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12:22 AM
@AncientSwordRage *runs screaming*
12:48 AM
Q: How to make Cell Multi/Microporcessor Emulator

John DoeHi I would like to write a cell multi/microprocessor emulator. I want to see how the processor just works in general and make try making a VM from it. I just need the processor emulator code. I search the internet and I could not find anything I could use. Can anyone help me? I will accept C base...

@DavidW I have that effect on people
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3:16 AM
Q: Story where guests at dinner or a party cannot leave the table (and may or may not turn into animals)?

whatwhatWHATDuring middle school or high school I seem to recall reading a story where guests at a dinner party or party sit down at a table. However, shortly after dinner begins, none of the guests are able to leave the table, nor are they able to leave the room. The guests might also (1) turn into animals ...

4:07 AM
Q: Why do Chirrut addicted with Force chants?

Jason NevilleIn the Rogue One, Chirrut addicted with Force chants. He always babble about the Force. Why do Chirrut addicted with Force chants?

4:32 AM
Q: Movie about a crashed spaceship were alien devours spaceship crew and the crew fight back and kill it?

Brennan19I only saw this movie once when I was a kid so I can only recall some things about the movie and none of the actors. The film is probably late 70's to late 80's era; I don't know the exact year. It opens with a spaceship crew in cryopods or the like. The main character wakes up to see a speaker o...

5:23 AM
Q: Book about a boy with a power (his eyes turn gold when he uses it), a little imp thing that helps him, and a girl who also helps him

Ashe WelverI need help finding this book. I don't remember the name or the author, but I have a vague memory of what is on the cover, and what the story is about. I know that it is a young adult fiction. It's a story about this boy who has a special power (I think it's time control, I am not too sure.) His ...

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8:20 AM
Q: Connections to the Stephen King's The Dark Tower serie in certain of his books

trejderBoth English Wikipedia article and it's Polish counter-part lists a list of Stephen King's books and novels that supposedly have any connection to The Dark Tower serie. While I agree on most items listed in English article, I am totally surprised about certain entries in Polish version. For examp...

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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at beginning of answer (34): Did the original Thundercats cartoon take place on Earth? by Cyril A. Jaquel on scifi.SE
8:55 AM
Is this new? The revisions pages now show full rep count instead of rounded?
9:06 AM
@TheLethalCarrot I think so?
Kickstarter: A Howl by Native Realities. A Comics Collection of Wolves, Werewolves, and Rougarou. (not a TRPG thing but includes Indigenous TRPG creators)
(Stolen from BESW over on RPG chat)
@TheLethalCarrot couple months at least
Mustn't pay much attention to it then
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11:08 AM
I like to ask questions that push the borders of site scope. scifi.stackexchange.com/q/245647/4918
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1:05 PM
@Slartibartfast this got answered, for everyone who might be wondering
1:26 PM
@Jenayah yeah it did!
1:45 PM
Q: "How can I get any rest with all this excitement?" (Gerry Anderson/Supermarionation)

DrubbelsYears and years ago, I caught a snippet of what looked like a Gerry Anderson supermarionation show on TV. The only one of those I'm really familiar with is Thunderbirds, and this didn't look like any episode I recognized, so it must have been one of his other works. I remember exactly two things ...

2:36 PM
Q: OWLs and Career Change in Harry Potter

avaIf someone received OWLs and NEWTs in a certain subject(s) at Hogwarts, then got a job, if they decided that they wanted a career change but needed OWLs and NEWTs to do so, would it be possible for them to go back to school to get these OWLS and NEWTs? Is this even allowed? Or are you stuck with ...

3:26 PM
Q: Planet of Poisonous Butterfies

mtmangumI am looking for a book my husband read in high school that would have been written before 1970, about a University science expedition from Earth to a planet overgrown with vegetation, especially flowers, with poisonous butterflies but thought to be uninhabited by higher life forms. The scientis...

4:07 PM
posted on May 05, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Also I still want the money, fame, and sex, just I also want to ruin lives too. Today's News:

4:43 PM
Q: What would've happened during the 75th Hunger games if one district was missing a victor for a gender?

CadeFan924I was re-watching the series and I was wondering, what if, for example, District 9 had 2 male victors but no female ones? What would have happened?

5:10 PM
I had never heard of a rougarou, but it turns out it's an American mangling of loup-garou, because Americans love to mangle French words. Sigh
5:33 PM
Q: Can anyone remove a clone's inhibitor chip?

Sophie the Jedi Knightspoilers for TCW season 7 In season 7 of TCW, Ahsoka is able to remove the inhibitor chip from Rex using the medical chamber. Is this something that anyone could do? I heard a rumor that only someone who's Force-sensitive can remove a clone's chip, but I don't think that's been explicitly confi...

5:59 PM
Q: In Shrek, if Lord Farquaad chose Cinderella as his Queen, where would he send Shrek to get her from?

Alex DownsThe Magic Mirror presented Farquaad with 3 options for princesses to marry to become King, Snow White, Cinderella and Fiona. Fiona was locked in the Dragon’s Keep (obviously) and Snow White was in Shrek’s swamp with the 7 Dwarves and the other fairytale creatures. But where was Cinderella during ...

6:51 PM
Q: Kids tv show like rescue heroes

Brennan19I remember a toy I got years ago that had a DVD for a kid's animated TV show for it. The toy/show character had a glowing half-sphere gauntlet on their right hand that would power their vehicles. The episode had a nuclear weapon (?)and the main characters had to stop it from going critical and bl...

Q: Why are kids trained with games in Ender's Game instead of traditional methods?

BrittanyIn Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, kids are trained with "games." Why was Ender and his class trained with games instead of the traditional combat exercises?

7:15 PM
Q: Who was the Princess who tried to catch Fiona’s bouquet at the end of Shrek?

Alex DownsInspired by a comment on this question: Where was Cinderella during the events of Shrek? The Shrek Wiki identified her as Cinderella, but apparently, the novelisation and script identified her as Sleeping Beauty. But if she WAS Sleeping Beauty, why didn’t she show up with her 3 fairies and the ot...

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8:26 PM
@Marvin While searching on this one, I ran into some toys that looked very familiar, and learned that a vehicle my Grandmama gave me was from the Starcom: US Space Force line, which was popular in Europe, but bombed in the United States.
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10:15 PM
Q: How did the Dine-O-Charge come about to being an accepted payment method in the Galaxy?

chelwinIf I remember correctly, in one of the earlier books Ford Prefect attempts at paying a bartender with his Amex card while he's fully aware that only Earth had this primitive form of plastic currency. Seeing that he has no way out, he resorts to bribing the bartender with an entry about his bar in...

11:12 PM
Q: Does the Director's Cut of "Clive Barker's The Plague" explain anything about why the children were afflicted?

FuzzyBootsSo, my wife and I watched Clive Barker's The Plague and we're both a bit baffled. The basic premise of the film is that one day, every child younger than nine suddenly goes comatose, having a seizure twice a day, one of which is precisely at 10 PM. Then, the film cuts to ten years later where the...

11:31 PM
Q: Sci-fi story: they put humans in missiles/rockets

mark_hIts a short sci-fi story from 50s/60s/70s where two factions are fighting. They try to outdo one another by constantly putting more advanced weapon guidance systems on their missiles. Eventually their tech becomes so advanced that their defense systems can predict the point of attack and no offen...


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