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@Memor-X Naruhodo Naruhodo
4:36 AM
Q: Naruto Shippuden Episode 48 Bonds Song title

Ritvik SinghDoes anyone know the name of the song that plays when Sakura has a flashback about her talking with Sai. It’s approximately at 13:16. It’s a bunch of bells playing.

5:38 AM
Q: Why did Public Safety Section 9 have to be "sacrificed"?

Herng YiNear the end, Aramaki made a deal with the Prime Minister to "sacrifice" Section 9 in exchange for the Ministry of Justice taking action against the Party Secretary-General. What I don't understand is why Section 9 had to be "sacrificed." The Prime Minister didn't want to disturb the Lower House ...

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#地霊殿10周年 出遅れちゃったけど…おめでとうございます…🎉🎉🎉
This is some pretty neat cosplay.
10:13 AM
@JNat morning
@forest who said Touhou wasn't real
10:27 AM
10:39 AM
@Dimitrimx you make that one up or is it real?
@Memor-X Well, I am just combining ahayou and ayasu
Displaying my urge to sleep again ;p
Seems I used it a few times already :p
@Dimitrimx like 3 years. my memory fails around then unless there's yuri in it
Well, you did post a lot of yuri in those days ;)
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Q: Its a manhwa actually, saw this on some random adds

batagordudeSaw some random add, kinda interested by the ART (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Appreciate the help

Q: So familiar music, please help to id

Alex Stonehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pz85C7-3XNw#t=265 4m25s So familiar music, please help to id

12:17 PM
Q: Why does Suguha ask herself what Kirito is comparing her timber bamboo to even though she knows he was in SAO a game in which you fight with swords

LeoIn season one episode 15, Kirito ( or Kirigaya ) is back in the real world. He see’a Suguha practicing Kendo and eventually picks up the sword and says it’s lite and that it’s not what he’s used to. Suguha then asks herself what he’s comparing it to even though she knows he was stuck in SAO, a sw...

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Q: Community Promotion Ads — 2019

JNat2019 is here! And with the new year, as usual, comes a new iteration of Community Promotion Ads! Let’s refresh these for the coming year :) What are Community Promotion Ads? Community Promotion Ads are community-vetted advertisements that will show up on the main site, in the right sidebar. The...

1:04 PM
I haven't read manga or watched anime in weeks T_T
what am I doing with my life
@Morwenn obviously nothing worth while
through seriously is it because you don't have anything worthwhile to read or watch?
nah, I just don't have any motivation to do anything
I spend most of my free time chatting and not doing anything relevant
except when I'm with friends
for example this weekend I had a rehearsal with my band, then a party at my guitarist's place, then the next day I went to play a small sealed deck tournament with a friend for the release of the new MTG extension and I went for a drink with him after that
but when I'm home, I don't do much
1:42 PM
@Morwenn need a nice anime to just play and watch the action.
I don't really care about action most of the time
the last anime I watched was Hyouka
before that it was Lucky Star and Yuru Yuri
the last action animes I watched were the first season of SnK and Kill la Kill
2:02 PM
seen K-On?
no, don't want to
I loved the manga but it's really the kind of music that I don't like
user image
It's not really a matter of not having things to watch/read, it's a total lack of motivation to do anything x)
@Morwenn I'm very tempted to make some jokes in bad taste, but I'll refrain. However, since you're motivated to do things with friends, and you seem to have more free time than you know what to do with, maybe you should consider joining an anime club that views shows together? You might meet some people you like, and from that point on it'd be like going to the movie theater to watch a movie with a friend.
there's no such thing around
and I think I enjoy doing things with friends I have more than actually meeting new people to do things I might like >.>
I go to the movie theater like once every two years xD
Another common issue is that the time I consider free, like the evening after work, is not a time that many consider free: I know many people who don't want to do things and just go home after work
3:09 PM
Hmm, well @Morwenn that is perfectly understandable I suppose. I mean good friends are hard to find, and work is quite exhausting and you need to rest up from it. They say happiness is a warm blanket, so perhaps if you visualize yourself all wrapped up and cozy watching your favorite show it may tempt you to watch. Kind of like this:
However, if there is motivation to be had, then it probably can't be forced and it'll come to you eventually.
I'd rather be all wrapped up and cozy with specific friends :3
nah, the lack of motivation is probably somewhat linked to depression, I should find a therapist
[insert sad sushi comic]
3:28 PM
@Morwenn Adds a hug:
aw :3
I need some of that
@Morwenn By the way, you never told us what the secret ingredient was. I found this video of how to make a green tea cake with matcha powder, but you said it wasn't green tea. What was it?
Oh, sorry about that xD
@Tonepoet it was pandan
3:47 PM
@Morwenn Oh, I've never heard of that before now. What does it taste like?
a bit like almond
When I made the pandan financier for the first time, my French friends told me it only tasted like almond, and my Viet friend told me it only tasted like pandan
It makes me fairly convinced that the tastes are really close :p
@Morwenn Bitter almonds or sweet almonds?
Probably sweet almonds come to think of it. People don't eat the bitter ones due to the cyanide content.
See how financier tastes?
Maybe I don't even know how bitter almonds actually taste ^^'
3:56 PM
Yeah, probably not. I remembered there were two different types but I forgot what the difference between them was. 50 bitter almonds will kill an adult apparently, so I doubt they'd be sold for human consumption. XD
nice x)
they probably just sell "bitter almond flavoured" thing here and there that are not actually made of bitter almonds :p
plus cyanide tastes pretty bad anyway
4:16 PM
Q: examples of arrogant laugh in anime

huuI remember vaguely seeing an anime character laughing or smiling arrogantly. It was really funny, but I dont remember anything more spacific. She was probably a loli. Can you show or link a few such? The funnier the better.

4:46 PM
That'd be my guess but the question is too broad, and arguably an I.D. request. XP
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5:51 PM
Q: Info on Mangaka Strike/Ball Tanaka?

Addie RoseMy school has a Manga Club and we are trying to find more information on the creator of Servamp. Anyone know where we can find some more details about her life and maybe a picture of what she looks like? We'd really appreciate it!

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7:11 PM
Q: Fairytail s2 episode 16 music

SofiaWhat is the song that plays on 3:03 almost and goes on till 4:19 when natsu fights future rogue( it's in the background I cant seem to find it anywhere :/

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9:46 PM
@Morwenn go see the new Dragonball Movie with friends
@Tonepoet awwwwww, this is adorable! is that Chen in Ran's arms?
@Memor-X Indeed it is.
@Tonepoet she's so smol and cute
Tamaki's Voice Actor in the dub, i'm quite sure, is the same as Edward Elric's because when he speaks i can picture Ed. so imagine this scene as if it was Ed
10:52 PM
@Memor-X Hmm, I suppose the voice does sound similar now that I think about it.
@Memor-X Also yeah, she does. Height depictions vary and she looks shorter than typical there, but it's hard to tell since the games aren't necessarily to scale. With that having been said though Chen's in the "short" group of early touhou characters.

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