball Super, Vegito didnt last an hour fused because he had so much power he consumed all the energy to stay together. But now we've seen Kefura released a huge amount of power, probably close to Goku Ultra Instinct, and probably over Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken s...

4:33 AM
@SaitamaSama I've been watching the Acq Inc livestream from pax
it's been pretty live
4:50 AM
@SaitamaSama when it's sunday for me i expect this because at this time pretty much all over the world it's the weekend
@Tonepoet some people buy old train carriages and do them up to be houses, more so the ones which have toilets in them. it can be cheaper than building a new house from the ground up
there's actually someone in the next town over who has one in their backyard and it would have been even cheaper because there used to be a railway going though there so it's possible that before the rail was decommissioned the original occupants got it bring in
it's like taking shipping containers or multiple caravans and turning them into a house
@Memor-X That makes some amount of sense, and I have heard of the shipping container thing before. However, the view looks like it is fairly isolated from any semblance of isolation, and it still looks so dilapidated that I doubt any attempt to fix it up has been made. We also have one other character drawn by the same artist, in a much more well kept environment:
It's hard to tell if that picture is taking place in the same region or not, as well as whose home it is, but it is very clearly a house.
So I'm curious how she got into an abandoned bus from that house.
@Tonepoet isolation wise it's not all that unhered of people building homes out in the middle of nowhere. there's a British home design series about just that. hell if it wasn't for the increase risk of fire i would love to have a bunch of trees over my house
She isolated herself from others to draw. Would that makes sense to you
as for dilapidated i wouldn't say that myself as the only signs of wear i see is the top and that could just be flaking/cracking paint
@EarlGrey very sensible i would say
5:05 AM
@Memor-X One of the seats is torn, and some of the wallpaper is fading too.
@Tonepoet could be connected with another room like an annex
@Tonepoet i'll give you those but even then i wouldn't say dilapidated as it's not in any state or ruin
like if the windows were broken, window frames missing and signs the wall was about to give then maybe
@Memor-X Then what word would you use to describe its current state of disrepair?

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