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12:00 AM
@ton.yeung So this costs $700 but has low-mid end specs?
at least it runs Marshmallow ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
that ui and color scheme is utterly unuseable
like the virtual boy
12:50 AM
Q: Does the "Soul Eater NOT" anime or manga have any original character appearances?

The FireDoes "Soul Eater NOT" have any "Soul Eater" character appearances like Kidd, Maka or Soul?

delete that :/
hmm I wonder if stars remain on deleted posts and if they're visible to people who have enough rep in their starred questions list
1:44 AM
@HakashinouShinonouko in the chat or the main site?
@Taisho what
@Memor-X Kancolle, the one on the right is Zuiho
Not sure about the left
@Darjeeling @MattshinouMyouko yeh it's Kantai Collection, just confirming as i didn't easily recognize the unifroms
@MattshinouMyouko left one is Kiso
it's surprising you can't recognize the uniforms since there are lot yuri in kancolle
1:57 AM
@Darjeeling i havn't seen the anime but i've played the game and alot of the doujin my friend's rss feeds pick are are mainly male admirals (no females ones?). anyway it was mainly Zuihou i didn't pick out right away because that's her Kai form. Kiso's Kai form is more or less the same until she hits Kai Ni
also i havn't read a lot of the doujin yet. going to wait on the anime first
both Zuiho and Kiso never appear in anime, I don't know them but it's easy to tell that they're from kancolle
@Darjeeling Kiso maybe because of her equipment but Zuiho all i see is a bow and for a moment i thought my guess of Kantai was incorrect so i check it just to be sure
it's like sometimes when a Pre Cure image pops up i'll double check that i am right in thinking it's Pre Cure or even what sub series it is
2:39 AM
Q: What manga is this?

Kawaii-chan Hello, I would like to know what manga is this? Or is this only a fanart? Thanks in advance to those who will answer. ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

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3:43 AM
Q: How much time have the Straw Hats spent with each other?

Ashish GuptaRewatching a few episodes of One Piece made me wonder: How much time did the Straw Hats spend with each other before the timeskip? [It's not necessary for all of them to be present. I'm looking for the time span between the Episode 3 (when Zoro joins the crew) and Episode 405 (when the Straw Ha...

@ton.yeung they just changed a bunch of stuff, the welcome ball was a tea party
4:00 AM
@ton.yeung they are condensing a lot
Q: Did Whitebeard know where One Piece?

JTRWhitebeard and Gol D. Roger are friend, they are seen to chat each other even Roger told Whitebeard his really name is Gol D. Roger, not Gold Roger. Whitebeard said before his death that the One Piece is real, did he know that from Roger? and did he know where the One Piece is?

4:13 AM
xD why am i not surprised theres such a thing
4:52 AM
ever order something from china?
2 months no update on shipping lol
wow.. what was it
omg .-. was that recently LOL
it holds true ;)
They must ship it by boat.
Sailboat, I mean.
I wonder why they stopped a doghouse .-.
lol at this question:
A: How much more resources does SQL Server Data Centre Edition use than SQL Server Standard Edition?

Dave BeckerHere's an answer. Don't steal software and don't come to Superuser to ask how to make it work and how to conceal it from your employer.

That must be troll.
>we do not want to pay for the software in any way as we have already spent the company budget for database software on pizza and beer.
MAL Score Progressions for Summer 2015: imgur.com/a/58FND
@ton.yeung wut
@MichaelMcQuade try junkboat
5:07 AM
@ton.yeung wut series
@ton.yeung hostile enviroment imo
37 secs ago, by ʇosɥıuon ʞʎonʞo
@ton.yeung hostile enviroment imo
too many bullies
poor crawfish
@ton.yeung no
good 4 them
@ton.yeung explain
@ton.yeung pls
@ton.yeung (V)oo(V)
that makes me so
/me noms a tomato
(º﹃º )
user image
5:42 AM
@ʇosɥıuonʞʎonʞo Let's see... I'm not surprised about Aquarion Logos with its silly integration of kanji and mecha, and that's from the viewpoint of one who knows a bit of kanji. I guess general anime watcher would find it even less interesting.
Nice to see Akagami no Shirayuki-hime staying at around 8 consistently
staying around 8?
Charlotte is rather good, but the last episode is rushed
@TyhjashinouTyouko Follow the reply link
oh i somehow assumed the 2 replies were unrelated
I really need to watch Classroom Crisis to the end to see why the score jumps up after the last episode...
Yeah, gotta clear my backlog
The previous episodes deserve the lower rating, since they reek of politics
Dragon Ball Super plummets quite a lot - people get hyped but the animation quality is terrible, as reported on sankaku
I'm surprised to see Gate's score steadily increase - I expect it to be a flat graph at high score
6:21 AM
6:31 AM
@AsadaShino o/ Nyan~
@Darjeeling Tea, Darjeeling
@ʇosɥıuonʞʎonʞo wut
6:56 AM
@ʇosɥıuonʞʎonʞo pretty sure it won't taste like Darjeeling
even though I never drink one before
Q: What's this manga called?

JackieI read this manga online a couple of years ago, where the main character was a girl with black hair. She was kind of like the latest in a line of priestesses who all looked the same, and her bodyguard was a guy with wolf ears. She met a prince and they became friends/love interests...also she mig...

@Sakamoto ._.
7:57 AM
@Darjeeling xD
8:37 AM
what happen to TLR-darkness
8:57 AM
Yo all \o/
9:47 AM
Q: Is Lucy still can call the Celestial Spirits?

JTRAfter the timeskip, Lucy gained the new magic the Star Dress that make Lucy have the power of Celestial Spirits. But is she still can call the Celestial Spirits like Capricorn or Cancer? I'm not watch full the anime series I'm just read the manga, did I forgot or missed something about Lucy's Cel...

10:40 AM
11:39 AM
12:26 PM
I only have a very faint idea of what both are but it sounds interesting
@ton.yeung plain awesome.
wise men are often old and slow
and squishy
12:40 PM
@ton.yeung that sounds cool
I have good feelings about it too
@ton.yeung Things with tentacles don't count
I'm more interested in AR than VR tbh
i think VR will still be too primitive
If AR can be made to look even close to as good as VR, I'd be up for that more than VR as well :P
VR just seems like such a hassle, with those big goggles on, even if they streamline them, you still can't properly look around, whereas AR (ex: google Glass) allows you to still look at your surroundings, they are just... augmented :P
12:56 PM
@ton.yeung it might be mediocre or sucky so don't even worry
Q: Last : Naruto the movie, what language is it dubbed in?

That-Kickass-GirLI saw "Last: Naruto the movie". Apart from the fact that I did not like the voices given to the characters, well except that given to Hinata, I am confused about the language its dubbed in ? It doesn't seem Japanese like in the series.

1:35 PM
I wonder what they're gonna do with it aside from simple games where you flip pages and cubes n stuff
hmm… additional space for app controls?
main app action on-screen, extra buttons off-screen?
could be handy in games and photoshop
Making a holographic buttler ;o
1 hour later…
3:00 PM
@ton.yeung that's a pretty common practice but usually tracking shows that information
@ton.yeung or Memphis :P
@ton.yeung Machine learning focused. The linear algebra part I never brushed up on. I'd expect at least multivariate linear regression to at least crop up
@ton.yeung yeah then that's pretty shitty
> to build based tools to support machine-learning tasks
@ton.yeung thanks for the eye-opening revelation :P
3:15 PM
I know little aside from data visualization and standardizing text parsing
3:28 PM
@ton.yeung as you wish
user image
@ton.yeung some like it overcooked
3:47 PM
but but.... tomatoes are forever D:
we should greet fellow resistance members with viva la tomato
Q: Manga or Anime with sniper girl character contained in the attached image

ZoticusI am trying to find the source anime/manga of the following image. I have tried searching for the image using various search engines, but nearly all results are from wallpaper hosting sites with unhelpful tags like "anime sniper". I found one post on deviant art which suggested that this is the o...

seriously is it so hard to google
Whatever happened to @TomatoshinouKyouko?
4:01 PM
which one is that
@HakashinouShinonouko I know these, but how can I quote on chat? (example, the good looking formatting with the user profile link, all the easy way)
1 min ago, by Toshinou Kyouko
which one is that
so dumb
i'm not dumb :'(
I'm just confused
dont cry tomato-san
I was talking about me
4:04 PM
you're not dumb either :)
I am.
I'm so pissed I can't manage to understand tensors.
I'm looking for good data with explanations and problems but I can't find it
4:17 PM
What do you not understand about tensors?
the main concept
you could just sum the "matrices"
and get a single vector
(that's what happens in my mind)
@Logan forgot to ping you :P
@LucasHenrique The way I think about tensors is roughly this. Say I have a vector space V over (say) the real numbers together with an inner product, and I have a linear map f from V to R.
Then there is some vector w in V so that f(v) = w · v for every v. That is to say, linear maps are just represented by vectors themselves.
If I want to generalize that to bilinear maps f(v,w) to R which are linear in both arguments, then every bilinear map can be represented by a matrix A so that f(v,w) = v^T A w (where ^T denotes the transpose).
Both of these are just special cases of tensors, specifically, rank-1 and rank-2 tensors. A rank-3 tensor would describe a trilinear map, and so on.
4:34 PM
Okay, let me see that
the "map" thing is basically a function ( say: it don't have to be single valued, etc)
map is the same as function, yes
it should be single-valued
oh. okay
then, what do you mean by "real numbers together with an inner product"?
Basically a dot product
oh. lol xD
then this means non-vectorial values (scalar) or a vector on the same dimensions?
I'm not sure what you're saying.
There's a subtlety if you want to discuss vector spaces without a dot product. In that case you need to deal with covariant and contravariant tensors, but it's not so important practically IMO.
4:39 PM
nico has black hair...
How do you write the trilinear form as "f(v,w) = v^T A w"
@LoganM yeah, dot product: same vectorial space (same dimensions)
@Tosh -tomato, what happened to your name!?! DDD:
@hwlau You can't write a trilinear form like that
you need 3+ variables
I think
4:42 PM
ok, lets keep reading
@ToshinouKyouko I think it's supposed to be Aoi from Aikatsu parodying Nico.
@LoganM what is the conclusion then?
(I'm feeling stupid again)
The point is that for an n-dimensional space, a rank r tensor is a collection of n^r numbers which represents some multilinear function with r arguments.
@Taisho why is this nico so famous?
4:44 PM
@LucasHenrique I was always like this
since before the beginning of time (of tomato)
@LoganM oh I see
I haven't seen Aikatsu
@ʇosɥıuonʞʎonʞo ^
is this krazer?
no it is ʇosɥıuonʞʎonʞo
4:46 PM
don't give up on me
google please die
searching for anime, pops up loli hentai
scott pilgrim
? (I know the movie)
@ToshinouKyouko i give up trying to squish the tomato
4:51 PM
I'm a fucking genious
@Frosteeze :)
@LucasHenrique i googled please die
@ToshinouKyouko lol
@TyhjashinouTyouko No, SQUISH THE TOMATO!
@Frosteeze ahnnnn~ ?
4:55 PM
we're so fucking weird
@LucasHenrique tomatoes arent weird D:<
you're not a tomato
4:57 PM
your waifu doesn't exist
i will ban you
stop being so mean
isn't it?
tomatos and waifus exist
@ToshinouKyouko gibe moni plis
yl report iu
@ton.yeung you got a point :p
4:59 PM
@ton.yeung im weird and boring
I mean
talking seriously
let's talk about the guys that are off the screen
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