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12:04 AM
Q: Sister-in-law who lies about being mad

K LeeHow do I handle this situation with my sister-in-law? Backstory: My sister-in-law and I have always gotten along great until.. She got mad at my mom and I for getting upset with her and some other family members for excluding us from a breakfast when we were all in town for a family reunion. ...

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4:49 AM
@ExtrovertedMainMan people who write such titles never made class presentations.
interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/22740/… About this Q, if they ask "Is written better than video chat?", would it be less primarily opinion based? As there are 3 close votes for the same and Q asks that " Would a letter to family members be an appropriate way..."
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7:28 AM
@avazula I have a history with James Franco too. His smiles are really creepy
@ExtrovertedMainMan Make a meta rant about downvotes threaten to rage quit use "contact us" ragequit wait you weren't talking about SE?
@EmC No, autoflagging is for posts that reach a certain 'weight' which is calculated, for most reasons, by the percentage of spam/total posts it catches. "Blacklisted website" has a reason weight of 92, IIRC, which means 92 percent of posts with the URLs Charcoal has blacklisted end up being spam.
@ankiiiiiii There's nothing SE can do about 'typo' malicious domains. Use browser history, or in case of PC browsers, it'd autocomplete sites you visit.
8:21 AM
@M.A.R. you didnt focus on the second half. I click so many links in a day. Should I be worried?
@ankiiiiiii On SE? No, you shouldn't be worried
@M.A.R. due to Charcoal?
Nomination period has ended. Congrats to our two candidates and new room owners @Ælis & @scohe001! Thank you both for volunteering, we're glad to have you as ROs.
8:40 AM
-- OpenSTV version 2019
8:53 AM
@M.A.R. what's that?
9:21 AM
Congo Ælis and Scohe (I don't know your name)!
@avazula Election app
Jun 25 at 19:54, by M.A.R. ಠ_ಠ
@Ælis The immediate results will be a .blt file you can run through the OpenSTV app
@M.A.R. go to the other room ;)
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12:10 PM
To me your post sounds like this is what she's thinking: "oh no, them again with their stupid breakfast 3 years ago". I don't know if this is true, but if you keep bothering a person with stuff they think is not important, they find you annoying. But I might be way off since your description is very superficial and leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Could you reflect a bit more on the issue and include that in your post? Asking "what do I do" isoff topic, but many people will give you suggestions anyways, so ask yourself: what is your goal and then ask "how do I get there?" — Raditz_35 1 min ago
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3:16 PM
@JourneymanGeek could I quickly use the sandbox for my Q on meta?
I'd delete it later
what sandbox ._.
You need to be clear. I'm running on not much sleep XD
IPS' sandbox
please get a coffee, it'd be helpful for me too
Oh. You need feedback?
naw, I need to sleep at some point lol
carry on!
I need to look up comment ping rules XD
You forget all the rulez
haha, I'll add that in Q too
https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/43019/how-do-comment-replies-work and
and well
everyone who commented gets pinged
so @noticing people isn't actually typically necessary
in some cases its not really something we want new users to use too much too
@JourneymanGeek on that meta post I commented, I wasn't notified unless the other mod used my @
oh my bad
3:23 PM
@JourneymanGeek that would be in the answers
@ankiiiiiii well, typically comments should be fire and forget
pinging people invites... discussion
(ignore anything wrong or nonsensical I say)
I am preparing counters
So I guess the underlying questioin I'd ask is
when do we want new users pinging other users?
And how much friction do we want?
@JourneymanGeek if there's a possibility of them answering, always. And maybe that's why they commented in the first place something that requires replying( not like read the tour etc.)
ah, that's true
How likely is a new user to get that? ;p
3:27 PM
@JourneymanGeek this idea has minimum friction, otherwise Q are left ignored, people dont visit old comments and additional comments like mine are required, thus more noise . And if OP then uses @, further confusion arises when system deletes their redundant @
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

ankiiiiiiiSlightly different approach to what I think enable ping completion for all comments want to achieve. "new user should know that @ pinging in comments exists." Discussions for the same intention were tell the user who will be notified of a comment Don't remove the @ part of my comment I have...

no no
So, by friction I mean "Do we need to make things hard enough so folks don't abuse it?"
Its the childproof lid of UX ;p
the other discussions show that pings are necessary. Does this motivate unnecessary pings?
That's a really good question XD
Now that I know that ping can be done, do I abuse it? no, so that *ignored* placeholder doesn't do much.
When I didnt know it could be done, would knowing it be useful? yes
3:31 PM
You're not a new user ;p
You've had time to get the culture.
ok a possibility that a new user pings a lot of other users that are good in that topic right?
Well you can't ping someone who isn't already in the conversation.
So that's not an issue ;p
So that line "or the person is not here." can be removed
@JourneymanGeek I think it can be done
"You can get the attention of someone who already commented with @..." might work
yes line is up for modification!
3:34 PM
> Any user who has a visible (non-deleted) comment on the post.
Mind if I hack down your question to a minimum? ;p
with suspicion
aww snap I don't have edit rights so I can't grab the MD :p
lol How do I doooo this
use fork and then send me back one ;p
a bit awkward I know or, use the text somewhere you can edit.
or on meta itself after I post. Its almost finished
Why don’t you just try yourself and ask specific questions (with a link back to @stockb‘s Original answer) if you get stuck? The first part (up to opening it in mail) won‘t break anything, the rest is kind of guided anyway. — nohillside ♦ Aug 20 at 20:14
maybe cause he is a mod?
stockb was not there.
and I don't have enough rep to edit on IPS
tried to keep most of what you wrote, some stylistic tweaks, some changes related to our conversation
right to sleep with me XD
That was helpful! the linked Q has the workflow, so better to remove it. I would add some references FAQ, help section etc.
why did you remove the prev discussion?
I'll wish you a good night soon
ok bye and thanks ^^
3:55 PM
Good meta questions are concise.
so are meta-mod's good replies. ;)
People don't really want a story. Keeping stuff minimal helps keep attention.
Ok ... Good night!
4:34 PM
meta.stackexchange.com/questions/332638/… for those wondering and getting confused.
good morning :)
5:36 PM
@avazula Woohoo! Now when people are like "Get a room!" I can respond "I already own one, thank you very much"
Check that one off my bucket list
@scohe001 XD
1 message moved to ­Trash
Boo that's no fair
I was too quick for you :p @scohe001
1 message moved to ­Trash
1 message moved to ­Trash
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3 messages moved to ­Trash
5:42 PM
Hmm but how do you kill the moved messages?
Not sure what you mean by "kill" but that's probably only a mod thing, no?
Hmm must be
6:11 PM
that's why you want to move all the messages in one go ;P I think some people have a script for that..
@EmC Thanks for the clean up on sandbox
I forgot about 20kdivided-by-beta users
@ankiiiiiii np! yeah, the view gets cluttered for people who can see deleted posts :)
how much is the rep for them?
@ankiiiiiii 2k for beta
okay, also do comment if anything on Meta
not trying to do marketing but yeah
6:18 PM
hm? you mean on your Meta.SE post?
quite well received, no DV, 4 UV, but no comment either
well, I guess people think it's a good idea then :)
:) . . . Bye
6:52 PM
If you always dream to see a picture of me, there you go:
I went to the lego store today and had some fun making an avatar of myself
7:25 PM
...you're the cat?
No, I'm a tree imp :p
Or the background. Neither of which I can see without a VPN unless I save this page on Wayback Machine.
@Ælis nice hat :D
&&& && & &&
&& &\/&\|& ()|/ @, &&
&\/(/&/&||/& /_/)_&/_&
&() &\/&|()|/&\/ '%" & ()
&_\_&&_\ |& |&&/&__%_/_& &&
&& && & &| &| /& & % ()& /&&
&& \|||
, -=-~ .-^- _
@M.A.R. That was for you but the space are gone :(
@Ælis code format?
7:34 PM
@EmC Thanks! I believe that was almost the last one in the shop, I was lucky to find it :D
@ankiiiiiii Ascii art from here
@Ælis shift+enter and click on fixed font
Beautiful nonetheless less than three
          &&& &&  & &&
      && &\/&\|& ()|/ @, &&
      &\/(/&/&||/& /_/)_&/_&
   &() &\/&|()|/&\/ '%" & ()
  &_\_&&_\ |& |&&/&__%_/_& &&
&&   && & &| &| /& & % ()& /&&
     &&     \|||
       , -=-~  .-^- _
oh okay
Hey you try making ASCII art in the depth of an SE chat
Even Frodo failed and eventually snapped.
@M.A.R. Thanks for the tip!
7:38 PM
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8:50 PM
Nice meta post @Tink :)
@Ælis Thank you! :) If there's any questions, drop them in here and I'll try to answer them tomorrow ;) I am now going to shut down the PC and read a bit.
Then good reading and good night :)
Thanks! Good night to you too, and sleep well once it's time to sleep!
I'll try :p

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