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1:19 AM
Q: Looking for the title of an old sci-fi book where a human newspaper columnist is secretly married to an alien woman

Book searcherIn the book, the human man and his wife help her people to search the Earth for tiny, rice sized particles that have immense power. They need to find the particles first, in order to to keep a different alien species from getting to them first and using them as a weapon. I read the book in the ...

2:04 AM
Q: Manga about a character who was reborn/reincarnated as a baby to an elf mother and a human father

Aleem AlliI tried to find it multiple times overtime, but was never able to, I can't remember any names related to the manga, but I can remember quite a bit of scenes that happened in the manga. The MC was reborn/reincarnated as a baby to an Elf mother and a human father within a kingdom, the family is a N...

2:50 AM
Q: Could Maedhros and Maglor have returned the Silmarils?

AllureAt the end of the War of Wrath, Maedhros and Maglor stole into the Eönwë's camp and stole the Silmarils. They were caught, but Eönwë allowed them to leave. Afterwards Maedhros committed suicide while Maglor hurled his Silmaril into the sea and wandered for eternity. Given that the Oath of Fëanor ...

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4:22 AM
Q: Military sci-fi about genetically modified soldiers

Avaricious ReaderRead a book a long time ago, trying to find it again. It's about humans, in the future, who figured out how to genetically modify soldiers to always revert back to the physical state they were in when they had the procedure. Almost like reversing time. They undertook the process when at their str...

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5:53 AM
Q: Man invents immortality, loses wife, spends life of the universe looking for her

XantecI read a short story online several years ago (between 2008 and 2016) that dealt with the discovery of nanotech based immortality and a man's search for his wife through the life of the universe. The story starts on Earth with the man and woman touring the countryside on bicycles. One of their bi...

6:05 AM
@Jenayah yeah bleak hey!
6:35 AM
@Alex seems that this curse has been (temporarily?) lifted, most of the shows I've been watching these past 3-4 years have not been cancelled :D
Possible explanations include: I watch a lot more shows, so a statistically more representative dataset, or I watch them with my partner and my luck improved since XD
7:21 AM
Hmm... we have [3-body-problem] for the new series and an existing tag for the books [the-three-body-problem] - should the questions about the series be updated to use the OG tag and chuck on a [tv]?
There is the series franchise tag requirement, [remembrance-of-earths-past], but I don't think it would be an issue to keep it on questions about both the book series and the TV series..
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8:33 AM
Q: Where is the cliff from the cut scene?

SpacePhoenixI was playing Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora last night, I was flying around the area next to where Drill Base Omega was located. I was trying to find where the cliff is that they are on during the cut scene at the end of the quest, where they all meet up and you see the charge detonate in the dist...

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10:27 AM
Q: A sci-fi comic i read some years back where a lot of child sacrifices were done

Insane_VectorSome years back I read a NSFW webcomic serialised on their website where the story contained the following points - • The story was centred on a sandy planet • There was a section of people who were priests who performed sacrifices of the first born of each family These were the points.

11:06 AM
@Jenayah The writers/producers are probably just lulling you into a false sense of security. Then, when you least expect it they will cancel all your shows at once.
But if we’re discussing the statistical significance of such curses:
A: Did Voldemort actually curse the job of Defense Against Dark Arts professor after being denied the position?

AlexThe job was probably not cursed. There is no true evidence that Voldemort ever performed such a curse. No one saw him do it. No one heard him do it. No one heard him talk about it. The only piece of evidence ever proffered was the fact that no one held the job for more than a year after Voldemor...

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1:24 PM
posted on April 17, 2024 by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Absolute Midden is copyright SMBC Enterprises 2024 all rights reserved. Today's News:

Q: How should we tag questions about the TV series "3 Body Problem"?

fezAt the moment there is a tag, 3-body-problem, being used for the Netflix adaption of The Three Body Problem. We have an existing tag, the-three-body-problem, that is being used for the book series. The book series tag has the remembrance-of-earths-past franchise tag requirement. Should questions ...

1:52 PM
Q: Manga about a thief who is transmigrated and becomes a beast tamer

DemonA female thief gets transmigrated into an ancient Chinese world and becomes a rank 9 beast tamer who tames an ice pheonix, there is also a prince who tamed a horse covered in people flames.

2:38 PM
Q: Story about aliens traveling on a comet

jairudI am looking for a book or story that I read in a book about 30 years ago about the investigation of some mysterious deaths in which the victims have dry brains. In the end it turns out that the culprits are aliens who are approaching Earth in a comet that passes every few years (about 1000). The...

3:01 PM
Q: Short Story. A human jewel thief teams up with an alien thief with psychic powers who doesn't like to leave his planet

Judith JonesThe jewel thief starts the story in jail. He is contacted telepathically by a psychic alien. He proposes they team up. The alien can use his psychic powers to make all the people nearby believe the human thief has every right to walk off with the jewels. Then they can split the loot 50-50. The al...

3:16 PM
@Alex 🙀
Q: Book about people with implants and the main computer went down

Staci Sue MaliskeI read a book a few years ago about people who had implants that provided them with all the knowledge they needed to know then the mainframe went down. They had to learn how to live with out all modern technology.

3:48 PM
Q: Is the secret of Horcrux become public after the seventh year?

HarryI mean, after the final war in Hogwarts, Voldemort the Dark Lord was destroyed, forever. When curious people asked the heroes about their adventure, what would they say? Did they describe the journey of finding and destroying the Horcruxes? Or did the Ministry of Magic cover all this up, so the ...

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4:56 PM
Q: Book about teens who lived near a research center that caught a scientific form of lycanthropy

Ella Sansonithe book was about these 4-5 teens who lived near a research center on an island or something... I don't remember the set up as to why these kids were sneaking around on an island where someone was testing genetic modification, but they were. they find like a wolf/dog-puppy of some sort. and like...

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6:51 PM
Q: Book/series in which the protagonists were a family of red-haired people, I believe royals, in a war or conflict

NotQuiteBilateralI had read a book series years back and would like to find it again. It was fantasy set in its own world, but aside from the below scenes, I don't recall much more for specifics. This would have been somewhere between 2009 to 2014, most likely young adult fiction. The protagonists were a family o...

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8:45 PM
Q: Black and white comic series about government agents who track down and kill aliens

CainWhen I was at school, early 2000s, there was this black and white comic series I would read all the time. Basically, aliens had invaded earth but had disguised themselves as humans. The main protagonist was a government agent (I think) him and his parter would track down these aliens by asking pe...

9:08 PM
Q: Spoken language of the Hobbits in LotR

LoreRaxYesterday, while milling over iconic lines from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, something started bugging me - Whenever the Hobbits are amongst themselves wouldn't they speak ... well 'Hobbitish' or at least some kind of dialect, different from plain common ? (Disclaimer: As I am not that well-ver...

9:31 PM
Q: Story about a humanoid puppet which can be animated because she has eyes

AlfredThis short fiction (IIRC rather novelette length) I read in French, not very long ago (5-6 years ? "Before Covid" anyway) but I think it was a, much older, translation from German. It takes place in Germany, at l east partly. The main character (not POV, story told by an "all-knowing narrator") i...

10:16 PM
Q: Old anime on YouTube where a young boy would gain superpowers when he wore a golden necklace

Adrian ČugaWhen I was small I remember watching an old anime on YouTube where a young boy would gain superpowers when he wore a golden necklace. I remember one episode when the villain in the anime made a portal and kids were asleep levitating into it but the protagonist wore the necklace so he was awake.


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