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12:49 AM
Q: What was the minimum power setting of the Enterprise-D's phasers?

forestAs far as I'm aware, hand phasers and the ship's phasers work on the same principle. Hand phasers (and presumably phaser rifles) could be set as low as stun. What was the minimum power that the ship's phasers could output? How much damage would it do? Could it be set to stun a humanoid? In a few ...

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2:52 AM
Q: Why did Hermione lie about the troll?

MMankeI have tried to look at many answers to this question, since it is a rather common one, but with no satisfactory answer up until now. The truth of the story is: Hermione was crying in the girls bathroom because of Rons comments and didn't know about the loose troll, which is why Ron and Harry cam...

Q: Is Jones "human-like" in touch?

YasskierNo one really knows what Jones is (the meme for a long time was saying that she is "not a robot!"), but she is almost as old as the Earth itself: We know that she is invulnerable, as she manages to take head-on a bison, a spear to the chest and even a WWII bomb. She had many companions during t...

3:44 AM
Q: Who is technoblade?

ashim kumarWho is technoblade? What is real name of technoblade.?

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5:28 AM
Q: A boy gets kidnapped by space pirates and force to be in their crew

StephenI'm looking for help identifying a science fiction book that I read about 20 years ago - to do with space piracy. A young man is kidnapped on his world and forced into being part of a pirate crew on a space ship. Details I can remember: - The young man carries a Walther PP or PPK pistol construc...

6:19 AM
Q: Aliens farmed for secretions, young man given power to communicate with them

StephenI'm looking for the title and author of a science fiction book that I read about ten years ago. It involved people on an alien world where a local insect species are farmed (rather haphazardly) for their secretions. One young man tasked with attempting communicating with the alien species is inju...

7:13 AM
May the Fourth be with you!
8:01 AM
That's not the right person to be saying that
You're not giving in to pop culture are you? :P
Although that does remind me, today could be the last day to get those final two Star Wars answers to get the silver badge
@TheLethalCarrot A grievous accusation.
I've got a score of >800 in the SW tag, so I picked up a few things.
Have you watched any of them yet?
8:16 AM
@TheLethalCarrot nooooooooooooooo.com
I'm sure you're sharing your account with someone else at the moment :P
9:43 AM
Q: Why is there no night shift in Monsters, Inc.?

TheLethalCarrotThe main arc in Monsters, Inc. is that there is a scream shortage/energy crisis. However, there doesn't appear to be any night shift. All the scenes that happen later on at night seem to be "after everyone has gone home", the hallways are dark and there's no one around, really. At the start of th...

10:07 AM
Q: A good renko chart in Javascript

Mr. ZeroOneIn my new project, I was needing a renko chart. But after searching a lot I found 3 Renko charts. one by canvasJs one by Hightcharts and one by wijmo I tried all of them But no one worked properly. They are not good for my datas. So do you know any good Renko chart in javascript. that works 100% ...

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11:16 AM
Heya @Null how's it going?
@AncientSwordRage Alright, but busy. You?
11:31 AM
same really
finally put some doors on a book case yesterday though which was good
12:14 PM
Q: How does "The Death of Chaos" prevent the world of Recluce from being destroyed?

Ian KempIn The Death of Chaos, L.E. Modesitt Jr's chronologically final book in the Saga of Recluce series, Lerris destroys an enormous Hamorian fleet attempting to take Recluce. Hamor, being mostly independent of the order/chaos conflicts occurring in the world, was able to invent technology to create m...

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1:39 PM
@AncientSwordRage Solid or glass? I have a couple of book cases and some doors I could put on them (IKEA FTW) but the doors are solid, and I like being able to visually browse the books. But doors would help keep the dust off them...
2:03 PM
Ours are solid, I forget the logic but I'm certain my wife had some
@DavidW it's only on the lower half of the book case, but in our case it's too keep the cats off the bookcase!
My fantasies where my shares of the start-up I'm working for are suddenly worth millions always involve a room full of high-quality custom-made book shelves with full-height glass doors. :)
@DavidW similar, except some kind of wild ladder on wheels is involved
Well duh. :)
2:18 PM
2:49 PM
doors on bookcases? no! books deserve to be out in the open for anyone to reach. Admittedly having toddlers in the house can cause complications, but even so you want them to reach the books rather than the cleaning supplies. My apartment isn't child-safe in this way, I keep dangerous chemicals on the lower shelves and books above, so if my brother's family ever wanted to visit me with kids I'd have to do some rearrangement.
@DavidW just one room
I'd like a larger library than one room, and no glass doors
no doors of any kind
Maybe just because it's pollen season, or maybe my house collects more dust than yours, but my book cases are pretty dusty.
just a pile of books in a field
@b_jonas for anyone to reach, even destructive cats?
And it's only been a few days since I dusted, and dusting books is a pain, and I'm lazy. I'd rather have doors on my bookcases than have to choose between weekly dusting and suffering allergy season all over again in the winter when I pull down a book to read.
Our house is inexplicably super dusty
on like a dust and vacuum every day, wage war with dust bunnies hourly, basis
run a close over a surface a day after it was last done and you get big clumps of dust on that cloth
I don't think that can be normal
3:10 PM
It sounds like you have about 16 too many cats?
Are you saying I need -14 cats?
That seems entirely reasonable.
I'm not convinced
I have a friend who swears by those in-room electrostatic filter devices, but I've tried a couple and they haven't really worked for me. And my dog (hypoallergenic) sheds less than his (not).
We have a Dyson air purifier, but I don't think that works on electrostatic-yness
3:16 PM
Like I said, I'm not entirely convinced that isn't a bunch of woo. :)
the main issue is that not all the air in the house blows past the filter
it does work, it's just not a cure-all
I mean, yes, I know that electrostatic precipitators are a thing, but the "electrostatic" air filters don't seem to operate the same way. At least IRL when I've seen a real electrostatic precipitator there's always been the smell of ozone, which isn't what you want parked beside your bed.
some do!
not me
Oddly it's frequently the same people who think that ozone generators are a good thing who also eat tons of blueberries and suchlike for "antioxidants."
@DavidW often there's truth to it, but the portion size is way off
3:23 PM
I wasn't necessarily dismissing antioxidants as a general concept, although it seems to me that it doesn't at all hurt that they tend to be otherwise healthy foods anyway.
It was more about the idea of eating antioxidants while simultaneously subjecting oneself to concentrations of highly-reactive oxygen. I mean, what do they think "free radicals" are?
Q: Urban fantasy novel involving escaping in a car with an automatic weapon mounted in the back, and someone in the back tossing grenades

FuzzyBootsOne of those "tip of my tongue" things, but somewhere in the mid 1990s, I read a novel, probably a paperback, which had a scene that has stuck in my head where the protagonists are attempting to escape a pursuing enemy force in a car. The two things that stuck out to me were that a) one of the wa...

@AncientSwordRage Ah. I don't have cats. My brother has a cat, but he's mostly good-mannered when the family can see him, and they lock him out except from one small room when nobody is at home.
@DavidW Yes, my home and the books are dusty. The dust doesn't actually hurt the books.
3:40 PM
@b_jonas we're likely to store more than books on some shelves, so there's high chance of things being knocked over
@b_jonas It's not so much the dust hurting the books, it's more the books storing dust to trigger my allergies out-of-season...
Hmm, I want to ask a question about how the various disney/disney-adjacent peter pan stories fit together
but I'm not sure of the best way to do so
I feels like both Hook and Peter Pan in Scarlet couldn't exist in the same cinematic universe
4:04 PM
Greetings, Earthlings, Robots, et al.
I wonder if Baloo is based on Br'er Bear?
@Donald.McLean Ahoy!
(No, seriously, I do not wonder this.)
@DavidW I don't think so?
@Donald.McLean 'lo
@AncientSwordRage Asking if work A and work B are canon to each other/share the same universe sounds like a decent question
@AncientSwordRage I was trying to parody a certain type of question I feel has been asked a lot recently.
@TheLethalCarrot I like the meta-ness of the way that's phrased right there. Ask that. :)
@TheLethalCarrot well there's also the animated sequel...
TBH I'm fascinated by the metaphysics of Neverland, especially now I know there's a Nowhereland and Long Lost Boys
4:09 PM
Well what works are canon to each other sounds fine too
@DavidW Like an X/Y problem if you're asking if they exist together you might as well ask in the broader scope of the works in general
@TheLethalCarrot I think that's the wording I'm struggling with
"Which works are cannon with the Disney animated movie Peter Pan?"
posted on May 04, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Pure tin is pricey - proletarians prefer aluminium foil hats. Today's News:

Although I now see Peter pan in scarlet is a sequel to the book
@AncientSwordRage Seems fine to me
The tag has examples of similar questions if you're struggling though
I'm not sure if it captures what I'm after... it's not quite a either
I'll have a think 'canon' is too out of universe for what I'm thnking
"Which of the the stories in the Peter Pan universe internally consistent"?
4:20 PM
If I'm understanding correctly "canon" is exactly what you're after... aren't you essentially asking this sort of question:
Q: Is Sesame Street canonical to The Muppet Show?

Robert ColumbiaThis question came out of my previous question Are Sesame Street Muppets human? and how it raised questions about the exact canon under discussion. When I was a child, I always assumed it was obvious that Sesame Street and The Muppet Show took place in the same universe. Sesame Street Muppets su...

sort of I guess?
Q: Is there a Robert Heinlein story where man throws his shorts while in free fall in a space station to float over to a wall using the reaction?

Matthew Christopher BartshUniverse Today has the article Space Station Astronauts Could Get Stranded in Kibo which has this comment by Vernon Balbert dated June 10, 2008 at 3:18 PM: Robert Heinlein already covered this in one of his stories. It seems that the individual who was stuck in the middle of a large space simply...

@Marvin I absolutely do not remember that, and I'm pretty sure I've read at least 98% of Heinlein's work.
4:45 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I attempted to write that Q... it feels a little too loose, but I'll have to see where it goes
Q: Which of the Peter Pan adaptations canon with the 1953 animated film?

AncientSwordRageThere have been a large number of Peter Pan adaptations over the years, but I am specifically interested in the films and TV series spawned from or related to the original and how they relate: Original Film, Peter Pan Sequel Film, Return to Neverland Prequel Film series Sequel TV Series Sequel L...

5:41 PM
Q: Why did Coulson tell the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents not to give Ward an inch?

MyselfThe actual scene is in Season 2 Episode 6, "A Fractured House." When the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are taking Ward away, Coulson says "Do not give him an inch." Why would Coulson say this?

@Marvin @AncientSwordRage Surely none of the film adaptations, from 1953 or otherwise, are "canon"?
The more interesting question would be whether to count the play or the book as the original canon.
2 hours later…
7:46 PM
Q: Why was the year 2063 chosen for First Contact?

Maximus1987Why was the year 2063 chosen for First Contact? Was it derived from other dates or just "randomly" chosen?

8:35 PM
posted on May 04, 2021 by Android Won Kenobi

Several months ago, I saw an anime trailer. The story is set in the mid-late 1900s, and centers on a story of a boy, named something like Andrew Lagusta, who is bent on avenging his father, who was killed by a Chicago mafia (I think). There is another boy in the story, but I don't remember his name. Andrew goes by the handle "Bruno" or "Brutus", and works as som

Q: Did we just lose a mod?

ValorumA quick look at https://scifi.stackexchange.com/users?tab=moderators would suggest that we're at four mods rather than the usual complement of five. Anything to report?

9:14 PM
@Slartibartfast @Randal'Thor has mentioned on this post that we don't know all the details, so we shouldn't speculate.
Just reiterating that goes for chat as well please
@Randal'Thor I'm assuming the 1953 from starts it's own canon
9:25 PM
@AncientSwordRage aww I had a whole conspiracy theory I was about to post!
@TheLethalCarrot don't waste your tin foil :-P
Tin foil is a useful tool in guarding yourself, never wasted I’ll tell ya
9:40 PM
Copper is a better conductor, and it looks much sharper.
Plus you can always claim you're working on a Mycenean cosplay.
10:19 PM
I just watched a video about making a spacesuit out of duct tape. Tinfoil was an optional accessory.
Q: Would a duct tape spacesuit be practical?

userSpoilers ahead for season 2 of For All Mankind. Essentially duct tape wrapped around the body, over clothing which looks like standard NASA jumpsuits for pressurized environments onboard spacecraft. The masks are described as "oxygen masks that have the full face covering". Is this kind of "suit

Yes, Scott Manley was discussing how practical that scene was
11:08 PM
Q: Viridis and felodon: shared worldbuilding?

Clara Diaz SanchezA recent question in the "Hal Clement challenge" asked if there was any meaning or significance to the name "felodon", an amphibian carnivore with large fangs that featured in Clement's novella of 1963, The Green World. Some years earlier in 1956, Margaret St. Clair wrote The Green Queen, availab...

11:32 PM
Q: If Princess Twilight Sparkle of Equestria existed, what would be her results on the political test of eight values?

mammifereviolet4694I would say Princess Twilight Sparkle is social, a cosmopolitan, an authoritarian, and a revolutionary.

@DavidW that way you can hide from the Aluminum-ati

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