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4:24 AM
Q: Looking for a movie or made for tv film or miniseries that I saw in the 80s. Featuring VR and the decline of humanity

StyxAll I remember of the plot is this: Humanity is addicted to these VR machines. We all live our lives in VR and never meet IRL. As a result no one is having sex or kids anymore, population is dying. These two teens meet on VR and somehow escape their VR pods (big machines, mechanical looking that ...

5:10 AM
Q: Short novel. A human astronaut is exploring a huge structure in space. It has tunnels and can exit on different planets

Judith JonesI read it recently, maybe 2021 or later. The astronaut landed on the structure in our solar system. He landed with a team but for most of the novel he is exploring alone. The struture is vast and contains a huge network of caves and tunnels. Near where he first enters it, there is a partly constr...

5:33 AM
Q: Manga where the main character leaves the Hero group and tried to live a normal life

user2905554I am looking for the title of a manga where the main character (MC) is weak in the Hero group and he learns it in the dungeon. Then he asks to resign and the Hero accepted the request. After that tried to calculate on leave with one of the female team. Previously he is the founder group with the ...

5:56 AM
Q: Identification of a manga

RoverI'm looking for a manga in wich the mc is reincarnated in a forest.he is given the power to use water magic and eternal youth.i'm sure it has less than 50 chapters.

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7:04 AM
Q: Series of books about space exploration

AlfredI read this series of novels in paperback more than 40 years ago. There were at least three books in this series, but I'm not sure exactly how many. Not more than six, I believe. All I remember is that a team of space explorers, men and women, would visit various planets to open them for colonisa...

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9:44 AM
Q: Ghost Story set on a Victorian age ocean going liner. Everyone who has slept in a certain cabin for the last four voyages has jumped overboard

Judith JonesI read this after 2000 but from the language used it might well have been written as well at set in Victorian times.The name of the ship was The Kamchatka it may have been spelled a little differently but was obviously the Russian peninsula. It reminded me of playing Risk as a small child. The pr...

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1:50 PM
posted on April 15, 2024 by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Written after enjoying Children's Fantasy Literature, by Levy and Menlesohn. Today's News:

2:41 PM
Q: Has the Fallout series previously established this weakness of power armor to simple melee attacks?

galacticninjaIn the 2024 Fallout TV series (Season 1, Episode 2: "The Target"), there’s a scene where The Ghoul (Walton Goggins) manages to incapacitate Maximus’ (Aaron Moten) T-60 power armor. He does this with a swift knife slash to a hose (or a similar-looking thing) near the helmet, which seems like a sur...

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3:49 PM
Q: When were Brotherhood of Steel squires first shown as combatants fighting alongside knights in the Fallout universe?

galacticninjaIn the 2024 Fallout TV series, we see that the Brotherhood of Steel’s squires are portrayed as young adults (or older teenagers). For instance, Aaron Moten, who is 35, plays the squire Maximus, and his character is actively serving alongside a Brotherhood knight in a combat situation. This portra...

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8:46 PM
Q: Looking for Short Story in Magazine: Researcher living in his Computer simulation

CharlesLooking for a short story that ran in a magazine, I thought Popular Science, but I can't seem to find it. Was between probably 2014 and 2020, guessing about 2017. A researcher is porting into a world of his creation that is a computer simulation to do research on climate change I think. There's ...

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9:55 PM
Q: Old comic in which a guy is captured/enslaved by (aliens?) and turned into a cyborg hunter killer or something

ntemplarI am trying to find an old comic about a killer cyborg. I think the comic is either from 1970s-1980s (could be VERY early 90s). I got the comic in a "mystery" bag with a bunch of DC/Marvel/Eclipse comics. This is NOT for Deathlok (marvel) or Cyborg (DC). I remember that this guy is captured/ensla...

Q: Sci-fi story with bounty hunter MMC

Dewi MorganI recently read only the first chapter, as an ebook on someone else's ipad. I'd like to read the remainder. Unfortunately, it had no visible title or author. I think it was novel length, but that's a guess. What I remember: Money was "credits". The bounty hunter was working solo, in a spacecraft...

10:44 PM
@Jenayah I’m surprised you didn’t bring up your origin story.
11:26 PM
Q: Mouse is sent in tiny spaceship. Attempted first journey to tne moon. Intercepted by intelligent aliens. Given intelligence and speech. Named Mickey

Judith JonesA German scientist is living in America. He talks a lot to a mouse in his house who he catches, and keeps in a cage. He calls the mouse Mickey after Disney's famous creation. He builds a tiny rocket to be the first to fly to the moon. He sends the mouse up in the rocket and watches through his te...

Q: Looking for a book with the story of a little boy who rode a train and was found later dead

Alondra PenaSo I remember my mom reading this book full of many short stories and this one has stuck with me the most. A boy and his friends decide to do this thing where they hop on a train and ride for awhile but they always get off somewhere. One day the boy and his friends are riding the train but I thin...


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