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1:37 AM
Q: What will happen if a wild pokemon is hit by 2 pokeballs of the same strength at the same time?

Ayase EriWild Tauros appears. Trainer A throws Safari Ball (Ball A). Trainer B throws a Safari Ball (Ball B). Now, a rare occurence happened. Both pokeballs hit Tauros at exactly the same time. What will happen to Tauros? Will it enter Ball A? Ball B? Or none of the balls? Or will it split into 2 and we ...

1:50 AM
my second attempt at tofu custard resulted in a soft and solid tofu but tasted sour. Turns out the ratio of beans to coagulant is pretty unforgiving... next try after I buy a food scale.
@Hakase >I'm on my bed!
@ton.yeung and crapton of sugah
2:56 AM
re zero just gets less and less optimistic
@Hakase yeah, I put it on hang because of that
3:37 AM
@Tyhja already have it
so my knives rusted cuz i didn't take care of em
going to replace em with these
seems serviceable
@Tyhja yep, based on extensive research and fake review spotting
these are teh best set of knives you can buy for under $75
i was like sounds fancy... oh..66? pretty sweet
3:48 AM
@Tyhja yep, the best thing about it is that it comes with a cleaver
helps with watermellon and coconuts
not an asian kitchen without a cleaver imo
wait thats a chopper
@Tyhja o.O
Q: Looking for a anime I watched

AveryOkay, so awhile back I watched this anime about this one guy who was planted in a school or something and he actually worked for some type of government and he had the power to revive people from the dead but in doing so he experienced the pain himself. Sorry might not remember all details perfe...

the one on the bottom left?
in the picture with all the items laid out?
@ton.yeung no i mean not an asian kitchen without a chopper
not cleaver
but... what's the difference
3:51 AM
@Tyhja yea.. that's what i'm wondering...
^cleaver (chopper?)
i guess xD
i have a separate cleaver that's not part of my current knife block
man googling knives and choppers come up with more stuff than i thought i wanted to know
we rarely use it cuz it doesn't have a sheath
@Tyhja lol, i'd imagine a lot of guro
3:53 AM
well, you could do it like the chefs and slam it into the board
fuck sheaths
@Tyhja lol, yea, that would freak my fiance out
i'd actually like a magnetic knife holder, but I don't think she would be okay with that
@ton.yeung so they weren't stainless steel?
@Tyhja this and death note are two series i just can't bring myself to watch
@Hakase they were, but even stainless steel will rust if you leave in water or use the dish washer
@ton.yeung why not
4:04 AM
@Tyhja the guy with the death note disappointed me when he tried to kill L and got owned in the third episode
and leloch or w/e is just too chuni
just watching it makes me cringe
hmmm both shows are one of my top rated shows
I can't watch that kind of art
lelouch's character develops as the show grows
which kind of art
every character is screaming "we don't take this shit seriously"
horrifically disproportionate facial features kind of art
which one are you referring to
4:08 AM
found a nice page on this topic knowyourmeme.com/memes/quality
@Tyhja i might consider it
@ton.yeung he's still the outlandish sort but things get more serious as the series goes on
as for death note, i dont remember which incident you are referring to.
@Hakase code geass or death note or both?
just code geass
4:25 AM
@Tyhja L was looking for the dude with the death note
@Hakase i suppose you didnt like tsubasa chronicles either?
L sent a challenge via broadcast
the guy tried to kill L with the deathnote
but that wasn't the real L
it was also broadcasted at different times in order to narrow down the search range
@Tyhja i liked it quite a bit
i didn't find it very chuni at all
@ton.yeung hakase's point was about the art
oh no I haven't seen it
the character style is similar
4:27 AM
and I'm not planning to coz of the genre
unless he means something else
art seems just on the borderline of what I could watch
@Tyhja similar to what?
the character styles are similar
(confusion ensues)
4:28 AM
what what
@ton.yeung similar to tsubasa chronicles
looks clampish
higurashi has bad art
@Tyhja what is similar to tsubasa chronicles??
@ton.yeung the character styles
1 min ago, by Tyhja
the character styles are similar
thanks professor
higurashi has terrible art
and i didn't enjoy it either
i found it rather lame i think after the second one
4:30 AM
@Tyhja err... what series' art are you saying is similar to tsubasa chronicles'
clannad looks pretty bad
Uploaded (UTC): 02.06.2016 16:44:16 by (132581) Gao, tag: 東方
holy shit i answered this thing like 5 times
4:32 AM
@Tyhja all i've been reading was something is similar to tsubasa chronicles
oh it was edited
psh, that was a late edit
how can i expect to know it was edited later :P
what was edited
oh it was
7 mins ago, by Tyhja
@Hakase i suppose you didnt like tsubasa chronicles either?
7 mins ago, by Tyhja
@Hakase i suppose you didnt like tsubasa chronicles either?
5 mins ago, by Hakase
(confusion ensues)
4:34 AM
oh... zzz stupid
from my pov we were talking code geas, then death note, and suddenly i see something about tsubasa chronicles\
its fine, i have a massive headache anyway
i see
haruhi sizumuya also looks bad
i was busy doing something too sorry
but detective conan takes da fucking medal
there's normal art and then there's this atrocity
1 hour later…
5:49 AM
@Hakase well i really disliked the kaiji art
Q: What anime should i watch in 2016?

rohittk239I was really bummed that Naruto Shippuden ended and now Bleach gets over this month, need to find something to fill the void. Above gives a clear idea the kinds of anime/manga i watched/read. Any suggestions. Newer Anime/Manga are preferred.

6:26 AM
@ton.yeung sorry i was rather stressed >_<
6:59 AM
What's up my fellow Tyty?
@_@ hamham...
nothings up
chat b ded
it's 9 o' clock in France, it better be ded
7:02 AM
Would be depressing to see ppl not sleeping as soon as they are in holidays, as long as I am not
why would chat be ded because its 9 in france
is it a holiday now?
Well, in France, July and August are both "holiday monthes"
For students, it's two labour-free monthes
except for the ones who has an internship
Such as me
@Tyhja Where are you from, BTW?
uh... gratz?
I am from southeast asia
Ho so it's not 9am for you at all haha
7:12 AM
@Tyhja dis is cute as hell :D
they even make the cute sounds
but my first thought was pepe le pew >_>;
i'm telling you guys taisho is sentient
Yup, just as we could associate a woodpecker to woddywood pecker
(and the author of the video is french, apparently :>)
Well mostly because it was a group of french skunks)
yep i know that's why
7:16 AM
pepe le pew is french? o:
Pepé Le Pew is a fictional character from the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons, first introduced in 1945. A French striped skunk that always strolls around in Paris in the springtime, when everyone's thoughts are of "love", Pepé is constantly seeking "l'amour" of his own. However, he has two huge turnoffs to any prospective mates: his malodorous scent and his penchant for sexual harassment, refusing to take "no" for an answer, even when she rejects his advances to the point of physically assaulting him, making him the antagonist of his shorts. In the same vein as...
caricature of course
@iKlsR am now
@Tyhja Haha, actually that's more accurate that one could think
7:19 AM
@Hakase I can pass it along, but I cannot guarantee it'll be done. I have no idea how much work that entails, and if they're willing to do it. Especially given that most chat rooms just have the same theme as the main site
@JNat ...
@Ikaros really? O.O i thought it was a huge joke :x
@iKlsR I assume that means you do not need me any more? :P
I just noticed, all our avids 3 years ago are on new sites or not here.
Erc, Kray, Logan and others
@iKlsR Well, krazer's still a mod here
7:20 AM
flown the coop
yh but he's not here here
me, madara, ero, jon and myst
@ton.yeung is the real mvp
@Tyhja Well, there's a lot of wannabe "alpha male" in Paris
@Tyhja + the fact that it is known for being the city of love won't help
@Ikaros :x oh... O.O;;;
7:22 AM
but of course, it is exagerated, people aren't harassing every girl in sight
@Ikaros of course, of course... just every other girl amirite
Anyway, France is not the place to be ATM
@Ikaros :0 why not
@Tyhja Because of terrorists attacks we had and still have in France, everybody is losing their mind.
People are dividing and becoming more and more intolerant
@Ikaros theres only that thingy that happened right? so far just uneasiness?
7:25 AM
Everyone is blaming everyone.
@Tyhja What do you mean?
@Ikaros i havent heard news about more attacks
but then again i haven't been keeping up with the news
been a bit busy
@Tyhja We had Charlie Hebdo (a satiric newspaper), Paris, and recently Nice and a small village
Long story short, politics are getting more and more extreme on their point, so does people, and everyone is searching someone to blame it on
@Ikaros oh i heard about the nice one.
yeah, but that's what terrorist attacks do. that is thier purpose
oh look brittania is waking up
7:31 AM
@Matt Mornin'
It's about that time
area11 will nebar forgibs u
@Ikaros Speaking of politics, what's the general consensus in France regarding the EU? I heard a few countries were pushing for their own referendum after the UK one was a (albeit slim) success
merkel will flip
user image
7:35 AM
@Tyhja She seems rather unathletic for that :P
@Taisho @Memor-X
@Matt you'd be surprised
@Matt Well in France we have this extrem-right "Nationalist" party called "Le Front National", which is really in favor of the "Frenchxit" (or what ever this would be called). This party is the only one that ask for leaving the EU. The thing is that this party is gaining more and more votes.
So we can't really tell what will be the French position on EU leave until the 2017 Presidential campaign is over.
@Tyhja :L
@Ikaros Cool shmool
7:52 AM
@Matt Yup, looked up on the internet, that's how Marine Le Pen calls it
(She's the leader of this party)
sounds like freckles
@Taisho tags
Uploaded (UTC): 27.02.2016 11:50:53 by (145604) Quill, tag: 百合
@Tyhja Freckles be great
7:57 AM
it looks like neon genesis
@Ikaros i dunno frexit sounds like a playful girl >_<
@Quill what does
the picture
@Tyhja :<
@Ikaros >,<
8:03 AM
@Quill ):<
8:23 AM
Ok, so those marks must do something in unicode or whatever it is
@Matt `_`a what are you talking about?
Q: what is this anime's name. i have some information about it here.

peterwell i remember watching like 2 parts of this anime. here are some information about it, can you please tell me its name? the protagonist is a female that has this pet with her. she kills these monsters that try and harm humans. the 2 episodes i remember: 1: she kills a monster cat, the cat ...

@Tyhja They disappear for me once I hit enter
8:49 AM
@Matt psst i has sekret haxxing waze
@Tyhja flagged for hax
@Matt ;-;
pls sir, pls spare meh `-`/
I wonder what a mod from somewhere like SO who don't allow fun would say if they saw a flag like that :')
9:21 AM
i b gets banned ;-;
9:36 AM
just wondering, is the account picture you?
moin o/
@Dragon Yeah, it's me :L
It seems rare on SE for people to have themselves as their picture, I've only ever seen a handful
9:48 AM
it's pretty common on SO
@Quill I don't really use SO that much - I think you're the only person I've seen on A&M with one
i just think that it'll be cool to chat to people without them knowing anything about you
@Dragon I'm not saying it's a bad thing it's rare :L A while back @Hakase used to have monthly avatar topics which I joined in with
Tbh, I don't really know very much about anyone here besides where people live on the map and the pictures from the meetup
neither am i, it's still cool either way
how do you know where people live on the map
The only people's names I know are @Tosh and @Dim and I think it's nice to have a sense of mystery around everyone
9:54 AM
Q: A&M EU Meetup Report!

Toshinou KyoukoJust last weekend Animecon was held in the World Forum - the same venue that has previously hosted such events as the EuroVision Song Contest. As we previously organised, a couple of our EU members (including myself) attended and met up. Unfortunately, a combination of an overly long leadup t...

@Matt hi hi
everybody's everywhere
i actually guessed that Memor-X lived in Australia but didin't think i'll actually get it right
also who's quill
he/she lives somewhat close to me
@Dragon @Quill You've been summoned
10:02 AM
hi there
welcome to chat @Dragon btw. I saw you were making some interesting qs :)
Yeah, it's always nice to see more people here
@Matt so you can haze them
@Tyhja I'm a lovely person, what are you talking about :P
what is with the pokeball questions
step it up sakamoto
i like the pokeball questions
they're so silly
@ToshinouKyouko >o<
@Tyhja (-o-)
@ToshinouKyouko (~.~)
10:28 AM
@Tyhja ϞϞ(๑⚈ ․̫ ⚈๑)∩
@ToshinouKyouko New death note
What if I ate a Pokeball?
what if i wrote the name of the pokeball's owner in the death note and put the death note in that pokeball?
@Matt Then you will have a bad pooping time
oh god >_<
10:35 AM
10:53 AM
@ToshinouKyouko Mr Burns has played to much Pokemon Go and revised his "block out the sun" plan
@Matt i'd be ok with that in Evangelion, in Rebuild i'm behind Asuka x Mari
@arda ok so this intrigued me enough to check out the wikia. i believe that girl, Pearl, is singing about Rose given that Pearl having romantic feelings for Rose was confirmed by the series creator however Rose reciprocating those feelings was noted as being "complicated"
which it would be if you fell in love with another person who is male and had his baby!
but at the same time the wikia doesn't state if Pearl is a girl, gender wise it says unspecified and all the Gems are female humanoid in appearance. this could be western version of a harem anime and there might be some traps in there
on that note it seems what my initial thought on Steven Universe wasn't correct. i thought it was going to be some stupid cross parody series like Captain N
@Memor-X aren't all the gems' female?
that show is like western yuri cartoon paradise
leaving but, before i go
peridot best gem
11:10 AM
@ToshinouKyouko from what i read they assume a female humanoid form but nothing confirms it they all are female. hell end cinematic for Ar Tonelico Qoga you forget that Mute is a girl when she continues to uses that hymn
also the fact that in the final shit you only see her top half so you forget she's wearing a skirt
also if they are going to be all female or girls then why have gender unspecified for one of them?
given we know Rose is female unless Gems are like the Asari and can alter their bodies to suit their mate's
but yeh might check out the series some time, there's 4 seasons so it might grow on me, not alot of good western cartoons that i enjoy any more
in other news, Metal Gear is dead
no more cyborg ninjas or giant mecha fights. just portals to another world where you kill monsters
also Jim's right, Konami is lying somewhere, you can't have stealth and zombie survival co-op in the same thing
Oh dear :(
What's Kojima up to these days?
@Matt not working for Konami
which is quite obvious from this
user image
@Taisho thank you, that makes me feel a bit better after a part of me died
@Memor-X Yeah :/ Hopefully he's gathering a team for his next venture, Plastic Cog Liquid
@Memor-X We can always count on Taisho
#well done
11:23 AM
@Matt I don't understand your request.
11:39 AM
@Matt can you build homes in No Man's Sky? or is your home your ship?
11:49 AM
@Memor-X No idea, if you can set up bases and stuff I've not got that far yet :/
@Matt i would assume that a game that boasts about the freedom it has if you can't start building a house right away then you can't do it
makes me wonder if i should wait to see if the PC version gets any mods to make houses, colony's and what not
12:19 PM
i've been hearing alot about how No Man's Sky fans are being total dicks, sending death threats and that recently. i thought it would have died down after it finally got released but nope they are still at it rather than, you know, playing the game
makes me wonder if Otaku's, both Japanese and Western, have done anything comparable. like send death threats to a mangaka when they go on hiatus or when an anticipated series becomes shit
@Memor-X To Sean Murray? What's he even done "wrong"? I think they've done a great job to say they're only a tiny team
@Matt well before it was the first delay, then the guy ok Kotaku who reported the second delay got death threats for reporting then, then the devsn got them again when they confirmed what kotaku reported. now i hear people are bitching because of day 1 patches, the game not being what they expected
and this isn't coming from the fact i watch the latest Jimquisition. Goose on Good Game was talking about it and it has to be related to No Man's Sky since that's the recent greatly anticipated game to be released
and ofcause there's the usual threats for "wrong reviews" where a reviewer give the wrong score
Idk, I suppose some people just like to take their frustration out on other people. I was disappointed when I heard the release delay but there's no need to get that angry
ofcause that last one is the most pathetic out of all of them
Oh yeah, "we don't agree, kill yourself"
We should all spread love and happiness instead
12:28 PM
@Matt well Goose said that this can all be attributed to Social Media since it's giving these dicks a voice which in the past they never had (and maybe for good reason)
Jesus, searching "hamtarowarrior" on Google Images, you get tons of pictures I posted on this chat
another thing TotalBiscuit touched on is that devs deliberately entice the hype of their fans which, can be attributed to the fact everyone gets their info over the net rather than magazines
@Ikaros holy shit hour right
Oct 4 '15 at 9:17, by ʞɹɐzǝɹ
user image
@Memor-X Seems legit tho
@Ikaros how does hamtarowarrior get linked to us?
I be hamtarowarrior
It was my previous pseudo before Ikaros
and my pseudo on pretty much everything, ATM
12:33 PM
@Ikaros ...........oh yeh that's right
i generally only remember people by their names as they are now. except @Darjeeling who i still remember as Shinobu
@Memor-X As useful as social media is, it will bring about the collapse of civilisation
only because i thought something happened to Shinobu in real like and then i found out that @Darjeeling was Shinobu and i was like expressing how it feels sad when one of us just disappears one day and i be like all emotional and then....then.........@Darjeeling no BAKA!
There are so many Matts I doubt anything attributed to me will be on google
@Matt oh it's been like that for a while. gone are the good old days that to be a good stalker you needed formal ninja training. now-a-days you just need a pc, and a twitter and/or facebook account
!!urban matt
@Memor-X Matt ancient greek translation for "eternal sex-god". It is beleived that anyone that holds this name has a great level of skill and ability to perform sexual acts for long periods of time. Men posessing this name are also well endowed.
12:39 PM
!!urban @Ikaros
@Memor-X No definition found for @Ikaros
!!urban Ikaros
@Memor-X No definition found for Ikaros
@HoiHoi-san @Tyhja Do I chase the skirts or do they chase me? You be the judge ;)
!!urban Madara
12:42 PM
@Memor-X Madara A fictional character in the anime series [Naruto]. He's the first Uchiha to awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan and one of the founders of the Hidden Leaf Village. When he discovered he was going blind, he stole his slightly less important little brother's eyes and got a new totally awesome eye ability. He also heleped Itachi kill the Uchiha clan, despi(snip)
@Memor-X Anyone around before the ID ban will be excellent online stalkers with the amount of reverse image searching we did
!!urban Toshinou
@Memor-X No definition found for Toshinou
!!urban memor-x
@Matt No definition found for memor-x
12:43 PM
!!Urban krazer
@Matt No definition found for krazer
Not so good
user image
@Taisho tags
Uploaded (UTC): 08.06.2016 17:53:45 by (38771) JNat, tag: Kiznaiver, ending
12:44 PM
i thought so
@Memor-X Ikaros comes from the Ikarus myth :)
@Ikaros but no funny urban meaning
@Memor-X No, AFAIK
But Ikaros is a cute moe tho :3
@Ikaros true that
!!urban Icarus
12:48 PM
@Matt [icarus](http://icarus.urbanup.com/1449942) n.

1. Greek Mythology. The son of Daedalus who, in escaping from Crete on artificial wings made for him by his father, flew so close to the sun that the wax with which his wings were fastened melted, and he fell into the Aegean Sea.
2. An asteroid with an eccentric orbit approaching within 30 million kilometers (19 million miles) of the sun.
I also made a post about the references of SNO to Greek Mythology (Shameless promotion)
@Memor-X I think rebecca sugar is gay herself so I think it won't be revealed to be hetero romances all along
@ToshinouKyouko that a character from Steven Universe? to be honest my research only went as far as finding out who Pearl and Rose were and the Diamonds out of curiosity
@JNat if you could link them my idea it'd be great. That is all I'm asking for.
@Hakase Yeah. I did it already :)
1:00 PM
@Memor-X the writer
@Hakase @JNat +1 to this idea
I just don't know if they would decide to make cafe the theme of the whole site, if making just one chat room theme is not a common deal, and there needs to be consistency
so I guess we'll find out when it's done
@Memor-X Shinobu is alright, I just bought her a donut ;)
1:22 PM
@Matt psh
@ToshinouKyouko stahp cheat
@Memor-X all gems are female-ish. They are all considered gender neutral, but normally there is zero romantic interaction between gems. Gems are created, not born.
1:37 PM
@ToshinouKyouko HELL YEAH
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