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4:58 AM
@Rainbacon mostly dance and weight lifting and a bit of swimming and running
5:25 AM
@avazula Then you must be stronger than me. =)
@avazula What kind of singing do you do?
6:04 AM
@avazula I swam yesterday so much that now I have a sore throat.
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Haha Good morning
@JaspervanLooij I do have 50kg of muscle, but I also have a bit fat above it :p
@JaspervanLooij I'm in a rock band, but I'm done choir singing my whole teenagehood
I've started cycling for my commute this week
at the end of the week, I'm properly tired now
@JAD cycling is so cool! I can't do it anymore because I live too far away from my office but I loved biking to work
well, since the move, it's just 18kms anymore :)
6:14 AM
yay :)
I still can't cycle, even though I tried learning a few times. =(
But I prefer walking to cycling. Sometimes, I just walk and walk for a few hours.
hi there!
whats up
6:21 AM
@JaspervanLooij Love walking! It took me a long time to learn how to cycle, but now I love it
@avazula I sing opera and similar stuff. =)
sounds nice :) it's hard!
@avazula depending on how you define taxes, it's about 52% of mine
between health insurance (13.x%) income tax, additional tax and mandatory state retirement contributions
@Magisch dear lord o_o
I get a bit less then half of my pre-tax salary on my bank account at the end of every month
6:32 AM
@avazula starting cold-turkey is proving a bit too much though
going from biking 1km to the station, to 18km twice a day was too big of a jump
yea, that must be hard :/ I guess it'll be better in a few weeks
Thats 36km a day on the bike
that is a proper long workout each day
yup. You're going to have calves of steel!
6:47 AM
@Magisch yep, I had cramps on day 3
decided to work from home yday
I'm looking into investing into an electric bike, so make things a bit speedier and less sweaty
7:05 AM
On the plus side, if you can get used to it, you'll have a 180km a week free workout every week
will probably do wonders for your health and well beeing
some people pay a gym membership and take extra time out every week and still don't get that kind of cardio
yep, that's the idea
plus, it's not the worst area to bike either
a bit of fields, a bit through a small village, past the/a royal palace, through a forest
I would do that commute
probably get an electric bike for the days where you're not feeling it or in a hurry but that is some golden opportunity for free cardio that you can wean yourself into easily
and it's easy to actually go
with other sports like that, I really struggle finding the motivation
Thats what I mean by easy to wean yourself into, you can form a habit of it very quickly
but since it's a commute, there's some point I simply just have to leave
yeah exactly
7:11 AM
I also bike to work, but it's only 6km a day
yet, when I have time off I feel myself missing it, not just for the workout, but for the view and nice field air too
@JAD You do want to have the electric bike charged though :p because a electrical bike without electrical assistance is pretty heavy
@Magisch I'm one of those persons :p, I go to work by bus and need to workout afterwards
My goal is not to get like big muscles and stuff, just maintaining a healthy lifestyle at most
@CaldeiraG everyone has different goals in working out :p that's what make it beautiful
that's true :)
I workout mostly to get out of my own head, and not to have back aches when I'm older (hopefully)
Q: Mitigate and discuss conflict about inclusion of my son as step-son

J. DoeMy wife and I have two kids, I have a son from divorce (divorced years before the second marriage). What has happened more and more recently, she seems to somehow to disapprove his existence like "ok that's your business if you see him, ok that's your business if you bring him to our home". Now...

7:21 AM
My dad had Lumbar Disc Herniation and needed to do a surgery on that
But after the surgery and recuperation, he is very good and without back pain :D
He also workout like me :p
@CaldeiraG that's the idea yeah :P
@JAD Yeah, if you're doing 36km a day, you don't wanna forget to charge it afterwards XD
most bikes i've seen has 40km of range in 100% electric and 80km with electrical assistance
Q: Is this answer valid?

avazulaUpon review of this answer on "How to tell a friend I don't want his help with miniature painting", this answer got flagged for lacking citations of personal experience on similar matters: https://interpersonal.stackexchange.com/a/22646/4550 After a comment asking for citations was left, the an...

7:36 AM
yep, that's about what I've seen as well
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9:29 AM
If someone wants to say something: interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/22717/…
9:54 AM
@Ælis deleted. that is nothing else than rude.
@avazula It sounded more like a rant than really rude but, in any case, it as nothing to do here
@IntrovertedMetaMan Actually interested to know this so badly XD
because in order to find a question that I can back-it-up is not that easy
@CaldeiraG My answer is "this is not valid", but I have nothing to backup that claim :p (to be more precise, I don't care enought to try to elaborate more on why the answer isn't valid)
10:09 AM
In all honesty, I think the answer is valid and the lego analogy makes it kinda backed up
Yeah, but it doesn't sound back up enough for me and I'm afraid allowing it would setup a bad precedent :/
I think it's a quality answer but maybe needs further attention to "why would this work"
Not every answer is perfect :p
@CaldeiraG Agree with that
10:34 AM
@CaldeiraG hahaha, pardon
are you mistaken about getting big so easily?
@avazula Do yOu dO tHe Dreaaadddfulll DEADlifts? \s
I want so badly to get back to the gym but I am again as I was when I first did it. Shy about it, prioritising other things over it etc.
I am currently working with Katalan. This tool is sooo stupid, it drives me crazy >< AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
@JaspervanLooij Don't laught when I'm miserable :'(
10:50 AM
@Ælis Oh, I am sorry. I just thought your AAAH was meant to be funny. I hope you solve the problem soon!
Hello @CaldeiraG is that you in the picture? Hmm I think you look like Cristiano Ronaldo!
@ankiiiiiii not at all, i've been on my gym for almost 2 years and I didn't change much :p
Yeah, it is me xD.

Really? Nobody said me this ahah
Looking closely, I might have some common traces
11:07 AM
anyone doing nSuns?
@Ælis simple, cross platform and robust. Hmmm quite correct \s
I took 15min to build this nice table superuser.com/questions/1474445/…
i was bored
11:23 AM
@CaldeiraG Congratulations for editing privileges on Super User!
@CaldeiraG should have used alt select over the text field.
exam now,
11:46 AM
@avazula oh fun. On an unrelated note, has anyone ever told you that your cat is Fedorable?
12:09 PM
@NogShine Thanks :)
@ankiiiiiii Not sure if I understood :p, later
Q: A inquiry about feelings and possessiveness

Mind Sculptor In context, I have been talking to this person for the past three months approx in a 'more than friends' way (we have known each other from a couple of years ago but we haven't seen in a while). and we kinda agreed that upon meeting (in a couple of days now) we would be FWB and nothing more. I ho...

If anyone has nothing to do, here is a post who needs answering:
A: Is this answer valid?

JamesI'm the guy who gave that answer referenced by OP. I'm pretty new to the "Interpersonal Skills" site, but would like to respectfully ask some questions about the citations requirement. I can totally understand the need for citations on a hard science site. "I feel like..." would not be the s...

12:49 PM
@ankiiiiiii what's that? When people yell because it's too heavy for them to be able to handle it?
@Rainbacon blushes no, but thanks :D Fedora's the sweetest
@Ælis I have a history with this user and this I'm the asker, I may not be the best person to answer it :)
@CaldeiraG oh on the site, it doesn't work, in some editors, alt and selecting text selects a rectangle. like this coderwall.com/p/bo5nnq/xcode-tip-use-alt-key-for-selecting-code
@avazula people attribute deadlifts to back pains. So If you do so, you might be welcoming back pains than shooing them away. \s
@avazula It feels like they aren't answering your question, though. More like they are asking something new that has already been discussed many times. In any case, I understand that you don't want to answer.
Are you answering why your answer in concern is valid or questioning the policy while using "what-about-those-answers" method? Also, since you are attentive to votes, DVs on meta mean different, so please don't bother yourself about these 2 as of now. Since this couldn't be a long comment, as an answer, it feels fine to me. — ankiiiiiii 3 mins ago
bingo @Ælis
am I rude there? time is there to edit it.
1:05 PM
@ankiiiiiii It's a bit confrontational but I wouldn't say rude
Alright, I posted a load of comment under James' post ^^
@ankiiiiiii Oh i can see now :)
@Ælis our* backup policies ^^'
rest all is great. I should have suggested asking another Q
@ankiiiiiii Too late :( I always mismatch "your" and "our" ><
what is it in French?
also, can mods edit comments?
good morning :)
1:18 PM
evening statistician ;)
@ankiiiiiii It's "votre" ("your") et "notre" ("our")
@ElizB Hello there :)
@ankiiiiiii They can indeed :)
i actually have chill time this morning before going out on things to do
it feels awesome
2:11 PM
@Ælis I'm going to give the whole thing a read-through in a minute. I'll pitch in if I have a strong opinion one way or the other
@scohe001 I think the comments who were given so far are good, but I still don't see any good answer to @ava question, so if you want to do that?
Q: How to gently end involvement with an online community?

Emiliano S.Since 2011 I'm member of an online community for Animal Crossign players. Sadly many things are changing in gaming world and many of these changes combined with new interests which I have found in the last years are making the majority of gaming communities no longer appealing for me and for this...

Yea that's what I was thinking
@ExtrovertedMainMan This also looks like a good question hidden behind several run-on sentences. It could use a good edit to remove some fluff
2:26 PM
There ya go @Ælis. I pitched in with my 2¢
@scohe001 I like it, thanks!
2:49 PM
@Ælis do you have a link where I can read more on this? I don't remember that becoming part of our policy
3:08 PM
@scohe001 Note really aside for this faq about good answer and this faq post about citation expectation. You will notice that both say that personal experience (or external source) is required and none that explaining the thought process is enough. For a more "historical" insight, I have this but it doesn't say much
Hmm I may write up a meta about this if I have time today. Thanks for taking the time to find those links!
It's not much, but you're welcome ^^
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7:23 PM
Q: Clarification on Subjective Answer Backup Requirements

scohe001We've now been formally enforcing "backup" for almost a year and a half (and discussing it for at least 2yrs). We've had some well written and well thought out answers on what's expected. However, one thing is still unclear to me... It's my understanding that the whole reason for having a "backu...

Q: Can we ad and re-tag old meta q's with [back-up]?

scohe001The "backup," "back-up," or "back it up" policy has become a staple of our site. In addition, we've seen a lot of questions concerning it on our meta. That being said, there's no easy way to see discussion about this policy, as we have no tag for it and the policy tag isn't on all of them. I su...

Q: Would a letter be an appropriate way to inform my family of my child's new gender identity?

SnappingShrimpAs an extension to this question, my daughter was very relieved when I offered to talk to my family for her. My husband thought of having a brunch with our kids not in attendance. I thought of doing an online meeting (Zoom etc.). Now I've come around to the idea of simply sending out letters. T...

8:05 PM
meta.stackexchange.com/questions/251575/… I could find only one Q about a user inserting a malicious link in their post. How are such cases filtered on a system level? Should I ask a new Q?
the point is the blind trust people show here while clicking on links which link to say images or code-bins. Should I be checking status bar for the same for dozens of links I click in a day?
Hi @Rainbacon!
8:22 PM
@ankiiiiiii I believe the Charcoal project has a big list of known bad URLs that it'll auto-flag
at least for new posts? I don't know if anything is set up to catch URLs that are edited into a post later
back home after driving around feeling like a taxi driver for my siblings haha
9:23 PM
@Ava I'm not sure I understand your comment here (I'm suggesting a meta-tag, not a main one, just to clarify)
Boo too late for me to delete this

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