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12:45 AM
Q: What title is given to members of the Klingon High Council besides the Chancellor?

ApproachingDarknessFishThe Klingon High Council is led by an individual called the Chancellor. What title is given to the other members of the Council? "Councillor"? "Lord"? "Senator"??? I can only recall them being referred to collectively ("the council") or via a verb ("your brother sits on the council") but never ad...

1:19 AM
"saw all six of them" -- facepalm
mutters to himself
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4:48 AM
Q: What does "it" in "logged it" refer to?

Jason Neville Bodhi Rock: There's a planet-wide defensive shield...with a single main entry gate. This shuttle should be equipped with an access code that allows us through. K-2SO: Assuming the Empire hasn't logged it as overdue. Jyn: And if they have? Bodhi Rock: Then they shut the gate. What does "it" in "...

Q: I'm looking for a pulp version of Captain Marvel/Shazam pre-1938

Peter CooganI'd like to find a character or story from pre-1938 (presuperhero) SF who has multiple bodies, preferably superpowered bodies, like the Qys in Miracleman. The only one I can think of is Prince Gamma (Japanese pulp Altantean prince who flew around Japan playing superhero with a street urchin alter...

5:12 AM
Q: Novel about developing anti-gravity by fooling scientists

kallestarI'm trying to remember the name of a novel I remember reading in the 90s about attempting to develop anti-gravity. General Googling hasn't brought up anything, I guess it was probably not well-known (I can't even remember how good it was, just very vague memories!) and likely well out of print. N...

6:01 AM
Q: Trying to find an old Iron Man comic where he's attacked by energy-draining "polka dots"

Helbent IVPlot Summary/Details Whatever supervillain Iron Man was fighting this particular issue (it may have been Midas and/or Madame Masque, but I'm not certain of that), at one point he is attacked by a whirling swarm of brightly colored disks, looking very much like polka dots. IIRC, the disks attach ...

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8:20 AM
Q: Why did Zemo lead room service to discover what's in his room?

LWCIn Siberia, Zemo made a call to his German hotel to invite room service to his abandoned room and thus discover: It immediately hit the news and made Iron Man realize Captain America was right all along. So didn't it jeopardize Zemo's entire plan? Sure, he had a better card down his sleeve, buy ...

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2:31 PM
Q: Why was Newt banned from international travel?

RighterAt the end of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, we see a typical 'happy ending' scene where everyone seems to forgive Newt for the chaos he brought with him. MADAM PIQUERY: We owe you an apology, Mr Scamander. But the magical community is exposed! We cannot Obliviate an entire city. MAD...

2:56 PM
Q: One off sci fi novel by a woman writer who was also a script writer for Star Trek

Gina BonefasI read this once and cannot remember what it was about but I do remember that the author was a woman who didn't write any more books and had been a script writer for Star Trek.

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4:22 PM
posted on May 15, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Everyone said I wouldn't find these sort of joke funny after I had kids, but it's been just the opposite. Today's News:

4:33 PM
Q: Which of DC's mortals can survive Darkseid's Omega Beam?

Wakanda ForeverI always thought that Darkseid's Omega Beam can disintegrate anything. But, I just discovered that it didn't disintegrate Superman. Other than Superman, how many DC's mortals have survived Darkseid's Omega Beam, or can survive Darkseid's Omega Beam?

Q: How many people have evaded Darkseid's Omega Beam?

Wakanda ForeverIt's famous that Batman has evaded Darkseid's Omega Beam. In fact, Darkseid had said in the same Justice League episode that Batman was the only person to do so. But, I just discovered that Flash has also evaded Darkseid's Omega Beam. How many people have evaded D...

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8:12 PM
Q: Did the Fairy Godmother leave out Beauty and the Beast to prove her narrow-minded beliefs?

Alex DownsIn Shrek 2, when Shrek goes to the Fairy Godmother to find a way to make Fiona happy, she gets out fairytales without ogres to prove that “ogres don’t live happily ever after.” But, Beauty and the Beast is a fairytale where a monster DOES live happily ever after, and also Beauty is a princess. So...

Q: Fantasy/SF short story about imprisoned artist

YammerhantThe story I am trying to ID was published, I think, in Asimov's magazine in the early 1980s, though it could possibly be The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, and now I think about it the period might be off slightly... sorry! As I recall it, the protagonist was imprisoned in a cell and forc...

8:36 PM
Q: Animated short about fat man eating everything in sight, including Earth

OmegacronI'm looking for the name of an animated short seen on HBO or Showtime in the early 1980s. My parents had it recorded on VHS, and it may have been part of a larger film. The animation style was similar to "Heavy Metal" (1980) but it wasn't part of that film. Although seen on American TV, there is...

9:25 PM
Q: Search engine and sci fi questions

David M DaroisI was trying to get the search engine to Tell me why graphic depictions of fictional planets in TV episodes and movies looks suspiciously like earth with it continents and bodies of water turned a different way or with a different color scheme for example in the Star Trek original series episode ...

Q: Is it ever explained why people never ask about or fear Grimoire Weiss?

MarioThroughout the game there are multiple points where it's specifically mentioned that… …because people don't understand and fear them. The world we're presented is in general on a rather medieval level regarding technology and knowledge. There are a few machines (either created new, like the wate...

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10:28 PM
I had to look up a detail of GRRM's novella "A Song for Lya" and realized the main characters were named Lyanna and Robb.

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