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12:03 AM
Q: movie about a man who uses his mental abilities to cause catastrophic events and accidents to others

LiviuIn the 1990s I watched a movie about a man who could cause disasters and deadly accidents to others by using the power of his mind. The movie starts with a boy who grows in a school where he is abused by the teacher. During a class, where the kid was not paying attention and was daydreaming looki...

12:53 AM
Q: What manwha is this

I'd like to Be immortalThe mc(female) lived for her fiance she even used a spell that was basically impossible to hold more magic to summon more holy beasts so he can be recognized She failed multiple times resulting in her whole body getting destroyed where she couldn't show herself in public and had to live in the sh...

1:18 AM
I think this is off-topic:
Q: DOS Go/Othello/Reversi clone with creatures/monsters like Snowmen instead of stones

TaejangA DOS game, or maybe Windows 3.1 / early Win95, released somewhere in the early to mid 90s. It was a form of Go, Othello, or Reversi. Isometric graphics with sprites (in color), not a top-down board like old chess games, and no 3D models. You took turns against the computer; on your turn, you mov...

But I'm not sure.
Are SF&F games on-topic?
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3:10 AM
Hey Harry Potter folks! Is a tag that we want to have, or is it just like one of those HP character tags that we can't get rid of because even if we delete the tag they pop up again and again so we kind of gave up? If the former, scifi.stackexchange.com/q/133611/4918 should be tagged.
3:30 AM
Also scifi.stackexchange.com/a/65249/4918 mentions that the Dark Lord possessed snakes specifically while he had no body of his own. Where to the books say that? I thought it was in Goblet ch. 33, but that only says “His [Wormtail's] filthy little friends [rats] told him there was a place, deep in an Albanian forest, that they avoided, where small animals like themselves met their deaths by a dark shadow that possessed them…” but no mention of snakes specifically.
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5:11 AM
@b_jonas That might be a question for meta - sometimes the opinion of chat regulars is quite different from the opinion of the community at large, where tags are concerned.
5:27 AM
Q: Was Theoden's speech a reference to Hamlet?

deedsIn the second LOTR movie, Theoden says this before charging out at Helm's deep: Let this be the hour when we draw swords together. Fell deeds awake. Now for wrath, now for ruin, and the red dawn. Forth, Eorlingas! In the books, Theoden-King delivers a similar speech/poem before the Battle of Pe...

5:51 AM
Q: Why does Dobby speak like that?

Ken JerichoDobby speaks to Harry Potter: Dobby has heard of your greatness, sir...but never has he been asked to sit down by a wizard, like an equal. Why does Dobby hesitates to say "I"?

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7:08 AM
@b_jonas Ceterum autem censeo Chartaginem esse delendam
I think having tags for the individual books and films would be helpful. Character tags, as well as tags for different aspects of the Potterverse, not so much. But I'm in the minority in that.
7:55 AM
Q: How did the droid know that Qui-gon and Obi-wan were both Jedi?

HelloZero005In the Movie Star wars Phantom Menance movie beginning of the movie droid identified as Qui-gon and Obi-wan both are Jedi, How is that possible, did Droid had information about them?

8:06 AM
@Anonymous SFF-nal content in general is on topic independent of the media, so yeah SFF-nal games are on topic. It's a bit more borderline whether that particular question is on or off topic though
@b_jonas FWIW there are also tags like . I don't think we necessarily need to get rid of these types of tags but agree with Rand it might be something better asked on meta
Q: What manga is this

I'd like to Be immortalThe mc (female mother of 2 twins) is semi immortal and is the highest rank adventurer in the world and she is super doting of her two daughters and is merciless to anyone who tries to talk to them She is white haired (same with the daughters) She has two different colored eyes Non full color

Q: Can I ask about the title of the manga with the theme of the fired hero because cruel?

RE ZENI want to find a manga that I read last year with this storyline: A manga that tells the story of a hero who was fired/kick out from party because his very cruel how his work , and met a former demon leader who was kick out from the devil lord castle and get Bullied by his troops.

Q: How do the spores in "Body Snatchers" replicate?

J. DoeIn Finney's book "The Body Snatchers", we learn that: alien spores can evolve into different things including human bodies during being asleep and by this human population can be replaced replaced population uses agriculture to grow new spores Does Finney describe, either give a hint what is th...

Hi @Susuivdf !
10:13 AM
@Marvin This wants a better title
10:25 AM
Q: Why did Grima opt for this solution to her problems?

AdamantOn the show Katla, Grima appears to struggle with the fact that wants to live her life, do her job, have her husband, redecorate her house, and so forth. To resolve this conundrum, Not, say, splitting the work, or flipping a coin to see who had to start a new life. The two play, and one of them...

@Randal'Thor I don't think I'm invested at Harry Potter tags enough these days to ask on meta. I just saw this very new question and wondered if I should tag it, my guess was no. But you're right that there's no real agreement on which HP tags we should have.
10:50 AM
Q: Sci-fi anthology book with a story about a boy given a third eye by aliens, and another story with a female spaceship commander and canine-like aliens

Rhonwen StephensI've been reminded recently of a sci-fi anthology book I had/read many years ago. Pretty sure its from the '80s (I'm in the UK). I don't have many details except vague memories of 2 stories. The first is about a child/boy (teen?) living on, staying at, or visiting an alien world with his parents....

Q: Why does Kjartan not notice anything?

AdamantIn the show Katla, Grima writes a letter to her partner, Kjartan, saying that the person whom he will meet when he gets home is not her, and that she will explain things later. He seemingly dismisses this, as well as her firm insistence that he has been talking to someone who is not her, and that...

Hi @Aeg :)
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1:18 PM
Q: Name of a book about a world where people have animal familiars, the MC sets out to discover the origins of the original soul bond with the familiars

ShadowI think it was a book series but only read one book. It was about this guy setting out of a journey to discover why his people form soul bonds with animals or something like that. He had a cat, its either it's purple or blue. It's not Golden Compass, I know the whole soul thing sounds like Golden...

2:00 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Hey there Carrot. Congratulations on your elections bruv :D
Thanks :)
How you been?
Also there are some unanswered ASOIAF questions at the moment, nudge nudge
> "Hey there Carrot, what's it like in New Mod City? I'm a thousand votes away and your new diamond looks so pretty."
2:23 PM
That's actually in my playlist for my drive home later
@TheLethalCarrot Speaking of playlists for new mods:
Q: Why does the Lion appoint this person to be the new Lord Cypher?

LiathI've been reading the Dark Angel's parts of the Horus Heresy recently and I'm trying to understand the Lion's motives. My understanding is that The Lion is aware of this and When the Emperor arrives and leaves to take part in the Great Crusade he quickly sends Luthor and Zahariel back to Caliba...

2:52 PM
@Marvin Do we want a book tag? I always forget how to do tags.
mainly as I'm not clear which books 'Dark Angel's parts' is (it's not going to help me answer, but maybe someone else?)
It wants the [warhammer-40k] at the very least
I wonder if we could do with a tag?
I don't know W40K enough to have an opinion on specific tags to be honest
The Black Library is basically all of Warhammer fiction
so it would be used for all novels set in either the 40k, Fantasy or Age of Sigmar settings, but not necessarily cover the games in any way
That Star Trek funerals question is turning into a classic list question.
3:00 PM
So a parent tag to [warhammer-40k], [warhammer-fantasy] and [age-of-sigmar]?
@DavidW Yup
@TheLethalCarrot not necessarily because you could ask questions about the games that don't relate to the books
Ah okay, sounds like it would be a good tag but potentially messy
@AncientSwordRage Does that really help? Without having read more than a handful of W40k works, I don't get the impression there's much overlap with the other settings.
The game mechanics on the other hand...
@DavidW not sure
it's why I'm currently wondering and not just making the tag
Might be worth askign on meta?
3:04 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I'll think on it first
AIUI, the primary way that W40k and Warhammer are similar is in (the original) gameplay. And the same company producing them.
I don't want to propose somethign and then immediately say we shouldn't haveit afterwards
Oh, and they both have orcs and "elves."
3:27 PM
@DavidW Wait what? There's a Warhammer game that isn't Warhammer 40000? Isn't that just a shorter name for the franchise?
@b_jonas nope
there's three games
40k (Grim dark sci-fi), Fantasy (fairly run of the mill fantasy, but with some cross-over references like green orks) and Age of Sigmar (more fantasy, but with some non-traditional stuff about various factions)
3:42 PM
@b_jonas Just in case you've never heard of it: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warhammer_(game)
Isn't Warhammer straight up fantasy, while Warhammer 40k is fantasy + sf?
Basically, yes.
but the fantasy franchise was called Warhammer Fantasy. It's now Warhammer Age of Sigmar
So Fantasy and Age of Sigmar are the same thing?
@TheLethalCarrot no, one replaced the other
3:56 PM
AH okay
Fantasy had quite different rules, so to semi-standardise it they did a medium-soft reboot
4:12 PM
Q: Book about immigrant I can't identify

Michael Joseph DaukulisSo this is a long shot, but back in the early 1990's my father would rent a massive load of audiobooks from the library, and didn't care how old I was, and listened anyway on his way to work. Anyway, one of the first I remember was a story about a German or European Immigrant in 19th Century New ...

4:25 PM
Q: When will the new Stack Overflow badge design come to other sites?

userIt looks like Stack Overflow has a new box for badges on the profile page: However, it appears this has not been rolled out to other sites, such as Code Golf. This is quite a nice design, so when can we expect to see it on other sites too? Or will it be only for Stack Overflow for a while, like ...

@DavidW Wait, is that one of the old style role-playing games that preceded D&D?
Q: Audiobook about 19th century New York immigrant obsessed with photography and a red-headed woman

Michael Joseph DaukulisBack in the early 1990's my father got an audiobook from the library about a German or European immigrant in 19th century New York (I think it mentioned the main male protagonist seeing the Statue of Liberty). The main character is obsessed with photography, his new camera, and this red headed wo...

no it's not, it's too new for that. ok.
@b_jonas No, if anything the original versions had a D&D-influenced role-playing and magic system that was later abandoned.
@TheLethalCarrot Interesting, new badge design coming to profiles at some point
Interrupting @b_jonas making me reply to myself :P
5:02 PM
Q: Other authors adopt Card's Hierarchy of Foreignness?

Jeff ZeitlinSometimes, an author comes up with a term or a concept in one of his/her stories that subsequently gets ‘embedded’ in subsequent literature. For example, Le Guin created the term ansible for a FTL communicator, and Asimov came up with the Three Laws of Robotics. Card’s Hierarchy of Foreignness fr...

@Marvin Do we think this is going to be a good list question or a bad list question ... :-/
5:36 PM
@AncientSwordRage Mu.
5:58 PM
I would actually expect that there would not be very many hits (except that we're in the self-/web-publishing age and millions of monkeys are churning out crap) since most authors tend to either fall on the "we can talk to anything if we try hard enough" or "we just can't communicate" ends of the spectrum.
posted on June 24, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: The unlimited supply of hotpants has been very generous, though. Today's News:

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7:55 PM
Q: Short story about aliens, in contact with a middle schooler who feels doom approaching. At the end the aliens "wind down" Earth

David TonhoferThis was a short story from an anthology (maybe one of those "Best Of" phone-sized books edited by Gardner Dozois?) somewhen between 2000 and 2005. The story: Aliens arrive as in the movie "Arrival" (silvery eggs land and hover and then nothing happens). They avoid direct contact. For some reason...

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10:49 PM
Q: Movie with broadcast killer?

ArkhamWrathI remember old movie where man kill people with strange machine through tv broadcast. Remembering that machine was actually a big, almost half room stand just in front of tv and at other end i think that man sitting to handle with it. Remembering that at end of movie main good guy, some policeman...

11:32 PM
The XKCD map following that question would have been funnier if an hour hadn't passed in between.
And then the XKCD post vanished?
Q: Does anyone remember a short story about families on a fake spaceflight?

Suzanne KenyonThe preteen boy, who has lived his whole life on a spaceship, discovers that food is delivered to a hidden door and that the journey is research.


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