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12:13 AM
Q: Show/miniseries which aired on HBO in the early '90s, featuring "Water Police"

Andrew BissellThis is something I've been totally unable to find any information about through search engines. In the early/mid '90s, I remember seeing what I think was a show or miniseries about a dystopian future where water was in extremely short supply, and used as a means of control over the populace. The...

12:46 AM
Q: Help understanding this Arcadia abstract referencing "Ted Chiang’s Story of Your Life (1998) and its filmic adaptation Arrival (2016)"

uhohIsrael Noletto and Sebastião Lopes's June 1, 2019 Heptapod B and the Paradox of Foreknowledge: Confronting Literature and its Filmic Adaptation in Arcadia is already challenging for me to read and understand. I won't have access to the full paper for a while, but in principle I should be able to ...

1:30 AM
Q: Lunar Silver star text question

Guilherme WoolleyCome on, Nall! If anyone knows anything about money, it's me! Let's do it one more time. It'll be fun, I promise! Brett: You kids are back? Come on, now. I don't wanna win no more of your allowances...it just ain't right. Ramus: We want to make things more interesting, Brett. We want to bet...thi...

@AncientSwordRage ?
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7:04 AM
Q: A man eats a ghost

Danny Mc GI saw this on UK TV sometime (I think) in the late 1980s, it was like an outer limits type show ... But not actually Outer Limits. There was a chubby man who got another to help him in an old house - he was a gourmet who'd eaten most things, I think he'd even tried cannibalism. One thing he reall...

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8:21 AM
Q: Story about aliens with a drugging touch who love music

K-TI'm trying to find a story I read in Australia, probably in the late 2000s or the early 2010s. I think it was a short story, not a full novel, and it might have been in a magazine such as Cosmos. It had a serious tone. The story was about aliens who came from the sea. The aliens were intelligent ...

Q: Old cartoon about a robot looked like a small girl

YaelThe young boy with his father arrive in a spaceship to some planet, maybe Earth, where to be a robot or a cyborg is illegal for some reason, the police arrests all robots and cyborgs. The boy finds a little girl which doesn`t remember who she is, he helps her and slowly she starts to remember, ev...

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10:50 AM
@uhoh you shared it without context
11:43 AM
@AncientSwordRage I'm still confused; if I scroll upwards there are dozens of links to questions without context. While this SE question is not posted in SciFi SE it is about a pretty well-known SciFi story and then feature film by a well known author and so likely of interest to readers here "General discussion for scifi.stackexchange.com, both on-topic and off-topic." What further context could there be?
With mod powers you can probably see that I've been doing this from time to time for years. Nobody's ever asked for "context" before.
12:33 PM
@uhoh oh I'm more wondering if you're sharing it cos you're stuck on answering or you think someone here will be good at answering... Or if you wanted to start a discussion about it here?
We get Lit.SE story ID questions posted in a fees, do you think we should add another feed from Lit.SE?
I don't like that Marvin/Obie posts every new question here tbh
@uhoh Most of the oneboxed questions posted here without context are posted by bots. "Marvin" is a bot which posts here every new question on SFF.SE; "Babelfish" is another bot which posts here some SFF-relevant questions from Lit.SE; etc.
We just gave the bots funny names and avatars because we're ... er, cool and stuff?
@Randal'Thor I'm more in the 'and stuff' category IMO
Me too :-D
@AncientSwordRage It used to be fine, when we had an active main chatroom ... but now, getting rid of it would feel like a defeat (and would make the room even emptier, with very few messages per day).
We need to get @Alex and @Jenayah back in here.
@Randal'Thor I feel like it would encouragemore conversation
12:42 PM
@Mithical Here I am.
@AncientSwordRage Not just Story-ID; the feed also includes Tolkien, Gaiman, Rowling, and the genre tags for SF&F, and a few other tags.
@Alex Welcome back to the madhouse.
@Alex *waves* We're feeling the lack of your regular arguments.
I check in every so often. Have I missed anything exciting?
Nope. That's the problem.
12:47 PM
Don't get trapped in the sunk cost fallacy
I have an open tab on an answer I’ve been writing for several months at this point.
I suppose I should finish it....
Not that that would create too much excitement.
@AncientSwordRage I've already spent so much time indulging the sunk cost fallacy, it'd be silly to stop now.
Unless it’s a controversial one.
I see that one of my most controversial answers now has a positive score.
@Alex You're known for those.
@Randal'Thor Glad my reputation hasn’t died yet.
I wonder if there’s a SEDE query to see difference between highest and lowest scoring posts.
Mine is 185.
But not counting zero score posts.
Anyone can get those. It takes something to get a -10 post.
12:59 PM
My highest scoring is +1567, lowest (that I'm aware of) is -8.
@Alex On the network, or on an individual site? The latter would be easy, standard site search could do it fairly quickly.
@Mithical I assume on Meta?
@Mithical that's going to take some beating
@Randal'Thor Individual site.
But not just for one person. To show rankings for everyone.
Not quite my most top scoring, but I am pleased with these meme post
1:04 PM
@Alex Didn’t notice it was linked.
@Alex Ah, I see. Yeah, that could be interesting, but it might also just be a list of basically who has the highest-scoring and lowest-scoring posts.
Presumably Valorum and user931 would be up near the top of that list.
@Randal'Thor My assumption is that most users who post high-scoring answers don’t also post many negative scoring answers.
That assumption may be incorrect though.
Most, maybe. But there's a significant number of people with both very high-scoring and very low-scoring posts.
@AncientSwordRage it's only my 2nd litSE question ever so I can't speak to feeds. It's a brand new question so nothing is stuck about it yet, it simply might be of interest to readers of science fiction, and there's always a possibility that someone here who likes to think about how other people think about determinism dichotomies and paradoxes of foreknowledge.
For example, imagine someone who's knowledgeable or knows how to do good research in a topic (hence many high-scoring answers) but also has some controversial opinions (hence low-scoring ones).
Oh wait, you don't need to imagine that, you can look in a mirror :-P But you're not the only one.
Or someone who generally doesn't put much effort into their posts (hence many low-scoring posts) but occasionally hits the HNQ jackpot (hence high-scoring ones).
1:08 PM
Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most controversial one of all?
Probably not you.
There are people controversial enough to have earned long suspensions.
@uhoh that cool!
Anyway, I only have 25 negative posts. Slacking off.
Three of them about the same point.
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2:22 PM
Q: strange logo from Witcher franchise

Sabbir Ahmed I found this necklace online which says it's from the Witcher franchise. Could someone verify where exactly was this logo portrayed in the Witcher games?

3 hours later…
5:16 PM
posted on June 26, 2022 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: I sometimes make bread to create a gradient to induce the appearance of the wife. Today's News:

6:13 PM
Q: Fantasy book series: village man becomes leader; Aragorn analogue lives in his village

Daniel ScottThis is driving me mad, so I'm desperately hoping this works I read the book maybe 5 years ago? The protagonist is a standard villager who provides goods/services to the village. There's no magic school or king or anything. It's a small village with a mayor. In the village where the protagonist l...

7:09 PM
Q: Why was this character able to appear as a force ghost?

SetsuIn the final episode of the kenobi television series we see However, if I remember correctly in the Clone Wars television series it was established that Did I miss something in-between these events?

Q: 1960s? movie. Alien Entity gives 6-7 random people scatter around the world the power to wipe out all life in a large area around them

NJohnnyI believe the movie might have been black and white. So might have been from the 50s. It was in English and pretty sure it was made in USA. Some alien entity/force/device/figure simultaneously visits 6-7 people scattered around the world, and gives them a small device. Similar to a ladies make up...

7:34 PM
Q: short story protagonist asks girl to cover up at beach then she wears half exposed dress to dinner, russian has camera that sends to moscow to develop

user153303The overall story is more about the man who is a reporter or an agent from US and his interaction with a foreign society and changes. Unclear whether an off-world component, but I think it was an introduction to a character that had several other stories and or novellas. May have been same char...

1 hour later…
8:51 PM
Q: Pre-1980 story about man who can access alternate universes. References to a girl with a scar on her face, and Mithras

AndrewSome years ago, I read on rec.arts.sf.written about a story (I think by Lafferty or Davidson) about a man who could access alternate universes - he can, for example, pick up a quarter from the return slot in a phone booth, then grab another quarter from a nearly identical universe, and another an...

Q: OMNI magazine short story about generation ship caretaker instantiated to evaluate planet viability

charonI read this story in OMNI when I was a kid sometime in the 80's. The generation ship has no living crew, but will create one person from DNA when it gets close to a candidate planet to determine if it's right for settling. If it is not good, the person has to live out his life and die on the way ...

1 hour later…
10:08 PM
Q: 2000s kids show, characters choose creatures to fight in randomly chosen arenas

user153308There was this kids show aired in the 2000s, the plot is about characters battling each other in 1v1s, choosing creatures (hybrid animals, armoured)to fight in randomly chosen arenas. The arenas are chosen by one side and characters are their own or randomly chosen? The fights were either simulat...

11:00 PM
Q: 1960's-1970's (possibly older) sci-fi story about a man stuck on a inhabited planet with a twist

DeinonychusThe story was about a man who crashed on a uninhabited planet and was wandering around for few years looking for another crashed spaceship to use it's parts to repair his spaceship. He had a small alien creature sitting on his shoulder with who he talked about Earth and how he wants to return hom...

Q: What happens when two tyranids from different hives encounter? the universe of Warhammer 40K, what happens when two tyranids from different hives encounter? Two subjects from different tyranid fleets/hives/minds encounter each other with no interfering forces. What happens? I don't know much about the setting or the workings of w40k, just some factions,...

11:20 PM
@Alex You should save it in a text file and not rely on SE's draft saves, if that's what you've been doing
Well, in my opinion.
I have a tab open on a question I've been meaning to write a pretty detailed answered to for... Ouch. Last quarter of 2021? :/
Not a story-ID one though, a lore one. Although since it's been months since I read the stuff and I don't have a copy, I've probably forgotten half of the examples by now
@Mithical Hiya
@Jenayah Hello to you too.
It has indeed been a while
Although, like you (and probably a couple others too), I do keep a tab open on the Restaurant
Remember this?
Mar 11, 2019 at 23:15, by Alex
Dec 31 '18 at 21:39, by Alex
Sep 12 at 22:02, by Jenayah
@Alex it's an appointment then. Let's say March 17, 2023?
It's actually coming up soon now.
Bite me, it indeed is
The next two comments aged well.
Sep 12, 2018 at 22:06, by Alex
@Jenayah Assuming we're all still alive, the internet still exists, I remember about it, etc.
Sep 12, 2018 at 22:07, by Jenayah
@Alex did the Maya predict any other "end of the world" until 2023?
11:32 PM
Well, the first three conditions look like they could still be satisfied by then
As per the Mayas, they did not predict another end of the world that I know of
The Maya did not even predict a world pandemic. That said, it's presumably because they were too busy themselves dealing with the tons of illnesses the conquistadores brought to them.
"Not being truly alive, he cannot be killed." - Dumbledore
Presumably applies to bathtubs as well.
Indeed it does:
May 15, 2019 at 16:22, by Stormblessed
@Stormblessed unless I'm @Alex in which case I don't have a lifetime due to being a bathtub
I'm pretty sure we can put up a list of things Dumbledore said about Voldemort without realising it could apply to bathtubs as well.
Would get closed as Opinion-Based :)
Like doesn't understand love.
@Alex Eh, business as usual :)
11:50 PM
Curious why this would be Spam or Rude/Abusive.
Q: Short story about a chef who is asked to cook a recipe for immortality/life extension

chef_story_requestI'd like some help identifying a short story. Here's what I remember of the plot: The protagonist is a chef, working at a very out-of-the-way establishment (I think it was maybe a kind of mountain lodge that she also owned). She is very highly trained, and used to work at very fancy restaurants, ...


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