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1:20 AM
Q: In what TOS episode did Spock use a prop known as an analog flight computer, and why did he need to turn to a "handheld device" in this case?

uhohIn the recent Undecided with Matt Ferrell video Why the Future of AI & Computers Will Be Analog after about 05:44, the Original Star Trek TV show's Mr. Spock is shown holding a analog flight computer. I don't know the episode, but by the looks of the open electronics racks in the background on th...

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2:29 AM
Q: I need help finding a manwha for a friend I forgot the name to

KeeganThe manwha has a female lead so was reincarnated into a medieval world where she was the illegitimate daughter of a nobleman (duke I think) she lives her first life ignored and kicked out of her family after her grandfathers death and dies then is regressed to her younger self and does main chara...

3:14 AM
Q: Book where the setting is both in the present and past

HelenI read this book a while ago and can't remember much, so it is sloppy. There's the main character, whose mom is a witch but has kept it a secret. Also, the main character's mom had erased her memory to forget a boy in her childhood. It is also revealed that the main character can drag people into...

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4:41 AM
Q: In The Lord of the Rings, did anyone ever say "The fellowship is now complete."?

LarryjlI have seen some references to this quote, but can't confirm if it was a real line, in either the books or movies. Is it perhaps a Mandela effect, or a reference from something else?

5:23 AM
@Alex you're right! Man, I'm getting old
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7:49 AM
Q: A novel about near-death experiences and a mysterious ship

AlfredI read this novel about 20-25 years ago, and I think it was shortly after its publication. It is definitely SF if only because medicine is more advanced in the book than it was 20 years ago when it was published (but maybe not more advanced than now, reality has a way to catch up with fiction). I...

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8:57 AM
Q: In "Fallout" lore, how does removing a fusion core actually affect an occupied power armor?

galacticninjaIn the 2024 Fallout TV series (Season 1, Episode 5: "The Past"), there’s this scene where Thaddeus, with a bit of maneuvering, manages to remove the fusion core right out of Maximus’ T-60 power armor. And just like that, Maximus finds himself imprisoned within his power armor—a vulnerability remi...

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9:43 AM
Q: How does the Ferengi economy work?

komodospIn Star Trek - the Federation is a post-scarcity socialist (for want of a better world) utopia, that has abandonded the concept of money. This makes sense in light of the existence of replicators and other technlogy - the modern day economy couldn't possibly work in a world with plenty of supply ...

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11:14 AM
Q: Looking for Short story. Man summons demon who mocks him for not believing in god

FaythI read this short story a while ago and can't for the life of me find it again. I think it might have been around the time that the SFX Pulp books were released and the Aliens found humans were intelligent meat. Anyway what I remember was a man summoned a demon and the demon laughs at him when th...

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12:45 PM
Q: Do you know this Manhwa about a Popstar

OliPThe Mainstory of the Manhwa+18 , is that a boy only Can come by an Popstar. Later in he helps a school girlfriend and find out the mother from her is The Popstar

Q: Short Story. A Journalist visits a hospital with inpatients who are mentally ill. One patient pretends to use invisible tools to build a machine

Judith JonesThe journalist likes this patient, a friendly little man who seems perfectly normal except for using invisible tools to build a complex invisible machine. The journalist spends some time with him and can identify the different invisible tools. See when he is carefully measuring with an invisible...

Q: Looking for a book with a boy who finds an object that calls to him and gives him an ability

twiddlerI don’t remember much about the book’s plot except that it’s basically about a boy who goes into a store with a lot of objects and finds one that calls to him. The object gives him some sort of ability (don’t remember what exactly). At some point he encounters a girl who has a different object th...

@Jenayah Maybe time to change the purple to gray.
1:02 PM
I editted the title of my question about the mouse in the spaceship to make it clear a human had put the mouse in the ship. Within a few hours in had many, many more views.
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2:12 PM
posted on April 16, 2024 by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Sitting in detention for having done nothing wrong is, however, excellent training for service sector work. Today's News: Lovely review for Bea Wolf.

2:29 PM
@Alex I am all for the show my avatar is from (Hilda from X-Ray and Vav) having a season with an older Hilda, but unfortunately additional seasons are very unlikely :(
3:02 PM
Q: Circa 1950-60 short story about a scientist who builds a machine to create a woman

Jerry hodgsonA super shy scientist built a machine to make a woman. The first success disappeared after 5 seconds. Poof! She was naked. He improved the machine. A woman appeared in evening dress but he couldn’t take her further than the stairs before. Poof. He found the glitch. Produced a ravishing beauty to...

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4:34 PM
Q: Does anyone know this manhwa

LyliaFl was lost since she was kid , but her family think she was die in fire , one day someone who knew the fl family has found the fl and take the fl because of her hair and eye (I think) it’s look like symbol only fl family have this hair color and eye color (sorry for my English)

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8:45 PM
Q: Story about alien contact, a 'Gehenna' bioweapon and the moon being destroyed as a warning shot

Andrea JensI am looking for a science fiction novel that I read in ~2015 (English paperback). It could have been older, though, since I got it from a second-hand-books stall. I unfortunately gave it away some years later and cannot recall neither its title nor its author. I remember only scattered elements ...

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10:22 PM
@Jenayah Now I have to dig up the message where you used to complain about all the shows you like getting cancelled.
Here’s one:
Feb 21, 2019 at 22:53, by Jenayah
@Jenayah first TV show I ever watched. Was hooked has heck. I got until the end of S1, discovered it had been cancelled. And thus began my long story of watching TV shows that had already been cancelled, or would be cancelled anyways.
10:39 PM
Q: Choose Your Own Adventure with time travel and some very bizarre scenes in it

ZodfatherI’m looking for a Choose Your Own Adventure book (or more likely a CYOA knock-off) which involved time travel and had a couple of very specific sections that really stood out to me. This would have been 1980s-era or possibly early 90s. Here’s what I remember about it: I remember it feeling pre...


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