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Yes, self-plagiarism is the best plagiarism.
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Q: Do we know who the agent who went to Westview was?

Sophie the Jedi Knightspoilers for Wandavision In the fourth episode of Wandavision, Jimmy Woo tells Monica that the FBI sent an agent into Westview who never came out, sparking their interest in the town and leading to its investigation. I heard that there was a rumor that fake Pietro/Ralph was meant to be that missi...

2:41 AM
Q: Help identifying a book series involving faery and cigar shaped UFOs

Sam WhitedI've been trying to find a series of books I read in middle school (~2001, though I have no idea when they were published but I vaguely remember thinking they were "old" books at the time, which could have meant anything from the 80s through 1999). I remember reading at least 3 books by the same ...

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5:30 AM
Q: What does motivational quote mean?

Jason Neville Jyn: Saw Gerrera used to say...one fighter with a sharp stick and nothing left to lose can take the day. What does motivational quote mean?

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Odd that I don't know this by now, but is there a way to vote to un-close a question?
11:34 AM
Q: Why do the machines look and behave like animals?

Mk3 48I am at the beginning of Horizon Zero Dawn and one thing bothers me. Why are the machines there so close to animals? The world looks like there has been a heavy war or cataclysm that pushed mankind back to a hunter-gatherer state. I saw two pre-war people in the logs and they looked like scientis...

12:02 PM
Q: Did we just lose *another* moderator?

ValorumA quick look at https://scifi.stackexchange.com/users?tab=moderators would suggest that we're at three mods rather than the usual complement of five four. Anything to report?

We were aware this time, just not quick enough in announcing it (we have other things to announce as well). Stand by stackizens... — AncientSwordRage ♦ 1 min ago
12:21 PM
What the...
Ok, standing by
Also it looks like the user who threatened to delete their user account for Sci Fi has indeed gone through with it, their account is deleted.
That's a different user than the moderator.
@A.B. you need 3k rep and can vote to reopen, before that just ask in the comments/chat/meta
@AncientSwordRage interesting, exciting stuff in the works?
12:37 PM
@TheLethalCarrot should be!
@b_jonas the two mods who left have been inactive for a long time, so there's not much actual change currently
@b_jonas presumably an election
@AncientSwordRage Yep.
@Donald.McLean For the record: When I was 13 my parents weren't okay with me on SFF. (It took till I was 14 to convince them.)
12:57 PM
@AncientSwordRage cool :)
1:36 PM
Q: Invincible - Why Omni-Man fought all Guardians of The Globe by himself?

SandunSpoilers for TV Show - Invincible (Amazon Prime) At the end of the first episode, The reason why he did that is revealed in the Season 1 Finale. However, it feels out of character for him to carry out the deed all by himself. Also, his species (Viltrumites) are mentioned to be super intelligent ...

2:24 PM
Q: In Star-Gate SG-1, ep.1, how did the invaders dial out?

FlaStorm32In the first episode of SG-1, the base is attacked by aliens. After they arrive, the gate closes. How were they able to dial out again? They apparently did not access the control room.

2:49 PM
Q: Animation from the 2000's

Vencislav KacarskiWhen I was young I used to watch an animation on TV somewhere between 2000 and 2005 and I think it was something like post-apocalyptic setting/isekai mix but can't remember its name. What I remember is: Each main character had some kind of special stone/orb that gave them some kind of power One...

3:07 PM
Q: What movie are the following gifs of angels from?

pavelnieksMaybe someone can help me out, I can't figure out what the name is of the movie seen in these gifs: These are two short segments from live action scenes. The first one shows a woman with long black hair dressed as an angel with large wings and a halo, walking towards the camera. The second s...

^ I hate how this question and answer is still so hard to search, even after I edited the question to mention angels. I just took minutes to find it again. I remembered it doesn't have "deodorant" as a keyword so I tried "antiperspirant". Nope. It's "body spray".
And good luck brute forcing that AND "ad", "advertisment" and "commercial"
But I don't dare to edit "antiperspirant" or "deodorant" in it, because then the pedants about how those products differ will come after me with the torches and pitchfork, and I know it's hard to find allies to edits that just add useful search keywords.
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Q: Is the Ainulindalë compatible with classical theism? (or, what unique contributions does it make to the IRL theological traditions?)

TheIronKnuckleThe Ainulindalë is the creation song/story which opens JRR Tolkien's "The Silmarillion" Is this account of cosmic origins compatible with any/all of the IRL philosophical/Theological reflections of Islamic/Jewish/Christian/Vaishnav/Shaivite/Advaita/etc classical theism? For some focus: I'm partic...

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posted on May 16, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Later it turns out he's secretly keeping the version of pi that ends with 6. Today's News:

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Q: In Shrek the Musical, why do fans call Lord Farquaad’s mother “Princess Pea”?

Alex DownsIn Shrek the Musical, Lord Farquaad says that his mother “was a princess, who left her crown behind,” “Daddy made a new (bed), 25 mattresses she slept upon,” indicating his mother was the Princess from the Princess and the Pea. The Shrek Wiki used to call her “Princess Pea” before I changed it to...

7:39 PM
Q: Manga where the main character and his classmates transfer to game-like isekai, where he's a demon lord and his classmates are heroes

ZoroI think the setting is a game-like world where the protagonist becomes a demon lord (or something similar) and his friends become heroes. The main character has to hide his identity from his classmates. One of his (female) teachers is his subordinate in the isekai.

8:04 PM
Q: Where should you aim a gun while free falling?

Son Of ThrainI was wondering if say two enemies were free-falling and still trying to attack the other before deploying their parachutes and one had a gun, where should he aim? Should he shoot directly at his opponent because the bullet's speed is faster than their terminal velocity (I don't know if it is)? O...

@b_jonas Well, you know we can't just go pulling out the pitchforks and start boiling the tar willy-nilly, that would be daft. On the other hand, we don't have enough good excuses either, so we have to seize the ones we get.
Q: What literary work is being referred to in this limerick in which "The earth, like an orange, is blue"?

TsundokuIn the blog post Famous Poems Rewritten as Limericks on LanguageHat.com (2 April 2018), a certain Trond Engen posted the following limerick: The earth, like an orange, is blue. Your love and your smile — yes, you do! The window, the bee, the sun, la-dee-dee… I wish I were sure it was true. He a...

8:22 PM
Q: If Eric Koenig was an LMD, why was it not discovered during his post mortem? Agents of SHIELD

Nagabhushan S NIn Agents of SHIELD first season, Grant Ward kills Agent Eric Koenig. Later in the 7th season, we are revealed that all the Koenig's were LMDs. If that was the case, then why didn't Jemma Simmons discover that fact when she performs Autopsy on Eric Koenig?

Q: Why was Grant Ward's crime not detected when he joined SHIELD Academy?

Nagabhushan S NTowards the end of Agents of SHIELD season 1, we are told that Grant Ward was in Juvenile detention center for setting his house on fire, with his brother inside the house. Then John Garett breaks him out of prison. So, he was not acquitted of his crime, but a fugitive on the run. About 5 years l...

8:33 PM
Q: Do you know a TV series (or movie) close to the Future Man's theme?

NickI'm looking for a comedy/adventure/science-fiction TV series (or a movie) like Future Man. This TV series [future man] attracted me a lot. I really liked watching this show and for a while I was looking for another TV series that is close to the theme of the Future Man series but I did not find a...

9:15 PM
@b_jonas I wonder if a comment would help?
Axe/Lynx is also known by some as an antiperspirant or deoderent. — AncientSwordRage ♦ 38 secs ago
9:28 PM
One of my absolute pet peeves are articles that feature a quote, then give it less than a whole paragraph later
9:41 PM
Q: Movie about aliens taking a child’s mother?

OKprogrammerThere was an animated movie I watched around ten years ago about a child whose mom was kidnapped by aliens that wanted to transfer her motherly instincts into robot caretakers for their species. Then, the boy goes on an adventure to save her. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of it. Does anyone ha...

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10:46 PM
@AncientSwordRage You're talking about pull quotes? That's less a pull quote and more of a subhead.
11:17 PM
Q: 1990s-2000s Chinese/Japanese animated movie about man/father who goes to war and falls in a hole, breaking his leg

yosimba2000Watched this a long time ago and the only scene I recall is when the man, who I believe is a father, is walking back from war and is walking along a dirt path when he falls into a deep hole and breaks his leg. I do believe he makes it out of the hole and makes it back home on crutches. Style of a...

11:42 PM
Q: Iron Man villain- being made of "living gold"

Nu'DaqIn this story, smugglers are stealing gold needed for circuitry made by Stark's company and as Iron Man Stark sets out to track them down. It turns out the smugglers aren't stealing the gold for conventional criminals, but a giant whose body is composed of living gold who "feeds" on the metal by ...

Q: What was the gaudily coloured equipment on the Enterprise's corridor walls?

Ray ButterworthWas any in-universe explanation given for those gaudily coloured things on the Enterprise's corridor walls? Out-of-universe, they look very much like discarded match plate patterns from a metal foundry. Is that what they actually were?


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