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@ToshinoKyouko it's toshpandemic
12:20 AM
Q: What is this picture from?

KyleI was reading "All you need is kill", and at chapter 14 page 21, I saw a picture at the recruitment page of a guy in black writing a note and a girl in ormage holding a note. It looks interesting and I would like to know. I dont know how to post pictures, so i apologise for the bit of work. Thank...

Q: What is the "land of the West" that Hitotsuki refers to in episode 15?

senshinIn episode 15 of Ushio to Tora, Hitotsuki mentions to Tora that Tora had made quite a name for himself in "the land of the West" (西の国). There are many things that he might call "the land of the West", given that Hokkaido is pretty much the easternmost thing before you hit the Pacific Ocean - we...

12:43 AM
@ton.yeung wut
1:19 AM
@ton.yeung but at least i don't ask questions like that. i accept i can't have things my way.
if i did i would have asked "Why is Shun such as ass wanting Maria and Saki to never be together just so that Satoru can hook up with her"
@ton.yeung you welcome
@tosh (minus the original ToshinouKyouko) @mirrorofToshinouKyouko @MattshinouMyouko @HakashinouShinonouko and maybe @HamtaroWarrior if your counted in the mix. when you decide to chnage your names and avatars back can you ping me when you do it. when this is over i'll use the info to post on the Meme Meta
probably in a month or when our mods decide the jig is up
there's also @SeptianPrimadewa
@HakashinouShinonouko yeh and that's the problem, if i just wait a month the problem is i don't know who was the last to change their name and as @Darjeeling as pointed out i don't know everyone who is participating. it's just easier if you's just ping me when you chnage that way i can get a list of participants and when they quit
1:51 AM
Q: Why are lawyers typically excluded from juries?

feetwetAt least in the United States practicing lawyers are called to serve on juries. But my understanding is at least one side will always remove them before trial. Why would it always be the case that at least one side would not want someone with legal training on a jury?

almost like most jury trials are specifically crafted to go against the original intent of the law
It isn't just lawyers. Most people with advanced degrees or technical specializations will get out of most jury trials, because at least one (often both) of the sides intends to attempt to mislead the jurors, and having people who know what they're doing makes that harder.
so if you've got a technical degree you might never get called in?
2:08 AM
@LoganM well my Bachelor of IT doesn't count because i was called in once
Bachelor's degree doesn't really count for anything tbh
Anyway, they still call you in, but they won't actually put you on the jury. That's what happens to me.
@LoganM Bachelor is the 4th highest degree and the Master's students (3rd Highest) were doing the exact same classes as we were, just had more requirements in their assignments. Doctorates and PhD i assume are the kind your talking about
@LoganM well i was called in but wasn't placed. and i got my 3 year immunity
I just mean that anyone can get a bachelor's degree pretty easily. It's just a matter of paying whatever the tuition is and not failing your courses.
@LoganM ok so i would assume a degree where you have to write a thesis is an advanced degree then (Doctorate and PhD)
Q: What are the real world locations for the Districts mentioned in From the New World

Memor-XGiven that in the series Tokyo is visited i assumed that the districts mentioned have real world locations. according to the Wikia Page Although Kamisu 66 is the only district that appears in the actual story, there are other district names known, such as Shiroishi 71 in a location called To...

2:15 AM
Basically, the point is that they don't want someone who knows how to think.
A Bachelor's degree doesn't really require you to know how to think.
2:27 AM
@HakashinouShinonouko jig's up! I'm changing everyone's name back! j/k it's not
2:37 AM
@ʇosɥıuonʞʎonʞo can the map be accessed now?
@Memor-X Aye, I'll give you a shout. I'll even throw in the avatar I whipped up, free of charge
@Memor-X yes
@Memor-X change back? nevar!
@Tosh 4 Lyfe
2:57 AM
Q: How many total BDs and DVDs did The Virgin Witch Maria (Junketsu no Maria) sell?

Brad WhovillePretty simple question. How many total BDs and DVDs did The Virgin Witch Maria (Junketsu no Maria) sell? I wanted to know how well it sold and I don't really know where to find that kind of information, so I decided to ask it here :D

@Memor-X Call it... "the Toshining"
I was on a watching spree this weekend. Cleared some backlog and get started on some new series...
@nhahtdh do share
3:15 AM
Watching: Gakusen Toshi, Hidan AA, Shomin Sample, 1PM, Heavy Object, Rakudai Kishi, Shinmai Maou, Owari no Seraph, Order Rabbit, Owarimonogatari, Komori-san, Sakurako-san, TaiMadou Gakuen 35, Comet Lucifer, Onsen Youkai, Subeta ga F
To drop (?): Shingeki Chuu, Lance N' Masques, Hacka Doll, Valkyrie Drive, JK Meshi
To pick: Teekyuu, Yuruyuri, Choujin Gensou, Kagewani, Kowabon, Diabolik
Not sure: Anitore, Dance with Devils, Blackjack, Tantei Team, Somera-chan, Utawarerumono
I still have quite a number of series on backlog
On a related note, Shomin Sample manga is getting to an interesting point.
@ton.yeung there's an acoustic ver on the single sonymusic.co.jp/artist/amazarashi/info/449190
The Terminator arrived at Seikain
@ton.yeung y not both?
one of the wonders of makeup and casting working together
@nhahtdh oh my
3:31 AM
@ton.yeung Do I need to know anything from previous season?
@ton.yeung One Punch Man
@ton.yeung OK, I'll pick it up
3:51 AM
@ton.yeung @Eric has 2 scottish folds
4:08 AM
@ton.yeung I don't follow Gundam, so I don't pick it up
The thing is, I avoid picking up sequels, since it's likely that I don't understand what the heck it's about anyway
@ton.yeung No.
4:24 AM
@ton.yeung why a mouse?
@ton.yeung but they're nocturnal
4:48 AM
A: Why couldn't Kousei hear himself play?

Toshinou KyoukoThe reason is because of the psychological trauma he suffered from being forced by his mother to play exactly as the notes book dictates and punish him for every wrong notes. He felt frustated as even when he did his best and won competition by competition, her mother still wasn't satisfied as he...

Lol. Toshinou Kyouko's answer edited by Toshinou Kyouko
Hmmm...I'll change my name. Seems like using the same name cause SE to mis-ping me instead of the Toshinou Kyouko.
@ToshinouKyouko they pinged you for edit?
@Darjeeling No. The chat.
Like when Memor-x said @tosh (minus the original ToshinouKyouko) @mirrorofToshinouKyouko @MattshinouMyouko @HakashinouShinonouko and maybe @HamtaroWarrior if your counted in the mix. when you decide to chnage your names and avatars back can you ping me when you do it. when this is over i'll use the info to post on the Meme Meta
@ToshinouKyouko so @tosh is becoming a meme ;o
well if you change your name like that it should be expected
every @tosh will agree, and pinged
5:03 AM
@Darjeeling indeed q.q
Gah. Can't be changed for 30 days
So I'll simply end my sentences with kyaruru
user image
@Taisho Nosebleed...
5:29 AM
@ToshinouKyouko I can change it if you make an offering to ura-tomato
@ʇosɥıuonʞʎonʞo ura-tomato?
@ToshinouKyouko "reverse-tomato"
@ʇosɥıuonʞʎonʞo What offering?
Fresh worn panties?
War torn panties?
Flying panties?
5:43 AM
I get so many pings now u have no idea
@ToshinouKyouko now you know how @Mysticial felt on @Mysticial day
6:01 AM
Yo o/
@to would make for a good question
@ToshinouKyouko anything to honor the ura-tomato
@ton.yeung aye, every
6:36 AM
@ton.yeung In desert, it's normal to see people covering themselves up with many layer of clothing - it's good against heat and cold
I'm more curious if there are people dressing up lightly - they are not going to deal with the heat (or the cold) well
6:59 AM
the office is making weird noises
must be ghosts
my office always makes weird noises
7:19 AM
get an exorcist
Call Ghost Busters
Call Sayoko-san
Call Madoka
I'll call them all
7:34 AM
Call Warrens
Call Krillin. This way you are sure you will not be the first one to die.
Or scooby gang but you need to run faster then scooby to survive
scooby rooby roo
call hououin kyouma, we need a mad scientist, sonnovabitch
@ʇosɥıuonʞʎonʞo El. Psy. Congroo.
Q: What shojo manga is this? Serialized in Margaret Comics

MgtmaI really liked the advertisement for this manga and the only information I have on it is that is was serialized by shojo publisher Margaret Comics. I found this image while scrolling through the credits in Stepping on Roses/Hadashi de Bara wo Fume. I've tried using the reverse image feature on go...

Splash Splash ~
8:03 AM
It's super effective!
Why are there so many Toshinou Kyouko?
@ʇosɥıuonʞʎonʞo @mirrorofToshinouKyouko @ToshinouKyouko @ToshinoKyouko What is this madness?
@MichaelMcQuade I had nothing to do with this
@ToshinouKyouko lies
@MichaelMcQuade actually they are self aware clones that multiply
8:07 AM
@ToshinouKyouko Couldn't find tomato.stackexchange.com
I felt cheated.
All I got was this picture of a panda.
(sweet ride tho)
8:09 AM
@Tyhja Soon.
the number of favourites of that comment just keeps going up
The tomato juice one?
I favourited it when I joined chat, too. :P
@MichaelMcQuade it is 🍅
that's high
8:10 AM
Couldn't find xn--fi8h.stackexchange.com
I'm not cool enough for the tomato club...
Stack Exchange hates unicode.
@MichaelMcQuade u can be accepted into the cult of tomato
i mean club
@ToshinouKyouko cabal
8:12 AM
You mean cult
You mean Cannibal
@HamtaroWarrior Robot Carnival
(ര̀⍨ര́)و ̑🍅
Robot Tomato
8:18 AM
needs moar tomatoes
That exaggeration though...
Last time I ordered a random box of anime from Crunchyroll I got 3 copies of Doggy Poo.
@MichaelMcQuade What are you buying, a piano?
@HamtaroWarrior That's the price on a mystery box of anime on Crunchyroll for their Halloween special.
@MichaelMcQuade lol
it's like 26 dvds/books
it's full price here
Welp, $900 for an anime box, I hope they give you the human sized loli with it..
8:23 AM
@MichaelMcQuade that discount though
Human sized loli
>fits in box anyways
@MichaelMcQuade inflatable
@MichaelMcQuade "This does not looks like the oranges I've ordered."
Should have been a tomato box.
8:27 AM
user image
let us pray
user image
to the tomato fairy
box of loli tomatoes :0
tomato is the current situation
Oct 12 '14 at 9:40, by mirroroftruth
Oct 3 at 9:07, by mirroroftruth
user image
8:44 AM
Tomato is the trend
Tomatoes are always the situation. Why are you angry? Tomatoes. Why are you sad? Tomatoes
Why are you so happy?
user image
The only thing better than a tomato is a loli tomato
amirite xD
so many tomato stars now lol
we're almost spain
Someone has to ToshinouTomato this :
I fixed the box...
It's funny how the tomato is even kawaiier than the girl hahaha
8:53 AM
new vocab for me "kawaii-er"
moar tomato
except that it says mikan
i can fix
@MichaelMcQuade No problem mate. No need to thank me
Gotta go, see you later!
8:55 AM
May the Tomato be with you!
bye @HamtaroWarrior
i found this :
Q: What is the name of the song at the start of K: Return of Kings?

user18487Does anyone know the song title in K: Return of Kings eposide 1, at the first scene where Scepter 4 and HOMRA meet on the rooftop of a building, from 00:06 to 03:20? I tried to google it but the result was only the opening and the ending of K.

user image
Final rendition
9:39 AM
@JNat Mornin
@Tyhja hiya
@ToshinouKyouko Hi... which tomato are you again @_@
9:44 AM
the original tomato
@ToshinouKyouko Oh. Hi patient 0
We should make this a theme
9:48 AM
Every so often we can all make one user our role model
Like next month we can all flip our U/N text and be krazy
how does one change thier chat name
change your name on parent site
9:52 AM
I can't just change my chat room name?
you can't, afaik
10:44 AM
you can change your name on some random SE site you don't use and set your parent site in chat to that if you want to avoid the 30 day restriction on changing days on a single site
10:57 AM
@HakashinouShinonouko Thanks professor _
11:15 AM
@HakashinouShinonouko I... Should have know this...
@ToshinoKyouko Now you do
I just thought of it half an hour ago :p
go forth and perpetuate that red goodness
hehe, well, for now Ill be a @tosh for a while longer :p
you can still change your parent site to any other with your proper name
11:17 AM
yeah, might do so
But for now ill let the @tos chaos continue ;P
i saw the option but i didnt know what it does @_@
gonna leave
may you be blessed with many loli tomatoes
@TyhjashinouTyouko bye bye
11:21 AM
I can't believe I reviewed more then 400 first posts on this site ._.
Who summoned me, kyaruu~~
Btw, what's for Haloween?
11:39 AM
@ToshinouKyouko @tosh did.
12:07 PM
did not
it was @tosh
12:23 PM
who is @tosh
where do we find this tomato o-o
I am @tosh
Legion of Toshinou Kyouko is currently taking over the Maid Cafe
so is @ToshinouKyouko and @ʇosɥıuonʞʎonʞo
dont forget @mirrorofToshinou
Sadly, I haven't started on the new season of Yuru Yuri
12:30 PM
I have watched episode 1
I will watch more tonight
What I watched yesterday: myanimelist.net/history/nhahtdh/anime
16 episodes a day, about 5 hours?
oh right, it was Sunday yesterday
^ wouldnt that be around 6.5 hours
About 20 if you skip the op and ed, and some are picture drama, which are normally shorter
I watch 7 full length episodes, plus a bunch of shorts. I watched Danchigai a few weeks ago, just update it in the list yesterday
I also watch around 9 shorts - which are around 10 minutes each
12:41 PM
man, i normally watch at the rate of at most 3 full-lengthed episodes/day.
I actually watched episode 3 to 6 of Shingeki no Kyojin Picture Drama. I updated the wrong number in the past
@Gao I watch anime and play some casual game in the middle
@nhahtdh Do you play at > 1x speed or skip segments?
@Gao I always play at 1x speed, and sometimes skip boring OP/ED
But for new series, I always listen/watch the OP/ED
How do you multitask like that, dang
No, I don't
12:44 PM
I usually play after I finish an episode
Oh nvm, i thought you said you watch anime while playing some casual game.
It's hard to enjoy an anime when doing something else
I'm not sure if anyone can do so
I watch anime while eating dinner.
It's about the only thing I could do simultaneously
Well, I watch anime on my computer, and I don't want to bring any food near it
12:48 PM
You could put them on a separate table.
Currently watching Red Garden
animenewsnetwork says Red Garden is the first anime where the animation is matched up with the voices, rather than vice versa, but I doubt it's the first anime to do that.
For one, I know Only Yesterday also did the voices acting first, then drew the animation to match the lips (except in the childhood memories scenes).
But that one came out in 1991, while Red Garden came out in 2006
In Japanese, when the animation is drawn after it is voiced, it's called プレスコ
AKIRA used Buresuko?
Dunno, there is no citation
And it's puresuco (prescoring) (not sure if this is English or Engrish...)
My bad, can't really see with the tiny font
Wasn't paying much attention.
Oh, Sidonia Season 2 is done in this method
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