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12:13 AM
Q: Set of short stories, including eating mangoes in the bathtub and helium suitcases

BeB00In the early 2000s I read a book that had a series of short stories in it. One of those stories was about a boy meeting an eccentric man who then had a few anecdotes - one was about how the man made money from train porters, by having suitcases filled with helium that had magnets on the bottom, s...

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Q: Iron Man has deadstick flaps when he freezes up in "Iron Man" (2008), but Rhodey in "Civil War" doesn’t?

user153355So, in Iron Man (2008), Iron Man has flaps he can pull for dead fall. Why couldn't he have done the same for Rhodey in Civil War? In order to break his fall and have Falcon break his fall?

3:39 AM
Q: Book about people trying to survive in a world where technology has been shut down or destroyed

user153356I'm looking for a specific book, but I can't find it: it was about an electrical shutdown (no, it's not Blackout). The book was about virus or other things destroying advanced technology and was written from the point of view of a few people. One of them was prepper guy who first shutdown in his ...

4:06 AM
Q: Mecha anime with female villain put into cryo-sleep

user3523I'm trying to identify an anime I saw on TV 15-20 years ago. It was a mecha anime (maybe one of the Gundams?) with two space empires at war. The "bad" side was led by a female commander, and at the end of the series she and her fleet were defeated. Instead of being killed, so chose to be put into...

4:32 AM
Q: Title of a children's book about a young Pegasus who fall from heaven and ends up working in a Circus on a high wire, from the 1950's I think

Stephen Book from the 1960's or 50's picture book with bright bold illustrations image of baby Pegasus in a cloud field in the sky with its mother and other winged horses it fall through a gap in the clouds to earth where it ends up in a Circus on a high wire act until he learns to fly when he falls of ...

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7:58 AM
Q: What's the correct sequence of the "Help! I'm Trapped..." series by Todd Strasser?

WildcardThis series by Todd Strasser is described accurately enough on its Wikipedia page. But the sequence there is only generally correct, not actually accurate. As a kid reading them, I was confused about the intended sequence, and tried to puzzle it together from internal references to earlier books...

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10:52 AM
@Jenayah I have an odd off-topic question if you've got a moment
I'm in an RPG group and we've picked up the habit of modelling fantasy languages on real one, and one player picked French to be our elvish (this is not the first time I've seen it happen)
The character I play has it in their head they can speak elvish//french (they really can't) so I'm on the lookout for some bad/funny mistranslations if you can either think of any or know where I can look for some I would appreciate that
in PSE D&D Chatroom, May 26 at 19:43, by Mithical
"...I was kidding, Fin, brioche à la cannelle. We do stop growing at some point."
in PSE D&D Chatroom, May 26 at 19:45, by AncientSwordRage
"oh....it still must be exhausting being so tall" and Fin looks pityingly at Sherri
in PSE D&D Chatroom, May 26 at 19:46, by AncientSwordRage
"Which Canal were you talking about, though Sherri?"
11:07 AM
@Mithical I assume you speak enough french to help as well?
I actually speak absolutely no French
@Mithical quelle surprise!
It just seemed like a good choice for Elvish :p
11:29 AM
@Mithical Someone played an elf in my universities larp system who only spoke elvish
they took French as an elective (not sure if that's the right term/translation to the american system?) and used french as a stand in
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2:25 PM
Q: Animated superhero parody with humanoid snail antagonist and a pursuit scene

vogrickI have been trying to identify an animated TV show of which I saw a couple episodes as a kid, probably around 2010. It was likely a parody (or at least comedy) of the superhero genre. The main character was superhero or special agent kind of character. I think he had a number of gadgets, but don'...

2:50 PM
Q: 20 rings of power at once?

user1095108There are 20 rings of power and the average person has 20 fingers and toes. A person could wear all 20 at once, even if some of the fingers and toes were missing (by putting 2 on each finger, for example, not using the toes at all), but there exist more exotic possibilities of nose-rings, ear-rin...

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5:19 PM
posted on June 28, 2022 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: It's not about the destination, it's about the money we made along the way. Today's News:

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Q: Harry Potter FanFiction harry is sent to Azkaban, dies and returns to being a child after a deal with death. death also had sent Harrys brother back

Joshariaharry has a brother who everyone thinks is the real child of prophecy. stuff happens and harry is sent to Azkaban where I think he dies. he makes a deal with death who sends him back in time. death also mentions that he had sent Harrys brother back once before. so his brother was already a return...

7:34 PM
Q: TV series in 70s - 80s about a lady ghost and a young man

Masuly TV series in 70s - 80s about a beautiful lady ghost living in a big old house or castle. The male lead is a young artist or something. He found the old house and moved in for free (or for a very low price). The lady ghost is always wearing the same long elegant dress. Being a ghost, she can go ...

Q: Story about a mother and her son on a generation ship becoming immortal

altersxI read a while ago a science fiction story about becoming immortal. The story starts with a couple on a generation ship, when they receive a message from Earth about a cure for mortality. The wife and son then choose the cure while the husband and daughter don't. The story then goes from there to...

Q: Manhwa where the main character's brother kills their family and overthrows the king

AshleyI am looking for a Manhwa where the female main character's "brother" kills the family and overthrows the king. She and and her brother were bullied in the family. The main character comes back as a child and is nicer to the brother. The brother still kills the family, but spares the main charact...

8:00 PM
Q: Webtoon/Webcomic where a vampire saves two people who crash their car into a lake

IsasulIt’s night time and this vampire-ish dude finds two people who crashed their car into a lake. The vampire dude had walked into the lake to the car and pulled the victims out and we later see one of the victims with their head shaved. Then we see one of them wake up, lead out to a little medieval ...

Q: One-shot collection of shoujo manga, including a story about Tarzan-like jungle man and a girl who sacrificed herself for him

user153381I've been craving to reread this one-shot shoujo manga collection. I only remember several things from this manga, since I read it a long ago. The first story is in space universe. The next story is about a man who lived in jungle since he was born (I guess?) who meets a newcomer girl; kinda Tarz...

Q: Anime about gems that can give you powers

DaviI’m looking for an anime. I think it was from the 80’s/90’s, not sure. The things I remember was that there were multiple people who had gem stones that could give them power. Then there was a girl but they didn’t let her try any of the gems until one day she went shopping for rollerblades and fo...

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9:13 PM
@AncientSwordRage In that vein, "honey" which is used as a synonym of "dear", "loved one" in English, translates very poorly in French :p if you call someone "miel" (French translation of "honey"), they will look at you all "why is that guy calling me the stuff that comes out of bees' saliva?" 😁
Unless maybe you're in a kinky roleplay with a French-speaking beekeeper. Not judging :)
9:29 PM
I guess "pardon my French" would work as well? Not as much for the translation part, rather the cultural aspect of it, as no French-speaking person would consider being rude as "speaking French"
Or rather, maybe they would, but they would not plead sorry about it :p
9:43 PM
Q: Fantasy book series where the rulers of the city have gemstones in their chests

papereater9782I've been trying to find this series for years and hoping someone has some insight. This was a YA fantasy series that I read in the mid-90's about a city that was ruled by four couples. Each couple had a signature gemstone (emerald, ruby, diamond, etc) in their chest and that signified which grou...

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11:00 PM
Q: Manhwa where a girl transmigrates into a novel as the villainess and befriends the female lead

Star SakuraI'm looking for a manhwa where a girl transmigrates into a novel and is the villainess. She befriends the female lead and the female lead is like a saintess who has a disease and dies. She has three males suitors. One is obsessive and the others she didn't get along with. The villainess leaves th...

11:24 PM
@Jenayah these are good!
Q: Whose statue felt on 838's Captain Marvel while fighting with the Scarlet Witch?

nanoengIn Dr. Strange 2, during 838's Captain Marvel fight against the Scarlet Witch, whose statue felt over Maria Rambeau?

The character thinks they know a lot of languages they don't, for instance I've substituted Finnish for gnomish here:
> "*Herkku,*" Fin groaned, looking up at her gnomish friend.
"*Serkku*", she replied without skipping a beat, "Did… You called me 'delicacy'.., you meant 'cousin'? I mean get up!"
That's from a story I'm writing about the chatacter though

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