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12:04 AM
Q: What colors are Babylon 2 and 3?

AnonymousEach Babylon station is colored a different color. We know: Babylon 1 is red, as seen in In The Beginning. Babylon 4 is green, as seen in Babylon Squared and War Without End (and possibly others) Babylon 5 is blue, as seen in... let me think... What colors are Babylon 2 and 3?

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1:19 AM
Q: Unknown Sci fi Series about five teens who find a spaceship and fly to mars to get away from the us government. military called the ship caeser or sm

SpaceExplorrrrfive teens find/steal/otherwise aquire a spaceship that flies around a bit before landing and setting up a shield on earth. the us military tries to break through the shield with tanks and eventually a nuke, which doesn't work. the military calls the ship "caeser" or "codename caeser" or maybe "czar

1:44 AM
Q: '80s/'90s sci-fi film about aliens that use telepathy to send a code involving 1s, 0s and Xs to humans

LukeIn the early '90s a film came on TV where humans would suddenly be interrupted whatever they were doing, and start either saying aloud or writing 1s, 0s and Xs. In one scene a teacher was writing on her chalkboard, went into a sudden trance and started scribbling 110X0X00X... it got to the attent...

2:08 AM
Q: 2010 Movie about creatures that take over people in a small town, teenagers find out about it, try to save them using radio tower

Need ToRememberSome scenes in the movie I remember: Young guy first suspects his female teacher was taken over by creature while spying on her. Teenagers are cornered in a small house and some of their friends got possessed by the creatures. Two leads are seen running inside a radio station naked and possessed...

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3:33 AM
@b_jonas I think those types of tags are useful.
3:48 AM
Q: What's so awful in Dobby's words?

Ken JerichoHarry Potter speaks to Dobby: Harry Potter: You can't have met many decent wizards then. Dobby: No, I haven't. That was an awful thing to say. Bad Dobby! Bad Dobby! What's so awful in Dobby's words ?

4:38 AM
Q: Would Professor Snape be allowed to enter a girl's Dormitory in Harry Potter?

KathrynMy friend is writing a fanfic and her female character passes out in the middle of her dorm at night. One of her friends runs for help and finds Professor Snape wandering the halls who happens to be the closest. Would Professor Snape be allowed in a girl's dorm to help the passed-out girl?

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10:02 AM
Q: Manga where the hero is killed in the last battle and then turn back time to several years before the actual battle

hell riseAs the title said, I am looking for a short of isekai but not entirely. It's about a group with a hero and when they encounter the final demon boss, everyone dies, including the hero. Then suddenly he is back a few year before the battle, with memory intact. He used the knowledge to get the magic...

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11:42 AM
Q: Why doesn't the invisibility cloak block spells?

MBEllisWe know that when a curse hits an object, it bounces off/lights it on fire/makes it explode. Another jet of green light flew from behind the silver shield. This time it was the one-armed centaur, galloping in front of Dumbledore, that took the blast and shattered into a hundred pieces However,...

12:07 PM
Q: What are the rules of sea-monster transformation in Luca?

TheAshIn Luca, the sea monsters transform whenever water touches them. However there are times they are completely transformed despite being out of the water, such as when they're heads are sticking out of the sea, and at other times they are human despite being wet, such as when jumping out of the wat...

12:32 PM
Q: Is it known why the character of Dodo Chaplet left Doctor Who so abruptly?

jimThe character of Dodo Chaplet (sadly, Jackie Lane the actress who played the character died recently) had a rather unusually short period, from February to July 1966 alongside William Hartnell as the Doctor. Besides the short period, the manner in which she left was also unusual: Halfway through ...

1:21 PM
Q: identify a werewolf movie

RahnI haven't watched this movie, but heard this from a friend and it interests me, so I'm here to ask. Male lead gets wounded by a wolf at a night of full moon, and he doesn't pay much attention to the wound. After this the male lead's sense of smell enhance a lot. When male lead and female lead ar...

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3:01 PM
Q: Disgusting aliens in wooden spaceships

Dave GremlinI remember reading a story, a many years ago, about a group of aliens reaching Earth. They were viewed with disgust by us because they spent their lives wallowing in mud and waste (possibly their own excrement??). Their spacecraft was made of some sort of vegetable material. I don't think we'd...

3:15 PM
posted on June 25, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: And we've only covered facial hair Hitler mustaches so far. The rest is left as an exercise for the reader. Today's News:

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4:15 PM
Q: Metal scarce, priests control the limitted tools, disbeliever becomes one of them, fled Earth long ago

KieranSeveral years ago I read a sci-fi novel which I'm now trying to track down again. It focussed on one member of a society of people living on a world where metals are extremely rare. All metal tools are controlled by the priesthood, who also insist on what seem ridiculous ideas, such as men being ...

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@TheLethalCarrot Eh can't complain man. Doing alright. How about you, Mr. Mod Guy? ;)
@TheLethalCarrot Might be embarrassing but its almost as if I have forgotten everything I knew. Others take D&D
@SQB Haha yeah something of the sort. But great candidates in this election.
Q: Why does Paradise PD not lampoon Trump with more regularity?

CascabelI have noticed that the Netflix series Paradise PD regularly shafts Joe Biden, Tucker Carlson, Fox News, CNN, etc, often with some extremely vulgar representations, but Trump usually gets a pass, or at least it seems like he is treated less harshly. Is there an out-of-universe reason for this? Is...

@Aegon I think most people have, killed it overnight pretty much
@Aegon doing good :) still learning the ropes mod-wise of course
6:20 PM
Q: Why do clones have the same accent as Jango Fett?

userClone troopers in Star Wars talk with the same accent as Jango Fett, from whose DNA they were cloned. In The Bad Batch the character of Omega, who is an unmodified clone of Fett has his accent too. Their creators and pretty much everyone else in the galaxy has a different accent. So where do they...

6:44 PM
Any chance this is the same poster with a different name? The content - and style - is very similar: scifi.stackexchange.com/a/250702/101407
7:34 PM
@DavidW the same as whom? The asker?
Q: Generic 90s / early 00s sci-fi movie series

D. KovácsI'm looking for a sci-fi series, set in space, where I have one scene in my mind: The spaceship captain is doing his PhD-or-similar in history, namely about late 20th/early 21st century and we hear him putting onto the audio-log that "just after Tom & Jerry has been banned because of being too br...

Just took another look
8:24 PM
Q: What else was inside Ben Kenobi's chest?

Bingo MehndraForm the movie Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, we all remember the scene at Ben Kenobi's hut where the old hermit gets up and goes to a chest where he rummages around and then extracts from it Anakin's lightsaber. Aside from that elegant weapon of a more civilized age, I wonder what else was ...

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9:39 PM
Q: Opinion on Dumbledore’s character

KaydenWe know Dumbledore had the authority and the ability to question Azkaban’s inmates like he did with Morfin Gaunt. He knew Sirius, as a member of the Order of the Phoenix as well as his time as a student in Hogwarts. He knew of Sirius’s love for James. Even if he had suspected Sirius did indeed be...

10:04 PM
Q: A manga about a dude who kills a dog with car and levels up

TsunamiDragonLHe then gets to pick a job and gets assassin, later ninja. He finds a Shiba outside that he used to feed and gives her the magic stone that he got from the wolf. he then learns that his Shiba can use the skills from the monsters cores that he gives her. He meets a girl that has a gun and the job ...

Q: Is magic leaving Middle-earth?

Ivan KoshelevEver since I was a child reading LOTR, I was under the impression that magic was slowly leaving Middle-earth, and this notion was quite common among fellow fans. I was wondering, what was Saurons plan to deal with this fact after his victory (him being a magicial spirit), but googling only gave m...

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11:15 PM
Q: Title of Neal Asher short story where separatist terrorists are infiltrated by human looking AI, disguised as a fat local farmer?

FrankThis is a short story about a Separatist special ops team that has to destroy a communications link of some sort. They have help from local peasant like volunteers. One of these is an AI disguised as an overweight bumbler that mysteriously seems to be losing weight while the Separatists are being...


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