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1:03 AM
There's a deleted comment on this post:
Q: In a real-life "Truman Show", why would they have the actors perform the exact same tasks robotically each day?

T. KempelThis is not about the movie "Truman Show", but rather about the concept shown in the movie, applied to real life. Obviously, the movie is the way it is because it is the most convenient for the story. If somebody actually were running such a massive-budget TV show, why would they have the actors ...

Something along the lines of "@FuzzyBoots I've seen questions like this all over Stack Exchange. You're just trying to get this removed from the site.".
I flagged it as rude or abusive, and it was deleted.
Can a moderator remind me what it said?
Maybe @Randal'Thor since you're on chat at the moment?
2:07 AM
Q: Film ID pyramid made of small cubes

skyjackTrying to track down a film I saw in my childhood on TV in the Uk. Most likely this would have been broadcast between 1983 and 1986 as I am fairly sure it was part of the "Murder Mystery Suspense" themed slot channel 3 ran on Saturday evenings. Most of these were US made for TV films and very few...

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4:12 AM
Q: Trying to find a movie about a dad who goes to a fantasy universe to find kids

user142900Hey so I tried to find this movie but I couldn't. I only remember vague details but it was about a white family with a dad who I think was estranged to his kids (a son and a younger daughter) and he winds up in some Atlantis-esque dream world where he has to fufill some quest and his kids are in ...

4:33 AM
Well, I think I already congratulated @TheLethalCarrot, but have another one now that it's actually official :)
Some of the vote distribution was pretty surprising, though.
Definitely expected SQB to get more votes, for one thing, and u931 to get much fewer.
Q: Name of short story/author

Eric JohnsonStory of palaeontologist. Lemurs breed ancient hominids as labor animals and hunting animals. The hominids become intelligent and wipe out their lemur masters, so the lemurs are responsible for evolution of homo sapiens. It was a female author and possibly Russian. It was in an anthology like Yea...

5:02 AM
Q: Short story written as future summary of the history of a particular uploaded brain

Davis YoshidaI read a short story in the last few years which was written from the perspective of several hundred years in the future, about a particular brain which had been uploaded near the present day (originally for research), then copied extremely widely and used ubiquitously for menial mental tasks. A ...

5:25 AM
@Mithical Well, as I said in the other room, at this point I am not too surprised when brash, controversial candidates receive a surprising amount of support.
But I expected SQB to receive more votes than I did.
Their name is much more parsimonious! To me, that gives an impression of objectivity and seriousness.
6:16 AM
Q: Anime ive been looking for about 5 years, about aliens

BenAll I remember, is there was this lady/girl who was in her room when she discovered this little colored guy later on they discovered more of these guys the only other one I remember would be a red guy that was angry an DC use explosives I'm pretty sure they were aliens of some sort and I would sa...

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8:20 AM
Q: Where does this clip of the demon's face in Father Karras' dream come from?

SusuivdfThere are two versions on youtube. The first link, the one in question, has kind of a white flashing light that makes it hard to see the demon's face. I assume this is not the vhs version because I don’t remember seeing that when I first saw it on vhs, so I assume it’s some later dvd version tha...

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11:31 AM
@Adamant didn't you know? SQB stands for Serious Quality Banter.
@Adamant like I said in the election room, I think we — in chat — may have a very different opinion of users than users that never or rarely show up in chat.
@SQB I fully expect this/agree with this
@JackBNimble well, here comes the robot apocalypse.
11:50 AM
@SQB 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01101011 01101110 01101111 01110111 00100000 01101001 01110100
@TheLethalCarrot 01001001 00100000 01100110 01101111 01110010 00100000 01101111 01101110 01100101 00100000 01110111 01100101 01101100 01100011 01101111 01101101 01100101 00100000 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01101110 01100101 01110111 00100000 01110010 01101111 01100010 01101111 01110100 00100000 01101101 01101111 01100100 01100101 01110010 01100001 01110100 01101111 01110010
12:33 PM
congrats @TheLethalCarrot
12:56 PM
1:43 PM
Q: Sci-Fi Movie where the scary shape of the aliens turns out to be an illusion

DavidI'm searching for a movie where humans fight some aliens. Those aliens have a very scary shape (like monsters, bugs, ants, or something similar). At some point during the movie it is revealed that this scary shape is actually an illusion made to manipulate the humans into fighting with fewer mora...

2:09 PM
@Marvin Oh, this is familiar. Wasn't there a Twilight Zone or Outer Limits episode where both sides were human, but the soldiers of both sides were brainwashed into thinking the other were aliens?
@DavidW it rings a bell for stargate as well, but it's not a perfect fit
2:21 PM
Are the question text ads solely for questions or can we link to other pages on the site? For example, unanswered questions pages: /questions/tagged/marvel-cinematic-universe?tab=Unanswered — TheLethalCarrot ♦ 3 mins ago
Let's keep it reserved for posts for the trial, @TheLethalCarrot — JNat ♦ 49 secs ago
Well there goes that idea!
2:50 PM
Found it. New Outer Limits.
What's the plural of Batman? "Batmen" looks wrong, but "Batmans" is worse.
Batmen, for sure.
It's batmen in the military context, at least. Tolkien basing Sam on batmen etc.
Batpeople? That would include Batgirl as well.
2:53 PM
Oh that does loop too quickly
Is Batman's toilet full of crazy people?
What makes guano so crazy to begin with?
Why can't you get guano from a guanaco?
@TheLethalCarrot because Batman is an animal, like sheep, fish or deer
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4:12 PM
Q: A short story about humans becoming pets and pets caring for them

FelixTheDogThe story is rather short - one or two A4 pages, and I read it in a weekly (not in English) some 30-33 years ago. The setting is a room, with a man and a pet (either a cat or a dog). The pet starts speaking and the man is taken aback, because the pet explains that humanity has run its course, and...

4:36 PM
Q: Anime Identification of a small house in a field, two siblings, and a flying ship

MastaMizClixIt has been years, but at one point I remember seeing a part of an anime on TV in which there was a lonely small house in the middle of a field on either a hill or a floating island. I remember the grass blowing in the wind. It was clear the young siblings, boy and younger sister, were trying to ...

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5:51 PM
Q: Are there any other example of funeral services in Star Trek?

AlithThere is a famous scene in Star Trek 2 - The Wrath of Khan, where after heroically saving the Enterprise, Spock is "buried" with honours. While Spock's death is possible the only one of a main character, (although I could be wrong on that as I've not watched all S...

6:15 PM
Q: Story with a man named Rush with Alzheimer's being guided by his AI through his day, and eventually using him to solve a murder

FuzzyBootsI found the likely answer to a deleted answer that was kind of a request for ID of another book on 70's/80's Short story man uses PC to compensate for progressive memory loss then they die in suicide pact and I figured it was worth posting for if anyone else is looking for it. I remember one tha...

6:34 PM
@Marvin that's dedication, @FuzzyBoots.
7:19 PM
posted on June 23, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Btw, the fish tank explanation also solves the Fermi paradox. Today's News:

7:30 PM
Q: Reference for work including a tongue-in-cheek list of books set in a world whose name sounded like "Skryblyz"

Ron KaminskyI have a memory of some work (article, book, short story, review, etc.) connected with science fiction and fantasy which included a parodic list of book titles which included the name of a fictional world which, I think, sounded like "Skryblyz". I am pretty sure that at the time when I read this ...

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8:40 PM
@xkcd Washington (PA)
2 hours later…
10:29 PM
Q: Is the film Apollo 13 (1995) on topic?

Robert ColumbiaIs the 1995 film Apollo 13 on-topic? The primary plot of the film (the crew of a crippled spaceship struggle to survive and stay on course after a disaster) fits a classic SFF mold, but it is not fiction - rather it is pretty much a straight retelling of an actual space mission/disaster with only...

10:49 PM
Q: Manga about a modern day girl who is transported in time to marry a king, but is rejected due to her boyish looks

caniqua elliotThere was this manga I forgot the title of and am trying to find. It's about a modern day girl who is transported in time; apparently she is considered holy and is to marry the womanising king. But due to her boyish looks she is rejected and is sent off by the king to marry one of his veteran kni...

11:15 PM
@Slartibartfast completely off topic

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