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12:01 AM
Q: Why is it platform 9 3/4?

Zuter_242J.K. Rowling could have chosen any nonnegative integers {n,p,q} for {p,q} being relatively prime, p<q and q not equaling 0, for platform n p/q (she could have technically chosen a nonnegative irrational number, but let's forget that idea for now). So why did she choose n=9, p=3, and q=4? I have n...

12:25 AM
Q: 80s or 90s movie/serial, Chinese men, special agents, face shifting masks

Alina Lplease help me finding this movie or serial (80s or 90s). There were some special agents (white and Chinese or some Asian looking) involved in it. (Not sure they were all agents though). The white agents were collaborating with some Chinese men and some of them were thier enemies. The main trick ...

1:14 AM
Q: 70s to 90s movie, Kung Fu/Karate, final battle, fighting stick appeared to be a hidden sword

Alina Lplease help me finding this movie... I watched this movie in 90s (but it might be produced in 80s or even 70s). Some Kung Fu style movie, all Asian looking actors, where a young guy was taught by an old Kung Fu teacher to fight his enemies using different fighting techniques. There was another ol...

1:38 AM
Q: Have the Prador ever experimented with Jain technology?

James from NZIn Neal Asher's Polity universe, humans and AI experiment with Jain technology, usually with devastatingly bad results. Have the Prador ever experimented with Jain tech? And in which books?

2:27 AM
Q: Late 90s SF cartoon. Dark dystopian style

Mk3 48I am seeking for the name of cartoon. I don't known exactly about plot because I had only one episode from VHS. But I remember some things. Style of animation was classic 2D with very realistic drawn. Not much like other cartoons of this era. Drawn was similar to Perfect Blue (1997) anime but in ...

2:51 AM
Q: What was that movie where a person puts a poison in all the drugs?

JackI saw a movie a couple years ago in which a person puts a poison in all the drugs and the main characters have to infiltrate a facility to stop them. All I remember is a shot in which the camera shows a football stadium filled with cages with infected people within.

3:40 AM
Q: Why can't Andor talk his way around here?

Jason NevilleCaptain Andor speaks to Jyn, who believed he lied about mission on planet Eadu: Andor: I've been in this fight since I was 6 years old. You're not the only one who lost everything. Some of us just decided to do something about it. Jyn: You can't talk your way around this. Andor: I don't have to....

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4:47 AM
Q: Can Wonder Woman fly in DCEU?

VishwaI've read this question here, and it was while ago and answer by KutuluMike was only focused on first WW movie and BvS. With the second installment, WW84, She seems to be on air for a while, but uses her Lasso as a aid. In comics and DCAU, she have the ability of actual flight. But so far in DCEU...

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6:06 AM
Q: Why would Windu say the Senate would decide the fate of Palpatine?

RichSFrom Star Wars: The Revenge of the Sith: Mace Windu: In the name of the Senate of the Galactic Republic, you are under arrest, Chancellor. Palpatine: Are you threatening me, Master Jedi? Mace Windu: The Senate will decide your fate. Palpatine: I am the Senate. Mace Windu: Not yet. ... a few min...

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7:43 AM
Q: How is the time of day referenced in Star Wars?

SnowI know that characters in Star Wars make use of Cronometers in computers, wristwatches, etc. Mention is made of duration in terms of days/hours/minutes, but I've not been able to find out how a day is split up and referred to. The fandom wiki mentions that 12 hour clocks were used in "Ancient Times

8:32 AM
Q: Fantasy show from the late 2000&#39;s about a young man gaining magical powers

bluevultureThis was most likely somewhere between 2005 and 2010, and I saw it on a local TV station that licensed it (as the channel was in my native language but the show was in english).I realise the title is a bit vague, but that's because I only really remember three scenes: Atop a cliff the main chara...

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10:05 AM
Seems like something you might like, @Donald.McLean.
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1:17 PM
@SQB Stuff like that shows up on the office Slack channel almost the instant it comes out.
Greetings, Earthlings, Robots, et al.
@Donald.McLean Ahoy!
@Donald.McLean Now that I have the disposable income to afford something like that I have no time to enjoy it, nor the space to put it. I didn't even buy the Saturn V, as nice as it looked, for that reason.
The UCS series version of the Millennium Falcon looked really nice too.
1:36 PM
My wife is a minimalist, and I have to agree that physical stuff is of limited interest past a certain point. The stuff I keep in my office is very limited, and two of the items have actual pieces of material that flew ON the Hubble during its lifetime, so there's a high bar for importance.
[Comic Link (warning: vulgarity within](https://www.smbc-comics.com/comic/shit)
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - [title redacted]
Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Credit to McWhorter's 'Nine Nasty Words' for inspiring this. I hasten to note, Patreon subscribers have determined that a 9-s*** variation is possible. Today's News:
@AncientSwordRage Do we allow that kind of language in chat?
Also, @MattE.Эллен
Sorry, I must have missed it.
oh, the SMBC (I am blind to the one-box)
we don't bat an eye at it in EL&U chat
I would guess it depends on the room.
I know that some stacks get people under 18, some level of caution is necessary.
1:59 PM
This room has had 8 messages with the word in this year, vs 90+ in EL&U chat. EL&U only has about 3 times the messages per day, so I would guess it is more permissive of swears than in here. Shame you can't edit the one-box
or maybe you can?
Not as easy as I thought
I'm a second generation SFF fan, and I would have totally joined this group when I got into it seriously in 5th grade.
yeah. as you say, best to be cautious
it's easy to forget the world isn't just adults
2:26 PM
Sometimes it seems weird to me that people are so concerned about certain words, as though I hadn't been hearing those words my entire life. (Which is not a matter of upbringing; to my knowledge my parents have never spoken them.)
Grade 5? I'd certainly heard s*** and f*** already from higher-year students by then, especially in minimally-supervised situations like buses.
2:45 PM
@Donald.McLean nope, good spot
@DavidW I absolutely agree. I just want this to be the kind of place that parents are ok with, and that does require a minimal amount of watching what we say.
And I was pretty oblivious pretty much up until I joined the army. Hard to be oblivious about language there.
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4:39 PM
Q: What is Snow's granddaughter's name in "The Hunger Games"?

Gabriella BussardDoes anybody know what President Snow's granddaughter's name is?

5:28 PM
Q: Identifying two marvel characters

DVK-on-Ahch-ToThere were two Marvel characters mentioned in Harry Potter/Marvel crossover fic, who I am unable to identify. Any idea? The broad shouldered man smiled down at Dumbledore. "I am Merlyn's representative in this reality little wizard. My mission is to justice, not your nebulous 'greater good'. You...

6:16 PM
Q: Humorous story about aliens visiting a village

mspd2003This is a very funny story. Aliens visit a village, but nobody believes that they are aliens. It was written by a very famous sci-fi writer. Unfortunately I've forgotten the name of the author and the story.

6:41 PM
Q: Renoir painting in the National Gallery (Melbourne) described in On the Beach

Invisible TrihedronIn the classic novel On the Beach (1957, p. 178), Nevil Shute has two of his characters visit the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne (Australia). They turned from the exhibition. "Are you interested in paintings?" she asked. "Or are they just a bore?" "They're not a bore," he said. "I lik...

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8:42 PM
Q: Alien cow pie collectors -- name of story?

releseabeThe plot is simply that aliens visit Earth and their interest in collecting cow pies (and just like other collectibles, special attributes make them more valuable) creates interest in humans in obtaining them to sell. Then the aliens leave and the market plummets. I do not recall the name of the ...

9:31 PM
Q: Movie with a battle at a huge white castle with a long drawbridge?

FontFamilyI saw a movie ~5-10 years ago that was sci-fi / fantasy in nature. One of the scenes included a huge white castle with a long drawbridge. There was an extensive fight scene involving this drawbridge and castle. I believe that there were also horses and ? goblins (maybe zombies???, or an opposing ...

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10:39 PM
Q: old sci-fi show identification (70s)

ThomasI saw this show in France in the late 70s. I believe it was in black an white so it may have originated in the 60s. As far as I recall this was a short story. It had the same feeling as the twilight zone and it could possibly be a part of it. The story takes place with scientists in some kind of ...

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11:57 PM
Q: Why didn’t Belatrix ask Hermione if it was Harry Potter during interrogation?

Ryan smithSo I was thinking this over the other day, we see that at Malfoy Manor Hermione is tortured by bellatrix as a means to obtain information about the sword. However why wouldn’t Bellatrix also ask her during the interrogation if it really is Harry Potter? I would think this would take importance ov...


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