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12:23 AM
Q: How did they know what an Omega looks like?

nebogipfelIn the film Edge of Tomorrow, when Rita takes Cage to see the scientist, they are shown a picture of an Omega. But, they don't know where the Omega is, and they never say it's ever been in a known position and then moved. So, how do they know in such detail what it looks like? How would anyone ev...

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7:01 AM
Q: Book with unicorn protagonist who plays music

TheresaIt's been a long time, so my memory of the details is fuzzy. But I remember reading a book in which unicorns were the main characters; this is not a book about humans befriending unicorns in our world, but about a whole different unicorn society. The plot centered around music, something like the...

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8:28 AM
Q: Meaning of acronym UNBI

Clara Diaz Sanchez"Lochinvar" is a short story by Margaret St Clair, published in 1958 in Galaxy (and available to read at the Internet Archive). The titular character is an alien creature from Mars, with the appearance of a "small green animal with brown eyes. Bushy tail. Very intelligent". It turns out he has be...

Q: How can small corvette can shift big destroyers like this?

Jason NevilleThe corvette crashes into the side of the disabled ISD, bringing it towards the second Destroyer: How can small corvette can shift big destroyers like this?

9:52 AM
@Donald.McLean looks like it was 'mangled' by French Americans or maybe just french settlers, and it's become it's own thing
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3:16 PM
Q: Cartoon about robots that are controlled by humans

ImatabilThe plot is that a team of 3 people a girl, a boy, and a short man with a funny haircut control robots and fight against a white alien that too can control robots. In the beginning I remember there was some kind of a test that a lot of people came and the prize was a strong mecha. The style was w...

Q: How is Tarzan able to eat poisoned animals?

SimpletonIn Tarzan of the Apes, Tarzan's intellect allows him to deduce that the arrows used by Kala's killer must have something else upon them (poison) to make the target die instantly. And he is right, as he follows the killer and discovers the poison coating the tip and steals poison-coated arrows for...

3:27 PM
@Marvin Apparently I'm stuck in a time loop again; I could swear we just had this one recently.
The trope is so common that we probably have
at least they're not time traveling
Nope, author deleted and re-posted: scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/246496/…
Well there you go
At least they added information this time... probably still wants a comment telling them it's bad form and to edit instead though
3:58 PM
posted on May 06, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Try this on some friend who claims to just loooove technically accurate statements. Today's News:

4:08 PM
Q: Fantasy novel featuring a female lead who is a medic in the US army

tracyI read this novel about 7-8 years back. The female lead is a US army medic who after a blast wakes up in a different world which has a different spoken language than the Earth. On waking up she comes across riders who take her to an inn. She later discovers that she was taken by her mother to Ear...

4:34 PM
Q: How fast does Iron Man need to be

Mat NXI'm not entirely sure where to ask this, maybe it's physics, maybe it's aviation, I don't know. My question is this: For takeoff, Iron Man is for all intents and purposes a rocket. Downwards thrust produces upwards motion. Once in the air, though, he turns and flies like a plane, despite no notis...

Q: What happens to everyone else when Cage resets the day?

JMERICKSSo we know Cage gets the ability to reset the "day" by absorbing the blood of an Alpha mimic thus enabling him to kill the Omega and end the war. That's cool and everything but what happens to everyone else? We know the day resets for Cage and that begins a new loop but does that mean events in t...

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5:42 PM
@Marvin Interesting question. Answered!
6:17 PM
Q: Why did Shrek’s human form have hair?

Alex DownsIn Shrek 2, Shrek and Donkey drink the Happily Ever After Potion, which turns Shrek human. But when he turns human, he has hair. Why, when he didn’t have hair when he was an ogre? And in case anyone says that “apparently, having hair is beautiful,” bald people CAN be beautiful.

6:43 PM
Q: 1960s (or earlier) movie with a fog blistering people's skin

Pioneer4x4I remember watching the end of this as a child probably before 1970 on TV, only remember it a bit. People walking out of a fog/mist/smoke from a small town all covered with bumps and blisters. I don't know if it was B/W or Color, because back then the TV would have been B/W anyway.

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7:56 PM
That's weird. I was going to flag an answer, but it claimed I'd already raised a flag on it. Which I hadn't or certainly at least not that one.
Was it a VLQ flag by any chance?
Yeah, it was.
This is a known thing?
Q: I did not flag all these posts as Very Low Quality

Ryan MAnd yet, the flag dialog claims I did: It's not every post, but it's a lot of them. For instance, this question and this now-deleted answer (though it stopped showing up on that answer once I flagged it as NAA). A few other users noticed the same thing, with one person speculating that it might...

This is a bug that was introduced when checking if you've already raised a flag - instead of looking at just your flags, it's looking at all flags. This is just a problem with the dialog check, there's not actually flags being raised on your behalf. I'm working on a fix now 🙌 — Kyle Pollard ♦ 36 mins ago
Aha. That would be exactly the case.
Thank you!
7:59 PM
Also, it's frustrating having a proper edit stomped by someone's drive-by review. :-P
Q: Trying to find the source of this image

Shubham SurveTrying to find which comic this scan came from. Tried looking into retroactive series and DC adventures present wonder woman, but couldn't find.

@Mithical I re-ran the query for images missing alt text... and it looks like we're losing ground, not making it up.
I haven't had much of an opportunity lately... I'll take a look
@Mithical Not trying to guilt you into overworking yourself. Just sharing my pain. :)
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9:22 PM
Oops. Somebody do something fast!
9:43 PM
Q: I’m trying to find a certain manga name

sara magicIt’s about a blond female who uses gun and works for a guy whos married and and little boy. She then started working with another guy who is secretive and knows her past. They both went on a cruise mission. A guy slaughtered the women boss throat but he’s ok now. The guy who works with the women ...

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11:25 PM
@DavidW Is this fast enough?
I got carried away with adding alt text to images and ended up owning the last edit on almost half of the posts at the top of the page, which is considered bad form.
And wouldn't you know it, as soon as I got going the other activity pretty much stopped, so I had myself attached to the top 5 posts...
11:52 PM
Q: How did so much research / knowledge exist on the One Ring (the papers which Gandalf consults after seeing Bilbo)?

WackGetIf Sauron forged the One Ring in secret, how was there so much research in the archives of Minas Tirith? For example, Gandalf finds out from the archives that the One Ring has an inscription which is revealed by fire. But how would anybody know that in the first place? Who wrote or compiled all t...

Q: Why is Story mode not available on MK11

Harry IguanaI am trying to unlock the character Frost, but when I go to story mode on Mk11 it is blurred out in red. My question, 1. If I uninstall the game and redownload all the packages will it work? 2. If I do uninstall the game and get it back will I retain my gold, skins and such?


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