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12:00 AM
I make a long, boring off-topic post explaining a joke, and suddenly three people leave the chat room. If I do that a few more times, I'll be all alone :-(
Was I one of the ones that left?
@RDFozz "Me, myself and the feeds"
@Alex The only icon I made out was Gallifreyan's.
@Jenayah shh! Someone might realize this is my master plan - to rule the chatroom!
Well mine might have disappeared even though I was still here. Switching devices and all.
I was actually switched to a different tab for a minute or so. And, I seem to recall that people get dropped of (on mobile, I think?) if they aren't active for some period of time.
If it was unclear, I was just joking around!
12:14 AM
My prior experiments seemed to show that my icon disappears 30 minutes after closing my computer.
@Alex And I'm pretty sure my memory is of you noting that :-).
@RDFozz We take jokes very seriously ‘round these parts.
@Jenayah About time you posted that answer.
@Alex eh
I was 99% sure there was a "is it useful to include your successful query in your story-id answer" question but didn't find it back
and in any case always useful eh
I'm sure people get sued all the time for including it.
12:51 AM
Q: When Saruma began cutting lumber from Fangorn Forest was he aware of the Ent's existence?

ChildishforlifeIn Lord of the Rings the Two Towers, was Saruman aware of the Ents existence when he was cutting them down and using them for fuel?

1:14 AM
Q: Japanese (Chinese?) live action movie about a group hunting monsters in the modern age city. eg Liquid Monster

AndrewA live action movie about an elite MIB-like group that hunt monsters in modern japan. Monsters could take all kinds of forms, I think the big bad at the end took the form of a jumbo jet, but the ones I wanted to find the film again for were more common ones that could surround a car with cries fr...

2 hours later…
3:17 AM
Q: In the book Pet Semetary, why does Jud Crandall seem younger than his age?

turiI finished the book recently, and I keep thinking about how Jud was repeatedly described as seeming younger and more spry than his age (83) would imply. It's never explained, but it seems like it has to be important since it was brought up so much. When I read at the end of the book how Louis's h...

3:32 AM
Q: Arctic science fiction with a sleeping alien that farms people and has a blue gel that heals them

MartyGreat movie where aliens wants to call home by way and say there is food here... Underground drilling. Blue gel that heals terrible wounds we're the cows. Maybe 70s or 80s movie. Saw it on TV. Any idea of name?

Q: Anime movie pre-1990

Brent SimonI've been trying to find this movie that I must have watched a hundred times growing up. There were standard tropes - alien princess, scientist father crashing ship into earth, combiner robot made up of 3 ships. The ending was the hero carrying the dead princess towards teh camera in the afterm...

4:14 AM
About time:
And @Jenayah is proven correct:
Nov 8 at 1:03, by Jenayah
I'd have thought it'd be pretty much done by the end of the year
A: Is listing your search terms considered rude?

MithrandirIt's actually a good idea, in my opinion, especially for story identification questions. Think about it this way: instead of it being 'oh look how easy it was to find the info', think of it as teaching the OP - and anyone else who reads it - how to find answers. If someone asks a story-identifi...

@Alex Congratulations indeed!
@Gallifreyan Thanks.
4:31 AM
@Alex Congrats! Now you have a hammer.
I find it amusing that I have half the number of answers but twice the score in the tag :P
@Mithrandir Ah, yes. The moment I've been waiting for.
@Mithrandir Well my first 100 answers got me 1,000 score:
Oct 28 at 1:47, by Alex
user image
Then I started going through old questions, so my next 100 answers only got me 335 score.
Assuming that my second 100 answers weren't so significantly worse than my first 100, we'd have to assume that not to many people are looking at new answers to old questions.
Indeed, the answer that got me the badge won't even appear on the homepage because it has a score of -6.
4:51 AM
Q: Title of a book (part of a trilogy) where a powerful Demon makes a computer out of lesser demons

George 2.0 HopeI'm looking for the title of a book (part of a trilogy, I'm almost 100%) where a powerful Demon makes a "computer" out of lesser demons where :: thousands of demons that had their tongue in / out for binary data "firefly" demons in a grid to create a monochromatic "screen" ... in the books, t...

Q: Old tv-series about a missing boy talking to parents through his picture on milk box

Nikita NeganovI've seen this on TV in mid 00's, but the show might be older. The plot I remember: A boy goes missing into some kind of alternate world There are some "garbage men" in white jumpsuits who collect trash and this boy hides from them In the real world he is put on milk carton box's "Missing kids...

5:05 AM
@Mithrandir Thanks for the edit.
I hope you didn't spend too much time looking up all the chapters.
I did. :P
I'm on my phone, early in the morning, not feeling well. What else am I supposed to do?
@Mithrandir Yell at me for not including them in the first place?
Well let this be a lesson to you
The lesson I learned is that I can leave things out and someone else will clean it up for me.
That's... probably more or less accurate
5:10 AM
In any case, feel better.
Q: Was the use of "puddle jumper" in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Moebius" a continuity error?

BuzzWhen *Stargage: Atlantis" was launched, my wife and I started watching it, but we got tired of it fairly quickly and went back to just watching SG-1. From what we saw of Stargate: SG-1 in season 8, it seemed that the SGC was out of contact with the personnel who had moved to Atlantis. So we w...

5:44 AM
Seconded. @Mithrandir, feel better. That's an order!
Unrelated, I don't understand articles like this one, complaining how the next Avengers film is getting spoiled.
I don't expect or demand having read the comics. But in these days, looking up the general plotlines should be easy. Also, in general, it should be known that superheroes never really die.
6:22 AM
Q: What animals are allowed at Hogwarts?

LudwigI've been meaning to ask this question for a while, and I was wondering if other animals (e.g. pigeons, dogs etc.) were allowed.

@Mithrandir thanks. Dangit, I even upvoters that :^)
@Alex congrats!
@Jenayah Thanks.
1 hour later…
7:47 AM
@Marvin Missed your first chance at hammering, @Alex ....
8:00 AM
@SQB Thanks.
8:51 AM
@Mithrandir I’m sure I’ll use it in good time.
9:47 AM
Anyone fancy proof reading this for me?
A: What are the melting and boiling points of adamantium and vibranium? Is this ever stated in the comics?

Hunter StricklandAccording to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, vibranium melts at 5,475°F. Weapons: Defensor wears a suit composed of vibranium; an extraterrestrial metal brought to earth by a huge meteor and found only in the African kingdom of Wakanda and the Antarctic hidden jungle calle...

looks good to me
Jolly good
@TheLethalCarrot Two minor typos. "b Valorum" instead of "by ...", "Impact" with a capital I. That last one is open for interpretation.
It looks like a capital I in the text
Yeah, but I think it's just an artefact of the print / image.
9:54 AM
Probably but I tried to keep it accurate to the text per what I could see rather than fix typos in it i.e. I didn't capitalise Earth :P
But that's why I said it's open to interpretation.
I think it's a lowercase i, but printed a bit sloppy which makes it look like an uppercase I.
Aye, I think there might be a few things that look different because of artefacts in the image but meh as close to the image is best I can do
Q: Bowl Of Heaven was riddled with errors. Has Niven or Benford explained the awful editing?

James from NZIn the novel Bowl of Heaven by Larry Niven and Gregory Benford, the editing is sloppy and there are many, many continuity errors. It's quite awful. Have Niven or Benford ever commented on the editing or production of this book? (22% of reviewers on Amazon gave the book 1 star out of 5, so I'm not...

10:32 AM
Huh that's weird the FP @Jenayah reviewed last I had already reviewed but for some reason it didn't mark it as me having reviewed it...
@TheLethalCarrot uh
I broke the interactions between you and SE review :D
I reviewed it, with the edit, ~8 mins before you did (with the comment UV I assume) but I don't show on the review haha
I wonder if we can repro this
Well it's either that or I forgot to press I'm Done but I don't think that was the case
What else would you have pressed?
10:38 AM
Well I could have closed the tab before pressing it but I don't think I did
Or closed it after pressing it but before the request was sent to the server
Does it show on your review profile tab?
No but I wouldn't have thought it would anyway
Hi all.
Oh, are you trying to figure out the secret hat too?
No, what secret hat?
The new one?
Brown one?
10:47 AM
@TheLethalCarrot Eliza Doolots
I imagine it would just be a variation on Catija's suggestion for it...
> Earn 200 reputation on each of your top six sites during Winter Bash.
Monica earned it on 3 sites, not six, though.
Well top 6 and 200 is a high bar so I'd imagine it would be lowered slightly
I was the person who "harassed" the user so does someone fancy commenting here so I don't "pile it on"? scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/a/12242/58193
11:06 AM
....I'd advise just leaving it
once "SJW" makes it into the conversation, it's probably past salvaging
Fair point
Just delete it then you think?
Cos no point keeping it
Also whilst you're here Mith can mods censor suggested edits?
Define "censor"
Well either

a. edit the SE to remove naughtiness
b. delete the SE from the timeline/reviews as if it never happened
c. something along those lines
Nothing even like that? Bit rubbish..
11:12 AM
Well, you already can edit posts.
people generally aren't searching through old suggested edits anyway
Deleting edits from the revision history altogether is normally only done for serious privacy violations.
not-logged-in users can't view suggested edits that were rejected as spam or vandaism
The SE was rejected so no immediate harm... you can, however, still see what it was trying to do
If it was rejected, then what do you actually need deleted? And to what end?
Even downright offensive flagged posts can still be read by 10k users until the demise of the very internet itself.
11:15 AM
Well yeah but R/A nuked are hidden behind a banner and you have to click through to see it on purpose. A rejected edit makes no mention of why it was rejected until you look
And then it's too late and you're exposed to the content we are tryign to hide on purpose
The click to get through an R/A banner is sufficiently easier than...like what, navigating yourself through someone's suggested edit history for whatever reason?
I'm not doing that, sometimes I check a posts timeline and review history in general
The first is very easy to do, the latter not so much but still there
The point being there is no protection in place to stop a user seeing something offensive like there is on a nuked post
When you're scanning a suggested edit history, I assume you know what you're doing and you do it for site maintenance. A random dude who'll be appalled by what he sees doesn't normally...browse rejected edit suggestions.
@TheLethalCarrot But if it's rejected it's not even in the revision history.
@NapoleonWilson It's on the timeline though
Wait, I misread. Apparently you actually check the review history.
11:19 AM
I still shouldn't be slapped in the face with offensive content though. It's something SE does try and avoid happening. My point is I have no way of knowing it is offensive until I open the SE
But even then, you apparently do that on purpose. Why do you actively engage in deliberate site moderation when you're not prepared to see offensive content?
I mean it doesn't bother me seeing it but I can imagine some other well intentioned user not liking it
@TheLethalCarrot I assume this is such a remote use-case that they haven't wasted a thought on it yet, even if they'd theoretically be inclined to protect you from it.
@TheLethalCarrot Applies to that user in the same way. You (or rather he) have to conciously engage in site moderation and digging out a post's hidden corpses when hunting for rejected edit suggestions.
We've had whole posts locked because of SE spam in the past... I bet sites like SO get even more so I doubt it's that remote of a use case
@NapoleonWilson All I'm saying is a warning would be preferred like on posts nuked for the same reason
When looking through the closet, be prepared to find skeletons?
11:23 AM
Meh, propose it on Meta Stack Exchange then.
I'd hope they fix the designs and the HNQ before delving into that, though. ;-)
I'm not asking for a FR in here, I was solely asking if there was anyway of hiding the R/A content after the fact under the current system
@NapoleonWilson I think we can all agree on that
@TheLethalCarrot Well, there is not. But you seem to think there should be, so a feature request would be the next step.
Right, that was all I was asking haha... I may make a FR but probably not for a while if I do
12:12 PM
Q: Are pure-bloods actually a distinct species from Muggles?

TheLethalCarrotFrom this question I note that pure-bloods are not actually really pure blooded according to the following quote: “So-called pure-blood families maintain their alleged purity by disowning, banishing, or lying about Muggles or Muggle-borns on their family trees. They then attempt to foist thei...

11 mins, c'mon Marvin
Feels dupey though
Yeah didn't find that in a search... just having a read of it
Didn't VTC (yet) but leaving it here to see what others think
Didn't VTC but leaving it here to see what others think
The answers there are poor, but I think if I just ask if there was ever a pure pure-blood that might be different enough?
12:20 PM
Just because answers are poor doesn't justify new questions, just saying ;)
Oh I know, I love repeating that
Honestly I don't think so but that's only my take on it
Well I'm only on half day today so I'll leave it up to you lot whether you want to close it or not
Half day?
At work, I have half day holiday booked off and I will be busy at home so won't be looking properly haha
12:25 PM
Ok ok
1:12 PM
Q: Names of two scifi books

LewTrying to remember the name of two sci-fi books I read in the late 70s or very early 80's. The plot of the first centered around a rock star who transferred his consciousness to a computer (possibly based on a satellite), and whom "made contact" with a Russian telepath. The telepath was, iirc, a...

1 hour later…
2:12 PM
Q: Science fiction story revolving around telepathy

LewTrying to find a book I read in the late 70's or very early 80's. As I remember, the plot centered around a rock star who transferred his consciousness to a computer, and whom "made contact" with a Russian telepath. The telepath was, iirc, actually a "living brain" - or slices of - held in some...

2:22 PM
Can't we merge and ? While not the same phenomena, they are closely related.
I vote no
or something similar.
Or two similar
They're both not really useful and redundant already
2:44 PM
Yeah, so let's wrap some of them up in one tag.
3:03 PM
or better yet, get rid of them altogether
2 hours later…
4:45 PM
Q: Do foxes count as one of the "Free Peoples?"

LegomanIn Middle-earth, Elves are bound to the world and will live as long as it lasts. Men are of course mortal, as are Dwarves, Hobbits, Eagles, Trolls, Orcs, Ainur (so it would seem), and, most importantly, foxes. In the early stages of the Ringbearer's Quest, one fox comes across the sleeping Hobbit...

4:57 PM
Q: Can a lightsaber cut through vibranium and/or adamantium?

Knox BoydIn the Marvel universe, vibranium and adamantium are shown to be nearly unbreakable. Yet, in the Star Wars universe (at least in the movies) I have not yet seen a lightsaber fail to cut any material. Would it be able to cut through adamantium or even vibranium?

Q: What are Majora's forms?

LegomanThere has been enormous amounts of speculation on who or what Majora is. I find many of the theories to be plausible, but something that's always interested me is that we never see Majora him/itself. We only see things that he seems to possess—Majora's Mask, Majora's Moon, Majora's Incarnation, M...

5:17 PM
Does anyone see this question on the homepage:
Q: Why Couldn't Hagrid Have a Functional Wand?

SlytherincessI'm wondering why Hagrid isn't allowed to carry a wand or do magic. We know that Hagrid carries a pink umbrella with the suspected remnants of his broken wand secreted inside (CoS chapter 7), and that Hagrid does do magic here and there even though he's not supposed to (SS chapters 4 and 5). W...

Not here but maybe caching
Bit long for that.
5:33 PM
Closing doesn't bump, if that's what you're after.
Reopening does, though, which makes sense.
Also, it seems you recently got the power to take the fight for sane duplicate closing to new levels. ;-P
@NapoleonWilson Ah thanks.
Is reopening considered something that needs more oversight?
Because I have a feeling I’ll be doing more of that than closing.
Even though my first one was a closure.
@Alex If anything, I think it's more that when you close something, the site naturally loses interest in it, since noone ain't gonna answer no closed questions. But once you reopen something, it becomes free game for new exciting answers. But that's speculation.
Interesting idea; I hadn’t thought of it like that. Though it does give me quite a bit of unchecked power.
Of course you could argue that it's still interesting when a question is closed, primarily for maintenance aspects of getting it to work with edits and, yes, having oversight over events like that. But I guess there's already queues and special pages for those inclined to review that. The general public doesn't really care for closed questions, though, since they're (1) not answerable and (2) not good/valid/relevant as questions themselves (therefore closed).
5:49 PM
Q: How do communications work in Star Wars?

thegreatjediMy previous question Why does Binary exist? started a conversation which led me to this new question: How do long-range communications work in the first place? (I was wondering why droids had to speak Binary instead of using existing technology for other communication modes humans and other tech ...

@Alex Well, that's what the gold badges do, unfortunately. The theoretical idea is that you're to be trusted with them.
True. But I just thought I was trusted enough too have my vote count as five votes, and any other five voters or Gold Badgers can immediately undo any damage I might do. But now I find out that I can theoretically go around closing every single old question, and in the normal course of events no one will know that I'm doing this.
@Alex not that unchecked, as it will bump reopened posts
Closing is something else
Well I guess it's unlucky for me that I'm more of a reopener than a closer.
@Alex It's still easily undoable once people find out. And when they find out you've been doing this repeatedly, you better have a good explanation.
5:59 PM
@NapoleonWilson Right. The main point, though, is that it's hard to find out, unless someone is deliberately stalking my activity (not a bad idea) or just happens to be looking at random old questions.
@Alex I don't think stalking your activity shows that, does it?
True. The gold badge privileges are a little overpowered indeed.
If you don't close from review, does it appear?
Q: Was Voldemort's Soul Split in Equal Parts?

Nemon27Each time Voldemort split his soul to create a horcrux would it half in size each time, or, in his anticipation of splitting it seven ways, did he impart one seventh of his soul into each horcrux?

@Jenayah You're right.
@Jenayah I can see it in my own profile, but you won't be able to see it.
6:21 PM
@Alex moderators tools, though
@Jenayah Ah, good point. But that doesn't show you my activity. It just shows you recently closed questions, and you will have to open each one to see who closed it.
So if you are trying to stay on top of my closing activity it would probably be easier to just ask me.
Well you did say you were the reopening type anyway
But I still close once in a while.
6:31 PM
Well, you've nearly ran out of HP questions to browse, so likely the one you will now VTC will be new ones with more eyes watching
Where are you by the way? Pages left?
@Jenayah 21.
I could just give up now since I don't need to answer any more questions.
Right, like hell you would :P
Argh, you know me too well.
The Fantastic Beasts series will probably be over by the time I get my gold badge :P
6:41 PM
Oh, that reminds me, for the sake of full disclosure, the 115 pages is excluding all Fantastic Beasts questions.
And fanfic-id?
No, I didn't specifically exclude that.
Perhaps I should have.
But actually, I don't think there were too many of those.
It may be a recent phenomenon.
By comparison, sure
And who knows, I might even find one I can answer.
Though there are really only two that I have any real recollections of.
Though I don't know the titles.
May be I should ask a fanfiction-identification.
7:03 PM
Q: Star Trek TNG chain of command

The Real PicardAfter reading a post about this, every answer on here got it wrong......it wasn't about breaking Picards will or getting all of the military info that the Cardassian Empire wanted.....it was simply control/power of another being.....he even tells Picard about a childhood event where he was bullie...

@Alex ask away!
I had no idea you read fanfiction.
@Jenayah I read a bunch a while back.
Hmmm, I thought I had enough details that I would be able to find it in a matter of seconds, but apparently not.
Unrelated, how does this user still have 11 rep on Meta (for only 1 rep on main)? I know Meta rep and main rep aren't always in sync, but their only main post got deleted eight hours ago
So it takes more than eight hours to update?
In my experience, it usually takes like one hour
7:15 PM
I'll defer to your experience, then.
Speaking of my fanfiction question, is it even possible that there is only one result for "america" in the entire Mugglenet database?
well I'm no expert but eight hours seems long
@Alex I'm not sure what you mean
Q: Astronaut studying aliens is mistaken for a wizard

boppa54This book was about an astronaut studying an alien race. The alien village leader thinks he's a wizard or warlock, he also thinks the astronaut is a monster there to attack them. He uses ordinary things to make his magic and cause problems for the astronaut who's just there to study them.

When I search for "america" limited by site, only one result shows up.
"america" site:mugglenet.com is 1700 results for me
Try fanfiction.mugglenet.com
7:20 PM
one result indeed
And it's not my story.
So something's wrong.
anyway, off to eat, be back later
wait for me for that Q :P
maybe author took it off?
I will. I gotta go do something now anyway.
@Jenayah Always a possibility. But I would anyway think that there would be quite a few stories that mention America.
If anyone feels like giving a delvote... scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/49838/…
That's the last question that has either or . And it's off topic and closed. Deleting it will remove both of those tags.
7:49 PM
@Mithrandir done
(thumbs up) one more vote
8:06 PM
It's already gone. Seems there were enough devoted delvoters at last.
? I still see it
I still see it.
Oh, it's about the question?
Whatever, I said my wordplay, who cares about that post? ;-)
8:53 PM
@Jenayah Are you ready for the question?
9:19 PM
Q: Will the Genie be blue?

SkoobaI noticed the new cover of Entertainment Weekly, which features a cover of the actors to be in the new live-action Aladdin. With Will Smith slated to be the Genie, he decided does not look like the Genie from the original animated feature. Will the Genie be a blue entity in the new film or...

9:32 PM
@Alex ask up
no promises though :)
woah that's detailed
@Jenayah Asked. And now my profile will be forever tainted with a fanfiction-identification question.
@Alex a fanfic question is alright, at least you don't have a in your tag tab
@Jenayah Which means I either remembered many things incorrectly, I'm horrible at searching, or I made the whole thing up.
Or, author took it away form the site you read it on
Yeah, I meant to include that option as well.
Oh no, two upvotes already. This better not become my most upvoted question.
9:37 PM
more than 29 upvotes on a fanfic-id question? Not a chance
Top one's that one:
Q: HP Fan-fic where an Imperiused Dudley jumps off a building

MöozI was reading this very funny Twitter convo where someone finds out that they've actually read a fan-fiction version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It's bloody hilarious, I'm crying from laughing so much! Fan-fic details: Dudley gets placed under the Imperius Curse by Wormtai...

@Jenayah I actually just saw that one a few days ago. Hilarious!
yeah x)
Q: Fanfiction in which Ginny goes to school in America

AlexI read a fanfiction a while ago (probably at least five years ago) that I can't seem to find. Note, that I don't actually want to read it; I'm only asking about it because I find it mysterious that I can't find it. So if you can answer the question without providing a place to read it, that is fi...

What's wrong with that fanfiction site of yours, did they cull archives or something? There are very few results for very generic keywords
Yeah, I don't know, it seemed odd that there were so few results for generic words like "Hermione".
9:51 PM
Can you open them?
Like, the tab on mmy computer is taking forever to load
@Jenayah Same thing happened to me.
but they eventually appeared?
That certainly won't help in the search :P
I thought it might be something with settings on my computer, but it's not working on my phone either.
And the same thing happens if you actually go to the site and then click on the fanfiction tab.
9:55 PM
well that was fast, GG @Mith
Now I've got to dash off, will probably flesh out tomorrow
It's nice to be fastest without doing anything ;)
Apparently I could have left out all the details except the third bullet, and gotten the same answer.
names usually work quite well
<--- was too focused on the site not working :P
10:11 PM
I don't know, when I searched with "Esmerelda" all I got was a suggestion to change it to "Esmeralda".
@Mithrandir24601 this is going to last until one of us gives up and changes our username :p
tell Google to duck itself
I vote for an account-merge.
Uh, would that merge mod powers as well? :D
@Jenayah I tried.
10:13 PM
I think I remember MithNoNumbers saying something about not having a clue about Quantum Engineering
I know a bit about quantum physics, just not quantum computing
@Mithrandir I quite enjoy this :P
dangit Quantum omputing, not Quantum Engineering
I don't have time to look so closely at the moment, but the first result for a Google search of "ginny" "esmerelda" is this: Not anymore.
10:35 PM
Q: Why does Venom, in the Venom movie not have the same powers as spiderman

user109379In the movie Venom, instead of using webs, Venom used parts of himself to swing him to safety. And he also clawed his way up a tall building instead of using webs and "sticky hands".

@Alex Since... that's literally up to where I read before trying to find it, yeah, I suppose so.
@Mithrandir So I should feel stupid, apparently.
Nah. You just need more practice Googling.
Judicious use of exact search is a skill that is difficult to master
It might have come up in my searches and I just missed it because I was distracted by Google telling me that I misspelled "Esmerelda".
10:51 PM
@Alex To be fair, it was just telling you that there was a very close word to one you used, that there were more answers for. I've had a number of searches where I get told that, but where the answer I need is in the less-well-populated set.
@RDFozz A classic example of Artificial Intelligence overcompensating. Almost as bad as auto-correct.
@Alex At least Google usually gives you the results you asked for, just letting you know you may have mistyped something. Autocorrect will change what you typed without an obvious notice (if you aren't looking at what's showing up as you typed).
@RDFozz yeah, that's why it's not as bad.
11:17 PM
Sep 5 at 17:16, by Jenayah
@Alex SENSE is SEDE, but without me checking that the autocorrect didn't screw it up before pressing enter and tucking my phone back into my pocket.
@Jenayah That's a real example of invasive Artificial Intelligence. I mean, who told it to tuck your phone into your pocket?
@Jenayah Agreed.
11:36 PM
Q: Stimulus from the dream is being experienced as "real" and a possible lucid dream

ILoveILToday I had a dream that I suspect could be a lucid dream. While I was asleep I suddenly fathomed that recently I dreamed a series of dreams that all share a common characteristic: I ate food in those dreams and I could taste the food in real life and to feel the real taste of the food. Is this a...

A DV is probably appropriate too, this doesn't have anything to do on the homepage
Good point.

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