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12:53 AM
Q: story-identification: fantasy story with physically weak protagonist that took place after nuclear winter

GenevieveI started reading this book when I was in either elementary school or middle school (anywhere from like 2004-2011) that I recall was too boring for me then but that I'm very interested in remembering now. Unfortunately I don't remember much about the book except these key details: I think it wa...

@Alex 'tis called a joke.
@Mithrandir I’m not familiar with the concept.
(And you’re up late. Or early.)
Yep. Not sleeping well, probably due to my sinuses exploding.
Must have been quite the joke if your sinuses are still exploding...
Yeah, that happens when you link cross-domain.
Doesn't happen that often, I suppose.
Depends on how you define "often"...
Often: Mithrandir is up at 4:00 AM due to exploding sinuses, and has enough wits to accuse Alex of missing a joke but not enough wits to get someone else's joke a few minutes later.
And how often is that?
Dec 19 '18 at 5:07, by Mithrandir
I'm on my phone, early in the morning, not feeling well. What else am I supposed to do?
Looks like it's been 9 months since the last time.
Winter. I don't do well in the winter.
1:24 AM
Well don't go exploring in old wardrobes then...
2:05 AM
Lately I've noticed when I look on the sf&F page, the lettering on questions concerning Star Trek: Voyager appear faded, to the point I sometimes have trouble reading them- anyone know what's up with that?
2:53 AM
Q: Children's Story, Boy receives a ball of yarn pulling it jumps ahead in life

user1361991Looking for a children's story I read a couple decades back. Retelling from memory (details probably wrong): A boy waits in the schoolyard complaining about how long and boring all of this is when ??? appears to him and offers him a ball of yarn. Explains: This ball of yarn is your lifespan ne...

3:45 AM
Q: Another sequel of Marvel Spiderman is going to come or not?

paramshivaayLastly Sony and Marvel both were having some issues. So i heard that now they both are out of contract. So another Spiderman movie is coming or not??

@kingofpanes Do all of them appear low contrast, or just the ones with a negative score?
2 hours later…
5:35 AM
Q: Fantasy book: man discovers a fantasy kingdom in his father's cabin, falls in love with a nymph/driad, is attacked by a bad guy who is his brother

JacobMan returns to his father's cabin which has been abandoned. He discovers some type of fantasy kingdom, falls in love with this fantasy female girl (like dryad or Nymph or something). Someone ends up attacking or killing the girl and he has to go in track the bad guy down. The bad guy ends up bei...

5:57 AM
@kingofpanes are you by any chance ignoring that tag?
3 hours later…
8:41 AM
A Star Trek question reminded me of an old short story that I read, so I'm going to ask a story-id question.
9:16 AM
Q: What Film Or Show Is This Spaceship From?

Paul ChildsI was out with friends last night and we went into a sci-fi bar where they have props and models all over the place. We had fun identifying all the ships, costumes and stuff, but one model had us stumped, and the person behind the bar wouldn't tell us, saying we'd have to find out by other means,...

Q: Faked teleportation accident fuses two people's legs, criminal demands large sum from actress for latter keeping her leg

b_jonasI am looking for a science-fiction short story about a faked teleportation accident. I read this in Hungarian in the 2000s in the original Galaktika magazine. The original series ran between 1972 to 1995, but I probably read this in a volume from before 1985. The magazine ran both stories orig...

@Rand That one is from HHGG, but what prompted my question is actually scifi.stackexchange.com/q/116513/4918 a question about transporter accidnts in Star Trek.
10:12 AM
@b_jonas I just found that quote while Googling for your question, and thought it was funny.
@Stormblessed For pro-tem elections, yes. In a full election on a graduated site, they'd cancel it if there weren't more candidates than positions.
@DavidW Retired but not quit, afaik.
10:31 AM
Yeah, DVK is like my workaholic bosses. They announce that they're going on a vacation, but they're still coming into the office every day and working all throughout the duration.
He's not really gone, just posting much less than he used to.
11:07 AM
> Sorry don't know how long ago it was published, I read it in prison like 15+ years ago
Is that a first here?
11:56 AM
Q: What do we know about the fight between Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor?

TheAshWhat do we know about the fight between Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor? We know that according to professor Binns, it was because Slytherin felt Muggle-Born students to be "untrustworthy". Has JK Rowling commented further on the subject? Furthermore, has she mentioned whether this wil...

12:07 PM
Q: How tall is Supreme Leader Snoke?

user1027In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we see Supreme Leader Snoke a few times dispensing orders to his subordinates. So how tall is he really? I don't think we ever got a good shot of him with something to give a sense of scale.

^ This probably needs a new answer because we have seen this character in person (as opposed to only on a hologram) in episode 8.
@b_jonas Nah doesn't really need it, Snoke looks around 7 foot which is what the accepted answer states
12:56 PM
Q: Short story where alien's teleportation technology doesn't transmit the soul

FuzzyBootsThis is from TV Tropes's Teleporter Accident page: An old sci-fi story dealt with aliens coming to Earth and offering to share their technology with humanity, including teleportation. Unfortunately, the alien civilization is stagnant, and has been for centuries ever since the discovery of the...

@Randal'Thor weird that Spanish is only doing pro-temp
They’ve graduated (but don’t have a theme or normal reputation requirements)
Q: Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta!

CatijaIf you're a user on a long-toiling beta site that's been waiting 7-8 years to get out of beta, this may be the post you've been waiting for. The 29 Beta sites that are 7+ years old no longer have the "Beta" label! I'm on record as saying that we need to ditch the "beta" label for our older site...

Also don't talk about themes for other sites... we want a proper one first!
Greetings, Earthlings.
1:26 PM
@Donald.McLean Fair day to you!
1:41 PM
@DavidW: yes, I messed up the date
1:59 PM
Happens. All good now. :)
1 hour later…
3:01 PM
@Jenayah I don't think it's fair to badmouth a user when they can't exactly defend themselves
3:36 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Agreed.
In this case
@TheLethalCarrot I miss the voting buttons :-(
The voting buttons are the least of my worries haha
3:53 PM
@Stormblessed Sorry, when SE changed the design and modified the widths, I didn't update my user CSS. Someone else could update if they want, but now it will have to take care of widths too, rather than just heights and images.
Q: Cartoon/anime where thunder hits a robot and the boy hero can then control it to fight evil with

Shashi vardhanI don't remember much about the cartoon or anime but there is a scene in which thunder falls on a small robot and from then (the hero is a boy) it's like the hero controls the robot and fights the evil. When I think of it I remember the Big Hero 6 robot in a smaller size. It was nearly 5 to 9 yea...

4:16 PM
Q: Why did the Causality Violation Device behave this way in Version Control?

aaronThroughout Dexter Palmer's book, Version Control, when the team performs experiments with the CVD,

4:33 PM
@TheLethalCarrot ah, had forgotten the chat ban. Wasn't trying to abuse that.
4:48 PM
Q: Why does René refer to Picard as his nephew?

GendoIkariIn the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Family, Captain Picard meets his nephew René when he visits his home on Earth. René says "You're my nephew Jean-Luc". It is seemingly a joke, though when Picard responds in kind with "then you must be my uncle René", René corrects him; saying that it ...

Q: Why did Salazar Slytherin arm the Chamber of Secrets with a Basilisk?

TheAshWhy did Salazar Slytherin arm the Chamber of Secrets with a Basilisk? If the main reason was, as the legend says, to "let his heir purge those who were unworthy to study magic" (i.e., kill Muggles) it seems woefully inefficient and needlessly complicated. There had to be a better way than that! A...

@Jenayah even without that I’d still recommend against doing it
5:25 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I agree; pointed comments/insinuations obviously directed at a single user are already borderline rude to start with.
5:54 PM
Q: I don't know how to watch

Shashi vardhan How can I watch heroman episodes in english

Solid question.
6:09 PM
@Mithrandir I haven't been on other stacks long enough to tell, but the attrition rate of high-rep users on SFF has always seemed abnormally high for me.
7:19 PM
@TheLethalCarrot fair nuff
7:47 PM
@Jenayah No, I'm not ignoring it, not anymore than any other tag
@DavidW As far as I can tell, all of them.
7:58 PM
@kingofpanes for a screenshot?
8:17 PM
@Jenayah screenshot? I don't follow.
@kingofpanes *got a screenshot? (Insert rant about my phone's autocorrect)
8:48 PM
Updated my answer scifi.stackexchange.com/a/220289/4918 on sci-fi maps.
9:06 PM
@Jenayah sorry, no-.
9:22 PM
Oh, alright
9:37 PM
Q: What is the angel in the Star Trek: Discovery title sequence?

Mark HenryWhat is the angel silhouette in the title sequence? The opening is starkly different from other series themes. What does the angel mean?

9:57 PM
Q: Who was the first Klingon to undergo choH'a and change his anatomy?

Mark HenryWas Voq the first Klingon to undergo choH'a, or was this process already an established ritual when Voq was ordered to undergo it? It seems reasonable they have used it for other races in other conflicts as well, such as becoming a Romulan.

10:23 PM
Q: Making a flightless pegasus

Kevin KostlanIs there an episode in the genre of the Twilight Zone or Outerlimits where a scientist was asked to make a pegasus? He was trying to explain to his physics-naive client that he could give a horse wings, but it would be to large and heavy to fly.

10:37 PM
Q: Why did the Sorting Hat say that Harry could have been in Slytherin if Harry isn't a pureblood?

WakandanPotterheadSo, lately I've been rereading the Harry Potter books for the thousandth time, and I realized something. In the Sorcerer's Stone, the Sorting Cap tells Harry: Harry: Not Slytherin, not Slytherin... Sorting Cap: Not Slytherin, eh? Are you sure? You could be great you know. It's all here, ...

11:18 PM
Q: European romantic movie

NacinecitaMany years ago, I watched a movie of a rich woman that falls in love with a man that works for her family.they use to meet and make love by a cave by the ocean. The used to read also, He wants to study to be intelligent like her. but she doesn’t want him to change for her. She loves him the way...

11:38 PM
Q: The novel "skeletons?"

Kelly GeorgeCan anybody help me identify this book? I think it was called Skeletons. It was about the dead rising and coming back as skeletons of themselves and killing the living to make more skeleton people. Abraham Lincoln resumes presidency of the US. Among the surviving people is a pregnant woman wh...

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