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2:04 AM
@avazula yay!
6 hours later…
7:34 AM
9 messages moved to ­Trash
Oops ^^' Sorry @ElizB, I move your reply to @ava in the trash and I can't seem to figure out how to move it back in here ><'
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9:36 AM
Q: Forming new friendships as a 35 year old?

Peter GamingI will try and keep this succinct as I could type pages upon pages. In short, I underwent a radical change in my life 4 years ago where I had to walk away from almost my total family (all but one sibling). My primary friendship was united with a sibling and at the time of the break I make the (r...

9:46 AM
@Ælis You can't, you're not an RO in the Trash room ;) Oh well...
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9:58 AM
@Tinkeringbell we could just quote it again in remembrance ;)
@ankiiiiiii I moved it back ;)
Ik its better, but like quoting from trash, an inline one
Nah, that's one room you don't quote from :P
ah, that seems like a good design decision
@Tinkeringbell I posted in a room which I forgot. How do I find it out? ^^'
@ankiiiiiii It's not design ;) Technically you can quote, but to me at least it feels a bit... unethical. Stuff is moved there so it can be forgotten about, after all ;) Just moving it right back by quoting is unfair :)
(Or your 'replies' tab?)
10:04 AM
it shows TAS and screening room. It was a SO chat room. Nobody replied yet. It was sort of dead room.
I got my problem solved. So I guess somebody would have an unnecessary ping
@ankiiiiiii Ah... Hmm. Perhaps go to your chat profile on SO (It's different from the one on SE) and go to 'recent'?
Ah found it! That one site has quite a lot of privileges
;) All sites have the same privileges I think, but reputation levels for when you reach them are different on graduated and beta sites :)
no in terms of login and different chat site etc
I can't login to IPS and use the same for SO.
But reverse can be done
Oh yeah, stuff like that is a bit weird ;)
10:08 AM
that person replied. And I guess I'll let them sleep. chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/198339/…
Pings don't generally wake people up :P
I love this community
he just dropped in. I'll wish him a good night now
10:28 AM
@Tinkeringbell generally
Yep, generally :)
Q: How to tell family to not to vistit

DarkPurpleShadowI leaved my mother's home to live on my own 8,5 years ago. Since then, no one in my family has visited me once. Some years ago, my mother even dismissed my idea to visit me when I suggested to do so, I guess because she didn't see any reason if I was the one always taking trips to visit her, or t...

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3:10 PM
Q: Was I wrong for reading my boyfriend's conversation from another woman?

Curious EFor years my boyfriend did "business" with some young lady who I welcomed in my home. Long story short, the girl ended up hitting him up on Snapchat and I ended up reading a conversation between the two and found out that in 2015 when I was pregnant with another child of ours, he had sex with th...

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6:07 PM
Q: When my neighbor mows his yard he feels it's okay to blow his weedy lawn clippings onto my newly mowed lawn

PerplexedSo, to begin I have new neighbors who are apparently not well versed in mowing let alone lawn mowing etiquette when living beside a neighbor. After they first moved in they did not have a working mower-only a push mower older than Jesus which I found out about after a month of no mowing of their...

1 hour later…
7:29 PM
> only a push mower older than Jesus
I feel there already was a similar one about lawns on IPS years ago :P
8:12 PM
@Tinkeringbell Hi! just felt that these two comments got extended longer than they could be interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/22746/…
8:58 PM
@Ælis lol that's okay!

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