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12:01 AM
@Alex I think it has more to do with the user than the question.
@Spencer It was a very strange interaction with a new user, who seemed to take great offence at what I thought was not an overly harsh request for some evidence to back up their head-canon.
But not just taking offence, also the way they expressed it. (I've never before seen anyone change their username to express anger at another user.)
@DavidW I see. Heads don't make good cannons.
@Jenayah I have a couple of those. No, I lie. I have an entire browser window full of tabs with questions I intend to respond to and the sources I need for each. Should I ever get around to them.
12:24 AM
@DavidW Well, my favourite list is full of stuff I intend to answer to, or search for an answer to. Dunno why, but for this particular question, I haven't yet had the heart to just fav it and close the tab.
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1:33 AM
Q: Novel about incompetent space pirates

DanI remembered only some bizarre details about this novel. Space pirates that are really incompetent, they try to steal some stuff from an enormous ship on an enormous space habitat... This ship is actually an oceangoing vessel on an artificial ocean? Somehow screws it up even when everything is ab...

Q: Why are the Mandalorian Supercomandos blaster bolts yellow?

Blue Skin and Glowing Red EyesIn Clone Wars, the blasts were blue (extra ionization) to be more effective against droids. In general, blaster bolts appear to be read. Since this is the case, why is Gar Saxon’s group of super commandos and his blaster fire yellow ammunition?

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3:15 AM
Q: magic tied to equinox

GrinzugNovella where protagonist is not powerful in home universe but is transported to Nazi Germany, very sensitive to the eyeglasses taken from concentration camp. Power truly blooms when he sacrifices self at one point.

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4:33 AM
Q: Manwha where girl is reborn and shes supposed to die of an illness in 5 years

MerririI'm pretty sure it's a manwha. The female lead has pink hair. She was either reborn into the world or went back in time but she knows she's supposed to die in like 5 years however there's a cure for her illness she has to eat a certain berry everyday for 5 years but has to do it in secret so her ...

4:58 AM
Q: Sci-fi / dystopian novel about community where misbehavers’ brains are removed

anonymousIt was a novel classified as young adult. I dont remember the character names. First off, it was a full-length novel (around 300-400 pages, but i might be off by a lot). The cover is a sunflower-yellow background with a large white flower put on the solid yellow background. In this, there are stu...

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6:14 AM
Q: Please help me find this book about kids with powers

SkyIt's been since middle school that I read this book but I do not remember the title, cover, or author. In the book, a boy with telepathic powers escapes a lab, goes to change his look at a shop- which suddenly interests the store clerk girl with his new goth/alt. look. There are a few other chara...

6:40 AM
Q: Heavy Metal-ish animated picture with kidnapped princess

Nu'DaqI just saw scenes of this on another site, but without much information about it. A black-haired and scantily clad princess is left in her castle to learn about the elements when creatures similar to D&D-style orcs kidnap her. Somehow separated from the orcs (if that's what they are), said prince...

7:31 AM
Q: TV show/movie where Kids go into a vidoe game world

Hakan SoydanLooking for a live action TV show/movie where Kids play Computer games which looks like WOW a lot. They can enter this Computer world and then the show swiches to animated. I needs to be aired between late 90's and 2010. One thing I remember about the show there was a heavy emphesis on the matter...

7:45 AM
Q: Inspiration for Warren Worthington in the "X-Men"?

Kevin YokaWhen Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the X-Men, what was the inspiration and concept behind the superhero character Warren Worthington III? Why did they choose the idea of him being a wealthy billionaire playboy as well as his physical appearance?

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8:47 AM
Q: Cartoon episode where aliens think squirrels control the Earth

GymI am trying to remember a cartoon episode where aliens think squirrels control the Earth. I think it was an episode in a cartoon but it could've been part of a movie. I have tried looking it up online but can't seem to come up with anything.

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10:12 AM
2 way tie on topic challenge for Nnedi Okorafor and Time Quintet
10:29 AM
Q: A scifi book containing an artificially-made world with weird centaurs

Yaelhope I'm doing this right - I did try a search first but couldn't find anything that seemed relevant. Back when I was in middle/high school in the 90s, I would sometimes pick books off the SF/F shelves at the school library pretty much at random, just based on something about them that seemed int...

10:49 AM
@TheLethalCarrot I fixed that for you
Quick end it now!
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1:47 PM
posted on June 27, 2022 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: The 8 year old has a math app that was throwing this at her and long story short this was the first week of my life where I understood how long division works. Today's News:

2:23 PM
Q: Favorite Question and Answers from Second Quarter 2022

Jack B NimblePlease link to your favorite questions and answers which were either asked or answered from April 1st 2022 through June 30th 2022. enter the following capatcha to prove you aren't a robot. "I am a robot" Your answers will be compiled into a blog post like previous quarterly posts. I will be usi...

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4:28 PM
posted on June 27, 2022 by Jack B Nimble

The epic next chapter in the cinematic Monsterverse pits two of the greatest icons in motion picture history against each other–the fearsome Godzilla and the mighty Kong–with humanity caught in the balance. – IMDB I saw Kong: Skull Island, but I did not see Godzilla or Godzilla: King of the Monsters (probably an honorary title). ... Read more

5:19 PM
Q: A scifi book about a boy raised to fight in a war by playing a realtime strategy game

ADS103Back in the early 2000's, I read a scifi book that I'm now trying to recall. I picked it up in a public school library. The book might have been published in the 80's or 90's. Here's what I remember... The story followed a remarkably intelligent boy. He was raised in an isolated environment large...

5:46 PM
Q: Short-story where a man seeks a serum to dream of life before the atomic bomb

Bruno GalvanI'm looking for a story, I think 60s / 70s but I'm not sure. A man learned of a doctor who injects a serum that allows you to dream everything you want, so he goes to this doctor to find out. Then he returns home, where he lives a few days of banal normality: he scolds the children who are arguin...

Q: i dont remeber the name

bhavyai saw this anime a long while ago in which one brother hates the other and also frames him for the death of there parents there is a school for people with special power in which first the mc declines but joins there is also a train scene in the begining of the aNime

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7:03 PM
Q: Title of sci-fi short story where at the end we learn that the main character is not human after all and every alien race calls itself "human"

Tania GI remember reading a short story that really impressed me as a child in the 90's. It was sci-fi anthology from my father's old book collection, so probably at the very least a decade old already. Plot/summary The story revolves around the main character and his/her family/clan and their simple li...

7:55 PM
Q: How well known or documented are the events of End Game to the general population?

Jorge CórdobaIn WandaVision episode 5, the following exchange takes place: MONICA: Uh, she could've taken out Thanos on her own if he hadn't initiated a blitz. I mean, nobody else came close. JIMMY: Well, I'd argue that Captain Marvel came close. Out of universe this is an obvious reference to some eye catc...

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9:06 PM
Q: What is this blue stone powering White Vision?

taylor.2317In WandaVision, White Vision is introduced. This character is different from the Vision due to its colour, but also its (non-existent?) stone. As you can see in the image below, the Vision is powered by the Mind Stone. However, White Vision has a blue space where the stone would be. We know that ...

Q: Can someone explain "Military Democracy" as referenced in Death's End?

AdamOIn Liu Cixin's Rememberance of Earth's Past series book 3: Death's End, Cheng Xin has joined the PIA - planetary defence intelligence agency - as an intern. Her boss presents as an acerbic yet determined person. In her work, the narrator touches on the concept of military democracy but its exact ...

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10:55 PM
Q: What was Origin about, when it was the religionof the Ori only, i.e. asthey were still on the mortal plane?

Martin HandrlicaOrigin seems like a fundamentalist religion from the get-go, given the conflcy between the Ori and the Ancients

Q: War on the moon between two nations, one of which votes on strategy and one which does not

AndrewThis thread reminded me of a story I read in Analog in the post-2000 era, about a war on the moon (I'm pretty sure) between two nations, one of which decided strategies via public vote, and one of which had the authoritarian ruler decide such matters.


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