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1:00 PM
@nhahtdh sounds like a music term, maybe it's latin
1:42 PM
@ton.yeung Have you ever been to Izakaya Wa?
Nah, my family went last night.
The funny part is that no one ordered sushi.
Well, my mom ordered chiraishi, so I guess that's kinda sushi.
I had some of the meat skewers and mushroom skewers.
Sister ordered kitsune udon and takoyaki.
My dad got some kind of sea snail skewers and some other skewers and then ordered a beef udon when he realized that four skewers does not a full stomach make.
How 'bout watching anime while watching anime?
Left half for an anime. Right half for another anime.
1 hour later…
3:06 PM
@ton.yeung The skin is still a bit too mono-shaded, although that's harder to discern with Asians.
And there's something about the eyes.
@ton.yeung 3MJ is fairly impressive
And ears. It does look really good though.
i couldn't differenciate the hair
the skin is too smooth in tone yeah
@ToshinouKyouko Yeah, the hair is really good.
Hair physics has been one of those things that CGI people have been working really hard on.
English is hard in the morning.
eyes also
3:10 PM
3:35 PM
4:11 PM
probably didnt even know what hit him.....
4:50 PM
has it gone too far indeed
5:02 PM
BBC interview your favorite Titan author bbc.com/news/world-asia-34483459
winter is slow
5:21 PM
@ToshinoKyouko all my troubles seemed so far away?
5:47 PM
Why are all Halloween stores' costumes really bad quality
@ToshinouKyouko make one yourself ;o
went back to the store to change ram from 1600mhz to 1333mhz and it still doesn't work
ffs nettops why
even updated bios, didn't help
the pc is okay it's just slow and 1gb ram is not ok for win7 and more than calculator and notepad together
@Frosteeze I am bad at it
oh well they're just gonna have to slug through it then
@ToshinouKyouko just bathe in tomatoes and put some leaves on your head
That sounds relaxing, but smelly
5:57 PM
the smelly aspect is a plus on halloween
Q: Are the rooftops of schools common thing or just cliché?

AdowrathIn many, many Manga and Anime involving modern schools, there is a scene on or at least showing the rooftop of the building. It is a free-to-come-to place, often depicted with having a bust-height railing along the edge and the typical 'small building' from which you leave the school building, of...

6:14 PM
@ToshinouKyouko to capitalize on profitability
They are not designed to be used more than once
Q: Did the Nazis kill Jews with gas chambers?

Spoutnik16I just heard Holocaust denier and former academic, Robert Faurisson, explaining a few things about gas chambers. What he claims : The dilapidated chambers, thought to be gas chambers in the Nazi death camps are not secure enough to send Zyklon B in them. In the US jails, when a guy is sentence...

Cheap, flimsy material can be mass produced more cheaply in larger quantities to capitalize on consumer demands for marketed holidays
It's always about money
6:33 PM
6:44 PM
6:56 PM
imgur.com/gallery/dvteL this is trending on multiple news sites
7:44 PM
i.imgur.com/V0KwqGb.jpg I kinda wanna ask about it on skeptics
7:56 PM
An Asano Inio episode of Urasawa Naoki no Manben: a tv series about the lives of mangaka (it's subbed)
8:20 PM
In Anglo-Saxon law, corsned (OE cor, "trial, investigation", + snǽd, "bit, piece"; Latin panis conjuratus), also known as the accursed or sacred morsel, or the morsel of execration, was a type of trial by ordeal that consisted of a suspected person eating a piece of barley bread and cheese totalling about an ounce in weight and consecrated with a form of exorcism as a trial of his innocence. If guilty, it was supposed the bread would produce convulsions and paleness and cause choking. If innocent, it was believed the person could swallow it freely, and the bread would turn to nourishment. The term...
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10:34 PM
Q: How many characters in One Piece know what happened in the Void Century?

Ashish GuptaWhat I found directly on One Piece wiki is the following: Gol D. Roger's crew appears to have followed the poneglyphs all the way and figured out exactly what the missing history is. When queried by Nico Robin on the Void Century and the Will of the D., Silvers Rayleigh replied to her that he...

Q: Do you know the name of this anime?

AdamHey all I've been wanting to know the name of this anime for a long time as I had watched it when I watched it like 10 years ago. The story starts off with i think some people going to this train station and then they go to this unique spot I think which they can travel to this new world and thes...

Q: Hey do you know the name of this anime?

AdamI watched this anime a few years ago there was like this student which was rushing to school and there were 2 school I think which were next to each other which had this door at the front which closed by moving up so it got taller ._.? well the one that shut was the students school and then someo...

11:20 PM
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