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12:26 AM
Q: Translucent's impervious skin

JRaefI'm thinking I have discovered a plot mistake here. Spoiler alert for newbies:

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2:21 AM
Any good movies I should watch?
Going on plane tomorrow
Q: Time travel Story Identification. short story in which protagonist has to go to where the last human on earth dies to get back to the present

alison papricaI read this story in one of the many anthologies I've had over the years but can't find it. The protagonist is a scientist. Something goes wrong with an experiment and he starts skipping forward through time. It's only when he gets to the death of the last human that time resets and he returns to...

2:46 AM
Q: Story identification: all communications down

NoahMI remembered a scene from a film or TV episode earlier today, where people are remarking that all communications are down, up to and including string telephones. I believe that the medium was in some sort of sci-fi, but I don't recall. Any leads ?

2:59 AM
Mar 20 at 17:08, by Alex
Dec 30 '18 at 18:09, by Alex
@Jenayah Skip the plane; orienteer all the way from France.
Q: Fate of Chaos after Tyranid Conquest

user21851After the Warhammer 40K galaxy has been completely eaten by the Tyranids, consuming 100% of the biomass, I believe that one of the other factions remaining will be Chaos, safe within the Immaterium and the Eye of Terror. They will be greatly weakened by the loss of most of the souls in the galaxy...

Q: Story Identification: shrinking skull

NoahMBack in elementary school, I read a book about a protagonist who discovers a small skull, another character named Mortimer, and a scene near the climax where a prayer banner was used. The skull had belonged to a man who had been executed and for some reason had shrunk to thimble-size (?). Any c...

@Stormblessed Field too large. Don't know what you've seen or what you like. Maybe "Short Circuit" is your thing. Maybe you'd prefer "RoboCop".
3:22 AM
Oo! No! "Flesh+Blood"! There ya go! :)
3:46 AM
Q: MOVIE Blueshift - astronauts return to uninhabited earth after 800 years - not The Return

SterlingAstronauts return to Earth after 800 years in space and sleep stasis abroad a private space ship, the Daedalus - they see the earth is dark. They get a signal says "No Earth" as they get close. There are evolved people on Mars that say they will help but they want the human history files aboard t...

@DavidW haven’t seen anything really
I don’t watch movies much
I’ve decided on 2001, rewatching Alien, and the old King Kong
And lots of books
(More accurately, a lot of one book)
Oh, well then, you must watch "Blade Runner"!
That's actually a serious recommendation for a change. :)
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5:24 AM
@Stormblessed where are you going? :)
1 hour later…
6:52 AM
Yeah, I don't tend to watch a lot of movies either. I prefer the immersion of a book, but a movie does have stuff that books don't (generally) have.... like a soundtrack. (Colin Frake on Fire Mountain aside.)
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9:10 AM
Q: Who is Fire Lord Izumi's mother?

NathanSIzumi, Zuko's daughter, who was the current Fire Lord throughout the events of The Legend of Korra: who was her mother? The only named candidates that I am aware of, based on those Zuko was romantically involved with during the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender, would be Mai, who was Zuko's g...

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10:30 AM
Q: Is the Imperium of Mankind Slowly leading towards Ruination?

Vigneswara PrabhuIt is a Well known fact that the Imperium of Mankind is in a state of technological stagnation. Most of its Galactic machinery is propped up by Technologies, the Working of which no one is fully aware of. Even the Astronomicon Projected by the Golden throne of Terra is under threat due to its mec...

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12:10 PM
Q: Fantasy story entertainer hired as decoy/replacement

Steven CloverI've been trying to place this story for a while now so hoping someone can help. Setting: Fantasy, various main characters have elemental themed magical abilities (one has fire magic, another water etc) Main plot points: A sleight of hand magician/entertainer is hired to pretend to be a princ...

Q: How Science fiction saved the world story identification

alison papricaThis very short story was either in Asimov's or Analog. It was written like a mini history lesson. They replaced all books in schools with science fiction and all the kids grew up to be creative problem solvers and all the world's issues were resolved. Anyone know the title or author. Tnx

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1:18 PM
I believe this is the most correct answer, as it's the only one which doesn't rely on pedantic nitpicking of the passages in question, instead relying on the entirely reasonable notion that a character simply forgot a throwaway line from two years before. — Rand al'Thor ♦ 15 mins ago
Mar 3 at 18:05, by Alex
@Jenayah He has been kicked out of the Pedants Club.
@Alex Strictly speaking, can you belong to a club you didn't choose to join?
Q: Do the villains know Batman has no superpowers?

MindwinWe, the readers, know Batman has no superpowers. I have no idea if the villains know that. Several superpowered heroes use technology to augment their capabilities, so it is not a wild guess to say that the Bat might have superpowers too. Do the villains know for sure that he has none, or not? ...

@DavidW some shards do.
1:50 PM
@Jenayah Yurp
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2:51 PM
Q: Do the Star Wars Marvel Comics have their own universe designation?

m1gp0zI know there are different universe designations for different storylines, such as the MCU cinematic universe, versus the "main" Marvel Universe or the Ultimates comic universe. Since Marvel has published Star Wars comics in the past, do these have their own designation/numerical nomenclature? ...

3:11 PM
Q: Recent book about a disease that turns people into half-dragons

AndreiiI remember someone telling me about a book but I can't remember who it was to ask them the name, so I'm hoping someone could identify it. It's a relatively recent book, since they bought it last month from the "bestseller" section in a mainstream bookshop. I'm pretty sure it takes place in our t...

3:23 PM
@DavidW actually, I meant splinter, but I got my vocabulary wrong. So the pub is dead now :(
3:40 PM
If you mean here, well, even the main site is pretty dead.
Not just this site either.
@Jenayah want to read about shards? Splinters? Read the Cosmere!!!!!!!!!
Or not
(Sorry I’m not very good at randomly inserting myself into conversations with jokes that nobody except maybe Adamant will understand)
@DavidW SFF is?
Well I guess that 4 of those five people who show on the site card have quit
But we’ve got Valorum, who could probably keep the site functional if literally everyone else on it quit :P
It’s weird how infrequently I get either upvotes or downvotes on old stuff I wrote on SFF
I wonder what percentage of our traffic is people who aren’t logged in
Would it be really high? I bet Spanish for example is like 99% non-logged in because SE has good SEO
Q: Anyone recognise this book?

nakbI’m trying to track down a book I read around 50 years ago. Can’t remember author or title. Probably early 50’s vintage. Storyline was a wealthy inventor who flies a large flying machine around the world. Powered by an energy beam from a base station in England. Machine has reception horn on its ...

So it only had 2 candidates, and 2 positions available...so there was an instant election?
@Stormblessed Site card?
@Stormblessed it's never good for a site to be held only by one person, it'd be even worse if it was that one.
4:02 PM
@DavidW on All Sites
Wait, DVK-on-Ahch-To has quit? It says "Last seen 2 days ago."
Also, based on previous conversations, it seems there's some debate about Thaddeus Howze's status...
(At least debate on your part.)
4:31 PM
Q: Do Vulcans have any colonies outside of their home system?

ThunderforgeHave the Vulcans established any colonies outside of their home system, as the humans and other Federation species have? If yes, what are they? If no, why not? This is especially relevant for the Kelvin timeline given that the planet Vulcan was destroyed, and their species would have a much bett...

@DavidW Thaddeus hasn’t done anything since April on SFF
DVK is very inactive most of the time
Slytherincess I think quit, and most recent post was in June, which had a gap of like 8 months from the previous
Jason Baker hasn’t been seen since 2018
1 hour later…
5:52 PM
That's not quite the same thing as "4 of those five people who show on the site card have quit," especially since it's fairly obvious that DVK-on-Ahch-To at least, while low activity, hasn't quit.
6:32 PM
Q: Book or novel where the spirits of kings and heros are enshrined in statues. When an enemy approches, unknown

Marc JorisA book or novel where the spirits of kings and heroes are enshrined in statues. When an enemy approaches, they don't come to life, but the spirits transform common men in heroic soldiers.

7:00 PM
...there's also nothing wrong with moving on from the site. Other users will step in to answer and ask questions. It may take a while to rise the rep ranks like that, but just because the top users aren't as active anymore doesn't make the site "dead".
7:52 PM
Q: Has any ship at warp ever collided with n-space* objects, or has ST canon ever actually stated that such a collision is possible?

Mark HenryStar Trek: The Voyage Home shows us clearly that entering warp speed within Earth's atmosphere has no adverse consequences for the starship and plotting courses are invariably done laissez-faire. I think that a collision has never happened and is also not possible given the technical description...

8:29 PM
@Jenayah It's not dead if you say something when you show up! :) 'Sup?
Q: Late 70's early 80's short story collection

skissmanShort stories, may not have been in the same collection. 1. A moment by moment account of an astronaut as he is the first to travel faster than light. It described how everything slowed down to almost motionless. Deep space station where 1 human is left waiting for the alien to come for trad...

@DavidW true, haven't been as active recently
Which is 100% due to finishing studies, wrapping up the work/study report, oral defense and all.
But that's all taken care of now
... Guess who's officially a software engineer now :)
8:50 PM
Hmmm. Alex?
@Jenayah Nice. Welcome to the disappointing real world, if you so choose.
@b_jonas well, so far getting hired by the company I was in isn't so disappointing :)
@Jenayah Sure, it's not the hiring itself. It's what you see while working there.
9:08 PM
@Jenayah My condolences.
@b_jonas well, true. But in that case I was already working there - got hired after my work/study contract.
So, I'm aware of some stuff already ahah
@Jenayah Ok, so a more decent transition.
9:26 PM
@Jenayah But seriously, congrats on successfully completing school, getting a job, etc. Hope you've got at least a short time to decompress before starting the work-a-day world.
What we need is a "Leave Closed but Change Close Reason" button. :)
@DavidW it's called a mod flag.
Q: Why didn't the Voyager crew abandon their ship for a free trip home in Prime Factors?

Mark HenryVoyager was willing to abandon Voyager in Eye of The Needle so they could beam themselves onto a Romulan research ship, however when they had access to unlimited labor and space-folding technology in Prime Factors Torres was dismayed that the trajector "will never be compatible with Federation te...

@DavidW thanks :) not really, as I'm finishing what I was doing on the final internship, it's due in October(ish). But that's all fine, I asked for it to be this way :)
10:21 PM
@Mithrandir I’m trying to figure out t if this guess was based on something.
11:13 PM
Q: Martin's tapestry

jl smithRegarding the tapestry: Anybody else notice that the image of Martin seems to move around some in the books? I believe it starts out in the bottom middle, but in later books it is describes as being (I think) in the botttom right corner. Just one of those niggling things that wander around my m...

Q: Was there an "Internet" in the Star Trek original series?

Mark HenryHow did the Federation of Planets communicate and share digital data during ST:TOS? Did the system have a name or designation?

11:53 PM
Q: What is the technical distinction between a thing that is natural and a thing that is supernatural?

Mark HenryBy the literal translation of the words, anything that is "beyond natural" is supernatural - it does not have a cause or source from natural phenomena or forces. This requires a definition of what is "natural." E.g., if "gravity" was caused by some god instead of gravitons (not yet discovered), h...

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