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12:55 AM
@ton.yeung I have movie night scheduled for Halloween weekend, but I can set that thing up and leave control to someone else.
Doing a poll right now for re-scheduling and it looks like it might start at 2p or 3p.
Although I kinda wanna push it to 5p since it's only one person that can only attend at 12p-2p.
Well, I do repeat showings.
Like I said, I can set it up and have someone else take control from there.
Either is fine for me.
1:50 AM
in the time between when i last was on and now i spot 3 images @Taisho has posted which could be tagged as 百合 when it was never called. a sign maybe?
so how is everyone doing?
Q: Manga where a cat that transforms into a girl

qwerty99I've read a manga about a cat that transforms into a girl, and then it's revealed that the cat was a god that brings fortune to her owner. Her owner was a boy that loved the cat. Does anyone have a suggestion as to the title of this?

2:14 AM
@Memor-X nothing unusual really, I work, I code, I read manga, I watch anime, and I turn into a tosh
@Darjeeling that's more or less what i do minus the last one
the last one is the most interesting thing that happen to me in the last few days
I got tomatoed
@Darjeeling well i'm just waiting for it to pass as not only have there been name chnages but when i type i imagine i am talking and i imagine people here by their avatar and i am seeing a lot of Toshino Faces
it's like trying to talk to one Prinny out of an entire class
I'm pretty sure we all prefer to see a lot of Tosh faces than some muscular guy or angry looking cat
@Darjeeling who are/were they?
2:21 AM
just a random thought
@ʇosɥıuonʞʎonʞo i was thinking along those lines
@Darjeeling ahh ok, for a moment when you said angry cat you might have been referring to @Taisho but i didn't remember anyone with an avatar of Armstrong
ah no, I wouldn't hate that cat, instead, I'm happy to see him, he's adorable, with all his picture, he's one of my most favorite cat-bot
@Darjeeling one of your favorite? you know others?
you know, the blue cat from future
he's my childhood friend
2:49 AM
@ToshinouKyouko Not gonna work, lol
3:24 AM
@ʇosɥıuonʞʎonʞo yes exactly
@Darjeeling he's mine, too!
@ʇosɥıuonʞʎonʞo nice. i really really like asano inio's work
3:40 AM
@ʇosɥıuonʞʎonʞo yay \o/
which mean we are childhood friend \o/
@Darjeeling \🍅/
Yuri for @Memor-X
what cat are you guys talking about @_@
that awesome blue cat xD
btw Osomatsu-san is wierdly awesome
new GITS movie trailer
Re-imagined for a New Generation: We added Dubstep
@ʇosɥıuonʞʎonʞo shit i dont remember watching this one?
3:51 AM
@TyhjashinouTyouko this is the Arise series
oh .. i think i just forgot then... hmm maybe its the dubbing... not sure
a nosebleed and a rum raisin mention in every episode of Yuru Yuri San☆Hai so far
4:09 AM
Q: Why does Black Jack charge exorbitant fees?

Michael McQuadeIs there a reason why Black Jack charges exorbitant fees for the surgeries and operations he performs? In the series I often find Black Jack to be inconsistent due to the amount of free surgeries he performs while maintaining a reputation of charging insane medical fees. Are his ridiculously pri...

Q: Can you please help me find this one shot manga about a girl and a boy connected by a hair tie?

xxgabaxxSo ive been looking for a certain one shot manga that is shoujo.It starts off by a girl in a model agency if im not mistaken and she bumps into one of the best models there. The guy that is a model has to do a photoshoot and chooses her as a partner. Sice the girl did other photoshoots with him b...

5:06 AM
@ʇosɥıuonʞʎonʞo I prefer stuffs at the level of Sakura Trick. That one is too physical for my taste
Or maybe it's because the girls are not cute enough
With the recent seasons, they burn through the list of light novels whose manga I follow
I kinda stopped reading manga for quite some time, only checking around 5 series from time to time
Why would not forgetting to eat hurt your head?
6:08 AM
Q: Does the Ethics Committee control all of Japan?

Memor-XAccording to This Answer it appears that each of the districts are in each of Japan's Regions Tomiko, who lives in Kamuni 66 is the head of the Ethics Committee and she wanted Saki, who also lived in Kamusi 66, to take her place one day. i am wondering if the Ethic's Committee Tomiko is the hea...

6:26 AM
@Mysticial I have that wall thing, but only with the gun, not the figure to sit on it, hehe
6:44 AM
Q: Question about the flasback of Eren in the first episode of attack on titan

GinSinFor the onces who finished Attack on Titan season one. If you take all that you know into account and watch back the first up to the the first 3 minutes of the first episode of the serie you will see that Eren was dreaming about the titans before he ever had met one. Do you think that Eren can li...

7:06 AM
That rare moment you see a madara on SO o-o
@ToshinoKyouko I used to be a lot more active on Stack Overflow
But the ever increasing waves of crap drove me (And lots of other contributors) away.
Nowdays I just answer what I happen to stumble upon and find particularly interesting or easy.
I'm a lot more active in chat.
I happened to stumble on a edit in the review queue ^^
I picked up doing reviews lately, but it seems all flagging etc. is all in vain
@ToshinoKyouko Then that's definitely not me :P
Question: With low quality answers like this one what do you guys usually do?
@MadaraUchiha tell me how that is not you :p
7:12 AM
@ToshinoKyouko Oh, you aren't reviewing my edit
You're reviewing something else and my edit just happened to be there.
@MichaelMcQuade This case I downvoted. I tend to leave a message regarding fact driven answers
Is Dajeerling Oshino Shinobu?
@MadaraUchiha yeah, first post review queue ^^
@ToshinouKyouko aye
7:14 AM
@MichaelMcQuade And if questions tend to get allot of zero rep opinion based answers I protect it as well. But this happens on very rare ocassions
@ToshinouKyouko @Darjeeling He couldn't stay out of the @toshi hype ;p
@ToshinoKyouko Thanks! ^^
It is funny how fast you can go through the daily triage in SO.
The amount of 1 line unclear questions is insane.
5 hours ago, by Darjeeling
I got tomatoed
@Darjeeling we all knew it were bound to happen.
It was just a matter of time.
Just like preparing good @Darjeeling thee
7:21 AM
Imagine tomatoed Madara....
@Darjeeling welcome brother
I think I have something that might interest you: Humble Bundle released a new mobile bundle (for android) for Kemco role-playing games a couple of hours ago.
since when are • allowed in code o-o
7:42 AM
Started watching k project yesterday, its pretty good
@Martin-マーチン I got it, I'm going to check them out on the way home from work :P
@AsadaShino Hahaha, I'll probably have a sleepless night ahead :D
Q: Tokyo Ghoul "Unravel" Translation

Sophie ProudThe quote 変わってしまった 変えられなかった The translation says "I've changed, I can no longer change back" But where does that "change back" come from? The verb is just "to change yourself". Also, what verbal form is this? Is it potential or passive?

7:59 AM
Hey guys Japan question
Does it make more sense to bring USD to Japan, and convert to JPY there?
Or should I convert my local currency to JPY before travelling?
8:15 AM
@MadaraUchiha Wouldn't it be the same?
@ToshinouKyouko not really
@ToshinouKyouko I heard claims the from local currency to JPY is expensive due to bank fees
And it's not that much of a problem to convert dollars to yen in Japan
So it might be more worthwhile to do that
Maybe you should check the exchange rate of the banks in your place and the exchange rate at the banks in Japan
Alright, can we stop with everyone calling themselves @ToshinoKyouko or @ToshinouKyouko? It's getting unbearable.
8:17 AM
@MadaraUchiha I tend to do it in the country I am going to itself, get some on the airport to get around. Then find a nice exchange office somewhere in a town, and get the rest there
@MadaraUchiha Ill be changing back once the 30 days expire
@MadaraUchiha Same here
@_@ but i'm hybrid
Changed back for both of you
(You may want to change the image back yourselves though)
8:20 AM
@MadaraUchiha What is your local currency?
@Martin-マーチン ILS (Israeli Shekel)
@MadaraUchiha I don't know how much money you are allowed to carry with you when travelling to another country
@MadaraUchiha Did I just get force name switched :p?
Okay, I guess dollars is your way to go
8:20 AM
But would it be possible otherwise to buy the currency in the country itself?
Or would that incur the same hassle/extra cost?
@AsadaShino That's exactly what I'm asking
Whether it's worthwhile to do it here, or just do it there?
I thought you meant buying currency before or after the flight
I am not sure if they changed that policy, but I remember 1.000.000 yen was allowed to bring in
Also, I'm not planning on bringing hundreds of thousands with me
@AsadaShino @MadaraUchiha Usually it is worth doing it over there.
8:21 AM
@Martin-マーチン Which is probably orders of magnitude more than I'd bring
Yeah, usual tourist amounts should be absolutely fine
@MadaraUchiha Aha, if you really only need so little (under 100 usd) then it should be fine
Or as my grandpa used to say: Avoid changing money at your neighborhood bank before departure. your bank branch in the United States can order the currency for you, it's not something they do very often, and it will take time. More important, the exchange rate they offer are ******* sh*t, so you will receive less dough for each dollar you exchange.
diffrent countries have varying amounts
If you can, get a couple of yen from your local bank to have immediate access once you arrive at the airport
8:22 AM
If your orders of magnitude are the same as mine, that is
for like drinks, taxi, bus or alike
@Martin-マーチン Yeah, that's a good idea.
@AsadaShino A million yen is $8.3k
you can exchange dollars pretty much everywhere and fees for that are quite low...
@Martin-マーチン Yeah, alright
@MadaraUchiha Yeah, and it's multiple orders of magnitude more than you want to bring, orders of magnitude are 10x each
8:24 AM
for other currencies, the fees are the same, but the buy back is crap
So seeing multiple orders of magnitude, that's at least divided by 100
@AsadaShino :P
Being a smartass, hehe
Sorry ;)
Yeah, that's closer probably
Either way, just messing. I get what you mean
8:26 AM
you should however check your local bank fees and about their buyback policy of left over curency
then it might be wiser to exchange directly to yen just before you leave
I've thought more about that JET programme thing, I think I'm going to start trying to apply this week or next week... I still have to convince myself a little, I mean it is still a big leap, just travelling to another country on a 'whim' for a year, to teach English as an assistant teacher, without experience outside of programming xD
@AsadaShino ahhh... if not now, when?
@MadaraUchiha When are you planning to go and where?
@Martin-マーチン Well, once I've completely convinced myself. I mean, I like the idea, but I am one to easily take rash decisions like this. Even though this does sound like one of those "don't think, just do", things
Do it! At least apply, you can still say no, if you are accepted...
don't think too much about it...
8:29 AM
Aha, good point...
Just imagine yourself, ten years from now... what if you had the opportunity, but you did not even try... It made all the difference for me. And I love it here.
The chances of being chosen are slim anyway, I may as well apply and see what happens
That's the spirit!
That is a good point... I already have enough regrets about things I didn't do when I had the chance
Heh, I need a bachelor's degree, which is something I don't have... So it's already out of the question...
8:35 AM
I've found the Dutch eligibility list
Both ALT and CIR applicants must hold at least a Bachelor's degree or obtain such
qualifications by the designated arrival date (ALT applicants may alternatively hold a certification
of completion of a three-year course to teach at primary/elementary or secondary schools or obtain
such qualification by the designated arrival date).
I have neither.
Hmmm.... there are diferent programmes, but i cannot pull them out of my hat by now
I see, I'll have to look into that then. Either that or complete my degree, which I sort of put to one side when I found out I still had to pay off my student debt (which is nulled if you finish your degree within a certain time, in Holland), because I'm studying part time because of some stupid temporary (less than half a year) long-term student penalty
I chose to study part-time to pay for the fine that I would incur because I had taken more than 5 years to finish my degree, which meant I had to redo most of the courses, I was busy with that, motivated by the fact I could still avoid paying back my student loan, when I got a message saying I would have to start paying back this debt, because I was no longer eligible, being a part-time student
That sort of shot down my last bit of motivation to finish my degree...
9:05 AM
yo o/
@ToshinouKyouko yo
did we just lost one Tosh?
@Darjeeling 2 I believe
Madara Uchiha
Changed back for both of you
Tyhjashinou Tyouko

Madara Uchiha
(You may want to change the image back yourselves though)
< still does not know how to quote q.q
9:15 AM
> lol
we need moar Tomato xD
oh, you quote with >
like this > lol
RIP Toshinou Kyouko and Toshino Kyouko.
Today Uchiha Madara's meteor has killed two of our beloved comrades. Are we tomatoes just going to stay silent about his? Are we gonna let Uchiha Madara away after killing our brother-in-tomato-pajamas?
9:30 AM
@Darjeeling just like regular quotes o-o\
@SakuraiTomoko Toshino Kyouko's spirit will always life on. In the form of disliking tomato juice!
@Dimitrimx Well, that's cannibalism
@SeptianPrimadewa Several minutes ago it was 5 in a row
@ToshinouKyouko anime.stackexchange.com/a/26700/1458 has been updated. Notice no longer nececary
Q: Can yo help me remember the title of manga?

Rizky PradanaI don't remember the title of manga, but i do recall some of its story. a girl who can talk to spirits who can't go to heaven as they became ghosts. There are to many spirits that attach to the girls. Suddenly she meets a boy who want to get some jobs but unfortunately the girl is being crashed b...

9:39 AM
what is that anime again... with creepy doll face dr nagata..
well i didnt change my avatar...
thats the blue one
and now is 6 in a row
Q: Can yo help me remember the title of manga?

Rizky PradanaI don't remember the title of manga, but i do recall some of its story. a girl who can talk to spirits who can't go to heaven as they became ghosts. There are to many spirits that attach to the girls. Suddenly she meets a boy who want to get some jobs but unfortunately the girl is being crashed b...

9:45 AM
hmmm my pic is not updating
@TyhjashinouTyouko it takes some time...
some long time....
well the name change was pretty fast i assumed the pic would too
@TyhjashinouTyouko well, that is due to madara
He just just bends time and space to make it happen
no my name change was instant
9:48 AM
yep so i thought the pic would be fast too
My name changes only are instant when a mod does it ;p. In the other scenarios I tend to have to wait about a hour or so ;s
@SeptianPrimadewa it should be something like this..
cos i was changing between the parent users like hakase was telling me to
so it was instant
9:52 AM
@TyhjashinouTyouko yeah, thats a way to go.
Wish I had taught of that earlier :p but oh well. All mighty Madara is a helping hand
but the pic is not updating
i just had to change back and forth
moar tomato \o/
@Darjeeling ahaha
@ʇosɥıuonʞʎonʞo yay. now I just need to wait for localization
10:01 AM
so, October from now on is known as Toshtober?
@Dimitrimx or the Toshining.
@Martin-マーチン Nov 1st, and to Tokyo
At least at the beginning to Tokyo, we'll see where we go from there
10:19 AM
uhh... what's going on here? :P
10:33 AM
@JNat No time to explain, take a toshinou and run!
an uprising of tomatoes?
@ToshinouKyouko stomp
10:44 AM
anime.stackexchange.com/questions/26721/… even the answer is disapointing me ._.
Q: Do mangaka profit from anime or merchandise sales?

Peter RaevesPeople always say they buy stuff of a certain series to support a certain mangaka. Now it made me wonder how much actually goes to the mangaka himself. Do mangaka usually work for a publishing company like jump for example or do they work independent selling their copies to the company? I assume...

Q: Was the "Giant Mecha" genre driven by its affordability?

kviiriIn their article about Limited Animation, TVtropes makes a bold claim: This was also put forward as one of the driving reasons behind early Humongous Mecha genre and spaceship shows such as Mobile Suit Gundam and Uchuu Senkan Yamato. Big robots and spaceships are a lot easier to animate with ...

2 hours later…
1:52 PM
2:34 PM
Finally started Toaru Majutsu no Index
Weee 🙌
3:24 PM
A: What race is Hermione Granger?

Pepijn SchmitzShe is a member of the human race.

can't argue with that
@HakashinouShinonouko accuracy at its finest
> If races aren't real, then I guess that racism isn't real either? – Dr R Dizzle 14 mins ago
3:39 PM
races are real tho
idk who says they're not
I like watching cars go fast in the races
horses too
If anime isn't real, Am I even real?
tomatoes are real
Is the chat room real?
don't let anyone else make you think different
this chat room is the realest thing ever
all other chatrooms are fake poser lies
this one's where it's at
@StackExchange - please employ me as a full time maid
it's a hidden position
4:14 PM
Haha! I finally got a tumbleweed badge! — senshin 2 days ago
4:25 PM
Congrats @senshin!
1 hour later…
6:27 PM
ghost tomatoes?
sounds like potatoes
Q: Is it possible to wield a weapon similar to Lubbock's?

VIPaulIn "Akame Ga Kill!",Lubbock is wielding a very complex weapon (a Teigu actually) named Cross Tail,Infinite Possibilities I think...He used it in countless ways,as the name implies,so I was wondering if it would pe at least theoretically possible to use such a weapon in an actual fight,with the en...

2 hours later…
8:44 PM
We're making some adjustments to tag length on certain sites and will be causing a few database locks. We'll try to keep impact minimal.
@ʇosɥıuonʞʎonʞo So good :3
9:24 PM
oh hell
so much tomatos in this room I cant even count
wow @Morwenn I wouldn't even expect someone on C++ here :o
@LucasHenrique Why wouldn't you?
@Mysticial is often near here too.
most people here are programmers one way or another
those guys are always blabbering about c#
well, @Mysticial passes by
9:30 PM
@LucasHenrique i know my fair share of C++ but there's just not alot of places i am ware of that use it
absolutely nothing this time
I don't ever see you talking
/me blushes and flies away
@Memor-X do you program?
valve uses c++
I didn't know
@LucasHenrique on my own stuff yes
9:32 PM
oh hell ²I just noticed @HakashinouShinonouko is @Hakase, I'm so dumb
@HakashinouShinonouko Valve isn't in Australia so there's not a lot of hope of me getting a c++ job with them
basically any performance intensive tasks are done in c++ most of the time
@Memor-X you can always work remotely if you're worth it
@LucasHenrique i'm still having problems remembering who's who during the Toshining
and I mean really worth it
if you're just worth it, companies usually offer relocation
but if you can't for some (family? health?) reasons and you're really cool, you may be considered for remote work
@HakashinouShinonouko but then i am at home all time time....dealing with crap it support and no one understanding that i can't just drop everything i am doing at that exact moment just to do an ebay search
9:34 PM
work is work, sometimes that's what it takes
yesterday my mum called me up, while i was at work, to help her remember her ebay password
other times it's not that bad
tell her to write it down in multiple places she could not forget and check that she's done it and ask her occasionally to go see if all the notes are still there
she will soon stop bothering you with that
be persistent and annoying
@HakashinouShinonouko that's just solves the password problem. nothing will solve her inability to her own searches when i am around
counter-ask her to search something you could easily search yourself
@HakashinouShinonouko i don't see how that solves anything. she knows how to search as she does it when i am at work but when i am home she never does it herself
9:39 PM
ok maybe you do it better
maybe teach her how to do it like you do
ask why she wants you to do it and not do it herself
maybe it's okay to do something nice for another person, maybe it's not okay to bother others with trivial requests too often, talk about that
just try to initiate a discussion
you might solve some problems one way or another if you talk
@HakashinouShinonouko her reason is that she can't see everything on the screen....contradicted by the fact she reads every bit of text in an item description
most people are annoyed at the thought of such a discussion and will go away, and less often it resolves issues peacefully
you gotta know by now that when people say something they don't always mean exactly what they're saying
maybe she wants you to do her a favor and find something quicker/better than she can
or just do it out of niceness
it's okay to say you're annoyed by these requests coming too often
hardware drivers are often written in c++
Q: Any manga on this theme?

Jeremy CalAnyone know a anime / manga with the theme of an underdog who wants to become big/solve problems / help people? It could be some ordinary guy who wants to change the world , quite morally (nothing like Death Note when Light becomes Kira!) uses his talents(tech/academic preferably) to help people...

I'd like some fried potatoes now >.>
@HakashinouShinonouko i get annoyed because she just doesn't listen to me. i've taught her how to use her phone or use ebay god knows how many times but still she gets me to do everything because i am there. i tried telling her what car park spots are free-all day yet she keeps saying i am wrong until she sees it herself and even then doesn't admit that i said it.
she keeps complaining how i have huge boxes filled of clothes because "i have no room for them" yet i have told her countless times i have an entire set of empty draws for them but she still hordes them as if i never said anything and now my Vert Shirt is missing so i have to spend more money to use a forwarding company to re-buy one from NISA
@HakashinouShinonouko yeh i don't know of any hardware manufacture in australia, we tend to import all the stuff from the states
9:54 PM
put locks on your room to keep your stuff safe, it's the only way
and then maybe locks on your storage spaces if that doesn't help (easy access from the roof/balcony)
it's okay not to trust your relatives with valued possessions even though it seems harsh
you could just stop helping with those frequent requests if you're that annoyed, but see if you don't get even more annoyed with the consequences of this action
@HakashinouShinonouko my clothes have to get washed and for the life of my i do not understand why she wont let me use the washing machine
life is basically balancing the level of annoyances :p
afraid you'll break it coz "boys don't know how to work these things"
or maybe it's a fake washing machine and actually hides an entrance to heisenberg's underground meth factory
only one way to find out − try to use it at your convenience
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