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Q: In Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, what's the current status of the United States?

user69268Since the Kabane outbreak started in Western Europe and spread across the world, what’s the current status of the United States as of the end of the series (Battle of Unato Castle arc)? For one, the U.S. at this time is a potential superpower that spans across an entire continent and based on the...

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Q: Was Renne compatibility with Pater-Mater a result of the Gnosis Experiments?

Memor-Xin The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky The 3rd we learned that before becoming one of Ouroboros's Enforcers, Renne was in a place called "Paradise" where she was molested where before attending clients she was giving a syrup in The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero we learned that "Paradise"...

3:11 AM
Q: Did the Corix Family create Gnosis?

Memor-Xin The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure we learn that the Croix family were the original caretakers of the Sept-Terrion of Mirage, Demiourgos. but after Demiourgos erased herself the Croix family becomes obsessed with reobtaining the Sept-Terrion of Mirage, creating KeA to become the new Sept-Te...

@Gao have you tried using a secondary email to send you a code? like that's how i got my mum's hotmail account for when it needs re-log in i get send a code
@Gao I don't really use hotmail any more. Logged in the other day and saw the same thing... really odd. Showed be locations too which was kinda interesting
3:30 AM
Q: Manga/Manhua where main character is reincarnated as another species

Bayvin RuppDo you know of any manga/manhua where the main character is reincarnated as another species and helps humans? Possibly even becoming a contracted monster/beast.

Q: Did Mariabell end up punishing Bleublanc?

Memor-Xin The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure, Bleublanc does one of his scavenger hunts with the SSS by stealing Mariabell's Rosenberg Dolls. when they are returned Mariabell laments that she can't punish him by wishing he had never been born for stealing them. following the events of Trails to Azu...

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@JNat ^ maybe you were interested.
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Q: Why Kishimoto or publishers don't make any spin offs for previous jinchurikis?

Skron31I would like to ask why there is no spinoff media(comic, novel, ova, etc) for previous jinchurikis(including the ones that were dead during timeskips). Boruto was not immediately planned just after the end of Naruto Shippuden, and there are even novel(Shinden and Hiden) for other characters, incl...

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Q: Are President Kirari and her assistant, Sayaka, together?

ZeeBeeAre Kirari and Sayaka officially together? I ask this because when Yumeko and Sayaka play the Tower of Doors, Sayaka loses and, as a rule, jumps off the 5th-story door. Then we see Kirari jump after Sayaka and she licks some blood off of Sayaka's head. They also hold hands. So are they a couple o...

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@Memor-X yes, i've done that. i do wonder though if sending code by email is as insecure as sending code by sms, but i'm more worried of microsoft's MFA implementation (google it)
@Peilonrayz I won't trust the information that much. It's either a botnet or some hacker/script kiddy masking their location/browser agent.
Or I might have been given in to FUD/phished by microsoft into adopting their mfa. now i can't remove my phone number sign in method

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